I made dinner from a recipe on the side of a can of diced tomatoes, and it was surprisingly good ^_^ Of course, I suppose it's pretty hard for anything topped by a cup and a half of mozzarella/asiago cheese to suck...

Made plans to see Babel with a friend next weekend...so anxious! I want to see Stranger Than Fiction as well, but I'm all atwitter about Babel. I was trying to temper my expectations, but the reviews have been terrific. Yay.

Oh, speaking of movies - if you haven't heard, DeepDiscountDVD is running their 20% off sale again. Same coupon codes as always it seems, NYTIMES is the one I use. Sale goes until the 18th. I don't really have anything I want to get; I can't buy any more tv shows on dvd until I make something like an effort to watch the twenty billion seasons of stuff I already own... The one thing the sale would be really good for is the Cardinals WS boxset, but that's not out until next month. I'm probably just getting a couple copies of Cars ($12) and Soul of the Game ($4). And maybe A Player To Be Named Later ($12), but I can probably find that somewhere else for cheaper. I was trying to think if there was anything in particular I had wanted to remember to get, but I'm blanking. Anyway, I have a week.

When I woke up this morning, I was still riding a bit of the buzz from yesterday so I downloaded a bunch of Death Cab performances from the Live Music Archive. Because sharing is caring, three live songs from a show they did on my birthday, and three from a February 2006 show: rightclicksaveas, please.
02-12_I Will Follow You Into The Dark
06-16_Crooked Teeth
06-16_The New Year
06-16_Title and Registration

And while I'm at it...a couple more clips from Laa v Oak on 4/16/05 and clips from part two of Bronson's Japan video diary )
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( Nov. 7th, 2006 07:14 am)
Bronson Arroyo took some footage of the MLB All Stars for mlb.com, and it kinda made my morning. For those of you who cringe at the sights and sounds of MLBers posing as artists, I've posted clips of the two parts I figured would be of most interest to my f-list, thereby SPARING your ears Bronson singing and Bill Hall rapping.

The Pitchers - (wmv, 2mbs) - zomg, Erik Bedard cracks a smile.
David is so predictable - (wmv, 0.5 mbs) - I laughed really hard at this, David's only appearance in the video, and I blame Leanne.
Bronson's video diary - part 1 of ? (wmv, 11mbs).

Btw, if you download, let me know how you like mediafire? The upload time is atrocious on bigger files, but the download speed is alleged to be much better than sendspace and other sites. And, you know, you never get that 'no free slots' available message, which I think is what really has won people over.

eta: You kinda have to laugh when the St. Louis paper links to The Onion ~ Cardinals apologize for winning World Series.
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( Nov. 5th, 2006 04:56 pm)
Haren's first start as an Athletic, Rich's third start of 2005 )

or the slim pickings of clips )

[Bad username or site: spluckle / @ livejournal.com], according to [Bad username or site: trailer_spot / @ livejournal.com] who sees all and knows much, the next Spidey 3 trailer will premiere at 10pm (EST) on Thursday on MTV.

[Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com], I haven't forgotten about those Wilson pics - I'll poke around tonight before bed.

I find this whole thing where the Mets have apparently expressed interest in Mulder kinda intriguing. I mean, what's that about? Wherever Mulder ends up, he's gonna end up working closely with the pitching coach for a long while and he and Peterson kinda don't get on. I mean, Urban said it, so it must be true. Giants are an interesting possibility. Ew to the Dodgers and the Pads, though. He's pretty dead to me if he signs with Arizona, I don't care how much he loves the golf there.
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( Nov. 5th, 2006 05:49 am)
Thank you, Ryan Howard and Joe Mauer.

I was about to be really irritated if the offense didn't show up when they're getting the best pitching performance out of an MLB starter so far.


eta: David Wright, you are fired from baseball.

I hate when I accidentally surf away as something's uploading >:[
Game: Nippon Professional All Stars @ MLB All Stars
Date: November 05, 2006.
Length: 1 hour and 41 minutes.
File Type, Size: wmv, 164 mbs.
Notes: Erik Bedard starts for the MLB. Not the full game, just up to the inning where Bedard gets pulled.
download - upfile
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( Nov. 2nd, 2006 06:06 am)
I know, I know, you guys are on the edge of your seat. Will I do NaNo this year? Well, the answer is....

