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( Mar. 26th, 2009 10:55 am)
First off - Bri swears it wasn't her, so many thanks to the kind soul who gifted me additional paid time. I originally had gifted paid time through March (which I feel like I've wasted by only posting twice, but posting aside, it gave me the chance to futz with some potential new layouts), so whoever you are, I hope you like baseball, cause I now have paid time through the first two months of the baseball season ;) While I'm not yet feeling bitten by the MLB bug, odds are you'll be drowning in pointless polls and constant updates by next month ;)

Music: I've been really digging Our December by Thriving Ivory, a free Amazon mp3 I downloaded last fall and have just given a listen. I like the song so much I went and bought their major label debut which is currently at the top of Billboard's Heatseekers chart and only $7.99 at Best Buy. Of course, Our December isn't on their major label debut, and I don't like any song on there near as much. Let this be a lesson to you, kids. Never pay for music until you've scouted it out for free, first. I'm sure the cd will grow on me, with time. I like the band's sound, it's just that lyrics-wise, the major label debut is kinda boring.

And on the topic of new music - you can stream new Death Cab tracks over at Stereogum. I don't like Little Bribes or A Diamond and A Tether much...My Mirror Speaks and Once I Was A Loyal Lover are fun times, though!

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(If you caught the pre-edit version of my last post, my car repairs may be entirely covered by warranty. I won't believe it until I have my car keys in my hands and am driving off, but I will allow myself a little hope.)

Barry Zito has 15 losses, with...what, seven starts left? eight? Oh, Barry. I admit to being interested in seeing what the Giants do. If he loses two of his next four, is it phantom injury time?

Also! Timmy Lincecum. Ran the bases quite impressively on Tuesday, scoring a run (sliding into home no less), and then came out like 4 minutes later and struck out the side. And although he gave me a bit of a fright, the recent reports are that he is not a cripple. Despite Brad Ausmus' best efforts >:[

Huston pitched a scoreless ninth yesterday. In a losing effort. FOR SOME REASON, I felt bad when I saw him and Ziggy warming up side by side in the 8th, knowing Huston would only get the call if the A's didn't score. So yeah, I'm pretty much gonna have to root for Huston to get his job back when we see the A's in Oakland and Baltimore. Damn it.

Other Things I Feel Like Sharing:
-- Neal Cotts & Rich Harden were both with the Vancouver Canadians in 2001. Rich was 19 and Cotts was 21. Cotts was among the group that took Harden to dinner his first night in Chicago.
-- Rich Harden and Ted Lilly were both with the Oakland Athletics in 2003.
-- Mark DeRosa (Rangers) and Rich Harden (Athletics) played in the same division in 2005 and 2006.
-- Derrek Lee and Rich Harden...now breathe the same air every day.

If anyone wants to run with anything, please don't let me stop you ;)
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( Sep. 18th, 2004 07:21 am)

Dude, my cd player just died a violent death.

Most non-triumphant.



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