Mike Mussina with his pinpoint control and his softly wicked smile, standing on the mound like some sort of strange young king. . . . - [Bad username or site: candle_beck / @ livejournal.com]

Michael Cole "Moose" Mussina announced his retirement from major league baseball today. He was my first "boy" in MLB fandom. I think there's a good chance I never dip my toes into baseball if he doesn't catch my attention first, pitching really, really well, and losing close game after close game because of our spotty offense, and handling it all with a wry smile and a ready quip almost every time. With his ridiculous little bunny hop, and snakebitten ways, and odd habit of occasionally telling the media what he actually thought instead of just spewing cliches.

He was the first player I ever slashed. He was the first player I ever cried over (when he signed with the Yanks as a free agent)(again, when he lost his perfecto in 2001). He was the only player whose actual fanclub I ever joined. For years I carried one of his baseball cards in my wallet. Even for a while after he was with the Yanks, a card from his last year as an Oriole remained in my wallet. I got used to the sight of him in pinstripes pretty quickly, but he never looked as good in the NYY's home whites as he did in ours (I swear his eyes were not that puffy, nor his teeth so terrible, in orange and black). And it took a while, but eventually, hearing Yankee fans doing our MOOOOOOOOOOOSE call warmed my heart instead of raised hairs on my neck. He's the only player besides Cal Ripken and Eddie Murray that my mom can name.

I was pretty sure he'd retire after the '07 season, and I'm so, so glad he didn't. I'm glad he won his 20, finally. I'm glad I got a chance to see him pitch this past season. I've never paid so much for such crap seats ($20! to sit in the outfield! at Camden Yards?), but I'm glad now. He says he knew all along this would be his last year, and while I don't know if I believe him, I love that he's going out the way he wants to go out (twenty wins and a gold glove) and when he wants to go out. And even though he never won a ring or the Cy, he accomplished a lot in his career, and I love reading pieces like this, which are everywhere, delightfully, to remind everyone.

He was lovely, and amazing, so very funny, and a lot of fun to be a fan of. Cheers, Moose. I know you've said for years that when you retire, you just want to spend time with your kids and coach at Montoursville High, but please come back now and then and be a not-sucky guest commentator for the MLB Network. Otherwise, I'm really gonna miss you. You were my favorite for a long, long time.
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( Oct. 8th, 2006 07:28 pm)
Apropos of nothing - I don't get how Pico De Gallo is a salsa, really. It seems to me like it's essentially a tomato salad? And that's how I eat it.

Finally sat down to BSG - I really feel like such a fool for carrying on like I did after the finale. All MY SHOW IS DEAD and such. The BSG creative bunch have carte blanche with me from now on. I'm so excited for this season! I was going to do a reaction post, but I realized it would pretty much be just me going "I loved this a lot a lot!" and nothing much more than that, so I'll spare you. (But that's more me and it's definitely not that the show's lacking in the discussion fodder department given all the parallels to current events and all.)

My one complaint would be more Helo (give him something to do already!), less Lee, plz. Man, I miss the days when I was invested in Lee and the dynamic between him and his father. EJO is good, but that only makes me care when he's on screen.

This Brodie Brazil footage of the A's celebration has been making the rounds on my f-list (thanks [Bad username or site: spluckle / @ livejournal.com]!). I know some people have trouble with quicktime so I used a trial converter and here it is in wmv. The free trial was 5 minutes of encoding and the Brazil footage is 5:06 long, so you miss out on the last few seconds, but it's just someone I can't make out spraying the room with champagne as the clip ends. I trust you'll live. I would just like to point out that champagne really brings out Dan Haren's eyes.

My dad, dork that he is, called me after the Yanks were eliminated yesterday. Because the weather was so crap, I only just got a signal and the voicemail. He's hooting and hollering and apparently, he's never been so happy in his life because the Yanks ARE DONE. **laughs** And people wonder where I get it from.

Is anyone else having issues with the LJ timestamp? It keeps trying to catapult me several hours into the future.
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( Oct. 7th, 2006 08:35 pm)
Congratulations to the Detroit Tigers! You guys throw one hell of a celebration, lol. Congratulations to [Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com] especially, who believed from the beginning, despite my best efforts to temper her enthusiasm early on. (What can I say? I thought I was being a good friend.)