**music builds**


Try to keep it together, guys. For the children.

I seriously have noooooooooo attention span right now, which apparently I should not worry about, because my Yogi teabag label informs me It is not what you have that is your greatness, it is what you can give. Well then. Thanks, Yogi. Good to know I'll always be able to be of service to other people, even if I am not much use to myself.

By request: Cubsx3, and WS Game 3 )

I wish LJ would stop trying to ram new features I don't give a shit about down my throat. Why don't they try fixing the fact that I can't post or comment without running into some dumb ass error requiring me to do everything twice? Or, here's an idea: re-enable birthday notifications, so I can at least pretend I am not a jackass. Seriously. Someone remind me why I even still have a paid account. Icons aren't really the draw they used to be; I have less fewer than 40 of 111 slots filled as it is.

eta: The Orioles are one of the most dysfunctional franchises going[.] - Mychael Urban, in his column for The Examiner about Barry Bonds.

Thank you, and good night.
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( Nov. 1st, 2006 03:01 pm)
"One of the things Mark has really benefited from is having a good pitching coach," Clifton said. "People don't realize the draw of Leo Mazzone. Mark is a veteran guy who at least would consider Leo as a mentor."
- Agent: Mulder has interest in Orioles

Ugh, Mark, I know you want to be near Barry and Baltimore's only a 3 hour drive from New York, but PUT THE CRACK DOWN. No man, and no amount of money IN THE WORLD is worth playing in the Orioles organization right now.

God. This had better be some bullshit meant to try and get Mark some offers that aren't so incentives laden as to be embarrassing. Except for the part where it won't work, because Baltimore's the place you go to get laughed at.

And contrary to comments by the Cards putting Mulder's return at midseason, his agent is still saying he could be ready to go by opening day:

"They told me, worst-case situation, he'd be 100 percent in 5 1/2 months," Clifton said. "Ten to 11 months was never uttered."

Yeah huh.

eta: Speaking of shit that is funneh - Stem Cell Debate Dramatically Altered By New Jeff Suppan Commercial.

“As soon as I saw that Jeff Suppan commercial I knew I was finished. And you know what the weird thing is? After seeing that ad, even I was opposed to the bill. Hey, supporting that bill also supports cloning, and apparently it will result in lots of poor mothers getting their embryos stolen from them at gunpoint or something. I’m sold. Thank you, Jeff Suppan, for explaining the issue to me like only a professional athlete reading a cue card can....”
Robin Hood: Men In Tights continues to not be available on dvd...except as part of this $70 Mel Brooks collection. So. Here's a question. Any Mel Brooks fans on ye olde f-list who would be interested in buying any of the other movies in the set off me? You know, if I were to maybe, perhaps, buy this set JUST for Robin Hood: Men In Tights? Just a thought.

MLB.com totally faked me out with a story headline reading MRI results good news for Mets' Bannister. DAMN IT. I mean, that's all well and good for the NYM rookie, but I wasn't really worried about him.

Ben Broussard slayed me last night. And to think, I wasn't even gonna watch that game. MLB.com's headline is painfully bad, though. ("Big Ben's blistering bat blasts Beckett, Boston").

Off to find some breakfast and do IP type things. Have a good Friday!

eta: For no reason other than that I could, I created lj feeds for the ESPN multimedia pages of a few clubs. Some started updating last night, others are still a couple days/weeks behind, but if you're interested:

[livejournal.com profile] cle_espnmedia
[livejournal.com profile] fla_espnmedia
[livejournal.com profile] hou_espnmedia
[livejournal.com profile] nym_espnmedia
[livejournal.com profile] oak_espnmedia

edit 2: [Bad username or site: trailer_spot / @ livejournal.com]'s latest post has a link to the Wordplay trailer! [Bad username or site: acroarcs / @ livejournal.com] says good things about this doc. Special bonus: blink and you miss it shot of Mike Mussina actually laughing ^_~

