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( Apr. 30th, 2009 05:54 pm)
~ Tea drinkers on my f-list, aidez moi! Anyone have a tried and true technique for removing tea stains from the inside of white mugs? Ours have gotten kinda grimy-looking :(

~ If you'd like a dreamwidth invite code from me (tonight, or, more likely, tomorrow morning) and you don't have a username@livejournal.com address, please let me know the email addy you'd like me to use on the invite.

~ Poetry Month's almost done, and I've hardly posted a thing. That's embarrassing. Here's a poem I've only discovered in the last couple of months; it already ranks among my favorites.

give back your heart to itself )
Rocket Pictures hopes to make the first Jane Austen adaptation to which men will drag their girlfriends. Will Clark is set to direct "Pride and Predator," which veers from the traditional period costume drama when an alien crash lands and begins to butcher the mannered protags, who suddenly have more than marriage and inheritance to worry about. - Source.

You know what's really funny about my having posted 3 times today? The fact that I sternly told myself this morning that I was not to log onto LJ during work today.

Quote of the Moment
[livejournal.com profile] johnnybvo: do you care about the A-rod stuff at all?
I watched about 10 mins of the pc, and he is so awkward
it's like he was created in a lab
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( Dec. 14th, 2006 09:58 pm)
(I had to blow the dust off trusty old Semagic. Because. Just. LJ needs to not debut modifications during exams period, maybe. Or during the holiday season when people are already like suicidal and nerves are on edge and shit. Debut stuff on January 1st! And people will be all hey, cool stuff for the new year. Or something. But I'm no marketing major.)

But moving on! Aimee Mann was on Conan last night! [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com] isn't familiar with her stuff, so I uploaded just a few of my favorites as a sampler: (24mb, zip). Five songs: Video (KCRW performance), That's How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart, Little Bombs, That's Just What You Are, The Scientist (live Coldplay cover). Yes, The Forgotten Arm is my favorite Aimee album :P And I feel like I should say Wise Up is not included in that five favorites only because I've already sent it to her in cd form.

Seeing Aimee reminded me she had that Christmas cd out, so I checked to see if she was touring in support of it. And she is! And she's gonna be in Virginia for two shows next week! But tickets are pricey...too steep for a Christmas show. Good for her though; I didn't realize she was big enough to charge real money ^_~

Roch wrote today:
Anyone else find it interesting, and pretty gutsy, that Mark Mulder wants a one-year contract so he can increase his value and hit the free-agent market again next year?

You'd think a guy who's such a health question would welcome a multi-year deal, but he doesn't lack confidence.

lol. Such a health question. Amused, and I can sorta see his point, if I squint, but I don't think it's terribly surprising. I mean, when I was trying to talk Bri off the ledge earlier in the year, we always said well, he'll just have to play on the cheap next year and show he's healthy and do the free agent dance next off-season. It doesn't really make sense for him to take a crap multiyear offer from anyone - did I miss something? Did the Orioles guarantee him 11 million a year for the next 3 years or something? If he's turning down something like that, then maybe, yeah, you say, the guy's got balls. He could be another Pavano for all he knows. Best to take that kind of money and run. But what can teams possibly be offering him, even long term, when they can't know how he'll come back from surgery? It's no different than what Nomar did, or what Big Frank did, just this past year.

Things People Say To Me That Still Crack Me Up Days Later ~
[Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com]: so it would seem that through persistence and dedication, that you've crafted a drama free f-list
to which I say BOOOOOO!
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( Oct. 7th, 2006 04:59 pm)
"And the bat, like the psyche of Alex Rodriguez, lying shattered out there near third."

That's so wrong. Wrong and unnecessary, I say! But hilarious.

And now they're talking about Joey Harrington; they're killing me. "I think Yankee fans see a little Joey Blueskies in Alex Rodriguez."

