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( Oct. 4th, 2006 06:37 am)
So I get the sense that the people who are head over heels for Studio 60 are mostly people who didn't do Sorkin shows before. And those who have been around and done the Sports Night/TWW dance with Aaron are more generally like **shrug** "It's alright" about it. Yes? No?

I'm glad for the playoffs putting Fox shows on mini-hiatus since I'm already behind on Prison Break by four eps >.> Hopefully I can marathon over our Fall Break in a couple weeks.

On ze topic of playoffs: Game 1 between the A's and Twins was pretty awesome. Except for the part where I was like please don't bring in street please don't bring in street please don't bring in street and then they brought in Street. But all's well that ends well. Got to watch half of the Oakland game (and man, Oakland fans, I apologize on behalf of my entire coast. It's patently ridiculous that the A's got saddled with consecutive 1pm EST start times), and then "watched" the rest of it on Gamecast while in Employee Benefits. Seriously don't know where I'd be without wireless in our classrooms. (Well, I'd probably be in a place where I have a better GPA. But let's not dwell). Game 1 between the Yanks and Tigers? Not so awesome. Had the game on but I barely watched. Tonight's matchup is more my speed - Verlander v. Mussina. Should be fun times.

Zito's blogging like they just discovered the technology, which amuses me. Jokes aside, I thought it was pretty cool of him to get a post-game entry up so quickly (likewise Nate Robertson, wow). Clearly enjoys listening to himself talk, as it were, but he quotes For Love of the Game which is one of the most underrated baseball flicks ever (YES, DEREK. IT'S A BASEBALL MOVIE. SHUT UP) so, bonus points. Not enough to make up for certain things, but one step at a time. Also, two posts in a row without a single mention of Dan Haren. Aww. Sorry, D. Guess that mancrush only operates one way :(

And I really need to MOVE ON, but you know, I can't, because of stuff like:

[W]hen the ax finally fell on Marlins manager Joe Girardi, his players were disappointed, if not stunned, calling each other on their cellphones to commiserate. ...Girardi helped players with their personal problems, guiding them as a father - or at least a cool older brother.

"He was everything - a manager, a friend, a teacher," Johnson said.
- Marlins players feel they have lost a friend.

Yeah, I cannot express to you how irritated I am that the Marlins organization couldn't fucking WAIT to introduce Gonzalez. Like. I really want to not hate the guy just because he's replacing Joe, but they're not making it easy. Could they have been any more fucking insensitive about that shit? Would it have killed them to wait one day? To have so obviously had his replacement waiting in the wings, the decision made long ago...I just....So. Much. Hate.

eta: A's postgame conference.

I failed to mention the Cardinals in this post, so I'd like to acknowledge that the Cardinals - ugly/practically already eliminated stepchild that they supposedly are - also won Game 1. Gotta figure though that Game 1 was the game they were supposed to win - sorta like everyone was saying with Minnesota. But you gotta love how the Cards win one game and suddenly all the talking heads are taking back everything they said about St.Louis on Sunday.

Does anyone feel bad for the Mets? Even a little? I confess; if John Maine gets the emergency start I want him to do well, but that's pretty much the extent of it. Sucks to be them.
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( May. 9th, 2006 09:33 am)
+ Off to PA in a little while ^_^ Spending tonight at my brother's place and then gonna be in Philly for the Mets/Phillies game tomorrow with [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com]. Should we chance upon the pride of Chesapeake Virginia, I will endeavor to keep her from explaining to him how she's a better David Wright than he is ^_~ And after reading this, I'm excited to just check out the ballpark, almost as much as anything else.

+ When did Mapquest get rid of the "reverse these directions" feature?

