Saw Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa this weekend. I was not a big fan of the first one, but the daughter of a family friend wanted to see it, so I took her. Surprisingly, it was one of those rare sequels that is better than the original; I enjoyed it. The penguins got a lot more to do in this one, which was great because pretty much everything they do or say cracks me up. It was a little saddening to hear Bernie Mac's voice again, though.

The trailer for Monsters & Aliens ran beforehand. Terrible title aside, it looks rather funny. Between M&A and Up, 2009 might not be a bad year for CGI-y animated films.

While I was across the bridge, I also went to BJ's, where I spotted all the seasons of Babylon 5 for $18.99 a piece. Aggravating, that. You know, since I distinctly recall buying seasons 3 and 4 from BJ's for at least $50 a piece when they were first released. I hate when that happens! I usually avoid it by not buying any boxsets until they've been out for a year or two, but I do love me some Babylon 5, and the lure of commentary tracks was too much.

On the plus side, BJ's also had all five seasons of La Femme Nikita for $18.99 a piece. So tempting! I ended up buying season 1, because I fail at not buying more stuff until I watch the stuff I have. What can I say, me and that show go back. Like I'm pretty sure I belonged to a usenet group for that show back. Peta Wilson has such a great face, and for my money, her Nikita had one of the sexiest voices on tv. I loved the way her Australian accent refused to be suppressed entirely, and she had that husky thing going? I was a fan. Plus that show had great music. I have no idea if the show holds up - I haven't seen an episode in at least 8 years - but I figured it's worth $19 to find out ;)
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( Dec. 30th, 2006 07:14 pm)
All nine seasons of SG-1 will be on sale Sunday and Monday at Circuit City for $17.99 (each). Also on sale for $17.99: three seasons of Arrested Development, seven seasons of Buffy, four seasons of The Shield, and Firefly.

Best Buy will price-match if you have the CC circular, but if not, take heart, because they have Arrested Development and SG-1 on sale for $19.99. And several seasons of X-Files.

In conclusion, m-y-r i-s b-r-o-k-e.

Oh! So I saw Dreamgirls. I loved it! The audience broke into applause twice during the movie (after Hudson's awkwardly staged but still awesome rendition of And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going and after Beyonce's Listen) and again when it was over. And again when Keith Robinson's name appeared during the credits and again for and introducing... Jennifer Hudson It was great. First AM show on a Friday and it was pretty packed. And Jim from The Office was in it! :P For two seconds, BUT STILL. I've never seen the stage show and I so want to, now. It was good, good times. Beyonce didn't annoy me at all, which was, like, amazing. I really enjoyed the historical aspect of it, the way you see/hear the music transforming over time? To be honest, I think maybe I enjoyed watching the story of the music even more than what was going on with the characters. But that's alright, I don't really think it detracted from the emotional impact of the film. At least not for me. I really recommend it, highly. Yay for leaving a theatre feeling fulfilled ^_^

Eid Mubarak to those celebrating! Hilariously, I hear some Muslim communities have declared the Saudis WRONG and are not celebrating the holiday today, but plan to celebrate tomorrow. Like, life would be so much easier if we just gave up on the lunar calendar, guys. It was a fairly good one - early prayers at the new mosque in Columbia and then we hung out at a friend of my mom's house with loads of people and basically sat back and ate lamb as they pulled it off the grill. Because we are lazy like that. The only downside was my mom driving me NUTS all day with Al Jazeera and Saddam this and Saddam that and I will be really glad when Al Jazeera decides they have other things to talk about.

Oh and the part where I checked my school email and I had a research assignment waiting for me. That was not so fun. Ew, effort. As Leanne likes to say.
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( Dec. 24th, 2006 08:53 am)
++ In the continuing saga of [Bad username or site: ayrdaomei / @] and Her EverShrinking F-List, I've done another cut. (But hey, some credit! It's two months since the last one.) As ever, no offense intended. I've just been finding myself with less and less to say about more and more journal entries on my friends view.