It's gonna be a hell of an LCS! I know the network heads are crying in their bitters, but fuck 'em - for fans, what a great matchup this is. **laughs** One of these teams is gonna have to out-scrap the other. It'll be a heartbreaker when the dust settles, but it's gonna be a great series, I can tell.

(And I'm sorry, but I can't stop cracking up at the thought that six years after he left us, he still doesn't have his ring. I was never one of those people who passionately didn't want him to win with the Yanks, but I am definitely one of those people who derive some amusement from the fact it hasn't worked out like he planned. He'd still leave us, given the choice, a hundred times over and I don't blame him. But he went to New York, specifically, for a reason and six years later, he doesn't have a ring. And that amuses me.

Pay attention, Barry. This is important.)

[Bad username or site: angisageek / @ livejournal.com], the text of the Grady article is here. Apologies for the quality - the ESPN pages are overlarge and I couldn't figure out how to fit to page on the scanner. Seriously, don't even ask me why my parents have spent so much money on my education when I can't even figure out the buttons on an all-in-one.
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( Oct. 5th, 2006 09:22 am)
Good morning! No game last night, stupid weather, so I watched The Nine. I liked it. uberquick, unspoilery reaction )

At some point, Moose became a complete non-factor in my fandom life, which is kinda weird after 8 years of him being the answer to the secret security question on every account I own, but after [livejournal.com profile] offspeed posted a quote from the pre-game conference, I had to go find the video. It's vintage bitchy snarky Moose. It amuses me when he starts an answer off with "Obviously...", because the implication is that the writer's a fucking idiot to have asked the question. You can stream the video on the YES website, or, if you have too much self-respect for that, I ripped the vid - (wmv,20mbs) // (asf,20mbs). Great moment at -1:57 when a guy is asking him about the Detroit lineup. The asf is skippable, the wmv is not.

(Shame, btw, that MLB.com doesn't carry the pregame conferences since they carry the postgame conferences. But anyway.)

Guantanamo teach-in today, and then class at 2pm. Which will interfere tremendously with my ability to watch the game, but I'ma tape it so I guess I'll survive. Was Zito on Cold Pizza yesterday? I thought I saw something to that effect on the ESPN ticker in the morning, but I forgot to set the vcr before class.

Quick poll, which is way overdue:
[Poll #837494]
eta:: Huston, on getting whacked by a foul ball yesterday ~
"(Scott) Sauerbeck would appreciate it," Street said, referring to the Oakland reliever who did not make the Division Series roster. "His whole deal is 'man-tosterone.' That's a word he created. He says guys with man-tosterone don't move when the baseball's hit into the bullpen. Guys who don't have enough man-tosterone scatter. I was trying to raise my level of man-tosterone. It was foolish. The more intelligent thing would be to move."

Street did the same thing in Colorado during interleague play and got hit in the head, but in fairness, Sauerbeck didn't join the A's until July, so the first one is Street's fault alone.

"Ninety-nine percent of the time, nobody gets hit," he lamented. "I've been hit twice now."
- Street gets save after foolishness. LOL. Oh, Huston. I don't even know where to begin.
Apparently Zito and Chavvy were on BDSSP last night? Why does no one tell me these things? **resents you all** Happily, there was a clip on their website. Download (here). It's about 8minutes, and while it doesn't seem to be the whole appearance, it looks to be a good chunk of it. Highlights: "the chavvy run," mentions of Huddy and Mulder (your question partly answered, Bri), and something that should amuse Jen - jokes on the contents of Z's locker ^_~

Chavvy's not too comfortable talking/joking about Z leaving, is he?

OOH. I totally recorded it! (Ah, the rewards of being too lazy to correct the vcr setting when you overprogram the O's game. Happy day.) Yeah, the clip isn't the whole appearance, the guys go on to play 'Know Your Teammate.' They fail at it, miserably, and hug. Hee.

MLB must have put a foot in people's asses, because both David and Haren finally had updates posted yesterday. Or maybe I have Jen-like powers and sometimes people do what I say. WHO KNOWS. Dan talks about the game on Sunday, and muses about Lost some more, and for serious, I would have a Haren icon, if it wouldn't jinx the hell out of him. I'm getting ready to head out to Richmond but I just had to point out:

Barry Zito and I sat next to each other on the plane back from our road trip and watched last week’s episode of Lost.

Also, he talks some more about Barry and the example Barry sets and if you're not gonna re-sign him then at least plzdon'ttradehimbilly :(


**coughs** I may have inferred that last part. But seriously, I have so much love for this idea of Sensei!Zito, I can't even tell you. So the renewed trade whispers can please to be stopping now.