+ I got a windfall of bpal in the mail yesterday! I've been mostly swapping my extra impage, but I was bad and did buy two bottles (Enraged Bunny Musk and Obatala). New to me: Swank, Eutrepe, Dance of Death, La Fee Verte, Ozymandias, Fruminous Bandersnatch, Black Phoenix, Black Opal, Rosalind, Shroud, Ophelia, Wings of Azrael, Chango, Yemaya, The City in the Sea, Peony Moon, Oberon, Sheol, and Dance of Death. So far I've only tried two - EBM1 is very true to its description, a powdery light summer scent and I'm guessing that floral note is the clover. Some of the forum reviews mention a lemony sweetness, but I didn't pick up any lemon note in this at all. I like it, but I'm thinking of layering it with Santo Domingo or Dublin, to see if I can give it a little bite. The other oil I tried was Fruminous Bandersnatch2 and Holy Hannah, this made me sneeze like crazy. I don't normally tend to allergies at all, but this time of the year in particular, something about Williamsburg drives my system nuts. I think my nose must still have been a little sensitive to that, because I put a dab of this on my wrist, raised it to sniff and just started sneezing for about 3 minutes. Heh.

+ I need to have breakfast...and watch Prison Break again. I was watching it last night and my mom decided the moment things were getting dicey was the perfect time to approach me about buying some facial cream online for my cousin, since her husband was unwilling to let her charge something on the credit card over the internet. What the hell. My show is on, ma! And then I came back and my dad was all "So and so didn't make it and so and so almost didn't make it but then such and such happened" and I'm like...what? you don't even watch the show, for one. And for two, I WAS TAPING IT DAD, STOP SPOILING ME.

Parents. How embarrassing.

beisbol )

1. Extracted directly from the twitching nether-regions of the wild Eastertime bunny rabbit: a snarling, slavering, buck-toothed, fluffy, floppy-eared, horny-as-hell Springtime beast. Soft cotton blossom, white musk, baby's breath, clover and pale powder notes.
2. "Beware the Jabberwock, my son! / The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! / Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun / The frumious Bandersnatch!" Bandersnatch musk, redolent of spicy carnations, wild plums and chrysanthemum.
I was in a bit of a mood earlier, and the Marlins were losing (guess who wasn't in the starting line-up? ;_;), and the A's were losing, but the Disney Channel saved me. I looooooooooove A Goofy Movie. I don't care who knows it. That movie makes me happy in my soul.

Andrea, G: thank you for the postcards ^_^

C_B: thanks for the bonus schedules!

++ Carlos Delgado chuckled at any suggestion the Marlins approached the Mets about sending Dontrelle Willis to Flushing for David Wright. "D-Wright!" the ex-Marlin called out to Wright in the clubhouse, after seeing ESPN mention a trade rumor that has no chance of happening. "I'm selling my place in Miami!"

Prison Break - 1x19 - The Key )

Deadwood is scheduled to return to the HBO lineup on June 11. Birthday present to me!

I'm tempted to hang around and watch the Astros game until someone wins this thing, but I think last time I did that, they played for approximately A MILLION YEARS.
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( Apr. 5th, 2006 08:59 am)
+ Went grocery shopping this morning. Spent $55. Every time I go shopping, I seem to spend between $50 and $60. Like, without even trying. It's kinda weird.

+ Belatedly, I had to say that I adored the stuff we got in the flashbacks on Prison Break Monday. Going into the ep, my feelings were basically, "whatever, I don't care about Mike and Linc, tell me about the rest of the guys!" but it turned out my favorite reveals came in the Michael and Linc flashbacks. The premise of the whole show works much better for me now; retroactively, I see their relationship in a whole new light. I rather care about Linc now, for his own sake. Before, I'd only really cared about him because I knew how important saving him was to Michael. **thumbs up**

Also, it's never a good sign when Jack Bauer is freely admitting he's scared, people. <3 Aaron, yet I cannot stop anticipating the moment he kicks the bucket. Hopefully I will be wrong about him, as I continue to be wrong about Curtis, who is, seriously, the luckiest brother on television.