++ You know, my not posting much about myself? It's really not for lack of trying. Yesterday, I got about half a sentence into a heavily, heavily filtered post. Spent about 10 minutes trying to reword just that half sentence. Decided posting about myself and things unrelated to fandom is for the birds.

++ Okay, I will say this: HA! Pert stuff aside, sounds familiar.

++ Been to the movies a bit in the past week:
Blood Diamond - minor spoilers )

Charlotte's Web - no spoilers )

Casino Royale - spoilers )

++ In books: Robert B. Parker has a new Spenser novel out! The Spenser stories have been on the decline for a long while now - you read them in like a half a day, and Spenser's funny, and beats some sense into some people, but nothing more gripping than that. Still, I always get excited when I hear Parker's written another, always eager to get my hands on it. There's always such potential for goodness before you've opened a book, you know? And rather surprisingly, since it's been out less than a month, I found one of the copies still on the shelf at the local library. Good times. Course, my dad always calls first dibs on any Spenser book I bring home, so I also picked up the next in Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas collection. Oh, and [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @] got me Pride of Baghdad, which I heard made Playboy's list of the seven best fiction books in '06. And if that's not a compelling endorsement, I don't know what is ^_~ Leisure reading, yay.

++ Has anyone seen Mandy Patinkin in concert? He's coming to the Lyric Opera House next month and I'm seriously thinking of going. Balcony seats are just under $30, which is a bit much, but I think it might be worth $30 to hear Mandy perform some of my Sondheim favorites live for once in my life. Jim Gaffigan is doing a comedy show the night before and as much as I love Jim, he's come a ways from his Improv days it seems. Tickets for his show are rather pricey considering I'm fairly sure he's still not a real mainstream name in stand-up. Or maybe he is, I dunno. At any rate, I won't be seeing him again.

++ Doesn't look like we'll be getting any snow this coming week :/ I know, I shouldn't talk when people are buried under it in some places. But. I just find rain especially draining this time of year. If it's going to be wet, I wish we'd get some snow.
I made dinner from a recipe on the side of a can of diced tomatoes, and it was surprisingly good ^_^ Of course, I suppose it's pretty hard for anything topped by a cup and a half of mozzarella/asiago cheese to suck...

Made plans to see Babel with a friend next anxious! I want to see Stranger Than Fiction as well, but I'm all atwitter about Babel. I was trying to temper my expectations, but the reviews have been terrific. Yay.

Oh, speaking of movies - if you haven't heard, DeepDiscountDVD is running their 20% off sale again. Same coupon codes as always it seems, NYTIMES is the one I use. Sale goes until the 18th. I don't really have anything I want to get; I can't buy any more tv shows on dvd until I make something like an effort to watch the twenty billion seasons of stuff I already own... The one thing the sale would be really good for is the Cardinals WS boxset, but that's not out until next month. I'm probably just getting a couple copies of Cars ($12) and Soul of the Game ($4). And maybe A Player To Be Named Later ($12), but I can probably find that somewhere else for cheaper. I was trying to think if there was anything in particular I had wanted to remember to get, but I'm blanking. Anyway, I have a week.

When I woke up this morning, I was still riding a bit of the buzz from yesterday so I downloaded a bunch of Death Cab performances from the Live Music Archive. Because sharing is caring, three live songs from a show they did on my birthday, and three from a February 2006 show: rightclicksaveas, please.
02-12_I Will Follow You Into The Dark
06-16_Crooked Teeth
06-16_The New Year
06-16_Title and Registration

And while I'm at it...a couple more clips from Laa v Oak on 4/16/05 and clips from part two of Bronson's Japan video diary )
If Zito departs, that would leave third baseman Eric Chavez the only A's player remaining who experienced all four first-round playoff exits. Chavez already has seen the A's lose aces Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder, so this would be nothing new.

"It's not a big deal," Chavez said. "I've lost a lot of friends. It was fun while it lasted."

Oh, Eric.