edit 3: Get out of my head, Rick Maese. Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's completely put off by the way the O's have handled the MelMo situation. And he's right, I do feel like there are a million different things about the Orioles that make me nuts, and I don't see why being a fan should feel like I'm being nibbled to death by rabid cats. I swear, they could win every game they played this season, and I'd still have more fun rooting for other teams. There's too much baggage there.
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( Apr. 11th, 2006 08:01 am)
+ Man, the bpal update. I was so proud of me when I checked the limited editions and didn't see anything I wanted. But Beth and co. added to the Mad Tea Party collection! I ♥ the Mad Tea Party collection. And all the new stuff sounds like so much fun. I'm not risking bottles though - I will have to get an imp pack. It's neat to see Cheshire Cat back, but I remember not liking it too much the first go around. I'm getting: Eat Me, The Mock Turtle's Lessons, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, The Pool of Tears, Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Hopefully I'll be able to swap for King of Hearts, Drink Me, and Frumious Bandersnatch later on. Oh man. I'm so excited! It's kind of silly. I also really want to try Obatala, which was recently added to the Excolo scents. Maybe I'll sub it for The Pool of Tears - aquatics don't like me much anyway.

+ Losing to the Florida Marlins these days is a bit like losing to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Neither team exists anymore, not really, and you shouldn't get beaten by a set of ghosts in uniforms. -- gotta love the New York media. or something.

Pobrecitos. I definitely think it sucks worse to keep losing these one run games, way more so than getting blown out. Mikey the J can't keep being their entire offense, as studly as he looks doing it :( They're home now, where many of them have never played, for their home opener. I hope they pull that one out; it'll be a week since their first and only win of the season so far >.> Mitre's starting again....no pressure. **crosses fingers** In My Opinion ran another way melodramatic piece about how much it sucks to be a Marlins fan right now.

+ baseball stuff )

May go see the Durham Bulls take on the Richmond Braves tonight. I'm not sure; I didn't sleep well, and I may be too beat :-/

ETA: Forgot to say - thanks to [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com], [Bad username or site: kmousie / @ livejournal.com], and [Bad username or site: candle_beck / @ livejournal.com] for hooking me up with a bunch of the MLB pocket schedules I was looking for. I secured the rest of the ones I was interested in through ebay. If you'd said that you would keep an eye out for an '06 schedule to send me, there's no longer any need ^_^
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( Apr. 3rd, 2006 07:28 am)
I always guess wrong with rain delays. I stick it out, and the game inevitably gets called. I decide to call it a night, and they start up play an hour and a half later.

This guy? Man after my own heart.

The A's PR guys have outdone themselves with the new batch of commercials.

+ Intersection
+ Long Interim (re-uploaded)
+ Mountain Got Hurt
+ Rookie Phenom <-- the opening and closing line of this made me laugh right out loud in the lobby of the law school. I think the cleaning ladies thought I was on crack.
+ The Leap

I am done with classes at 11:30 this morning, as Labor Law is canceled. Think my professor's a baseball fan? ^_~ Gonna watch the Mets and Nats at 1pm, switch over to the Orioles for as long as I can stand it at 3pm, which means I should be watching the Braves by 4pm, the Marlins will be on at 7pm and then the A's and Yanks are on at 10pm. It's gonna be a party.

In other news that should shock absolutely no one, I hate the Orioles organization. I cannot comprehend why this is not a gimmie to the Front Office. I'm sitting in the lobby right now in my Mora shirt, which is the only piece of clothing that says 'Orioles' on it that I can bring myself to wear anymore. Just...ugh and other frustrated noises. They make me so angry. I cannot stand their complete and utter fucking CLUELESSNESS. You know that episode of TNG where that guy wipes out an entire race in one moment of unthinking anger? That's how angry the Orioles make me sometimes. They should be GLAD I don't have superhuman powers, because if I did, there are times when I would pick up the paper and within 2 minutes I guarantee you every bit of evidence that the Orioles organization ever existed would be WIPED FROM THE FACE OF THE PLANET.

I'm gonna go rewatch the Street commercial now.

ETA: New Clerks II trailer!
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( Apr. 1st, 2006 01:25 am)
Back from RFK. Watched the O's play the Nats. Rooted for the O's. Rooted for the Nats. O's won. There's a player on the Nats named Watson, wears jersey #00 - I wanted to put him in my pocket. Kid's got speed, made some nice catches in the outfield, and when he struck out in the ninth inning, he kind of flung his bat in disgust with himself. In the ninth inning. Of an exhibition game. [Insert heart here].

Soriano was cheered every time he came to the plate, I think. I'm glad there aren't any hard feelings.

