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( Apr. 29th, 2009 07:35 pm)
~ The Mentalist and I seem to be drifting apart. I've missed the beginning of the last couple new episodes; I keep forgetting when the show is new. I didn't remember until 9:30 yesterday :X My dad dvrs it, so it's not a big deal, as we'll be staying there this weekend while the Cards are in DC, but still. I'm a little bummed that the bloom's off the rose already. I was very much looking forward to a new tv-based fandom. Maybe The Unusuals or Southland, if I ever actually get around to downloading some eps.

~ Probably premature, considering Huston just took a loss three appearances ago, but this is happymaking: Corpas' grip on Rockies' closer role is loosening. OH LOOK WHO GOT THE SAVE EARLIER TODAY: boxscore. **is pleased**

Also, shut up. (And they should still trade him.)

~ Also of the happymaking: Beck has uploaded Vegas & Gravitation as podfic.

~ Sean Penn has filed for legal separation from Robin == awww. That makes me sad. And also reminds me that I thought she looked an absolute vision at the Academy Awards this year. I always thought she was a bit miscast as Buttercup, because I've never found her stunningly beautiful, but she was that, in February.
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( Apr. 13th, 2009 03:40 pm)
- RIP, Harry Kalas. What a rough way to start out a season.

- All of baseball to wear 42 to honor Jackie Robinson. I'm so pleased! I hated hearing of the guys who wanted to participate in honoring Jackie these last two years, but weren't allowed by their organizations.

- If you were a fan of the original Fast and the Furious, I trust you have already seen Fast & Furious (or TFTF4, which is what it really should be called). If you haven't, get thee to a movie theatre! It's all Brian/Dom, all the time. I loved it. I mean, sure, there are a ton of gratuitous ass shots of random women in hot pants, but they do nothing to disguse the fact that this fourth film in the series is really about Brian/Dom. I admit there are plot holes all over the place, and personally, I didn't think the driving was as much fun as in the first movie, but it's still a really good time. One of these days, I need to find time to search for ficcage. And icons.

- [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com] doesn't like it, but I am a fan of the trailer for Public Enemies. **grabby hands** Come out, now. Please.

- I need to get caught up on 24; USA Today says it's finally kicked back into high gear.

- If you have any experience with Prozac and Xanax, and are comfortable talking about it, I'd appreciate it if you'd shoot me an email. I have some questions.

eta: Oh, look. Huston blew his first save as a Rockie yesterday and I missed it. **pets him** Trade him, Colorado! Anywhere that is not Cincinnati sounds good.
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( Mar. 26th, 2009 10:55 am)
First off - Bri swears it wasn't her, so many thanks to the kind soul who gifted me additional paid time. I originally had gifted paid time through March (which I feel like I've wasted by only posting twice, but posting aside, it gave me the chance to futz with some potential new layouts), so whoever you are, I hope you like baseball, cause I now have paid time through the first two months of the baseball season ;) While I'm not yet feeling bitten by the MLB bug, odds are you'll be drowning in pointless polls and constant updates by next month ;)

Music: I've been really digging Our December by Thriving Ivory, a free Amazon mp3 I downloaded last fall and have just given a listen. I like the song so much I went and bought their major label debut which is currently at the top of Billboard's Heatseekers chart and only $7.99 at Best Buy. Of course, Our December isn't on their major label debut, and I don't like any song on there near as much. Let this be a lesson to you, kids. Never pay for music until you've scouted it out for free, first. I'm sure the cd will grow on me, with time. I like the band's sound, it's just that lyrics-wise, the major label debut is kinda boring.

And on the topic of new music - you can stream new Death Cab tracks over at Stereogum. I don't like Little Bribes or A Diamond and A Tether much...My Mirror Speaks and Once I Was A Loyal Lover are fun times, though!

Baseball )

TV )

Car news or lack thereof )
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( Feb. 19th, 2007 12:16 pm)
I've decided BSG and I are undergoing another temporary separation. When the show started to get to me last season, I'd stop watching for a month or so at a time and then catch up, and it's just easier than tuning in week after week and being left disappointed/irritated/crotchety.

That being the case, I have a free hour for a drama again, so I'm thinking of catching back up with 24, which I haven't watched since the season premiere. I think there are a couple of you still watching - how is it so far? Good? Or has Day 6 been ridiculous and not in a fun way?

