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( Feb. 21st, 2007 07:32 am)
+ Apricot preserves = ♥

baseball )

+ I have a lot of stuff to get done today :/
These are the uncensored versions of the song/video, and I'm not sure whether that makes them more or less funny. I still laughed really, really, really hard. (Originally uploaded to [Bad username or site: ysi_leftovers / @ livejournal.com] by [Bad username or site: shamrock_kid / @ livejournal.com]; reposted here since that comm has closed membership).

[Bleep] In A Box - an SNL Digital Short (feat. Justin Timberlake and...I guess one of the new members of the SNL cast?)

(3mb, mp3)

I personally recommend the video; it's not quite as funny unless you've got the cheesy early 90s (late 80s?)visuals to go along with. The breakdown at 2:11 is especially to die for.

I'm so curious to know how much of a role Justin played in crafting the lyrics. Maybe he called JC in to ghostwrite. I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED.

...okay, either I am just way less irritable with my semester being almost done, or LJ really de-annoyified the new update page (I couldn't resist peeking). Yay, complaining.
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( Dec. 14th, 2006 06:40 am)
Last night, had CNN on and Anderson Cooper was talking with someone from the Woodrow Wilson school about the possibility of region-wide war in the Middle East. Across the ticker my eye caught "ACTRESS ANGELINA JOLIE TOLD PEOPLE MAGAZINE IN AN INTERVIEW POSTED ON ITS WEBSITE THAT SHE AND BRAD PITT..."

And I'm like WHAT? SHE AND BRAD PITT WHAT? Are finally getting married? Are breaking up?! murdered six people and ate their flesh? TELL ME.

And the ticker went on to finish "ARE PROUD PARENTS." And I was like "..."

That's newsworthy? They're proud parents? Wtf. And of course the train finally pulled into the station and I realized that there was wasn't much that could have completed that sentence that would have made it worthy of being on the screen at the same time as a discussion of what could potentially set off World War III. Like, maybe if Brad and Angie discovered that Shiloh's blood cures the sick.

Yesterday morning I was talking to a friend again about writing, and the frustration associated with writing. Well, she was talking to me about her troubles. I was listening and offering as much comfort as a sorry non-writer like myself can. She was saying how she hates that she knows what she wants to say but when she goes to write it down, she can't find the right words to communicate what she wants. And it reminded me, like everything else lately, of one of my favorite parts of Waking Life, where Willy goes to see the woman who talks to him about language. After that conversation, I was inspired to post the below clip, just cause. But I didn't at the time, having stuff I needed to be doing. And then last night (before the CNN nonsense), another long conversation brought the scene to mind again, and that's twice, so I'll toss it up, just in case anyone's interested. And I'll put up the audio separately too, since I had clipped that for myself after I saw the movie anyway.

On language and connection - (14mb, avi) or (2mb, mp3)

And since I was clipping anyway - [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com], I know you said you planned to netflix Waking Life eventually, but if you're just in it for the Jesse and Celine, I ripped their appearance in the film. (If you're fans of Before Sunrise/Sunset, yes, that Jesse and Celine).

On collective memory, or as the scene selection menu calls it 'death and reality' - (30mb, avi)

Ugh, I am having no luck finding a workaround for the new update page. Anyone? I hope we're not just stuck with it. LJ, please stop giving me reasons to give up paying for an account. I really, really wish that when they wanted to implement one of these completely unnecessary changes, that for the first week or so, there'd be a little link in the corner of the page or in the livejournal header that says "Hate our obnoxious new "improvement"? Go back to the old way by clicking here." But nooooooooooooooo. I have to spend like days waiting for someone to unearth the 20 hoops I have to jump through to put my journal back THE WAY I LIKED IT. Ugh.

baseball! )
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( Dec. 11th, 2006 11:19 pm)
It's getting to be that time when I'm having random conversations with people in the school lobby and thinking, you know, it's too bad I never hung out with this person more. She's pretty cool. Alas. It's been 2 and a half years! A little late, Myr.

I took a half gallon of ice cream out of the fridge to soften earlier. And then I took a "nap" and proceeded to leave the ice cream sitting on the counter in my kitchen for like 3 hours. Go team me.