Trudged through the rain to hear Justice O'Connor speak this afternoon. I didn't mind missing baseball for that - it was a very cool experience. I'm really gonna miss this about school - having such interesting speakers pretty much dropped in my lap. She was here to sit on a panel discussing freedom of religion and the establishment clause. She was remarkably accessible, I thought. She passed on a question about gay marriage, but otherwise she was pretty lively and entertaining. I almost didn't go - it's been pouring rain here for two days - but it was worth it.

My BSG 3.02 download is 86% complete! whooooo.
I was talking to [Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com] about writing, and writer's block...that is to say, she was telling me about her experience, and I was reminded of this terrific quote I read. I thought it nailed it perfectly, painted such a picture of what it's like to be stuck. Since I was typing it up for Alex anyway, I figured I would paste it here as well.

Joseph Conrad on the horror of writer's block )

I never said but I finished Children of Men fairly quickly. I can tell from the movie's trailer that many of the details of the book have been changed. I think that's smart - the book as written would make for a bit of a lame film. It looks like, with the exception of a few particulars, they've just taken their inspiration from the basic premise of the book and worked from there. As such, I'm glad I got to read the book and remain fairly unspoiled for the movie.

Other belated things: I was really, really happy 24 and The Office were recognized as best drama and best comedy! (At the Emmys. Weeks ago. Just go with it.) I was surprisingly miffed that Gregory Itzin did not win for his portrayal of President Logan. I didn't think I really cared, but I was disappointed when his name was not called. God, I hated that bastard. Well done, Greg.

I feel guilty. All this hullabaloo over Mulder's surgery and Liriano missing time reminds me that Marlins class clown Logan Kensing had Tommy John surgery on August 31 and I haven't said a word. Pyro's expected to miss much, if not all of the 2007 season, so I send positive thoughts for an untroubled recovery his way. Of course, I figure if he can survive setting his arm on fire and come back to pitch, TJ surgery won't keep him down.

Alex Rodriguez should send Carl Pavano a bottle of wine. Thanks for getting everyone off my ass, Ace.

No one in Florida knows who the Marlins are, lol. Not really a surprise, given that 6,000 people show up to a game on the regular. And they're right, most of them are not terribly memorable. There's something rather average joe about all of them, except for the fact that some of them are wicked tall. I imagine I would recognize half the roster in street clothes, but that might be wishful on my part.

Gateway says they "forgot" to do the hinge repair and I should send the old laptop back to them. Which I will, because I'm not using it now anyway. My dad knows a guy who might be able to fix the keyboard. And if it all works out, it would be good to have a back-up laptop around, just in cases. But knowing Gateway they're probably likely to take a hammer to the LCD display and send it back to me. I never learn.

One of two things needs to happen today - the Phillies need to LOSE or the Mets need to WIN. Because if neither of those things happens, the Mets keep their magic number at 1, and go home to play the Fish. I would prefer that the Fish in general, and Jake in particular, not have to watch the Mets celebrate. So. Someone get on that. And speaking of the series against the Mets, JJ's going to miss at least one start. I think I can effectively stop smoking the crack that had me hoping JJ was still in the running for the NL Cy. He's dropped from best ERA in the majors to fifth best, and now he's possibly done for the year. Oh, JJ. You're still the number one Mormon in my heart.

Harden's penciled in to start Thursday, which means Zito's last regular season home start will be Friday. (Which feels funny to say. I knew the end of the baseball season was near, but I didn't realize it was THAT near til I was looking at the schedule.) I was sad for Bri; so close, only to be thwarted in her effort to see Rich pitch. Condemned to live her life feeling like a shallow whore. ALAS. But I'm glad for the bump; a mid-day start with no television coverage hardly seemed an appropriate thanks for the memories should the A's collapse in spectacular fashion in the last week. (HEAVEN FORFEND. I'm just saying.) But I worry Z'll be all adrenaline, too pumped to perform well and end up getting rocked again, a la Opening Day. Ah well, hopefully it'll be a gem of a start, and if he doesn't pitch well, I'll cross my fingers for at least one home postseason start. [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com] will be there Friday; funny how things work out. I'm freaking jellus she'll get to do the ZI-TO! chant. I have a thing about chants.