The Cards and Mets might not get their game in tonight. Which would mean their schedule gets shuffled again and they'd be traveling again for Games Six and Seven without the benefit of an off-day. And the Series is right around the corner. Just an observation.

eta: Oakland people, if you have any plans to hit up the Coliseum store this week to take advantage of the clearance sale and wouldn't mind picking up a couple extra things, please drop me a line - ayrdaomei AT gmail DOT com.
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( Oct. 15th, 2006 07:32 pm)
1. St. Louis was a lot of fun. And cold. But a lot of fun.

2. Oakland made me cry. Clearly when I said I would be happy to see either team advance, I meant I would be happy to see the Tigers advance, after crying and moping around for a few hours over Oakland completely failing to show up for the LCS. Didn't see the end of the game, (thank goodness?) since we were already at Busch, and TPTB ixnayed the coverage on the jumbotron in the ninth, as it got closer to gametime for the Cards/Mets. It's easier to be happy for the Tigers when I didn't have to see the crestfallen faces over in the other dugout.

3. [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @] is a lying liar who lies. Especially about me and people whose names start with Hus and end in eet. And about me saying defense doesn't get people hot. (What I said was Scotty's defense only gets Bri hot. And that was IN JEST :P)

4. I can't bring myself to read any of the entries Zito's written since Game 1.

5. I heard the Tigers called a team of destiny four times on the radio today. During the LCS, Alex tried to get me to root for the Tigers by reminding me that certain people I am not keen on were rooting for Oakland. I mostly resisted the urge to give in to my petty side. And now that it's over and the Tigers are the last team standing, I can root for Detroit with a fairly clear conscience. I still don't believe anyone but Alex calls them "the Tigs."

6. lulz, LJ Talk? Yet another venue for me to avoid/block people on? Excellent.

7. When I got off of the plane from Chicago today, I saw the (co?)pilot poking around under the wing with a flashlight. Oookay then.

8. Based on my experience, the St. Louis Cardinals fan is not a patently purer/classier/better breed of fan than fans anywhere else, despite the hype. They can very nice (♥ the guy who offered, out of the blue, to take my picture down by the field) but they can also be just as obnoxious and overbearing as anyone (See the woman who called the Mets fan sitting in front of us a "fucking idiot" because he dared to root for his team after they were down 5-0). My take, anyway. And I'm too lazy to look it up, but if anyone knows what the deal is with calling the Mets "pond scums" (sic), feel free to share.
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( Sep. 12th, 2006 09:34 am)
Y'all, my friend Ashley has scratched up her copy of Room for Squares something awful, and mine is back home in Maryland. Could someone rip and upload it for her? NM, a kind stranger over at [Bad username or site: ljmixtape / @] took care of it ^_^

(Btw, long story short - Gateway blows, and I now own a Sony Vaio which sets me back $650 after rebates. So much for going to town in that Cali sex shop Beck recommended >.>)

ETA: I forgot to mention, but for those with money to burn - Target has Veronica Mars (Season One), 24 (Season One), Firefly, Rescue Me (Season Two), and The West Wing (Season Six) on sale for $18.99 this week. I also saw some Gilmore Girls and Nip/Tuck.
+ I rather like the idea of this tracking feature thing. Because you know there are those people whose posts on a particular topic are of interest to you, but not the other 732 things they post about way too frequently for your tastes? (I'm sure people have felt the same way about me ^_~) I end up removing people like that from my f-list after a while, and I just check in on them periodically. But now with the neato tracking feature letting me know when they've posted under a certain tag, I can keep up with them a little better without having to put them back on my regular reading list. Nifty. In fact, how awesome that you can now track people's posts for a while without adding them to your f-list before you've really gotten a feel for them? I'm a fan.