I'm really hungry, and the fridge is running low, incredibly, even though I spent $100 at the grocery store a couple weeks ago. Poking around revealed notmuch of anything in the cabinets, but a can of Mrs Fearnow's All Natural Delicious Brunswick Stew With Chicken. I don't know why I'm always tempting fate by buying these canned soups and things by manufacturers not named Progresso or Campbell...and yet. We'll see. I mean, the woman's name alone should probably be a warning sign. But it has a VIRGINIA'S FINEST stamp on it and everything. Hmm.

blah blah baseball related rambling )
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( Nov. 20th, 2006 08:30 am)
Thanksgiving Break starts tomorrow afternoon. I am so. ready. to be out. of here.

Waste not, want not OAK leftover downloads. )

Also, if you are a member of [Bad username or site: ysi_leftovers / @ livejournal.com], I very much recommend the two mixes posted by [Bad username or site: doublefourtime / @ livejournal.com] last week.
Mix #1: we go together | a friendship mix.
Mix #2: god help us! help us lose our minds! | a "spiritual" mix.
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( Nov. 15th, 2006 01:47 pm)
Reading for Family Law yesterday, and we're about to get into adoption by same-sex couples, so there was this excerpt from a paper about the family relationships of gays and lesbians, which I guess was meant to serve some "hey, the homosexuals are just like you" purpose for people who grew up under a rock or only know from gay people what they've seen on HBO during the free preview weekend or something. Anywayz, this paper throws out the following:

[Studies reported] that the top five areas of conflict for lesbian and gay couples were finances, driving style, affection/sex, being overly critical, and division of household tasks.

To which I say...driving style? lol. That makes the top five? And then of course, I spent the next three hours amusing myself with the thought of my boys snipping at each other on roadtrips to Canada or something.

(And speaking of Canada, Fraser always took Ray to task over his driving, didn't he? Hee. ♥)

MLB downloads, mostly Oakland, that I keep forgetting to post )

ETA: NL MANAGER OF THE YEAR! Reason to hate Jeffrey Loria for the rest of all time? Check. That's serious validation right there; I'm so proud of Joe.
I made dinner from a recipe on the side of a can of diced tomatoes, and it was surprisingly good ^_^ Of course, I suppose it's pretty hard for anything topped by a cup and a half of mozzarella/asiago cheese to suck...

Made plans to see Babel with a friend next weekend...so anxious! I want to see Stranger Than Fiction as well, but I'm all atwitter about Babel. I was trying to temper my expectations, but the reviews have been terrific. Yay.

Oh, speaking of movies - if you haven't heard, DeepDiscountDVD is running their 20% off sale again. Same coupon codes as always it seems, NYTIMES is the one I use. Sale goes until the 18th. I don't really have anything I want to get; I can't buy any more tv shows on dvd until I make something like an effort to watch the twenty billion seasons of stuff I already own... The one thing the sale would be really good for is the Cardinals WS boxset, but that's not out until next month. I'm probably just getting a couple copies of Cars ($12) and Soul of the Game ($4). And maybe A Player To Be Named Later ($12), but I can probably find that somewhere else for cheaper. I was trying to think if there was anything in particular I had wanted to remember to get, but I'm blanking. Anyway, I have a week.

When I woke up this morning, I was still riding a bit of the buzz from yesterday so I downloaded a bunch of Death Cab performances from the Live Music Archive. Because sharing is caring, three live songs from a show they did on my birthday, and three from a February 2006 show: rightclicksaveas, please.
02-12_I Will Follow You Into The Dark
06-16_Crooked Teeth
06-16_The New Year
06-16_Title and Registration

And while I'm at it...a couple more clips from Laa v Oak on 4/16/05 and clips from part two of Bronson's Japan video diary )
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( Nov. 7th, 2006 07:14 am)
Bronson Arroyo took some footage of the MLB All Stars for mlb.com, and it kinda made my morning. For those of you who cringe at the sights and sounds of MLBers posing as artists, I've posted clips of the two parts I figured would be of most interest to my f-list, thereby SPARING your ears Bronson singing and Bill Hall rapping.

The Pitchers - (wmv, 2mbs) - zomg, Erik Bedard cracks a smile.
David is so predictable - (wmv, 0.5 mbs) - I laughed really hard at this, David's only appearance in the video, and I blame Leanne.
Bronson's video diary - part 1 of ? (wmv, 11mbs).