Mulder traces troubles to '04 season with A's. Well, sorry, Billy. I tried to talk [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com] out of killing you, but then Mark went and opened his mouth. I try not to pay too much attention to the words that come out of that boy, because he strikes me as one for self-delusion. And I'm not just saying that because he married a woman. I hardly know what to make of any of his recent comments about his pitching problems. I'm not really sure why this is coming up again after the Cards have insisted Mark wasn't "damaged goods" when they traded for him.

Brandon and Lidge crack me up.

Also, Freddi Gonzalez kinda looks like Garth Brooks with the facial hair, and it's freaking me out. Nice try, guys, but I'm still not rooting for you this year.

eta: Among the players sporting new looks at the start of camp is right-hander Dan Haren, wearing a thick beard. Closer Huston Street arrived with long, thick sideburns that immediately got him a razzing from general manager Billy Beane. - It amuses me that the Cali papers find this kind of stuff merits a mention.
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( Dec. 28th, 2006 06:09 am)
SI listed the best games of 2006 and a handful of baseball games made the cut. NOT the terrifically fun OAK-LAD 17 inning matchup, incredibly, but that 12 hour marathon game between the Sox and Yanks, as well as a couple of last season's 18 inning NL games are on the list. And of course NYY's crazy comeback against the Rangers. NLCS Game 7 was the only postseason game to rank. The baby fish were also featured, courtesy of Anibal's no hitter :) Still, Huston did not blow a single one of those games, so that list is hella lacking and fundamentally flawed. (There was one Brad Lidge blown save, though. ♥)

EW ranked BSG the third best drama on television this past year, behind only The Wire and Friday Night Lights. And, damn, I've known for a couple years now that I should be watching The Wire, but I guess [Bad username or site: acroarcs / @ livejournal.com] really is onto something with FNL. TV Guide ranked BSG #1 and FNL #2, and The Wire didn't even make their top 10 or honorable mentions. But Deadwood did. ♥. 24 and The Office made both lists - validation, yay. BSG, The Office, The Wire, Heroes, FNL, and 24 also all made AFI's list of ten best '06 shows.

Of course, the AFI voted Happy Feet and Little Miss Sunshine onto their list of the ten best films of '06, so. You can't win 'em all.

God, I love baseball - I dreamt last night that the A's traded Bobby to the Brewers (what?) and that the Mets announced they were pulling out of the Zito clusterfuck. Woke up to the news that the Rangers have given Barry Zito an ultimatum. They want a response on their contract offer by this weekend. That seems like a bad move on the Rangers' part, considering that the Yankees allegedly want to jump into the mix, provided they can unload Randy Johnson soon. It's one thing for the Mets to say this is our offer and we're not gonna change it. It's another for the RANGERS to be trying to get all mafioso and shit. I mean, I understand their not wanting to be used...but they are the TEXAS FUCKING RANGERS. What did they think they were being pulled into this thing for? They are like the Orioles, but with an owner who writes blank checks. Supposedly if Zito doesn't accept the ~$102M/six year offer, they're pulling it off the table. Hee. Good. Because it was just gonna be embarrassing when he signed with the Mets for a shitload less. And I love how the GM said their offer will change considerably if Zito doesn't sign now. Because obviously, if he wasn't going to sign with you for $100M, he could always realize the error of his ways in a couple weeks and sign with you for WAY LESS. Morons. It took them this long to figure out Boras was using them to try and drive up the asking price? Sure, over$$$$ worked with A-Rod, but I guess they think everyone missed how that has played out for him in the long run.

I read elsewhere that Mark's decision is down to the Rangers and the Cards (ahahaha! THANK YOU FOR FUCKING OFF, ARIZONA) which I hope against hope is a nobrainer for him, no matter how much the Rangers offered him. Come on, Markus. You've got a lovely wife, with a good name. Impossibly long legs and the tiniest hips in all of sports. Great hair. A World Series ring. Memories of a sun-drenched honeymoon to last you til the divorce a lifetime, and probably a pair of twin little Markuses on the way. Playing for the Texas Rangers does not complete this picture. Well, unless they guaranteed you two years at 20 million or something.

eta: Interesting. Bet at least half of those names leak in the next year. So that should be fun times.
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( Dec. 20th, 2006 05:26 pm)
[Bad username or site: trailer_spot / @ livejournal.com]'s most recent post has links to a full trailer for Transformers and the first teaser for Ocean's 13.