+ ETA on the laptop is Monday morning! more for those who have any interest in the saga to date. )

+ Question for the California people; those in the OAK/SF area, especially )

+ More generally, A's fans: Ebay being the wallet-suck that it is, I bought a set of the A's player magnets that were given away at the ballpark earlier this year and split them with [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @]. I put my 8 on my fridge and they made me very happy. I figured if 8 made me happy, how much happier would I be with the complete set of 16? So I bought a second set of the player magnets. Which means I have duplicates of a handful of players, if anyone wants at. )

+ The cover of next week's People magazine has Jessica Simpson on it, with quotes from her people about how head over heels she allegedly is for John Mayer. How embarassing that Mayer and his people have been falling all over themselves to emphatically state that next to nothing went on between him and Jessica and they are not an item. Awwwwkward.
Apparently the laptop has not yet been built that can hang with me. Somehow, in the process of walking from Sales to Family Law, I busted a screen hinge on my Gateway. (Don't ask me how.) I'm slightly amused because it's been just under a year since I cracked the LCD screen on my HP and had to buy the Gateway. So I'm averaging a laptop a year. Good thing this is my last year of school, I suppose ^_~

Anyone have any idea how much something like this costs to fix? I have a sneaking suspicion it will set me back at least a couple hundred bucks, so I might as well just buy a new comp.
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( Aug. 9th, 2006 03:54 pm)
After approximately a bazillion years of calling and emailing (okay, two emails, and maybe 5 calls) I finally got through to Austin in the A's merchandising department, and my Haren tee is on the way to me ^___________^ I had a coupon for 25% off a mail order item, on account of my subscription to the team mag, so the shirt ended up costing me just under $23 with shipping and everything. Whoo for not breaking the bank...completely.

I can't stop reading analyses of Lieberman's defeat in the primary in CT. All the politicos are like "but it could mean this! or it could mean this! but maybe it signifies this!" It's like undergrad all over again.

I went to see Monster House the other day. (I had to take a friend of the family's kid, okay? shut up.) I was surprised by how not bad it was. Like Cars, it's another one that wasn't promoted well in the early goings, I think. But it was a surprisingly touching story, not just all oooh, creepy house, or whatever. Also, Nick Cannon has a rather funny bit part as a sheriff's deputy. I found the animation-style pretty offputting, and I still didn't really care for it when the movie was over, but I think the story is good enough and compelling enough even, to overcome it.

Oh, and WTC is out today. Probably do the early AM show tomorrow morning, solo, because I know I'ma cry.

Pretty annoyed by all the shit-stirring going on in the Florida papers about some tiff between Joe Girardi and the owner of the team. All the pieces are saying the owner needs to back off, and while I appreciate the support of Joe, I just really hope this becomes a non-issue. I know the writers are all glad for something different to write about but this really isn't Torre-Steinbrenner Redux, so let's not try and make it that.

In more pleasant Marlins news, I enjoyed this piece on the starting rotation. Time will tell if Florida's kid pitchers can cultivate a nice little Barry Zito-Tim Hudson-Mark Mulder dynamic, plus two. But the maturation process should be fun to watch.

You are not wrong, sir.
On Friday, however, he broke form a bit when asked if he had a gut feeling on whether he'd be moved before the July 31 non-waiver trading deadline.

"My gut says no, and I hope it's right," Zito said before the second game of a four-game series against the visiting Blue Jays. "My gut's said no all along -- for the past couple years -- and it's been right so far. Hopefully, it'll be right for a few more days."
-- Zito steadfast amid rumors

[Bad username or site: candle_beck / @], if you haven't already heard it: [Bad username or site: roxybritain / @] linked to a KNBR interview with Barry the other day. I haven't listened to it, because I'm not trying to have it be The Last Zito Interview I Heard Before He Got Traded. But Bri tells me he takes another of his thinly veiled shots at Mark. That old line about guys that get hurt and aren't able to get out of their own heads because they're stuck in dumbjock mode. Oh, Barry. Stop being a biggity bitch.

Marlins on TWIB today. Because I am a nutjob dedicated, I'll be in Philly for the double-header tomorrow with [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @]. And the day game on Monday, where I should finally, despite his every effort to avoid my jinxing ass, get to see Josh Johnson pitch ^____^ My brother says he'll be looking to trade JJ, because he knows the effect I have on guys who are having career years. lol. The Marlins are in DC again August 8-10, and I...just really need to not be in the tri-state area at that time. The temptation is too much. But I might go on the 8th, because Scotty 'Hulk' Olsen looks like the probable to pitch.