Btw, if you download, let me know how you like mediafire? The upload time is atrocious on bigger files, but the download speed is alleged to be much better than sendspace and other sites. And, you know, you never get that 'no free slots' available message, which I think is what really has won people over.

eta: You kinda have to laugh when the St. Louis paper links to The Onion ~ Cardinals apologize for winning World Series.
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( Nov. 5th, 2006 04:56 pm)
Haren's first start as an Athletic, Rich's third start of 2005 )

or the slim pickings of clips )

[Bad username or site: spluckle / @ livejournal.com], according to [Bad username or site: trailer_spot / @ livejournal.com] who sees all and knows much, the next Spidey 3 trailer will premiere at 10pm (EST) on Thursday on MTV.

[Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com], I haven't forgotten about those Wilson pics - I'll poke around tonight before bed.

I find this whole thing where the Mets have apparently expressed interest in Mulder kinda intriguing. I mean, what's that about? Wherever Mulder ends up, he's gonna end up working closely with the pitching coach for a long while and he and Peterson kinda don't get on. I mean, Urban said it, so it must be true. Giants are an interesting possibility. Ew to the Dodgers and the Pads, though. He's pretty dead to me if he signs with Arizona, I don't care how much he loves the golf there.
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( Nov. 5th, 2006 05:49 am)
Thank you, Ryan Howard and Joe Mauer.

I was about to be really irritated if the offense didn't show up when they're getting the best pitching performance out of an MLB starter so far.


eta: David Wright, you are fired from baseball.

I hate when I accidentally surf away as something's uploading >:[
Game: Nippon Professional All Stars @ MLB All Stars
Date: November 05, 2006.
Length: 1 hour and 41 minutes.
File Type, Size: wmv, 164 mbs.
Notes: Erik Bedard starts for the MLB. Not the full game, just up to the inning where Bedard gets pulled.
download - upfile
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( Nov. 2nd, 2006 06:06 am)
I know, I know, you guys are on the edge of your seat. Will I do NaNo this year? Well, the answer is....

**music builds**


Try to keep it together, guys. For the children.

I seriously have noooooooooo attention span right now, which apparently I should not worry about, because my Yogi teabag label informs me It is not what you have that is your greatness, it is what you can give. Well then. Thanks, Yogi. Good to know I'll always be able to be of service to other people, even if I am not much use to myself.

By request: Cubsx3, and WS Game 3 )

I wish LJ would stop trying to ram new features I don't give a shit about down my throat. Why don't they try fixing the fact that I can't post or comment without running into some dumb ass error requiring me to do everything twice? Or, here's an idea: re-enable birthday notifications, so I can at least pretend I am not a jackass. Seriously. Someone remind me why I even still have a paid account. Icons aren't really the draw they used to be; I have less fewer than 40 of 111 slots filled as it is.

eta: The Orioles are one of the most dysfunctional franchises going[.] - Mychael Urban, in his column for The Examiner about Barry Bonds.

Thank you, and good night.
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( Oct. 25th, 2006 08:02 pm)
the dorky Brandon thing from last night's game (asf, 2mbs)

Good thing I don't have class in the morning, 'cause Lord knows how long this game is gonna take in this weather.

eta: I Thought She Knew just came up on my playlist and man alive. I miss *Nsync sometimes. SERIOUSLY.
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( Oct. 24th, 2006 06:29 pm)
Yeah, so now I'm 5 eps behind on Prison Break and counting. **face-palms** And I need to get caught up because there is no shortage of spoilery icons floating around. After the playoffs, I suppose. And the MPRE. And the Death Cab concert. Eventually, though! Yes.

04/10/2005 - A's at Tampa Bay, if anyone wants it )

Bonus! For whatever reason, some of the games have up to 30 minutes of extraneous other stuff before the game actually starts. Before one of Harden's starts against Seattle was an entire episode of The Sports List. It happened to be the 10 Sexiest Athletes list. I clipped two parts that made me laugh.

#5 - Alex Rodriguez (asf, 4mbs)
"I'm a man but [he] has got to be one of the best looking dudes! He's got the lil' hazel green eyes, the baby smooth skin. . . ." - Arnez J. (Alex is Dominican, though, not Puerto Rican, Arnez!)

#4 - Derek Jeter (asf, 4mbs)
"He kinda looks like a mixed Elvis to me. And I don't know if it's the haircut, or, like, the shape of his face?" - K.D. Aubert

And from the credits, more Arnez on Alex Rodriguez (asf, 1mb).

