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( Jan. 30th, 2009 11:48 am)
As social networking becomes ubiquitous, people with an otherwise steady grip on social etiquette find themselves flummoxed by questions about “unfriending” people: how to do it, when to do it and how to get away with it quietly. . . .

[On Facebook, deleting] friends does not generate a notification of any sort, leaving members to discover they’ve been unfriended only when they find they no longer have access to someone’s profile. It can be a jarring experience, especially considering that the person who dumped you at some point either requested you as a friend or accepted your request (on Facebook, that is how friends are made). . . .

Mr. Blodget asked Facebook to develop new friendship levels that would let users sort their acquaintances by degree of separation. He suggested categories like “ ‘personal friends’ or ‘work friends’ or ‘extra special friends’ or ‘BFFs’ or ‘friends you want to hear meaningless trivia about all day long,’ ” and implored, “Please give me the ability to put friends in these groups without telling them I have done so.”
- Friends, Until I Delete You

...You can't filter your friends on Facebook? Are you kidding me? I would have given up on LJ years ago if that's how it was here. That shoots right into the top 5 of Reasons Why I Will Never Get A Facebook Account, So Stop Asking Me To Already.

Where do you stand on Defriended/Unfriended notices? I've always wished Livejournal did them. I don't automatically remove someone who has removed me - but I do remove such a person more often than not, and just for the sake of keeping my f-list tidy, I wouldn't mind getting a notice, as opposed to only realizing it when I do my once a year check of that Friends Tracker tool.


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