An Astros cycle? I don't know anything about you, Luke Scott, but way to be.

Lastly - the MLB Outlet, which is clearly, clearly out to get me, is running a Buy One, Get One 50% off deal. I plan to get a Lidge WBC shirt, but I don't care to get anything else. SO, if you want me to place an order for something for you, and you can paypal me for your share, let me know and I will. I think shipping from the mlb outlet starts at $5, so if you just want one shirt, I'll add it to my order and then when it gets here, I can ship it regular first class to you. The WBC shirts (all national teams) are $9.97 before the reduction, and there are some other neat shirts in the team outlet stores. FYI, [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @] - those hideous Oakland Your Girlfriend Likes My Team shirts are part of the sale also.
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( Jul. 27th, 2006 05:51 pm)
+ I was thinking about getting a Team USA Lidge shirt from the MLB outlet. Cause then it's not really an Astros shirt, but I can still be all with the Lidge support and stuff. **ponders**

+ Also, randomly, I was thinking today how I've missed [Bad username or site: acroarcs / @]' posts on my f-list. What's with the whole going on vacation and not updating AT ALL business? Inconceivable ^_~

+ Did I promise someone on my f-list that I'd send them the first volume of Strangers In Paradise? I feel like I did.

+ My laptop's adapter cord is on its last legs. I have jiminied it six ways to Sunday to make it last these past two weeks, and I just need it to hold out til tomorrow when I get home to the new replacement I ordered off ebay. It keeps, um, sparking and stuff, though. So cross your fingers >.>

+ Watched A History of Violence last night and...what was all the hullabaloo about that movie? I thought it was okay, but I heard so much buzz about it! I was expecting something a bit more...exceptional. A more novel exploration of identity. I don't know. It was just alright.

+ Question for the Oakland people, is there any way for me to get a Haren shirt short of ordering one of them youth customizable shirts off the A's website? Like, can you buy them in Cali? Preferably for less than the $27 it would cost me to buy one off the A's website?
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( Jun. 10th, 2006 05:31 am)
[Poll #745504]
Marlins see edge in ipod. I'm rather surprised this is something clubs are just now realizing they can do.

DeepDiscountDvd's semiannual 20% off sale started yesterday. One of the discount codes that will work is USATODAY, and as ever, everything ships free. Like, even if you just buy Dead Again for $4, HINT HINT. (It is my mission in life to see to it that everyone owns this movie.) I'm probably not getting much since I still have things from last time I haven't finished watching. For due South fans, I note that the third season of the re-packaged episodes is available for just over $15. I think as of right now, I'm gonna wait until Tuesday, so I can order the 3rd and 4th season of Dead Zone (both priced at about $15 each), and I'll also get the Dr. Katz set, since it's $11. I never got around to buying Alien Nation back in January, so I'll get that now ($28). I'm on the fence about getting the White Sox World Series boxset ($38), mostly because I don't really care to keep any of the World Series games; I'd just be interested in the discs with the final ALDS and ALCS games. (Actually, if you'd be interested in splitting the boxset with me, lemme know. You could have the boxset case, if you want it. Though I might want to keep Brandon's great game, maybe? Hmm. But we can talk that out.)

Oh, Branagh's Henry V is $7. Okay, getting that too, because I only own it on video. BUT THAT'S IT. Sadly, the Deadwood & BSG sets are still too pricy for my tastes.

Listening to the Yanks/A's game and Michael Kay is describing Chavvy's injury and **shudders**. Poor dear.

Oh! My dad just announced he's going to Egypt on Monday, for work. But only for a month, which is...meh. **laughs** 'Cause that's not enough time for me to put together a visit! But maybe it'll work out and once he's been back once, he won't be so resistent to the idea of going back in the future. We'll see.

