Reviewing for Sales, and I have the second season of 24 on in the background, just as white noise for the most part (there's a marathon on WGN).

You know in the 8AM hour, where Jack's avoiding CTU's calls but finally picks up when they have Palmer's office contact him? Dennis Haysbert and Kiefer Sutherland are really quite good there. I mean, they're always good but I just love the dynamic between their characters. Both Jack and David are proud men and I'm just such a huge fan of the way they relate to each other in the language of strong/proud men. No wasted words, everything meaning exactly what it seems to. When Jack, despite himself, agrees to go into CTU, I am never quite sure how much of it is patriotic duty and how much of it is his personal respect for David Palmer. I suspect it's more of the latter than the former and I just love that, because not too many people have an influence on Jack at all.

Last season, I remember being a little taken aback by the fact that Jack cried when the news broke that President Palmer had been assassinated. I thought it was absolutely the right call by the writers (or was it Kiefer's call, I wonder?) but that it felt right didn't take away from how stunning it was to see Jack moved to tears by the death of someone who wasn't family. It suggested such an unconsidered depth of feeling.

Um, basically the whole point of this post is that I love the relationship between those two. It's not quite G'Kar-Mollari, Pembleton-Bayliss, or Jed-Leo, but for something developed over the course of a handful of scenes together, most of those in the form of split screen phone conversations, I'll always be impressed. Do they ever even see each other again face-to-face after the first season? I try to compare it to something like the Tony-Jack dynamic and even after everything they've been through together, I somehow feel like Tony-Jack doesn't come anywhere close to the richness of Palmer-Bauer. And I love that I can still get excited and into gen relationships, because [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @] says I slash things indiscriminately ^_~

(Also, I forgot how irritating it is when people don't listen to Jack. You call him in, you cry about how much you need his help, and then you jump in his face and ask him if he's losing it when he starts doing what you brought him in to do? Ugh. But the way the writers ended up turning me around on Mason by the end of the next hour is pretty amazing.)
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( May. 8th, 2006 10:00 pm)

YES! But also NO!

24 writers, I hate-love you.
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( Apr. 23rd, 2006 08:26 pm)
JJ Abrams to direct next Trek film. So I just heard about this, a billion years later.

If they do decide to go with that plot, the casting process is gonna be a three ring circus. Though I'll be over here geeking out at the thought of seeing the young James T. Kirk beat the Kobayashi Maru.

and a question for those watching 24 - SPOILERS FOR THE LAST TWO EPS )
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( Apr. 5th, 2006 08:59 am)
+ Went grocery shopping this morning. Spent $55. Every time I go shopping, I seem to spend between $50 and $60. Like, without even trying. It's kinda weird.

+ Belatedly, I had to say that I adored the stuff we got in the flashbacks on Prison Break Monday. Going into the ep, my feelings were basically, "whatever, I don't care about Mike and Linc, tell me about the rest of the guys!" but it turned out my favorite reveals came in the Michael and Linc flashbacks. The premise of the whole show works much better for me now; retroactively, I see their relationship in a whole new light. I rather care about Linc now, for his own sake. Before, I'd only really cared about him because I knew how important saving him was to Michael. **thumbs up**

Also, it's never a good sign when Jack Bauer is freely admitting he's scared, people. <3 Aaron, yet I cannot stop anticipating the moment he kicks the bucket. Hopefully I will be wrong about him, as I continue to be wrong about Curtis, who is, seriously, the luckiest brother on television.

+ Jacobs said his nose was not broken, just "a little swollen. It'll mess up my social life a little bit." -- O rly, Michael James Jacobs? I'm sure your fiancee will be thrilled to hear it >.>

+ baseball stuff )

ETA: Since doesn't see fit to give me clips, I moozied on over to the YES multimedia page, because sometimes post-loss interviews amuse me. I love the way it's not "Street" with A-Rod, it's "Huston." Because he and Huston are boys, apparently. Hee. Also, this just in "Rich Harden has real good stuff." Moose is typically Moose-ian, except he kinda rips himself instead of making thinly veiled jabs at his offense. He's growing as a person. Aww. Looking dead tired, as ever. Kiss, pookie.
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( Mar. 7th, 2006 09:10 am)
[Poll #686324]

*Okay, right after LJ gives us the ability to edit comments, they need to give us the ability to edit polls, because I missed a couple words in the options to that last question. Feel free to stick *and & *be where appropriate.