1.Click link. Scroll past the first bunch of ads, and then click on/about the text that says This is your link to file ,Unlimited speed for all. This will cause a download link to finally appear towards the bottom of the page of ads. Click the Step 2 link. Go to another page of ads. Wait another minute for the real download link to appear at the top of the page. Finally start downloading. I cannot tell you how long it took me to realize I had to click that 'this is your link to file' text in order to download anything from Up-File, because when you hover your cursor over it, it doesn't appear to be an active link to anything. I assumed for months that Up-File just had a really sharp abuse team and they were taking down files.
It's Thursday! A day which will hopefully bring more Jim/Karen into my life, because I like watching all the Jim/Pam shippers turn that color they turn when Jim smiles at SOMEONE NOT PAM ZOMG. Heh. More seriously, I'm really tired of Jim/Pam shippers calling Karen a slut and a whore because she - gasp! - wears lipstick and apparently combs her hair. Damn, people. I enjoy Jim/Pam, too, but let's bring it down a notch.

Beneath the cut are a couple of 2005 games I uploaded for someone; I'm sure you'd never guess who. Each video file was split into two parts to make uploading easier. To view, download both parts of the game you want to the same folder, click on one of the parts, and unzip it. The .rar unzipping process will handle the rest and rejoin the video file.

Mark Mulder outpitches Roger Clemens, but also gets hit by a broken bat and that's funny; Carpenter strikes out 12 and Grudzie hits for the cycle )

+ other baseball natterings )

Also, you probably won't believe me, and there's little reason you should, but I need to take a mini-break and prolly won't be posting in the next week or so. Just an FYI for those who care to have notice of such things.

eta: But first!

If [the Cards] can win [in New York], you just have to tip your hat to them. This is a crazy place. We sense it's going to be tough for them when we've got the crowd on our side. In St. Louis, it was nothing. We felt like we could deal with it. The crowd never got into Game 5. They were a little loud, but nothing too distracting. Playing there was nothing.

Oh, Cliff. You kill me.
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( Oct. 8th, 2006 07:28 pm)
Apropos of nothing - I don't get how Pico De Gallo is a salsa, really. It seems to me like it's essentially a tomato salad? And that's how I eat it.

Finally sat down to BSG - I really feel like such a fool for carrying on like I did after the finale. All MY SHOW IS DEAD and such. The BSG creative bunch have carte blanche with me from now on. I'm so excited for this season! I was going to do a reaction post, but I realized it would pretty much be just me going "I loved this a lot a lot!" and nothing much more than that, so I'll spare you. (But that's more me and it's definitely not that the show's lacking in the discussion fodder department given all the parallels to current events and all.)

My one complaint would be more Helo (give him something to do already!), less Lee, plz. Man, I miss the days when I was invested in Lee and the dynamic between him and his father. EJO is good, but that only makes me care when he's on screen.

This Brodie Brazil footage of the A's celebration has been making the rounds on my f-list (thanks [Bad username or site: spluckle / @ livejournal.com]!). I know some people have trouble with quicktime so I used a trial converter and here it is in wmv. The free trial was 5 minutes of encoding and the Brazil footage is 5:06 long, so you miss out on the last few seconds, but it's just someone I can't make out spraying the room with champagne as the clip ends. I trust you'll live. I would just like to point out that champagne really brings out Dan Haren's eyes.

My dad, dork that he is, called me after the Yanks were eliminated yesterday. Because the weather was so crap, I only just got a signal and the voicemail. He's hooting and hollering and apparently, he's never been so happy in his life because the Yanks ARE DONE. **laughs** And people wonder where I get it from.

Is anyone else having issues with the LJ timestamp? It keeps trying to catapult me several hours into the future.
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( Oct. 7th, 2006 10:35 am)
1. My download of BSG 3.01 is done but my download of 3.02 is craaaaaawling. **laughs** So cruel! And yet, I deserve little less, I suppose, than to sweat over this a bit. I'm such a bad, bad fan to such a good, good show.

2. Barry's update last night kinda killed me where I live. I thought I was done where he started talking about what it meant to him, seeing Dan on the mound for them in this game. And then he mentioned feeling the absence of Mark and Huddy and my God. I'm not a stone. All I can say, and keep saying, is that I am so, so, so excited for this team, and I'm so, so happy for those of you who have been following the A's for more than 5 minutes. I honestly feel like my face might crack in half soon, I cannot stop smiling to myself, and if seeing them advance has turned me into some kind of human helium balloon, I can't even imagine what the rest of you must be feeling. After hearing about Buck, I was kinda brought back to earth for a little while but mostly I was up until 5:30 this morning just being ridiculously happy about the Tigers and the A's winning last night.