Farns, Swish, Uggla: some video and audio clips snurched from and )

[ profile] angisageek - had you seen that Hafner and Michaels have both been on Players Talk in the past month? Lemme know if you'd like me to grab those for you.

eta: Btw, I'd like to thank Mark Mulder for picking up the slack created by Brad Lidge and Huston Street deciding not to suck so much anymore. I wasn't sure what I was gonna do with myself for awhile there. You don't suppose Mr. Hakuna Matata's got free agency year anxiety, do you? Or maybe second thoughts about that whole engagement thing plague his every waking moment ^_~
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( May. 24th, 2006 07:50 am)
Being an evil person, [Bad username or site: cruzalicious / @] emailed me yesterday about DVDempire's Paramount sale. Bunch of movies on sale for $5.99, three or more gets you free shipping. I personally recommend this, this, and this. Classics of modern cinema. Yes :P

This was linked to on [Bad username or site: athleticsphotos / @] and I'd never seen it so: Z on At Home With Lisa Guerrero (YSI). Lemme know if you have trouble with the YSI; it's also up on sendspace. Fairly fun clip, once I got past putting a face to Scott Erickson's wife. I'd be curious to know if Beck had seen this when she wrote Artists & Pitchers. He's very on here, which makes me wonder if he really did just roll out of bed for the other piece with the local ABC crew ^_~ Also, when Guerrero makes that comment about him happily trading in his Cy Young for a Grammy, just...breathe. I'm sure that was a joke.

Scott Olsen, meanwhile, can't seem to keep the guys off him:

In a tense scene caught by television cameras, Girardi grabbed starting pitcher Scott Olsen by the jersey after the third inning and pulled the left-hander to a corner of the Marlins' dugout.

Girardi could be seen chewing out Olsen, who appeared to shout back and wave his arms. The confrontation was nowhere near the physical spat Olsen had three nights earlier with reliever Randy Messenger, who socked him in the eye during a disagreement away from the ballpark after Saturday's game in St. Petersburg against Tampa Bay.
-- Marlins win on Jacobs' hit in the ninth

[The Marlins hadn't] won in 24 previous tries when trailing after seven innings. It was ... just their third win in their past 15 games at home and, coupled with Monday's victory over the Cubs, gave them their first series win at home this season. -- Music to the Marlins' ears.

Oh man, it sounds so...futile...when you put it like that >.>

Cubs and Marlins play a day game today, and we're not leaving for the Astros/Nats til 4, so I should be able to catch the game (on WGN! Yay!), much to Florida's chagrin. I'm so nervous about the Astros game, lol. I don't know why.
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( May. 17th, 2006 10:32 am)
+ Has anyone read James Patterson's Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment? The premise seems vaguely Koontz-esque (a secret government agency genetically engineers children with wings, for some nefarious purpose, I'm sure), and I enjoyed the few Alex Cross mysteries of Patterson's that I've read. But I confess I'm a little wary of the fact that the book is categorized as "teen fiction." I mean, I'm not too far removed from my Lois Duncan years, but still...

Also wondering if anyone's read Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down? (Seeing that he's written a new book reminds me - I never did finish How To Be Good.)

+ I was at BJ's Wholesale Club, running errands for me ma and I saw the first three seasons of The X-Files available for $29.99 each. I'm fairly positive that when XF sets first hit the streets, they were priced around $100. Any XF fans know if these cheaper sets are repackaged releases, or are these the same $100 sets priced down to something I can actually afford? (Btw, I saw that the SG-1 boxsets had also been marked down to $29.99. If I could get these wholesale joints to mark down B5, I would be SET.)

OH I ALMOST FORGOT - Con Air was re-released this week with bonus footage! Like, happy early birthday present to me. It's only seven extra minutes of footage, no commentary, no featurette, BUT STILL. I guess this is as good as it gets, which means I should go ahead and buy this movie on dvd already. So yes, the special edition of Con Air is a little lacking, but I remain unswayed in my conviction that a fully loaded special edition of Face/Off will eventually be released. From my keyboard to the dvd gods' mainframe.

+ I am, at this very moment, downloading the pilot episode of Life on Mars, which is another one I've heard a lot of hullabaloo about. I'm all about shows with Mars in the title, all at once.