So Kirby Puckett died. Which is sad to me as he was only 45. But I don't really know much about him and I never saw him play (I moved here in the summer of '94 and didn't really start following baseball half-seriously until a couple years later). People seem to be taking it hard though, and that's sad too.

Apparently Richard Hidalgo hasn't shown up to camp. What the hell is wrong with professional major league ballplayers all at once? Someone needs to get to regulating. It's your damn job, people. Wtf.


There's a new video up from Death Cab's Directions dvd! (Someday You Will Be Loved). I lost my audio about 30 seconds in. Just me?


Last night's 24 )


New X-3 Trailer! **image heavy** )

GOF is out on dvd today. I hope the extras are better than they have been on these HP sets. Who do I have to kill for a frakking commentary track? A decent gag reel? Geez louise.

...okay, I have to go run a crapload of errands before 1pm. Wish me luck :-P
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( Mar. 6th, 2006 08:29 pm)
Kiefer keeps whispering my name in this hot and intense manner.

Best. episode. of 24. EVER.
+ On forgetting oneself: before the Rusesabagina talk yesterday, I got up to use the ladies room. There were a couple friends between me and the aisle.

Me: "**is annoying** I'm sorry."

Yeah, I actually said **is annoying** out loud. Because I have problems.

+ Those of you with an interest in traveling journals as a creative outlet - One of the BPAL gals has almost 20 traveling theme journals in circulation right now. I don't plan to participate, I don't think...though I have taken a second and third look at a couple of them. Anyhoo, just a general heads up.

+ Bonds has pulled an A-Rod and now says he won't be playing in the WBC.

+ emailed me this morning, to just let me know that with the promotion code WINTER, I can take an additional 15% off of already clearanced merchandise available in the MLB Outlet. So, you know, if I was feeling inclined to actually do something about the Zito and Chavvy jersey dresses things that have been sitting in my shopping cart for the past two weeks, now would be the time., do you understand what broke means? Leave me alone. I'm not gonna buy something I wouldn't be caught dead wearing just because it's been marked down from $55 to $8.50. Also. I'm broke. Thanks.

**peruses site**

**adds NLCS 2004 program to shopping cart**

**adds 2005 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' Detriot ASG tee to shopping cart**

I forgot to set 24 to record last night, and the torrents are craaawling. What is going on?
Typed reaction as I was watching. Because I don't do coherent, not really. And who does when it comes to this show?

24 - Day 5 - 9:00AM to 11:00AM )

Ah, and my downloads of Boondocks and The L Word are finally done. I guess they'll have to keep. [Bad username or site: cruzalicious / @], last night left you speechless? Is that a bad thing or a good thing? :-P


Wow, the actress who plays Sun on Lost? Looks absolutely gorgeous at the GGs. Awww. And yay, Felicity.
24 - Day 5 - 7:00AM to 9:00AM )

**coughs** Um, sorry about earlier. Obviously, the sun does not rise and fall on me getting my seasonal dose of Kiefer Sutherland :-P

Dear Panthers & Bears,

It is 7:57. 24 is supposed to start in 3 minutes. Please hurry up and one of you win so that you may go on to lose to Seattle next week. Or something. I don't know and I don't care, just please get off my television and stop fucking with the return of Jack Bauer.




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( Jan. 9th, 2006 08:49 pm)
The L Word - 3x01 - Labia Majora )


Also, talk about your delayed reactions: I was futzing with a new wallpaper between classes today (tada! I'm easily amused. What can I say.) and I JUST GOT hmm. this might prove to be a problem, considering all the bending zito does on a daily basis.

Hahahaha. I'm a little slow special that way.

I realized earlier that I hadn't watched the prequel for the new season of 24 yet. It just finished downloading, so I think I might do that Friday or so, get myself psyched up for Sunday. Or more psyched up, rather. With all the new promo spots Fox has put out, I reached 'psyched' about two weeks ago :-P


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