+ player blogs )
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( Mar. 29th, 2006 06:06 am)
+ A scan of my f-list reveals a lot of not coolness employment-wise, health-wise, relationship-wise for many of you. **kisses your collective forehead** I'm thinking of you, and often. I hope everything works out okay.

+ I got a phone call yesterday, and two tremendous things of note: 1.) my phone was on, and 2.) I answered it. If you've known me more than 5 minutes, you know this is, like, inconceivable. Unprecedented in the history of me. So, yes. Apparently, the promise of fic just needed to be tied to phone usage much earlier, and I'd have completely different phone habits. Who knew?

+ Watched some of the O's game yesterday. B-Rob looked good - swung the bat well, ran well. MelMo continues to not have a deal beyond this year. I continue to generally hate resent my team.

+ I also despise MLB.com's new layout. It's very confusing to me. I got tired just looking at it. And that blank stretch on the right bothers the hell out of me.

+ "Asked what he would be doing when the White Sox receive their World Series rings April 4 at U.S. Cellular Field before playing the Indians in the second game of the season, Travis Hafner said, 'I'll probably be in the bathroom throwing up.'"

**laughs** How endearing. Clearly, a man after [Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com]'s heart. (full story here).

+ "I'm not the outgoing, cocky guy. I'm trying to lose that rap," Swisher said. "You guys (writers) keep referring to that. I don't like it.

"I don't think I really had it last year. It's just something that stuck with me from the beginning. Just because I'm an outgoing guy, and I'm having fun, everybody started to write, 'He's cocky.' This year I've been extremely quiet compared with normal. I'm just trying to relax and prove myself on the field."

Earlier in spring training, third baseman Eric Chavez was discussing how he'd like to change his usual pleasant demeanor into nastier disposition.

"It's a cocky, confidence thing," Chavez said. "Swisher's got it."

Hee. Good luck with that, Nick. Also, hasn't Chavvy been trying to change his "disposition" for a couple years now? I think it might be a lost cause, Eric. Johnson, Swisher bond despite competition.

+ Moose was on MLB.radio recently and there's nothing terribly notable about the interview, in fact, it was quite boring, but Mike kinda half laughs a little at the end. So there's that. (About the World Baseball Classic: "I think we all watched a little of it. As it got going along, we started to pay attention to see how people were playing...how it was being followed...things that were going on. I think we paid attention to it. I don't think we sat down and watched it like the NCAA basketball tournaments, but we paid attention to it. I think we all wish that the US team had played a little better, but that's the way the tournament went.")

+ Andrew Card resigned? Hmm.

ETA: Indians inked Sizemore to a six-year deal. It's so weird to see numbers like '2011' with an option for '2012' in print. Sounds like an eternity. Indians, Sizemore decide they are a perfect fit.
+ MLB opens urban youth camp in Compton. About. Freakin'. Time. Now open about a dozen more, please. After DC (which hopefully won't take another six years), how about New York, Chicago, Atlanta. . . The other ten places in this country where black people live. As per Chris Rock, you can skip Minnesota. I did a paper in undergrad on the shrinking number of black players in baseball, and it's only gotten worse since. I think it's great that we're finally starting to see Asian position players as well as pitchers, and I have no problem with Latinos becoming the face of the game. But there's long been a sense that MLB has given up on African American youth, as much as African American youth have given up on baseball. Kids will play this game if you give them somewhere to play it, and the equipment to do so. Not every kid is gonna be a Jimmy Rollins, playing in the small courtyard of his apartment complex, making up rules about how high a hit off the apartment building constitutes a double. But it's substantially cheaper for MLB teams to open camps and scout young hispanic kids in Latin America and the Caribbean, so that's where they've gone and with no instruction and no fields, black athletic youth turn to basketball and football instead. I think this is great, and I really hope MLB remains committed. I think the education component of this thing is also very, very cool. And at the end of the day, I'm all in favor of anything that gets my father to eventually shut the hell up about the non-presence of blacks on the Orioles.