+ Jacobs said his nose was not broken, just "a little swollen. It'll mess up my social life a little bit." -- O rly, Michael James Jacobs? I'm sure your fiancee will be thrilled to hear it >.>

+ baseball stuff )

ETA: Since MLB.com doesn't see fit to give me clips, I moozied on over to the YES multimedia page, because sometimes post-loss interviews amuse me. I love the way it's not "Street" with A-Rod, it's "Huston." Because he and Huston are boys, apparently. Hee. Also, this just in "Rich Harden has real good stuff." Moose is typically Moose-ian, except he kinda rips himself instead of making thinly veiled jabs at his offense. He's growing as a person. Aww. Looking dead tired, as ever. Kiss, pookie.
Prison Break returns to your Monday night schedules this fine evening. Just felt like I should mention it, since it's been MONTHS.

I have no idea where the show is going. Well, that's not true. I have some idea. Thanks, Tv Guide. But I have no idea who's gonna make it. Just hours from the execution and I have no earthly idea how Michael's gonna pull this off.

I missed the hell out of this show.
I was planning on taking an LJ break this week, but glancing over my f-list really quickly this morning, I rather felt compelled to raise my hand and say that, for my part, my heart swelled to hear Crash had won.

Having come out a while ago, I didn't think its chances were all that good, so I had my fingers crossed for Munich to upset BBM - which, for the record, while y'all know I didn't care for it, I didn't think it completely sucked or was entirely worthless. Just not anywhere near the best movie I'd seen all year, let alone the best movie among the films nominated (and I never even saw Capote and GN&GL). Crash wasn't a perfect movie, but emotionally, I found it a lot more...ambitious? effective? I'm pretty sure I ran the gamut of emotions watching it, and I walked out of it not sure what I felt or thought, not just about the movie itself, but about who I was as a person. Which, actually, now that I think about it, is also how I felt walking out of Munich. So I guess I have a soft spot for films that try to push me, as opposed to simply play out in front of me. I was probably more engaged during single scenes of Munich or Crash than I was during the entirety of Brokeback Mountain.

If I had a larger f-list, I'd be interested to do a poll and see the breakdown on reaction to the best picture win ([Bad username or site: _____faith / @ livejournal.com] jokingly suggested in [Bad username or site: lisabird / @ livejournal.com]'s journal that love of Crash was "an ethnic thing"), but I don't, so I guess there's not much point. It did win its share of awards in the past year (though by and large, it had been the cast that was recognized, I think), so I'm guessing while it seems a certain way in this corner of LJ, it's hardly the case. Anyway, I'll just be glad a movie I was truly excited about won.

other quick reactions )

Moving on: all new Prison Break in just two weeks! I'm excited. Let's hope I get to watch it. I have absolutely no idea how Michael's gonna get them out, and I love that. Oh, and tonight, a special X-3 preview during 24 I hear.

Smallville fans: the third season is priced at $25 at BJ's Wholesale Club. Which kind of pisses me off since I paid $45 for my set. but I very much thought Shattered, Asylum, and Memoria were worth it at the time, so no use crying over spilt milk, I guess. I also saw the first season of Teen Titans for $14.

Supernatural fans: [Bad username or site: wickedgoddess_ / @ livejournal.com] posts about the SPN panel at the Paley Festival here, and links to some good indepth reports from others here.

Mets and Indians on ESPN at 1pm EST today ^_^ Watched most of the PR/Mets game yesterday; good times. Oh, and speaking of - I had no idea Pedro had gotten married! That's...weird. I don't know why, but it is. It was a decent game, but the Mets were depleted so it was only so much fun to watch. I kept watching the DR/Astros score, though - looks like that one was a lot of fun. Wish it had been on ESPNAlternate, or something.
+ I feel ghastly. Which is a step up from like death on a triscuit. My stomach's been all over the place since the chili I had for lunch earlier today. The place across the street from the office came recommended by the people I work with, but yeah, no thanks. I should have considered myself forewarned when I saw that there was corn in it. I hate when places don't expressly identify their chili as vegetarian chili on the signage. Because they throw all kinds of randomness in there when it's just supposed to be, you know, CHILI.

Anyway, to TMI you, I had a little involuntary purge action earlier, which was not fun for me, because I don't really like things triggering my gag reflex1. Needless to say, I didn't go home. Came back to my dorm and died a little death.