3. I know a couple people weren't able to see the Twins-Oak game yesterday, so I ripped some clips. The first three are asf, the rest should be wmv. I've tested a few of them and they worked fine so I didn't test all of them. Lemme know if you have problems, so I can take the file down. The story so far... )
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( Oct. 5th, 2006 09:22 am)
Good morning! No game last night, stupid weather, so I watched The Nine. I liked it. uberquick, unspoilery reaction )

At some point, Moose became a complete non-factor in my fandom life, which is kinda weird after 8 years of him being the answer to the secret security question on every account I own, but after [livejournal.com profile] offspeed posted a quote from the pre-game conference, I had to go find the video. It's vintage bitchy snarky Moose. It amuses me when he starts an answer off with "Obviously...", because the implication is that the writer's a fucking idiot to have asked the question. You can stream the video on the YES website, or, if you have too much self-respect for that, I ripped the vid - (wmv,20mbs) // (asf,20mbs). Great moment at -1:57 when a guy is asking him about the Detroit lineup. The asf is skippable, the wmv is not.

(Shame, btw, that MLB.com doesn't carry the pregame conferences since they carry the postgame conferences. But anyway.)

Guantanamo teach-in today, and then class at 2pm. Which will interfere tremendously with my ability to watch the game, but I'ma tape it so I guess I'll survive. Was Zito on Cold Pizza yesterday? I thought I saw something to that effect on the ESPN ticker in the morning, but I forgot to set the vcr before class.

Quick poll, which is way overdue:
[Poll #837494]
eta:: Huston, on getting whacked by a foul ball yesterday ~
"(Scott) Sauerbeck would appreciate it," Street said, referring to the Oakland reliever who did not make the Division Series roster. "His whole deal is 'man-tosterone.' That's a word he created. He says guys with man-tosterone don't move when the baseball's hit into the bullpen. Guys who don't have enough man-tosterone scatter. I was trying to raise my level of man-tosterone. It was foolish. The more intelligent thing would be to move."

Street did the same thing in Colorado during interleague play and got hit in the head, but in fairness, Sauerbeck didn't join the A's until July, so the first one is Street's fault alone.

"Ninety-nine percent of the time, nobody gets hit," he lamented. "I've been hit twice now."
- Street gets save after foolishness. LOL. Oh, Huston. I don't even know where to begin.
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( Oct. 4th, 2006 06:37 am)
So I get the sense that the people who are head over heels for Studio 60 are mostly people who didn't do Sorkin shows before. And those who have been around and done the Sports Night/TWW dance with Aaron are more generally like **shrug** "It's alright" about it. Yes? No?

I'm glad for the playoffs putting Fox shows on mini-hiatus since I'm already behind on Prison Break by four eps >.> Hopefully I can marathon over our Fall Break in a couple weeks.

On ze topic of playoffs: Game 1 between the A's and Twins was pretty awesome. Except for the part where I was like please don't bring in street please don't bring in street please don't bring in street and then they brought in Street. But all's well that ends well. Got to watch half of the Oakland game (and man, Oakland fans, I apologize on behalf of my entire coast. It's patently ridiculous that the A's got saddled with consecutive 1pm EST start times), and then "watched" the rest of it on Gamecast while in Employee Benefits. Seriously don't know where I'd be without wireless in our classrooms. (Well, I'd probably be in a place where I have a better GPA. But let's not dwell). Game 1 between the Yanks and Tigers? Not so awesome. Had the game on but I barely watched. Tonight's matchup is more my speed - Verlander v. Mussina. Should be fun times.

Zito's blogging like they just discovered the technology, which amuses me. Jokes aside, I thought it was pretty cool of him to get a post-game entry up so quickly (likewise Nate Robertson, wow). Clearly enjoys listening to himself talk, as it were, but he quotes For Love of the Game which is one of the most underrated baseball flicks ever (YES, DEREK. IT'S A BASEBALL MOVIE. SHUT UP) so, bonus points. Not enough to make up for certain things, but one step at a time. Also, two posts in a row without a single mention of Dan Haren. Aww. Sorry, D. Guess that mancrush only operates one way :(

And I really need to MOVE ON, but you know, I can't, because of stuff like:

[W]hen the ax finally fell on Marlins manager Joe Girardi, his players were disappointed, if not stunned, calling each other on their cellphones to commiserate. ...Girardi helped players with their personal problems, guiding them as a father - or at least a cool older brother.