As for Transformers....huh. Way to be like a million times less campy than I was expecting. I don't know how I feel about that, to tell you the truth. I was getting Terminator 2 vibes the whole time. Maybe once we get footage of them speaking (THEY WILL TALK, RIGHT?) I'll warm up to it some. (butomgagentaaron!♥)

And as for Ocean's 13, well I want to be annoyed that they might just keep making progressively crappier sequels to one of my favorite movies FOREVER...

but )

If I said I wasn't so there, I'd be a liar.

Caught up on BSG earlier. I am just so ready for Kara to die. And I hate that, especially since the writers keep focusing storylines on her tired ass. I was never a big Starbuck fan, but at least I could stand her in the first season. Even respected her some. Now I just want her to. Not be alive. Anymore.

That show needs like five times more Sharon.
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( Oct. 4th, 2006 06:37 am)
So I get the sense that the people who are head over heels for Studio 60 are mostly people who didn't do Sorkin shows before. And those who have been around and done the Sports Night/TWW dance with Aaron are more generally like **shrug** "It's alright" about it. Yes? No?

I'm glad for the playoffs putting Fox shows on mini-hiatus since I'm already behind on Prison Break by four eps >.> Hopefully I can marathon over our Fall Break in a couple weeks.

On ze topic of playoffs: Game 1 between the A's and Twins was pretty awesome. Except for the part where I was like please don't bring in street please don't bring in street please don't bring in street and then they brought in Street. But all's well that ends well. Got to watch half of the Oakland game (and man, Oakland fans, I apologize on behalf of my entire coast. It's patently ridiculous that the A's got saddled with consecutive 1pm EST start times), and then "watched" the rest of it on Gamecast while in Employee Benefits. Seriously don't know where I'd be without wireless in our classrooms. (Well, I'd probably be in a place where I have a better GPA. But let's not dwell). Game 1 between the Yanks and Tigers? Not so awesome. Had the game on but I barely watched. Tonight's matchup is more my speed - Verlander v. Mussina. Should be fun times.

Zito's blogging like they just discovered the technology, which amuses me. Jokes aside, I thought it was pretty cool of him to get a post-game entry up so quickly (likewise Nate Robertson, wow). Clearly enjoys listening to himself talk, as it were, but he quotes For Love of the Game which is one of the most underrated baseball flicks ever (YES, DEREK. IT'S A BASEBALL MOVIE. SHUT UP) so, bonus points. Not enough to make up for certain things, but one step at a time. Also, two posts in a row without a single mention of Dan Haren. Aww. Sorry, D. Guess that mancrush only operates one way :(

And I really need to MOVE ON, but you know, I can't, because of stuff like:

[W]hen the ax finally fell on Marlins manager Joe Girardi, his players were disappointed, if not stunned, calling each other on their cellphones to commiserate. ...Girardi helped players with their personal problems, guiding them as a father - or at least a cool older brother.

"He was everything - a manager, a friend, a teacher," Johnson said.
- Marlins players feel they have lost a friend.

Yeah, I cannot express to you how irritated I am that the Marlins organization couldn't fucking WAIT to introduce Gonzalez. Like. I really want to not hate the guy just because he's replacing Joe, but they're not making it easy. Could they have been any more fucking insensitive about that shit? Would it have killed them to wait one day? To have so obviously had his replacement waiting in the wings, the decision made long ago...I just....So. Much. Hate.

eta: A's postgame conference.

I failed to mention the Cardinals in this post, so I'd like to acknowledge that the Cardinals - ugly/practically already eliminated stepchild that they supposedly are - also won Game 1. Gotta figure though that Game 1 was the game they were supposed to win - sorta like everyone was saying with Minnesota. But you gotta love how the Cards win one game and suddenly all the talking heads are taking back everything they said about St.Louis on Sunday.