Miggy made some nice plays, had a couple of hits. I guess I'm still sore over the offseason. I wasn't feeling the love.

I haven't heard any word on MelMo's meeting with Angelos this morning, which can't be a good sign. Which is fine. FINE. They don't need my fandom anyway.

Millar still looks laughable in the Orioles colors.

Corey Patterson is wearing BJ's number. I miss #44.

Caught up with [Bad username or site: acroarcs / @ livejournal.com], who was sitting in the next section over. It's pretty neat to put a face to a name ^_^

What else? OH. Screech is kinda scary. And I had a paper megaphone but it got taken away from me by my friends, because I was yelling "inappropriate" things into it. Or something. Boo. My friends are no fun. Except for the part where they went to the ballgame with me. And we got quasi-lost. Because it is apparently impossible to go into DC for ANYTHING and not make a couple of wrong turns.

Going to bed now. Night, f-list. Don't get snookered too badly tomorrow.


But first - There are two new A's commercials. The new format makes it so I can't rip the clips anymore. Lameness!
+ Someone is a bad influence and I found myself buying tickets to the O's @ Nats exhibition game at RFK on March 31st. Going with some of the girls, and it should be fun. I don't know how many of the regulars will do anything more than put in an appearance, but whatever. Baseball, kids.

+ And...I totally caved on the mlb.tv package too >.> But only 'cause [Bad username or site: lisabird / @ livejournal.com] is an enabler.

+ So I caught Grady Sizemore on Cold Pizza this morning, the first time I've gotten a really good look at this cat. He is pretty adorable, no hair and all. So I'm watching him, and he's smiling and ducking his head, and something about him, I think the way he's wearing his hair now was a factor - he was totally giving me Wentworth Miller III vibes. Then I remembered Ang mentioned something about him having a white boy fro when he first came up. And I wondered, "...is he mixed?" And he totally is. (His dad is black, his mom is white). So, for those keeping track, mixed race couples are batting, oh, about a thousand in the hot sons department. Well, wait. There is Derek Jeter. I guess they're batting closer to .999 . But, exception that proves the rule, yo. I hadn't heard anything about Sizemore being mixed, but I don't know if it's cause it's not anything that people were ever talking about (I mean, as compared to the way that Jeter's parents get flashed on the screen a billion times during any NYY game on Fox), or if it's cause I didn't start paying any attention to the AL Central until, like, September.

Anyway, in the process of trying to find out his racial composition in the completely race-obsessed way that I roll, I came across this article from last summer, which compliments the Everybody Loves Grady article from earlier today. Text of it beneath the cut, since I pulled it off Lexis.
Star On The Rise - 6/24/05 )

And for Shannon - partial assthighage! )

On the topic of Bobby: Good read on Crosby and Ellis -- Oakland's middle-infield partnership is a collaboration of baseball soul mates from different backgrounds. Awww.

So...are the Giants done, yet? Because if I have to see Barry Bonds in drag a third day in a row, I will be no more good.

Alright, I need some food. And then I need to hit the undergrad library. Joy.
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( Feb. 16th, 2006 01:27 pm)
"Alex was kissing Latino people's asses. . . .He knew he wasn't going to play for the Dominicans; he's not a Dominican! . . .I hate hypocrites: He's full of shit. The Dominican team doesn't need his ass. It's the same with Garciaparra playing for Mexico. Garciaparra only knows Cancun because he went to visit."

-- Ozzie Guillen calls A-Rod, Nomar hypocrites for WBC choices.

Okay, so here's the thing. Oftentimes, I find A-Rod as disingenuous as the next person but I think Guillen's being pretty harsh. "He's not Dominician"? Garciaparra only knows from Cancun because he's been to visit? To suggest that neither one of them has any significant tie to his ethnic heritage just because they were born in the United States? I mean, is it me, or is he basically suggesting neither one of them has any right to consider himself Latino? That's a little much, Ozzie. You have dual citizenship too, last time I checked. I thought A-Rod was full of shit for trying to please everybody and publically acting like choosing between the US and the Dominican was too hard. I think that's entirely different from suggesting he's full of shit because he's "not Dominican" enough for the decision to have even given him pause in the first place.