Last night, I was awake for HOURS and there was no Baseball Tonight. In fact, I'm fairly sure I watched a college football wrap up show, followed by...another college football wrap up show. Wtff? Unacceptable. Also, I'm pretty sure there doesn't need to be college football on ESPN and ESPN 2 at the same time. 20 minutes of highlights, that's all I'm asking for. Christ on a riverboat. There needs to be a baseball network, like there's that NFL network, and the golf network. Let's go, People with Money to Burn.
I was flipping stations after the game (poor Miggles! last out, again), and I'm pretty sure I just saw Zach getting beheaded by some masked men. Since when is Mark Paul on Over There?

The Trek homage ep of Futurama is on. I don't really do Futurama but this ep is seriously one of my all-time favorite half-hours of television. The part where the actors are being forced to act out Mellvar's Mary Sueish fanfic slays me. And the Riker head's little "Yes!" when he gets to move up on the shelf? Bwa!

"And so Star Trek was scoured from human memory..."
"My. I've never heard of such a brutal and shocking injustice that I cared so little about."
I forgot there were chocolate donuts in my closet.

(Don't ask questions.)

Chocolate "donettes" and Fresca got me through more late night study sessions @ Brown than I care to remember. Though I do recall senior year, I had been locked up in my room for, like, EVER, and Jo stopped by, unasked, to replenish my donut & Fresca supply. Jo was good people. I should call her or something.

Random pic!spam and then I swear I'm gonna go do get back to work.

Emma, fix your face, sweetcakes )

I seem to have slipped back into JC crush mode )

Okay, seriously. Work now. Bring me my outlines!

Quote of the Moment:
"Now I know how George Washington felt when Napoleon beat him at Pearl Harbor." -- Beast Boy
I'm standing here solidly on my own two hands and going crazy. I'm sleeping. Not watching the ballgame. Totally not watching the ballgame. And in conclusion, cousins not watching the ballgame.

I just realized I never used punctuation in the following exchange. Someone's a bad influence on me, but I'm not pointing fingers.

[Bad username or site: ayrdaomei / @ livejournal.com]: ::sigh::
[Bad username or site: ayrdaomei / @ livejournal.com]: someone used the last of the ice in one of the trays
[Bad username or site: ayrdaomei / @ livejournal.com]: and then left the tray on the counter
[Bad username or site: ayrdaomei / @ livejournal.com]: you cannot BE any lazier
[Bad username or site: choplewey / @ livejournal.com]: DAMN OUR ROOMATES. damn them.
[Bad username or site: ayrdaomei / @ livejournal.com]: if I had my way
[Bad username or site: ayrdaomei / @ livejournal.com]: whomever it was
[Bad username or site: ayrdaomei / @ livejournal.com]: would suffer the torment of tantalus
[Bad username or site: ayrdaomei / @ livejournal.com]: for the rest of their days
[Bad username or site: ayrdaomei / @ livejournal.com]: i find that kind of shit damn near unforgivable
[Bad username or site: choplewey / @ livejournal.com]: wow. that's a little extreme for an ice cube. but i understand.
[Bad username or site: choplewey / @ livejournal.com]: because it is lazy.
[Bad username or site: ayrdaomei / @ livejournal.com]: and how is it you had to google the lyrics to wonderwall
[Bad username or site: ayrdaomei / @ livejournal.com]: but you know about the torment of tantalus
[Bad username or site: choplewey / @ livejournal.com]: i'm a complex person.

My hair is gonna be a bitch to untangle in the morning.
God bless [Bad username or site: metaquotes / @ livejournal.com]. LJ wouldn't be half as fun without it.

See this gem from [Bad username or site: eclipses / @ livejournal.com]:

Today my mother handed me a list of emails. "Here you go, Sophie!" she said, "this is a list of people at my work who like to make Harry Potter gay -just like you!"

