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( Jul. 2nd, 2006 05:34 pm)
Watched Veronica Guerin over lunch today. Good movie. It was a little hard, since I knew her fate going in (and even if I hadn't, the film opens with it), but I'm glad I finally got around to it. I bought the film used about 2 years ago, and I kept meaning to watch it, but I was never in quite the right mood. I kind of hate it when I watch a movie that is based on a true story and realize I had no idea about stuff that was going on in the world not too terribly long ago...but at the same time I love that movies like this get made, to enlighten me. My dad was resting his eyes downstairs in the living room when I started it, but I looked over 15 minutes in, and he was sitting up and watching it too. So that's cool. Because I would imagine one can only watch True Grit but so many times.

On the topic of movies, for some strange reason, Johnny Depp's The Libertine comes out on DVD today. Weird. Anyone besides [Bad username or site: catslash / @ livejournal.com] see that? Er, I think it was Cat who posted about it some months ago, but I could be wrong. I know it was shelved for over a year after it was made, and it got some pretty bad reviews...but Johnny Depp's in it. As is Jack Davenport and my girl-crush Rosamund Pike. Hmm. But $17 is a bit much to pay for a movie that might suck as bad as The Astronaut's Wife so I'll pass for now.

(Also, if you were a fan of The Pretender, the first three seasons are on sale at Best Buy for $14.99 each.)

Okay, AT&T's Home Turf website is incredibly annoying. It took me, no lie, close to two hours to finally get the fucking Pujols video playing so I could rip it. If anyone besides Bri wants it, have at. I had planned to also grab the David Ortiz and Nomar eps, but the idea of fighting with the site for another four hours was beyond me, sorry.

Home Turf is basically MTV's Cribs, but with Deion Sanders as your host. There's a bit of unsubtle product placement, but otherwise it's a cute little visit to the Pujols home. I think I might have a crush on his wife Dee, because she seems like she's fun times and I like her sense of humor.

It occurred to me in the shower the other day (things always occur to me in the shower, just go with it) that I forgot about 5 people when I sent out postcards last month and belatedly, a couple weeks ago. Well, I didn't forget you so much as I was fairly sure I'd sent you all postcards and then thinking about it, I realized I probably hadn't? It wasn't intended as a personal slight, I swear. I'm just kind of absentminded sometimes. I have stamps, and I still have postcards, so more will be going out tomorrow.

Next week's SI reveals that Major League Baseball has licensed a company to produce coffins that carry team logos. I... don't think so, guys. And for people like Bri, the company is producing urns :P

SI's notable mid-season awards )

I am down to the last forty pages of Three Nights in August. Say it ain't so ^_~

Bri didn't want to hear about some poor squirrel's final moments so a small sample of stockbroker!Chavvy screencaps.

Lidge stuff )
My mom says they got 13 inches where we live in Baltimore County. She's supposed to work today, but she ventured outside only as far as necessary to clean the snow off the satellite dishes and then she called out from work. Heh. I love my mom.

I cannot find my school ID and it is driving me mad. I want to hit up the library early this morning and I'd love to check my mail - my id would be of use in both pursuits. I'm gonna go search my car for the second time, but if it's not there, I'm hoping against hope that it's in my desk in Richmond, because I can't think where else it could be. So annoyed.

OTOH, something that is not annoying: How cute is Brandon Backe sometimes? )

Game 4 of the NLCS and Ensberg just threw Pujols out at home in the 9th. Thom Brennaman's call cracks me up. "And a tapper down to third. Here comes the runner, here comes the throw - SAFE? OUT AT THE PLATE! WHAT A PLAY BY ENSBERG!" It's like seriously dude, it's the ninth inning of a 1 run game, can you not anticipate the call and just wait for the ump to let you know? They got this whole hand signal system worked out and everything. He does the same thing in a few minutes when the ball is headed to Everett and he declares "They're not gonna be able to turn two--" Meanwhile, Everett promptly fires the ball off to first for the game-ending double-play.