+ From the 'Other Reasons To Hate Richmond' Files: according to the Dunkin Donuts website, there isn't a single DD franchise in the metropolitan area of Richmond. Not. A. Single. One. Also, one of the state delegates apparently 'accidentally fired' a gun in his office while he was trying to unload it the other day. Yeeeeeeeeup. 'Accidentally fired' it right into a kevlar vest that was hanging in his office, or something. At least, that was the watercooler talk at work. Dumbass.

Good thing About Richmond: a nice woman did give me change for a dollar today when I couldn't get my bill to fit into the stupid honorbox payment slot in the parking lot. Yay for nice people with change.

+ MOVING ON. [Bad username or site: kmousie / @ livejournal.com]: [Bad username or site: starfishchick / @ livejournal.com] links to some stuff on Aaron's new show (here).

+ Happy belated, Lewis Carroll! )

Oh, and I suppose I'll consider Beck's hooker!AU something of a dark RHD tribute, since I haven't read it yet.

+ I may, may, have a swap in the works for a full bottle of Egg Nog. Which would be completely awesome, as Egg Nog is one of those rare bpals I still adore months and months and months later. The swap would be for one of my backup bottles of Dia De Los Muertos '04, which is fine by me ^_^ **knocks on wood**

+ Note to me: shows I need to catch up on. Including Smallville apparently, because WTF. )

+ I miss Prison Break :( Does anyone know if we've been given the date in March that it's supposed to return?

+ **not-so-patiently waits on [Bad username or site: panicqueen / @ livejournal.com] to update her WIP**

1. "There goes your social life." - Dionne.
2. She'd gotten her wisdom teeth out a few days earlier and was on painkillers. And I still made her tell me a story ^_~
the more spoilery stuff from the TV Guide article - includes general spoilerage of the show's plot direction )

I was surprised the article didn't get into the Sarah/Michael dynamic AT ALL and where that might end up, but hey. I suppose they have to keep some stuff to themselves.

ETA: I continue to be REALLY pissed off that Deadwood has been pushed back to June. Just so y'all know.
[Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com] informed me she wouldn't be online much today, and I was like well, bright side: I'll get some work done.

Only, yeah. Not so much.

Tell you what though, there was a November issue of TV Guide in the mailroom, and I'm just now getting caught up on shit everyone else knew about my shows months ago. This is what happens when I become a part-time fan.

Stuff that caught my eye from the article on 'Prison Break' - vague speculation, nothing uberspoilery )

There's some more interesting stuff in the article but it's pretty spoilery, I think. I'm posting it separately in case there are those who would rather not know.

There was also a short thing on Supernatural.

Stuff from the short fluff piece on the brothers Winchester )
This is a few weeks old but...the reason for the March/May Monday/Tuesday confusion as to Prison Break's return date and time, from Entertainment Weekly:

Fox's Big 'Break' causes a scheduling conflict )

So Fox has decided to bring the show back in March, ixnaying both a straight run and a wait until May. Which means a time change when it returns. I can't see Fox shuffling House to Mondays for January and February and then moving it AGAIN in March, which means...I still have no clue when PB will be on. The schedule looks pretty full, especially with American Idol on twice a fucking week >.> This all hurts my head. Ugh.

Well, small favors: I'm not watching anything else religiously, so the only thing it will ever conflict with is baseball really.

In other news, still not getting some comments emailed to me. This vexes me.
A few quick (spoilery!) thoughts on End of the Tunnel, which is a funny name for an ep that falls right in the middle of your season, no?

Prison Break - 1x13 - End of the Tunnel )

March sounds a mite bit better than May...but both of them are FAR OFF AS FUCK.

So Prison Break will run into baseball season, but how fortuitous that it falls on a Monday when my boys are usually off or traveling ^_~
Had quite possibly the most unproductive break ever, aside from the fact that I think I have two shiny new fandoms to tide me over until baseball (btw, yes, Toronto IS on crack) and Deadwood return. Namely, Supernatural and Prison Break.