Being racially mixed myself, with the nationality issue tossed in to boot (I'm an American citizen by birth, though I was born abroad), this kind of talk absolutely pisses me off. What fucking reason is there to be so goddamned exclusionist? Lord knows he didn't get a White pass by being born here. I'm no A-Rod apologist (I'm definitely not one of those people who thinks "he just says the wrong thing at the wrong time, but his heart's in the right place" as Timmy K put it), and I'm not saying he didn't make a much bigger deal out of deciding who to play for than was necessary -- but I think Guillen's way out of line here. I'm probably not even making any sense. Just...grr. argh.

ETA: Orioles sign Roberts. Well, thanks, Universe. Maybe I'll stop trying to make Ozzie Guillen spontaneously combust. I guess B-Rob's agent saw how the arbitrations were all going management's way? No word on terms yet.
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( Oct. 17th, 2005 02:13 pm)
+ Man alive, I really am too hormonal for life right now. I just read that the O's are re-assigning Elrod Hendricks (our bullpen coach and the most darling man in uniform I ever had the chance to speak with) because they're worried about his health. Or something. This sucks so bad; I'm gonna cry again. You go to an Orioles game, and rain or shine, there's one guy standing by the dugout signing autographs and chatting with fans - Elrod. Always, always, always. The players come out, and they'll sign for a few minutes and move on with their lives, but #44 would just stand there and sign from not long after the gates opened until just about game-time. It amazed me. I got a chance to talk with him a little after a game in Boston once (a terrible extra-inning loss in which Ryan Kohlmeier blew his first save and we eventually walked in the winning Sox run), and he was so sweet, and for such a shitty loss, it's one of my favorite baseball memories. **sniffles** Anyway. The Orioles suck and I hate them. The end.

+ There's a cite check in my hanging file, just waaaaaaiting for me.

+ Snurched from [Bad username or site: jchalo / @ livejournal.com], because if I had my way, poetry memes and icon memes would be the only ones allowed :-P

Have a look at my icons. Comment with the following:

1. One that makes you automatically think of me.
2. One that you think I should totally use more often.
3. One that you don't get/needs more explanation/you have no idea why the hell I have it.

Link if you like, or just lemme know which one you're thinking of using my keywords. Actually, I'll alter it a bit: you don't need to do all three of the above, you can just pick one.
Why ESPNradio's Damon Jaffe needs to marry me )

I'm amused that the only vote the Angels got in the below poll was from the Cards fan who doesn't want to face the White Sox in the World Series. Ahahahaha. Because, all together now, no one cares about left coast baseball. I might have to vote in my own poll though; the Astros are currently trailing the Cards, and we can't have that, friends.

[Bad username or site: sensefille / @ livejournal.com] is reading The Princess Bride for the first time. That gives me warm fuzzies; I love that book almost as much as the movie! And it reminds me, I still haven't decided whether I should re-read The Chronicles of Narnia before the movie comes out, or after. Hmmm.
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( Oct. 10th, 2005 05:48 pm)
So, a news alert from the Sun tells me Beattie's out and it looks like Flanagan's gonna be the only one doing anything in the vicinity of GMing.

One industry source said he expected Flanagan, whose contract also expires later this month, to be named the team's new executive vice president and owner Peter G. Angelos will hire an assistant for Flanagan. What the title of the new hire would be is unknown, according to the source.

The Orioles have reportedly asked permission to speak to Jim Duquette, New York Mets senior vice president of baseball operations, and Tim Wilken, the Devil Rays' special assistant to the general manager."

**laughs** The assistant to the GM of the Devil Rays? YUS. Peter, you spoil us, man. Because clearly, that organization is on to something, and we want a little of that Tampa Bay magic. Please Tim Wilken, bring us the secret of your winning ways.

Dear God, save me from the Orioles organization.

Meanwhile, Sammy's apparently still waiting to hear if he's gotten the job. Sammy, if you haven't heard by now, I'm pretty sure that's a no, buddy. Wait until Pinella whores us up; I'm sure we'll come crawling back to you.
I'm pretty much sick to death of all the negative press on the Orioles in recent days, because you know what? I am well aware of what a fucking disappointment my team is. Thanks. But for those of you who aren't...here's a piece from today's NY Times. I've posted it in full beneath the cut for those who don't feel like jumping through registration hoops but could still use the laugh.

He does win points for suggesting Angelos sell the team. Because you know, if enough people say it, maybe it will come true.