+ Things that are random: Leiter's side also A-Rod's. Highlights:

"It's just wrong," Leiter said yesterday of any perception that A-Rod is disingenuous. "He's a good guy. Anybody who thinks that doesn't know him. If you sit with him, hang out, go to lunch with him, you can't think that. He's really fun to be around." ... "[B]ecause he is who he is, people want to know what he does, how he looks, what brand of sweat pants he's wearing. He's learned to be careful, but at his core he's this jovial guy with an almost-childlike sense of fun who likes to be a little goofy and likes to have a good time, so he tries to be protective of saying the wrong thing, and as a result, it may seem like he's insincere but it's more not saying just the right thing." ... "He's not a pity-party guy," Leiter said of A-Rod. "I think in trying to express himself, it may come off that way sometimes. But again, he enjoys what he's doing, and who he is. Maybe he'd be better off like some other (stars) who say as little as possible, and leave it at that. But he can't help it sometimes. He has a lot to say." ... "Alex is too acutely aware of his surroundings sometimes."

Heh. No shit. It's funny that it would be Leiter who would be the guy to step forward and say this stuff. I've never read similar comments from Jeter in defense of Alex, you know? I think it's kinda sweet he wants to stick up for his friend, since few others (besides Shef, heh. He's been pretty quiet about A-Rod, is the love affair over?) are inclined to, BUT come on, Al. Isn't being so concerned with not saying the wrong thing in a way inherently insincere/disingenuous? When you're sitting next to him this season, try putting a bug in his ear about not trying so damn hard.

And...a bunch of linkage to other neat stories I read over breakfast )

ETA: Boy, does that coloring need to go, Manny.
Elusive World Series title calls Moose

"Because of what this team did in the late-90s, everybody made the assumption that it would never go two or three years without winning a championship. It's not that simple," Mussina said. "I've been playing for a long time, and I know it's not easy to get to the postseason or to get to the World Series and win the World Series. To have a chance to go to the postseason five times in a row, that's all you can ask for."

Oh, Michael Cole. You're so fucking zen about it. You can admit it hurts, baby. I love how he's like "hey, EVERYBODY figured I'd have a ring by now. FUNNY THAT." Heh.

Second half of the article is all about how this is the last year of his contract with the Yankees and who knows if he'll still be pitching next year? Alternately: YAY! and lalalaallalalaICAN'THEARYOU.

I see the Yanks have signed ex-Oriole Scott Erickson to a minor league deal. Weirdness!

Also, it seems like the media swing is on to convince us the American players also care about the World Baseball Classic. Timmy K was on Mike & Mike the other day talking about how jazzed A-Rod, Chipper Jones, and Johnny Damon are. "The guys who haven't dropped out of this thing are really looking forward to it" and all that jazz. Derek Jeter would also like you to know that he's 'really excited' to represent the US. I love how an article on how excited an American player is manages to be half about one of the Latino teams.

If anyone sees Freedomland this weekend, I would be very interested to read your thoughts.

Alright, I'm off to the undergrad library to pull some numbers on conflict resolution in the workplace. Whoo. Happy Friday, everyone.
I WAS SO CLOSE. With about 30 minutes to go in my drive home, I finished the last of the cd mixes I had put together for the road. Against my better judgment, I started scanning the radio. And the DJ Clue Desert Storm remix of We Belong Together came on. And despite myself, I WAS GETTING INTO IT. But the raps on it are lame, and ruin what could have otherwise been a respectable remix. Ah well. It's all for the best. I hate having to remind myself that I don't like Mariah anymore. It's too late for her to win me back, damn it.

[Poll #636135]

Anyway, I survived to get home late yesterday and there was a little pile of packages and cards by the foot of my bed. Yay :-P

[livejournal.com profile] lisabird: Your card was so cute. I'm sure Derek loved his too ^_~

[livejournal.com profile] phantom_hpuff: The scan of the pic was cute enough on screen, but the original drawing looks even better tucked against my dresser mirror ^_^ It's lovely - thank you! Your card was also quite darling.

[livejournal.com profile] wickedgoddess_: That was completely unexpected! You're too kind ^_^

[livejournal.com profile] rickenbacker: **laughs** So, I'm pretty much locked into liking the Cardinals by the time I'm done with this thing, or it's over between us? I'll try not to disappoint you :-P I was really touched that you'd send me your personal copy. Your little note warning me about specific pages was great XD (Also, I still own about 100 sheets of Sirius stationary from Hot Topic so...yay us :-P)

I also had a holiday card from a BPALer I'd swapped with months ago. It was such a nice surprise. Sometimes, people are awesome.

