I would have paid real money to see Albert Pujols charge the mound on Rich Harden just then. It would have been EPIC.


A quick shot of baby!Rich, as the announcers talk about pitchers of slight build (like Pedro and Huddy). Yes, that is Ellis, with a HEADFUL of hair. See what six years of playing under Billy Beane does to a guy?


Huddy is very pleased with Chris Singleton knocking in a run. Chris got a round of applause and a hearty "Thadda boy!" from the dugout.


Huddy took a 2-hitter into the 9th, having thrown fewer than a hundred pitches. ♥


You know the thing gunslingers do, where they place their hand within drawing distance of their weapon, while sizing up the opposition? That's always the image that comes to mind when I see Huddy gripping the ball like so, thinking about the next pitch/batter.




While Huddy's focused on getting outs and getting the A's into a tie for the AL Wildcard, Mulder is cracking Zito up about something.

From: [identity profile] alowishus812.livejournal.com

baby!rich is soo adorable. i was just looking through old pics of him too, and he's just soo squishable. [sidenote: holy hell that's a lot of hair, ellis!]

i love me some huddy, most definitely!

mark and barry. mulder and zito. such boyfriends. they really need to kick that back up again, lol.

... and speaking of how they AREN'T boyfriends anymore... how is it that we haven't seen pics of baby xander yet! is it because he doesn't have a team to play for and thus xander's not coming out to park or something? just one! i just want to see one!

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

You say adorable, I say a sourpuss :P

they really need to kick that back up again, lol.

lol, god, why would you wish robot!Zito on anyone, let alone Mark?

how is it that we haven't seen pics of baby xander yet!

Aw, don't hold your breath on that one, kid. There's a remote possibility the broadcast people for his new team might do some kind of piece on him and his return to baseball once he starts pitching again, but that seems a ways off :/

From: [identity profile] soupypictures.livejournal.com

they're all darling.

[dude, richie was holding his ground after that hbp, i was scared.]

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

I was rooting for the takedown, but let's not talk about my kinks :X

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

Yeah, I couldn't get my usual program to cap this video file, or there would have been a ton more shots of that sequence. Barry was seriously amused by SOMETHING. I wish I knew what they were talking about :P

From: [identity profile] owllover711.livejournal.com

I love Richie for plunking Pooholes so much now I can't even begin to tell you. X-D But there would have been hell to pay if he'd charged the mound.

It's odd to see pictures of Mulder smiling. I wasn't sure if he was physically capable of it. ;-P

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

You know, there are actually quite a few pictures of Mulder smiling, but I also tend to think of him as generally humorless, for some reason.

From: [identity profile] aurealis.livejournal.com

These break my heart. They really do. I have a huge lump in my throat and in my brain and I don't know what else to say. Just that, that was such an awesome time to be an A's fan. As much as I hate them now, it doesn't compare to how much I loved them then. I abhor Billy Beane in ways that cannot be expressed.

Thanks for capping this. I'm crying inside, but also smiling big to see them.


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