The rivalry between the Cubs and the Cardinals is probably the oldest and perhaps the best in baseball, no matter how the Red Sox and Yankees spit and spite at each other. That's a tabloid fueled soap opera about money and ego and sound bites. That's a pair of bratty high-priced supermodels trying to trip each other in their stilettos on the runway. But the Cards-Cubs epic is about roots and geography and territorial rights. It's entwined in the Midwestern blood and therefore refreshing and honest and even heroic.

Oh, Buzz Bissinger. You had me rolling and sorta willing to follow your lead...until that last line. Um, what? Someone please explain to me how the holier-than-thou attitude of the Midwest is in any way more attractive than how admittedly self-impressed East Coasters are. I mean, really. Buzz Bissinger, you can kindly 'refreshing and honest and even heroic' deez nuts, as the kids say. Or, in the parlance of more of my f-list: EM ETIB.

(Though that 'bratty supermodels' characterization of the NYY and BOS organizations is completely hilarious, you must admit.)
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( May. 16th, 2006 07:13 pm)
It was only supposed to roll out in mid-APRIL. It's not like I've been checking the Mosaic page 3 times a day, every day, since >.>

hu-freakin'-zzah )

And OT, but if anyone saw Something New on sale today for less than $19.99, do let me know.

eta: Okay, I already have a quibble with the Mosaic viewer. Is it me, or is there no way to rearrange what games are on which panels? It seems silly to me that I should have to scroll across three panels to see the six games that are currently in progress, as opposed to being able to shuffle the panel contents so that all the games that are currently in progress are on my screen at the same time. And what if more than six games are on, but there are only six I'm interested in following? I should be able to shuffle the games I want to follow onto the same panel. Right now, for example, FLA @ ATL, NYM @ STL, SF @ HOU are all situated on different panels. Well, wait. HOU and STL are on the same panel, yay, but I still have to panel away from the FLA game to check them. **takes notes**

Btw, [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @], your audio question - you hear the audio of whichever game you 'highlight'. For the others, you just see what's happening.

edit 2: Ah. Right then. But, 'not at this time' sounds optimistic. Sounds like they're working on it, yeah?
[Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @] thinks I should come down for the four game A's/Royals weekend series in KC in August. She's being a v. bad influence. I'd be more seriously considering it if I didn't already have quasi-plans in the air for an early July trip to New York, and I can't really justify doing both. I may not even be here, because my mom keeps mentioning me going to Morocco for some part of the summer, but I don't know how serious she is about that. She talks about it every summer.

Don't want anything from the new bpal update, though And There Was A Great Cry In Egypt caught my eye (from the new Salon collection). But I'm definitely priced out at $23 a bottle (plus shipping so, hello $30 bottle, I think not). Yesterday I was quite ready to order a bottle of Yemaya, but I've talked myself down since; yay team me.

Read some story on how there was supposed to be a TWW tribute show before the series finale this Sunday, but squabbling over pay led to NBC axing it. So NBC won't be doing any kind of sendoff at all, which is I knew things had gotten bad, and the show was struggling, but wow. It's all very "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out," you know? Then again, I haven't decided if I'm even gonna watch the finale, so I can't really talk.

Quelle surpris! Kinda hurt my heart to read, even though you could see it coming from a mile away. Garner's sweet, though, all He's still my closer, when. Come on. 109 (and counting!) newspaper headlines to the contrary, my friend.

Other things getting me all emotional early this morning - the Mother's Day player postcards.

I was having trouble watching the games online yesterday and it was really pissing me off. As were other things. I'm feeling very Tar baby sit still and don't say nothing all at once.

And you know what else? There should be a way for you to force journals to defriend you, for fuck's sake. Like, a cyber crowbar. Work with me, Eljay. For the most part, I don't mind if people keep my journal friended when we aren't mutual friends, but dead journals? serial adders? rp journals? I just want them to go away. I should be able to make them go away, Eljay. Thank you to the handful of RP handlers who did remove me when asked.
ayrdaomei: ([Movies] Kenya's dating white boys now!)
( May. 8th, 2006 11:05 am)
  • On the way home yesterday, I was flipping stations, and I hear this guy's voice singing Jo Dee Messina's Bye Bye. And for the next two minutes, I proceed to get really pissed off. I can still remember when that song was in the top ten, dude, so wtf. It's only been like 7 years. Where does this guy get off? I MEAN REALLY. Then it turns out it was Phil Vassar, whoops. Hee. I like Phil Vassar, for one, and for two, he wrote the song in the first place, so I guess I'll allow it. But generally, yes, let's allow some kind of ten year bar on covering a song, please. Unless it's for a tribute album or something.