I am greatly disturbed.

And then from later, in the comments:

God knows how she found out they all like slash. I have visions of her walking around her office, yelling out things like "HEY! ANY OF YOU LIKE TO READ STORIES ABOUT THAT HARRY POTTER KID BEING GAY?! WITH THAT BLOND GUY? BECAUSE MY DAUGHTER'S A BIG FAN OF THAT TOO."

**dies laughing**

Here for the original thread.

**laughs** I think her mom's awesome.
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( Jun. 16th, 2004 11:19 am)
Because I typed them up and it seemed a shame not to share. I didn't end up using them in the reactions post I wrote for Books V & VI (and no, you're not crazy, I've yet to format and post that). Because they're beautiful and Professor Tolkein's language makes me love words.


Yes, I'm a total girl for all the Éowyn/Faramir stuff...

LOTR BOOKS V & VI - The Good Parts )

Le sigh. I love these books.
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( Jun. 16th, 2004 11:04 am)
::Sniff:: Practically all done with LOTR (I've left about 100 pages of appendices for a rainy day). This has been sitting on my comp for quite a while. I got a little carried away with the quotage. Ah well, it's the last time. I don't really foresee being inspired to do this with the Potter books. And before you say anything about how long this is, you should know that this is the heavily edited version. You laugh, but I'm serious ;)

Myr reads Books V and VI so you don't have to )
Oh, the pain that was Book IV.  I don't even have to do an LJ cut, cause I have jack shit to say about Book IV...except that it is MINDNUMBINGLY TEDIOUS AND BORING.  Seriously, I haven't been so tempted to skip over a hundred + pages of reading since I took that dumb ass class on statistical analysis in politics.

Book IV is all Frodo and Sam and it's everything that happens to them from the time they leave the company up to just after the Shelob-struck Frodo is taken by the enemy.  So if you've seen the movies and know what happens there and you've decided to read the books for fun?  For the love of all that is holy, take my advice and skip Book IV.  Well except the bit where they run into Faramir.  Book!fandom was totally justified in being pissed off at what was done to Faramir, btw (he shows up for like 10 pages in Book IV...it's the highpoint of the entire section).  In the book, he's never tempted by the ring and he's certainly not some whiny ass crybaby in need of a hug from Pops.  He's grave and wise and kind and confident...He never comes across as a threat to Frodo or Sam and there's no Abu Gharib-style beatdown of Gollum in order to extract information.  So in short, they pretty much wrote a new character and gave him the same name as a guy in the book.   I can't imagine what it must have felt like to have imagined Faramir in your head one way for all those years and then have been given Fran and Phillipa's watered down version. Invasion of The Body Snatchers much? Oh, and Sam and Frodo never have that fight and Frodo never sends Sam off TO HIS CERTAIN DOOM. Good to know.

Best bit -> when Frodo is recounting Gandalf's fall at Moria and Faramir says that it must have irked his brother to have been forced to retreat from the bridge.  Frodo: "He was the last, but Aragorn was forced to lead us.  He alone knew the way after Gandalf's fall.  But had there not been us lesser folk to care for, I do not think that either he or Boromir would have fled."

Anyway, point of post...I was very glad when I turned to Book V (being the first part of ROTK) and I spotted the names Gandalf and Pippin in the first sentence.

So I looked up and realized all at once that the release of ROTK is less than a week away and I have yet to even start the last book.  I was making quite good progress until I got distracted by the Saga of Sean Bean's Ass...I set LOTR aside and did the first 4 Sharpe books...but now we're getting close and I'm keeping my eyes on the prize.  Sean, go sit in the corner until I'm done.  Yes, you, with your yorkshire accent, sexy scar, silly electric guitar and overactive libido...

TTT reactions and musings...even some Éowyn related...go fig )

Edited to add those "more thoughts" btw.



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