"He was everything - a manager, a friend, a teacher," Johnson said.
- Marlins players feel they have lost a friend.

Yeah, I cannot express to you how irritated I am that the Marlins organization couldn't fucking WAIT to introduce Gonzalez. Like. I really want to not hate the guy just because he's replacing Joe, but they're not making it easy. Could they have been any more fucking insensitive about that shit? Would it have killed them to wait one day? To have so obviously had his replacement waiting in the wings, the decision made long ago...I just....So. Much. Hate.

eta: A's postgame conference.

I failed to mention the Cardinals in this post, so I'd like to acknowledge that the Cardinals - ugly/practically already eliminated stepchild that they supposedly are - also won Game 1. Gotta figure though that Game 1 was the game they were supposed to win - sorta like everyone was saying with Minnesota. But you gotta love how the Cards win one game and suddenly all the talking heads are taking back everything they said about St.Louis on Sunday.

Does anyone feel bad for the Mets? Even a little? I confess; if John Maine gets the emergency start I want him to do well, but that's pretty much the extent of it. Sucks to be them.
If anyone would be up for making me a desktop, I'd very much appreciate it. I love my cookie!Zito wallpaper, but it's officially at the point in the year where it's only gonna make me sad. So, if you're inclined to, hook me up. 1280 x 800. I was trying to make a new one for myself, but I just...I'm in the mood for something completely unexpected. My only request is that it not be baseball-related. And if more than one of you wants to help me out, I'll blow the dust off my old wallpaper changer program ^_^ It doesn't necessarily have to be fandomy or anything. Surprise me? ^_^

Speaking of incarnations of Barry - Zito is keeping a blog for the playoffs. Which, you know, is even more reason for the A's not to go three and out please, kay? thanks. Created another no doubt quirky syndicated feed: [Bad username or site: zito_mlblog / @ livejournal.com]. Thanks to [Bad username or site: cookie2697 / @ livejournal.com] for the heads up.

Notice I didn't say anything about Huston blowing the save last game of the season. I am being SO GOOD.

[Bad username or site: owllover711 / @ livejournal.com] linked to this, which makes me all too happy to ignore Sunday's bombshell: San Francisco U.S. Attorney Kevin Ryan issued a statement Monday, saying: "In view of the recent news reports purporting to identify certain athletes whose names had been redacted from the government's search warrant filings in the Grimsley matter, and in the interests of justice, please be advised that these reports contain significant inaccuracies."

Sounds good to me.

[Bad username or site: oakchick75 / @ livejournal.com], she who is ever vigilant, found FSN Bay Area footage of the A's celebration from last Tuesday on Youtube:
Part I of III - stream // download.
Part II of III - stream // download.
Part III of III - stream // download.

zip of the MPGs // zip of the FLVs from YouTube. The FLVs have the best picture quality; the videos lose a little in the conversion to mpg.

...And I feel like that is a pretty jinxy thing to do, posting old celebration footage right before they play Game 1 of the postseason. I'ma go outside and turn around three times and the whole shebang.

But before I do! I couldn't resist - taking a page from [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com]'s book:

Dan hits his 27th homerun, with the remainder of the sixth inning because they show him in the dugout a bunch and everyone loves him - wmv, 22mbs
Dan gets a curtain call! - asf, 1mb
Rich (or is it Tommy? October and I still don't know) tells an adorable story about Dan's first games at Yankee stadium - wmv, 2mbs
The last half inning of the final Marlins game, with the walkoff and on field celebration - wmv, 39mbs. Lots of great moments at the end of this, of course. One of my favorites is the little moment between Scotty and Hanley. They embrace and then Scott holds Hanley an extra couple seconds and says something to him. They seem pretty close, which is something I never thought too much about, besides to occasionally awwww over [Bad username or site: lovingthecubs / @ livejournal.com]' old icon of Hanley comforting Scotty on the mound. I love my super huggy team.

(Have been up all night talking fic with [Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com] - how 2005 of us ^_~ That'll learn me to drink a Vault at 11pm.)


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