Does anyone feel bad for the Mets? Even a little? I confess; if John Maine gets the emergency start I want him to do well, but that's pretty much the extent of it. Sucks to be them.
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( May. 17th, 2006 06:37 am)
+ World Trade Center trailer. If you don't want to download, you can stream it (here). I ended up making the decision not to see United 93, didn't think I would be able to handle it in a theatre full of people, but I look forward to WTC, I think. For one, WTC features a cast of recognizable faces, as opposed to United 93's cast of unknowns, so I should be better able to realize at all times that what I'm watching is a movie. Not just Nic Cage, but Maria Bello and Maggie Gyllenhaal. There's the locksmith, from Crash, whose name I should learn, apparently. The other port authority officers are all familiar faces - guys who have been playing New Yawkers on tv for ages. And second, I believe both Port Authority officers depicted in this film worked alongside the creators of the movie, so I feel like it'll be more directly drawn from their actual experiences on 9/11. Which is not to say United 93 pulled its depiction of what happened out of the air, but at the end of the day, it just didn't sit so comfortably with me, how much of the interaction and exchanges in that film the creators must have extrapolated based on what little evidence they had of how things went down. And I'm not gonna lie, I had no real interest in sitting in a theatre, watching extremists threaten a planeful of innocent people for 2 hours. I really enjoyed Munich but I don't think I've ever been as uncomfortable in a movie theatre as I was during the first 15 or so minutes, which depicted Black September's assault on the Jewish athletes.

I don't think I could go see WTC if the story had been about the two firefighters who were found dead, locked in an embrace. But it's about two Port Authority officers who survived, and that's a story I want to see, and hear.

The WTC trailer reminds me a lot of the Pearl Harbor trailer, which I thought was beautifully striking. The shot of the young boys playing baseball looking up at the sky to see the Japanese bombers got the same reaction out of me as the Port Authority officer looking up from the tourist's map at the sound of a plane flying over.

+ If you don't have the MLB All Access Sound 2003 dvd, Bri ripped and uploaded the footage of the ride-along with Zito.

+ I fell asleep on all my ballgames yesterday! Which is fine, as it turned out, since almost none of them ended happily for my boys. Missed the NYY comeback, which looked pretty cool, though I'm not inclined to rewatch the entire broadcast. But I do love that about baseball, the dramatic comeback, even when it's the Yankees.

Speaking of rewatching broadcasts, I was watching Haren's start, and saw Scott Erickson come out of the bullpen for the Yanks. Creeeeepy. And the Yankees announcers were wistfully remarking how strange it was to see the number 46 on a right hander, and I ALMOST felt bad for them, but then they should know that feeling, because it weirded me out when Towers wore 35, and it still weirds me out every time Cabrera rolls out in number 35, so yeah, guys, that's how the rest of us feel when you seduce away our franchise faces.

Also, they went on this little tangent where they started counting how many guys on the field in that inning had been on People's 50 Most Beautiful list, and carrying on about the Yankees being the best looking team in baseball, at which point - with apologies to the Oakland hitters - I had to skip ahead to the next inning.

+ In other news, since I'm all caught up on The Office-US, I decided to download the last 10 eps of Supernatural. I think I might also finally crack the seal on season one of Veronica Mars. Whoo new fandom.

I've read like 10 pages of Three Nights in August in the past week :P At this rate, I'll be finishing it up in August.
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( May. 5th, 2006 08:43 am)
You know, all you people who write the Astros really need to produce more Brad Lidge fic. I am loathed to tell writers what they should be doing with their time (NO REALLY), but come on, people. That man. Has Issues. TELL ME ABOUT THEM.

I have to go buy boxes and pack and begin to freak out about how in the hell I will get all this crap back to Maryland BUT, I just had to do this, because the Cards are headed to Florida and if ever a team like the Cardinals needed a prescription for what ails them, it's a three game series against the Marlins. Especially with Joe announcing they will not pitch around Pujols, because how are the kids gonna learn, otherwise? Masochist. But this is not about the future. No, this is about right now. I enjoy this moment for I know it will not come again.

It may have been my imagination, but I think I saw some of them skip off the field yesterday. They are so friggin' adorable.

Okay, and with that, I'm moving on. [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com] linked me to an old article about Ryan Zimmerman a couple of days ago (Calmly Fielding Anything Life Throws at Him), and it was a good read, and the pics of Ryan and his parents completely won me over, so I can't really take TOO much joy in the Nats playing poorly.