Baseball Should Investigate the Orioles for Fraud )

And no, A-Rod doesn't get points for being on our side.
I'm loving the Firefly quote meme all over my friends page ^_^

"Testing, testing. Captain, can you hear me?"
"I'm standing right here."
"You're coming through good and loud."
" 'Cause I'm standing right here."
-- My first LOL moment :-P

"What are we up to, sweetheart?"
"Fixing your Bible."
"I-- um... what?"
"Bible's broken. Contradictions, false logistics - doesn't make sense." (you can see she's marked up the Bible, crossed out entire passages)
"No, no. You - you can't..."
"So we'll integrate non-progressional evolution theory with God's creation of Eden. Eleven inherent metaphoric parallels already there. Eleven. Important number. Prime number. One goes into the house of eleven eleven times, but always comes out one. Noah's ark is a problem."
"We'll have to call it early quantum state phenomenon. Only way to fit 5000 species of mammal on the same boat." (rips out a page)
-- One of the rare times we got River away from Simon, and I was a Book fan, so I enjoyed watching them together.

ze new laptop - my college roommate always said I was conservative )

Ricky Gervais continues to make me laugh at people who are nervous and awkward, that is to say, just like me )

The best part of 'believe' is the lie )

Candle_Beck is awesome. Repeat times infinity )

My mind just went Oakland A's --> Young kids --> Cleveland Indians --> Also young kids --> Ben Broussard! Which reminds me that I seem to recall someone on my friends list announcing that they'd gotten Ben's cd a couple weeks/months ago? How is it? Where you'd get it from? Last week's Maximum MLB revealed that he's apparently a decent beatboxer, so I'm kinda crushing on the dorky first baseman that can beatbox. And play the guitar. I wanna put him in my pocket.

Had a mix playing in my car as I ran errands with my brother. His comment: "I didn't think it was possible, but your taste in music has actually gotten worse." :-P That was way harsh, Tai.

Badly Drawn Boy - The Further I Slide
Fall Out Boy - 7 Minutes in Heaven (Atavan Halen)
Ash, you were right. Dell SUCKS. I don't really have much more to say about that. I ended up cancelling my order with them and headed down to Circuit City. Flirted with the idea of buying a Vaio for a minute as my mother said she'd pay half but I just couldn't bring myself to do it and I grabbed a more reasonably priced Gateway. I'm just happy to have a laptop again.

Baltimore sports radio was on today. Fun times. Bulldog declared that he'd had it with the dysfunction of the Orioles organization, he'd had it with Angelos and if Angelos wasn't gonna sell the team, then he was jumping ship for a real ballclub. Yes, Bulldog announced he was going to become a Yankees fan today. Said he was gonna go down to the ballpark and root for the pinstripes, like the other 95% of the crowd that will show up tonight. Hilariously, caller reaction was split something like 60-10-30. Sixty percent of callers said that Bulldog was an embarassment to Orioles fandom. 10% said they could feel where he was coming from, but why the Yankees? They wanted him to root for the Cardinals; at least they're in another league. And a full 30% were totally with him.

He and Viviano started talking about relativity in sports, because Viv had been out of town last week, in Atlanta and St. Louis, and they had a laugh at the hand-wringing going on in the sports columns in those cities. This is a nervous, restless time for Cardinal Nation one STL columnist wrote last week. And apparently O's fans shouldn't be too down about an 8th consecutive losing season, because you can make the playoffs 14 years in a row, and the most a sports columnist in your town can say is This is about momentum, and about why the Braves must find a bunch of it through the rest of September, and about why the lack of it during most of their 13 and counting consecutive trips to the playoffs has contributed to their ugly habit of evolving into The Great Pumpkin before Halloween. So, yeah. Your lives are so hard, guys. It's hell having a team in contention past May, I can tell. There's much more peace of mind in watching your team get their throats crushed into the ground year in and year out, trust me.

The baseball gods are having a go at me. I rework my schedule to be here tonight and the forecast is for scattered thunderstorms. Again. Hopefully, we'll get it in. I don't think my 'rents would be okay with me skipping class again tomorrow for a doubleheader ^_~

ETA: Peter Gammons on Dan Patrick's show earlier - "I'd like to thank Peter Angelos for turning Camden Yards into the world's biggest Red Sox pep rally this past weekend." **face-palms**


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