Also waiting for me when I got home was the Sox 2004 postseason set. I bought the set for the last four games of the ALCS, but I watched Game 1 yesterday, because I was in the mood for Moose. Nineteen straight batters and as early as the fourth Al Leiter's like, "I guarantee you he's thinking no hitter..." and then BELLHORN of all people breaking up the perfecto in the 7th. That's kind of amusing to me, actually - I had remembered it being Damon. And then, as is his form as of late, he proceeds to fall apart and gets pulled. But still, great performance from him (the knucklecurve was dancing, and everything was where he wanted it - I love when he's got his control) and the energy of the crowd was amazing. I had no memory of the crowd being so into each call, but the audio on the DVDs is great and their anticipation with each pitch...you can just feel it. One day, man, I swear. One day, I'm seeing a postseason ballgame in person.

I took a bazillion screencaps that may or may not eventually become icons, because I'm still debating if we all need to be that up close and personal with his salt-and-pepper (!) five o'clock shadow.

So, Nomar signed with the Dodgers, huh? I was kinda hoping it would be Houston if he was staying in the NL. Ah well. I'll now pay him even less attention than I was when he was playing in the NL Central. Have a nice life, Nomar.

ETA: Free account users got their pics bumped up to 6? Aww, that's nice of you, Eljay. I see paid accounts have more storage space. Too bad I don't use it for anything?
I'm pretty mentally useless after exams. I give you the results of some recent post-exam icon binges.

Behind the cut
01-07 Mussina (Mostly from the ALMOST AT AN END Yankees era), Jorge/Andy
08-14 A's (The Big Three, 1 Harden)
15-17 Wright, Reyes, Francoeur
18-23 Cards
24-25 Backe
26-45 Mussina bases (all NYY era)

04. // 15. // 24.

'This is America,' my father used to say to me, 'and in this country, a smart young fellow like you can grow up and do just about anything.' My dad, no doubt, was thinking doctor, lawyer, teacher, scientist or businessman. I was thinking second baseman, New York Yankees. -- Senator Joe Lieberman )

I emailed TPTB at Gettyimages to let them know they had 4 photos of Kevin Brown and 1 photo of Jason Giambi miscaptioned as pictures of Moose. Man, doesn't anyone take pride in doing their job right anymore? Jason Giambi. I mean, honestly.
[Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com] was going on about December 8th and the anniversary of Lennon's death, and I kept thinking December 8, December 8, why does that mean something to me? It took me ages, but it came to me - it's Moose's birthday. At 37, FINALLY entering the last year of his contract with the Yankees. I may make a batch of icons after Evidence to celebrate.

Speaking of icons, I keep saving pictures of random National Leaguers. Somebody stop me. I saw a picture of a shirtless Berkman yesterday, and really...there are no words. I blame [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com]. And [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com]. And [Bad username or site: cack_handed / @ livejournal.com]. BECAUSE I CAN.

Thanks again, [Bad username or site: soupypictures / @ livejournal.com]! Between the handful of Thierry I found yesterday and Carla Bruni, I'm so set for today ^_^

I have no comment on ANYTHING ELSE.
1. This image of Zito like, amuses the hell out of me. I think it's the expression on his face.

2. It rained all day today and I got wet, and now I have this low, throbbing headache. And I haven't changed my clothes so I'm still wet. And for some reason, TPTB decided they'd given us heat too early, and put the AC back on. Wtf.

3. I hear tell Moose slash has been written. I'm being SO good. **taps fingers on desk top** Is it November yet?

4. I got to try the pumpkin patch with sandalwood and orris and omg, wow. Yumtastic. Quite eager for that order to arrive now ^_^ Also, Antique Lace is back, and I don't know how I feel about that. I mean, I guess I'm excited to try it, since a lot of people said Buck Moon reminded them of it, and I love Buck Moon. But I had gotten used to the idea of Antique Lace as that one unattainable bpal oil, you know? It had reached, like, mythic proportions. What if I try it now and I think it sucks?

5. I just realized the guy in the video for We Belong Together and the guy from Prison Break (as seen in the commercials that have been running every 4 minutes during the baseball playoffs)? Same dude. Now I know why he looked so damn familiar. That was bugging the everloving shit out of me.