Maybe as I pack I can get caught up on Prison Break (1x20) and 24 (two eps, I think). That would be fab. OH, and note to me: DL the last six eps of The Office - US.
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( Apr. 17th, 2006 01:41 pm)
Mostly I just want to comm pimp: [Bad username or site: homicidereruns / @ livejournal.com]!

I'm so excited! And perfectly timed, as I'm done here in a couple weeks. I've been meaning to revisit this show for the longest, and I just haven't gotten around to it. Very much looking forward to this.

And tangentially, is anyone watching Thief? As ever, I meant to, and I just haven't gotten around to it.

I also wish to say, I kind of love Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. Suspiiiiiciouuuus!

baseball odds and ends )
Hee. I am never gonna hear the name of that place without seeing Jeremy fretting in my mind. "If it rains at Indian Wells we're covering the second round." "...what do you mean?" "If it rains at Indian Wells we're covering the second round." "...I don't understand."

+You know, I go months at a time without thinking about Patrice O'Neal. And then I see him guesting on some sitcom or I stumble across one of his specials on an old tape, and I am reminded all over again how much I love him. Caught him hosting some show called Web Junk 20 on VH1. I laughed until I almost cried. He slays me. There's just something about the way he delivers a line. The latest episode featured a clip of two Indian guys singing a song about their ideal woman, called Curry & Rice Girl, to the tune of Stefani's Holla Back Girl. Patrice: "See what America does to you, people? If we ain't bombing you, we're destroying your culture with our shit."

Reminded me to poke around and see who's coming to the Improv in Baltimore this summer. Turns out it closed last fall. No one ran that by me! Sadness ;_; I saw Brian Regan, Jim Gaffigan, and Judah Friedlander there. Fun times. Jim signed a picture of a manatee for me :-P

+ The Cuban players took part in an Habitat For Humanity effort on Sunday. Aww. I missed the rumor that was apparently going around that one of them defected. My brother is rooting for Japan tonight, and I'm rooting for Cuba. Given that, we've decided the likely outcome of the game is that with the teams tied, Petco Park will break off and sink into the ocean, all Atlantis-style, never to be seen again. We're both of us terrible jinxes.

+ 10 songs I've been listening to a lot lately )

Speaking of Fort Minor's Where'd You Go, anyone know who the player wife featured in the video is? I'm not up on my Diamondbacks like that. I find her appearance in the video pretty random, but she seems sweet. She misses little things like holding her husband's hand, y'all! Aww. But not as aww as that kid with the divorced parents. Woobie!

+ [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com]: I went to scan the pic of David and Jose for you and I couldn't find my usb cord. So I'll do that once I've cleaned my room.
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( Feb. 20th, 2006 09:16 pm)
+ So, I don't really like Yadier Molina, especially. But I like the way he photographs. Is that not strange?

Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering? )

[Bad username or site: owllover711 / @ livejournal.com], you were right. Brandon Webb is a bit of a cutie ^_~

+ In the interest of doing everything IN THE WORLD but work on my Note, I created a syndicated feed for the San Francisco Chronicle's Oakland Athletics stuff: [Bad username or site: sfgate_OAK / @ livejournal.com]. Mostly because as darling as the Oakland Athletics are, I have no intention of keeping my ass up nights to watch left coast games.

+ A-Rod has formally accepted Ozzie's apology. There's a story on mlb.com, which I couldn't really bring myself to read, because I saw another story somewhere that Alex is making it known he's "unhappy" with the WBC organizers. I don't even want to know what that is about. He just can't help himself.

+ Did Ryan Church ever apologize for the asinine comments he made about Jews last year? I was thinking of him today, for some reason.

+ Panic! At The Disco sound exactly like Fall Out Boy to me. Exactly. Which pleases me, because ever since I found out the lead singer of Fall Out Boy was feuding (or trying to feud) with Brandon Flowers, I can't really listen to Fall Out Boy anymore. I move to the next track on my mixed cds, I switch the station on my radio. I don't even know what they were/are feuding about. I realize my picking sides, after a fashion, is entirely silly, but that's the way my brain works.