Don't worry, Astros fans. I'm totally going hands off on your team come Wednesday. I wouldn't want to jinx anyone if I can help it.

MLB.com says 3 days and 4 hours to Spring Training. Of course, MLB.com also seems to think Brian Roberts and Dave Roberts are the same person, so who knows. [Ha, 24 hours later, someone finally fixed it, but the original caption id'd him as Brian Roberts. -- Ed.]

Alright, off to search my car again. Wish me luck.

ETA: Found my ID ^_^ It was underneath the mat on the passenger side of the car. Which...I don't even know. I'm just glad I found it.

I meant to ask earlier, can any of you Astros fans shed more light on the following bit of Roy O backstory that Steve Lyons brought up during one of the broadcasts?

"Great story that Phil Garner told us about Oswalt. When he was in the minor leagues, his arm started to get sore, [though he] tried to pitch through it for a while. Had this old truck that he used to drive to and from the ballpark, and it broke down on him one day, so he threw up the hood, was tinkering around in there, pulling stuff out. . . put two wires together, and gave himself the shock of a lifetime. He went on to the ballpark that day and has never had a sore arm since. . . . He said he was really afraid of that, had never been sore in his life before that. Was trying to pitch through it, didn't want to tell anybody. Just opened up the hood of his car and found the remedy."

Because [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com] and I have decided that's an Origin Story if ever we've heard one ^_~
Though it pained me to do it, I've added additional lines from the as yet unguessed 7 songs that remain in the lyrics meme from a couple days ago. It's not that I'm judging those of you who haven't gotten a single one, as much as it is...that I'm judging those of you who haven't gotten a single one. Look, what can I say? As Alanis once sang - we are fundamentally judgmental. I've also uploaded mp3s of all the songs that have been guessed.

In other distressing news: IT IS NOT SNOWING. I don't know why I got my hopes up. I told my father all we'd get is rain, but nooo, he had to go and convince me this storm was badass and we would definitely see at least an inch. **sniffs**

According to my brother's away message on AIM, he's dealing with being snowed in up in PA by curling up with the last few eps of the 24 season one boxset I loaned him. Aww. I'm so proud.

ETA: in honor of Astros Fanfest, I've had the NLCS on in the background as I do my grf work today. Well, Games 2 and 6. I continue to find myself all kinds of crushing on Roy O. That is all.
+ Yeah, I now have no fewer than 5 Oswalt icons among my userpics. Moose is in the corner of my harem, looking much offended and muttering about a little thing called seniority and being first in time. I'm sorry, baby. I'm sure it'll pass, but for right now, I'm all about #44. And his ears. He somehow balances adorkable with "I will beat you and then I'll call your mama up and tell her all about it" in a way that's entirely compelling :-P

Truth be told, there'd be more than 5 if I could find decent images of Oswalt and Pettitte with their hands on each other during the post-game celebration/interviews yesterday. Because...yes, please. Gettyimages, AP Photo Archive, you guys fucking disappoint me.

+ Man alive, the talking heads are being hard on Mulder for that third inning :-/ Lots of "he's just not a big game pitcher" talk. And they just keep saying it, in the most... I dunno, fact of life way. Poor baby.

+ Someone loves me, because two Dane Cook albums were posted to [Bad username or site: ljmixtape / @ livejournal.com] yesterday. In a word? YUS.

ETA: This Mike & Mike Sally Struthers parody ad about the NBA players and the dress code is HI-larious.

"Hi, this is Sally Struthers. Did you know that NBA players are now being told they have to wear collared shirts any time they attend NBA functions? And for players earning the league minimum of $398,762 per year, they have to use that money to cover food, entertainment, DNA tests, trial lawyers, child support, paternity suit defenses, speeding tickets, damage control jewelry, parking tickets, illegal handgun registration fees, roadtrip companions, and other life essentials. And veterans like Marcus Camby will only earn eight and a half million dollars this year, which you can help subsidize...."
Congrats to the NL Champion Houston Astros! I'm glad I came over to Christine's for the game, we had a fun time, and she saw my awesome homerun calling power in action. (I totally called Lane's homerun, kids. PHEER ME.)