Supernatural - general reaction, vague spoilage for up to 1x09, spoiler for 1x10 )


Prison Break - lots of fangirling, spoilers for 1x07 and 1x08, minor spoilage for the rest of the series up to those eps )

The more I watch of Prison Break, the more I want to see a Pitch Black prequel that features Vin Diesel's Riddick and a Wentworth Miller III character who's essentially a pre-Jack/Keira mini-Riddick, on the run together, dodging Johns and the law. Because that would be totally, totally badass. I mean, except for the part where Riddick was a total loner and it would be inconsisent with what we knew of him before the first film. But those are just details ^_~ Really, someone, anyone, needs to see their way to casting some action project that features both Vin Diesel and Wentworth Miller doing that scowly, intense growl thing they do so well. Because that would be hotness. Because they are hotness. Miscegenation, yay!

Speaking of, has anyone seen a picture of WM3's parents? I know, I'm completely classless, but I'm just so intrigued. His father either has to have the weakest dominant genes known to man, or Wentworth Miller II is also mixed. And inquiring minds want to know! Okay, fine, I want to know.

[livejournal.com profile] scornedsaint, if you have any Prison Break fic recs, I'd love to hear them. I think in this fandom, I'd be more inclined towards short pieces rather than long, gen more so than het (and I have pretty much no interest in slash in this fandom), and stuff set during or near the timeline of the show, and not so much backstory stuff. So if you can think of anything that would be cool ^_~

Also, a gold star to the person who tells me why the other inmates call Michael "Fish". I'm usually okay at puzzling out slang, I mean it's not rocket science, or Cockney or anything, but I can't quite figure it. I mean, assuming the reason isn't anything so simple as the fact that he's been freshly "netted", the catch of the day, as it were? Anyway, I refuse to google that shit.

Oh, and speaking of the talk, spent quite a while with my brother on the road, which means he controlled the radio, which means...I have a question.

[Poll #620898]

I suppose I should get ready to hit the road. **yawns** I totally managed to not see RENT this weekend. I'm such a bad fan.
1. This image of Zito like, amuses the hell out of me. I think it's the expression on his face.

2. It rained all day today and I got wet, and now I have this low, throbbing headache. And I haven't changed my clothes so I'm still wet. And for some reason, TPTB decided they'd given us heat too early, and put the AC back on. Wtf.

3. I hear tell Moose slash has been written. I'm being SO good. **taps fingers on desk top** Is it November yet?

4. I got to try the pumpkin patch with sandalwood and orris and omg, wow. Yumtastic. Quite eager for that order to arrive now ^_^ Also, Antique Lace is back, and I don't know how I feel about that. I mean, I guess I'm excited to try it, since a lot of people said Buck Moon reminded them of it, and I love Buck Moon. But I had gotten used to the idea of Antique Lace as that one unattainable bpal oil, you know? It had reached, like, mythic proportions. What if I try it now and I think it sucks?

5. I just realized the guy in the video for We Belong Together and the guy from Prison Break (as seen in the commercials that have been running every 4 minutes during the baseball playoffs)? Same dude. Now I know why he looked so damn familiar. That was bugging the everloving shit out of me.

6. There's no baseball on tv tonight. I am sorely tempted to pull my 2003 ALDS tapes out of my closet and watch the Zito/Martinez game now that, you know, the Oakland A's have become something other than That Team Whose Job It Is To Lose To Boston Or New York In The ALDS. I'm all nostalgic and shit for the early '00 A's. If I'd ended up in Palo Alto for undergrad, they could have been my team. How weird is that? I'd be all into the A's/Angels and I'd probably be one of those people who rolls their eyes when the media get going about Red Sox/Yankees, instead of a loser who plots out the pitching matchups and tapes all of the games and knows all the time cues on every time Jeter's been HBP at Fenway :-P It'd be so weird. I'd know stuff about like, Eric Chavez instead. I'd probably be able to name guys in the A's bullpen, even. Like pre-Huston Street. Weird.

[Poll #597504]


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