+ I haven't seen 24 in three weeks, and I'm beginning to hate everyone on BSG who is not a Cylon or Edward James Olmos. I am both excited for, and really wary of, the upcoming Sharon-centric ep.

+ I kind of want to just pop in The Station Agent and hit the sack.
Saw Final Destination 3 last night with my friend Ambrose. Fun times. non-spoilery, general reaction )

At any rate, I don't own any of the Final Destination films, but I imagine a trilogy ("thrillogy"?) set will be released when this one hits stores, so if that's reasonably priced, I may pick that up.

All the trailers were lame (Running Scared, Stay Alive, Take The Lead, The Hills Have Eyes - oh Emilie. What the fuck?) except MI: III but I'd seen that one before.

While I was waiting for Ambrose, a bunch of people got tickets for Curious George. Um, I kinda want to see that. Don't tell anyone.

Sox fans, any thoughts on this Game Six movie? **laughs** Movies about how cursed the Sox are? So two years ago :-P But you know I'm there, right? This looks like sort of a For Love of the Game deal where the movie's not so much about baseball as other stuff, but I actually liked For Love of the Game and I'll probably enjoy this, too.

Talked to my dad yesterday. Says they're expecting six to twelve inches of snow in Maryland later today. Don't look now, but that same storm system is supposed to drop at least an inch on us! I haven't seen fresh snow in ages. (Good luck to those of you in New England - this is supposed to be a bitch of a late winter storm, I hear.)

I also ran into this guy I used to work with at the NLRB. That was great. I kept meaning to send the office a card or something, and I never did, because I suck like that. But it was nice to see him, and he filled me in on recent developments in the office and how he hates like, everyone. **laughs** Fun times.

running list of stuff I need to catch up on At Some Point )

I was thinking the other day: I really miss Deadwood. And Tv.com has a splash page advertising that Justice League: Unlimited is back - with an episode about Flash ^_^ That warms my fangirly heart. I'm glad they know what brings all the boys to the yard :-P
+ I feel ghastly. Which is a step up from like death on a triscuit. My stomach's been all over the place since the chili I had for lunch earlier today. The place across the street from the office came recommended by the people I work with, but yeah, no thanks. I should have considered myself forewarned when I saw that there was corn in it. I hate when places don't expressly identify their chili as vegetarian chili on the signage. Because they throw all kinds of randomness in there when it's just supposed to be, you know, CHILI.

Anyway, to TMI you, I had a little involuntary purge action earlier, which was not fun for me, because I don't really like things triggering my gag reflex1. Needless to say, I didn't go home. Came back to my dorm and died a little death.

+ From the 'Other Reasons To Hate Richmond' Files: according to the Dunkin Donuts website, there isn't a single DD franchise in the metropolitan area of Richmond. Not. A. Single. One. Also, one of the state delegates apparently 'accidentally fired' a gun in his office while he was trying to unload it the other day. Yeeeeeeeeup. 'Accidentally fired' it right into a kevlar vest that was hanging in his office, or something. At least, that was the watercooler talk at work. Dumbass.

Good thing About Richmond: a nice woman did give me change for a dollar today when I couldn't get my bill to fit into the stupid honorbox payment slot in the parking lot. Yay for nice people with change.

+ MOVING ON. [Bad username or site: kmousie / @ livejournal.com]: [Bad username or site: starfishchick / @ livejournal.com] links to some stuff on Aaron's new show (here).

+ Happy belated, Lewis Carroll! )

Oh, and I suppose I'll consider Beck's hooker!AU something of a dark RHD tribute, since I haven't read it yet.

+ I may, may, have a swap in the works for a full bottle of Egg Nog. Which would be completely awesome, as Egg Nog is one of those rare bpals I still adore months and months and months later. The swap would be for one of my backup bottles of Dia De Los Muertos '04, which is fine by me ^_^ **knocks on wood**

+ Note to me: shows I need to catch up on. Including Smallville apparently, because WTF. )

+ I miss Prison Break :( Does anyone know if we've been given the date in March that it's supposed to return?

+ **not-so-patiently waits on [Bad username or site: panicqueen / @ livejournal.com] to update her WIP**

1. "There goes your social life." - Dionne.
2. She'd gotten her wisdom teeth out a few days earlier and was on painkillers. And I still made her tell me a story ^_~


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