6. There's no baseball on tv tonight. I am sorely tempted to pull my 2003 ALDS tapes out of my closet and watch the Zito/Martinez game now that, you know, the Oakland A's have become something other than That Team Whose Job It Is To Lose To Boston Or New York In The ALDS. I'm all nostalgic and shit for the early '00 A's. If I'd ended up in Palo Alto for undergrad, they could have been my team. How weird is that? I'd be all into the A's/Angels and I'd probably be one of those people who rolls their eyes when the media get going about Red Sox/Yankees, instead of a loser who plots out the pitching matchups and tapes all of the games and knows all the time cues on every time Jeter's been HBP at Fenway :-P It'd be so weird. I'd know stuff about like, Eric Chavez instead. I'd probably be able to name guys in the A's bullpen, even. Like pre-Huston Street. Weird.

[Poll #597504]
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( Oct. 6th, 2005 08:51 am)
+ So some of you know about my roommate situation earlier in the semester? (Long story short: she moved into the room that was assigned to me, and I was just like whatever, and I made arrangements with ResLife to have us switched in the system) So, we had fire safety checks last week and I go to check my mail today and there's this uber serious letter from the Dean of Students about how, as I should know from the letter I received from ResLife, I have violated my housing contract and I was cited for having something in my room in violation of the state fire code and now I have to go to a meeting and learn all about how this makes me a bad person.

And I'm like "whaaaa?" Because I got no such letter from ResLife and if I had fire code violating stuff, it was in a drawer, under my shawls, and they're not supposed to check our drawers, so again, wtf?

So I go over to ResLife and I'm like yeah...I got this letter from the Dean? And like I never got anything from you guys? And what the hell are they talking about? And they're like oh, yeah, the violation was in the other room (I'm in A and the violation was in B) but apparently, somehow, the list that was given to the inspectors had the old information on it, and so they had me listed in B and ANYWAY, whatever, they said they will take care of it, which is good, because I don't like getting scary letters from the Dean of Students about violations of contract, thanks.

+ BUT onto more interesting things. I was poking around the MLB.com website in Legal Skills yesterday, and came across this Q&A with Moose.

He was asked his most painful baseball memory, to which he responded: Oh, losing four games in a row 2004 to Boston Red Sox [looks down, smiles and lightly taps and shakes his forehead].

Which is BULLSHIT. I'm sorry. The choke last year was bad, but that was at least a shared failure. No way that tops blowing a perfect game AS A YANKEE, IN FENWAY PARK, when you had 2 outs in the ninth and 2 strikes on the guy at the plate. I'm just gonna assume he's repressed the hell out of September 2, 2001. Not that I blame him.

I also thought it was hilarious that his favorite breakfast cereal is Lucky Charms, considering Moose is the most snakebitten pitcher in the game.

And just for [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com], note his favorite food. "Pasta. (Anything on it?) Usually just red sauce." God, could he be any more whitebread? :-P

+ BoSox are down 0-2 going back to Fenway. It's gonna be nuts. And it's a 4pm game. Man, that's prime time television stuff!

+ That A-Rod error late yesterday was gold. "The normally sure-handed A-Rod" MY EYE. Way to be 0-8 AND open the gates for your team to get screwed out of going up 2-0. All that MVP talk, it's nice of you to remind everyone about that not being a big game player business.

ETA: Helllllooooo, Sidney Crosby. I have the feeling he's gonna spawn his own offshoot of hockey slash fandom ^_~ [Bad username or site: kmousie / @ livejournal.com], quick, explain this sport to me! :-P
+ I love the phrase "vintage Mike Mussina". When sportscasters use it after a good start (even when it's a guy like John Kruk, who should try shutting up more, and dude, why does he still have a job?), I get this warm feeling, right there in my tummy.

+ Watched part of the Sox game yesterday and I see now what Sutcliffe meant about Varitek looking slimmer than he was earlier in the year. I couldn't tell over the weekend, in the home whites, but when he went after a pop-up yesterday, he did this twirlybird thing as he was tracking the ball, and in away grays he definitely looked a little smaller than I remembered.

+ If you're looking for 'em, last two eps of Extras (with Sam Jackson and Patrick Stewart) have been added to the previous post.

+ After much, much dillydallying, I think I'm gonna bite the bullet and place my next BPAL order on Friday. Right now it's looking like a Pumpkin Patch set, and bottles of Devil's Night, Annabel Lee, The Haunted Place and Alone. I'm so tempted to get more from the Demon In My View collection, but I really should stick to what my paypal balance will cover :-/

+ For those of you who read [Bad username or site: candle_beck / @ livejournal.com]'s stuff: I'm gonna be headed home tomorrow (**crosses fingers**), and because I'm sick of everything in my car right now, I'm putting together a new mix for the road. For kicks, I'm going with a Eric Chavez Goes To Hollywood soundtrack, so if you have any song recs, lemme know ^_^ Oh, and alternately, I think I'm gonna make a second cd for the Undercurrents series, so if there are any songs that remind you of that story, you can share those too. You don't need to upload the songs; I can always track them down later tonight.