    Btw, [Bad username or site: hollinsprincess / @], all late, I confess you were right about Snow Patrol. I got a chance to listen to their new album on the drive and I like almost every track on there; speaks pretty well of them. I adore, adore, adore You Could Be Happy, Hands Open, It's Beginning To Get To Me and Set The Fire To The Third Bar (feat. Martha Wainwright!).

  • Good news, my friends. Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist is coming to dvd. The first season will be out Tuesday, priced around $12.99 (six eps). And there are EXTRAS. I loved that show; used to randomly quote it and shit and no one ever got it. (Story of my life, that). Anyway, the entire run was I think just under 100 eps, so yay ^_^ But to be honest, I'd be happy just to have the Jim Gaffigan, Ray Romano, Brian Regan and Dave Chappelle eps on dvd.

    [Bad username or site: kmousie / @], Best Buy apparently got wind of Target's boxsets promotion and is doing a similar one. If you need the first season of Nip/Tuck, Best Buy has it on sale for $27.99.

  • Okay, seriously, this is the best time of the year, because I CAN READ FOR FUN AGAIN. Let's see what my people have been up to since I last got a chance to do that. )

    Of course, I'm not touching any of those until I finish Three Nights in August ^_~

  • Oh. The dryer calls.
    Target is running some "break Myr's bank account" promotion that looks something like this:

    The West Wing - Season Three - $22.99
    The West Wing - Season Four - $22.99
    The West Wing - Season Five - $22.99
    Veronica Mars - Season One - $22.99
    Nip/Tuck - Season Two - $22.99

    You know what that is? EVIL. Also on sale for $22.99 - all seasons of The O.C., One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, AND OTHER SHOWS I DO NOT WATCH. THANK GOODNESS. I mean, I know I said I didn't need any seasons of TWW on dvd but the first and second, but how am I supposed to turn down $22.99? Actually, I was proud of me, I didn't get Nip/Tuck. And I may take back Veronica Mars. I dunno. Everyone and their mother adores it, even [Bad username or site: sensefille / @] ended up netflixing the entire first season earlier this semester, and given the premium she puts on her non-studying/working time, I feel like that's one hell of an endorsement. But [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @] doesn't think it's my cup of tea, and he knows me pretty well. Maybe I'll torrent the first two eps and see how it sits with me.

    They also had Bride & Prejudice on sale for $10. **yoinks**

    And now I'm supposed to resist the lure of these dvds to study Labor Law. I'm all about self-sabotage, apparently.
    ayrdaomei: ([Comics] Spidey's the expert)
    ( Mar. 27th, 2006 07:11 pm)
    I skipped Labor Law today and am well on my way to a life of delinquency.

    I miss the WBC something fierce. I caught five minutes of a spring training game the other day and felt...nothing.

    There are two new A's commercials up. "Curves": Figure those are really Zito's fingers? My mind slips, and slips, and slides, and comes to rest in a dirty, dirty place. I also like the shots of the pitchers staring in, in "Relentless".

    All day today, I've felt like watching Bride & Prejudice again. Remember that stretch last year where I saw that movie like 6 times in the span of 3 weeks? I never did get around to buying it.

    I might drop money I don't have on a digital camera tonight.

    I want my Note to die.

    ETA: Hmm. I didn't know the ChiSox had gotten the Red Sox treatment on a multi-disc World Series set. The ALDS sweep is on there. And the World Series games were good ones, despite the end result. Hmm. Much too pricey at $70, but maybe when DeepDiscountDVD does their summer sale. **notes to self**


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