ETA: I almost forgot! Disney's Cinderella FINALLY came out on DVD yesterday! So totally cause for celebration. Man alive, I love that movie. And Gus Gus. Lucifer is the reason I will never warm up to cats, as they are secretly ALL EVIL.
+ Just back from seeing The Cave with [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com]. I can usually think of at least one nice thing to say about a movie but that flick had no redeemable qualities whatsoever. I only went for the Cole, and my boy was largely ACCENTLESS. Wtf is the point of putting Cole Hauser in your movie and toning down his accent, people? [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com] and I laughed a lot, and not in that this movie is so bad it's fun way. In the dear god, why did we spend money on this? way. So yeah, if you're looking for your annual Cole Hauser hit, pull Pitch Black off the shelf. You get the same basic scary, flying killing things after a small group in the dark plotline, sans all the...you know, shitty movie.

+ Killing time before the game, my bro and I watched Lost and Invasion. Eddie Cibrian and I are not getting on this weekend. I thought Invasion was mindnumbling boring. And I think Lost and I might be over, because seriously, wtf. (I'm strangely comfortable with that though. I really loved the first 80% of the first season. It was fun while it had me.) Hell, the hour-long drama and I might be done until Deadwood comes back next year. Nothing's grabbing me right now. I feel oddly fandomless. I mean, there's BSG and to a lesser extent SG-1, but they're not fandoms for me like I'm used to doing fandom.

+ Watching baseball this weekend from home has been weird -- my brother and my dad, still virulently anti-Mussina and anti-any NYY success, are both actively rooting for a Sox sweep this weekend. So yet more wtf. During yesterday's game, they showed footage from earlier in the day of B-Rob in civvies catching up with Ortizzle behind the batting cage. No great big bear hug this time, sadly for me, though I'm sure Brian and his sling appreciated that. It amuses me to think that Ortizzle has sort of adopted B-Rob since he comes attached to Miggy ^_~

+ So, so, so glad I decided to come home this weekend. Williamsburg gets so claustrophobic. I always find it funny when I come home and my mother makes happy note of how I've lost weight and reminds me that this is the age to keep it off, meanwhile my dad always feels the need to remark that I look sickly and need to eat.

+ Read in the paper this morning that Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman begin filming in Baltimore for 45 days starting Monday (A project formerly titled Invasion, now going by The Visiting). Yay team us! This makes me feel all tingly. I don't know why, since usually Baltimore is standing in for somewhere else. But the piece said this time we get to stay Baltimore, so that's cool. I'm of half a mind to try and stalk Mr. Craig on Monday; I'd love to have him autograph my copy of Enduring Love. And I'd like to see just what shade of blue his eyes are IRL. I won't with the stalking though, because stalking is bad, kids. And I don't have the patience for it.

+ I caught up with my flist while I had access to a comp and did another friends cut, even though it's only been 20 days since my last cut. Still trying to find that optimum balance given how hellish this semester has been.

+ (Justice League is on right now. Glad they moved it back to 10pm. Glad they're back to showing 2 eps back to back. Still annoyed that they're sticking with the Unlimited business.)
I'm seriously feeling laptop deprivation like whoa. The worst part is being cut off from my music. There is too much of me in my head right now. I'm driving me crazy. Accio replacement adapter!

Also, [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com], I noticed today my arm has started doing that thing again.

I think I might go to the first meeting of the undergrad indie film festival club tonight. Just cause. Even though I have a lot of work to do in the next 3 days and like no time to do it in. Work I'm gonna have to do in the library, around other people, because I'm laptopless. To make matters worse, the Yankees and the Sox are playing three games, two nationally televised, because they are completely inconsiderate bastards.

I wish that mlb.com didn't put "Hey, ______ Fan!" headers on the press notes that go out before each game. I find that really annoying. I'm set up to get the game notes for five teams, and I assure you, I'm not a fan of all of them. I'm just nosey. Also, if I could get some kind of firm word on whether Moose will be playing another game this season, I would appreciate it.

I was thinking about buying some sort of mp3 player with money that I don't have, and money that I certainly can't donate to hurricane relief efforts or other needy causes, and then my roommate upped my guilt trip by linking me to Sarah McLachlan's newish video. Thanks, Sarah. I guess I'll just stick to feeling guilty about all the good that could be done with the tuition money from the classes I plan on skipping in the next two weeks.
So [Bad username or site: sensefille / @ livejournal.com] links me to this.

And all she says to me is "Brace yourself."

Dude. Can I just.

I mean.


Leave it to guys like Bronson, Moose. At least there weren't carebears involved. Or tongue.


ETA: [Bad username or site: cruzalicious / @ livejournal.com], I think this might just do it. Don't cheer too loud, dude. It's like the baseball gods gave you a birthday present.

Edit 2:
Ayrdaomei: ew
Johnnybvo: ew at the girls? or your boys cheap ass value city shirt?

**laughs** Don't mock my pain, dude.
+ Watched an old ep of Family Guy with my brother, and I don't know which was funnier: the random ass A-Ha Take On Me homage, or the look on my brother's face because he clearly had no idea what the hell was going on with Sketch!Chris running around.

+ Am I the only one who gets her hackles up whenever THE FARNS mentions Tim Hudson now? I thought I was all for the potential there, but I'm realizing that doesn't make me happy. And I will keep nothing near me that does not make me happy It just feels wrong, damn it. **clings stubbornly to her fakejournal OTP**

+ It's JC's birthday! And of course, trust [Bad username or site: jchalo / @ livejournal.com] to celebrate it in style. I read through her post nodding my head and grinning like an idiot. Yes, yes, yes, and what? and yes, God I've always loved that about him... My favorite: for talking about Jewel's bosoms on nationwide tv. Because it still cracks me up to remember it.

+ [Bad username or site: iliadawry / @ livejournal.com], your impage went out today.

+ I would thank Eric Byrnes to keep the fact that he does not wear underwear to. himself. thank you. very. much.

+ Yes, I read you. I promise, I wouldn't have you friended if I didn't. I've seen this meme in three journals now, and I imagine it'll show up in more. So there it is.

+ Say, do you suppose it's a coincidence that I just loaded up the Gamecenter of CHI@NYY in time for Moose to give up two runs? **blinks innocently**
ayrdaomei: ([MLB] Moose)
( Aug. 3rd, 2005 09:19 pm)
My dad is dancing around the kitchen where I have the Yankees game on and Moose just blew his four run lead. (Once again, with the exception of that homerun, totally the outfield's fault. Wtff, Sheffield? Did Bernie recruit you into the conspiracy?) My dad HATES Moose. He's having a lot of fun right now. He's performing a little ditty he likes to call HAHA! MUSSINA IS A LOSER!

I'm surprised Moose even made it that far, because that homeplate umpire was seriously pissing him off. I think he was thisclose to hulking out in the first. It was kinda funny. Because yeah, Moose, telegraphing your frustration is SO gonna get you the close calls.

Random observation: I'm pretty sure the guy that started for the Royals tonight (Snyder) was B-Rob's roommate in college. I seem to recall seeing him quoted in some article or another back in May.

Not really watching now that my boy's been pulled. Working on some L Word iconage. I haven't done a batch of icons in ages. I'm kinda rusty.

ETA: Coco Crisp is using Mike Jones' Back Then as his at-bat music. No, Coco. Just...no.
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( Jul. 1st, 2005 10:39 pm)
What a completely fucking frustrating day. Not the way you want to go into a holiday weekend, eh?

One highlight: I got to go to an election at Martin State Airport and they let us up in the control tower. But I was totally freaked to say or do anything lest I cause some interference in service that might result in the loss of human life. One of the guys said Moose flew out of there on Wednesday night, which is weird since the team flew to Detriot from BWI to get their asses handed to them. I'm guessing he flew separately either back home or to NY to see a doctor and then re-joined the team. I guess. Why do people tell me things like this? It's none of my damn business, but I'm gonna wonder about it for days.

And on stuff not anywhere near as significant as other shit that went down today but just as maddening, because my priorities are whacked: I can't decide whether I should be thanking the baseball gods that we remain just 2.5 games out, or whether I should be choking on my own bile over how much WE FUCKING SUCK. It would be nice to string a couple games in a row where we're both pitching well AND hitting. That would be just fabulous.


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