I do feel bad for Mulder, that's three elimination games now he's started for his ballclub only to watch the other team celebrate at the end of the night. And I'm sorry, [livejournal.com profile] rickenbacker and [livejournal.com profile] starfishchick. I know you guys never lost faith in your boys.

But at the end of the night, I'm pretty excited about the Astros/White Sox matchup. But who to root for now? The club that hasn't won since 1917...or the club that's never won one? I usually vote for AL over NL, just 'cause you gotta have league pride, but Oswalt! and Everett! and Ensberg! Yeah. I dunno.

[livejournal.com profile] sensefille says Chicago in six. [Bad username or site: __dtrain / @ livejournal.com] says 'stros in six. ([Bad username or site: cruzalicious / @ livejournal.com] also calls 'stros in six. All the ESPN guys are giving it to Chicago.) I don't think I lose either way; I'd be happy for either club :-P

[Poll #594304]

Hee, Roger, Andy and Roy are one big mutual appreciation society. All with the ghey. And accents. Too cute.

Edit 2:
Leo Mazzone is our new pitching coach? Okay then. That works for me ^_^

Edit 3:
They keep showing the phantom tag. I probably would not find it so damn amusing if it had cost the Astros a scoring opportunity.
+ Girardi is the new Marlins skipper. Huh. Kinda cool that. 'Cause he's rather young, and stuff. Hopefully he works out better for them than Mazzilli did us.

+ I'll be watching Game VI tonight with [livejournal.com profile] sensefille, and I'll be glad for the company. I'm so nervous/excited and I don't even have a dog in this fight. Drama, drama, drama.

+ [Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com] is gonna get me into football yet. She keeps talking about this poor Joey Harrington kid, and I just want to put him in my pocket. If things don't work out for him in Detriot, I hope he ends up doing well somewhere else. He seems like a sweetheart.

+ And don't look now, [Bad username or site: reefinyateef / @ livejournal.com], but I might end up looking into this crazy thing you call the NBA. There was a neat article in the NYT today on Etan Thomas. Seems like a cool guy. 'Cause I mean poetry! And anti-war rallies! You can stay, Etan.
+ Joe Torre is such a glutton for punishment. I wonder if he talked to Jeter and DJ was like For the love of Christ, please do not leave me alone to handle this clusterfuck of a team. Such a glutton for punishment. There are also rumors that Cashman could still stay. So all that hullabaloo over nothing.

+ **sends good vibes in the direction of Astros fans** Yeah, I was rooting for the series not to end yesterday, but Sports Guy's column today was a tough read. Except for the following random potshot at AJ Polish:

Yet another question: Is A.J. Pierzynski the most annoying professional athlete in recent memory? He's like the Rick Barry of this generation -- everything he does seems annoying for some reason, even his interviews. You can see why the Giants and Twins couldn't stand him. I don't even think he's a bad guy, he's just one of Those Guys. If you played at a $25 table in Vegas with him, he seems like the guy who would say stuff like "Wow, you're way up right now, huh?" and scream "Whammy!" every time he was dealt a blackjack. And he wouldn't even know he was being annoying, so his friends would think of convoluted ways to ditch him, stuff like, "Hey, A.J., I'm gonna go walk around, get some air, I'll be back in 10 minutes" ... and then they would scurry to another casino. That's A.J., right?


+ Speaking of Bill Simmons, anyone read his book?

+ Random non-baseball thing that is not like the others: My dad's going back to Egypt for a month for work!

+ I am totally spamming, I realize. I do this when I have a fuckload of work to do and I can't deal.
Wow, all late, yay on the Cards pulling that one out. I fell asleep in the 8th, because I am seriously the oldest 24 year old ON THE PLANET. And of course, my videotape ran out a batter into the ninth inning. Thank goodness for MLB.TV. Now Mulder gets a second chance for his first LCS win and I get to watch Roy Oswalt be a cool motherfucker some more. **twirls**

Glad Pujols finally did something, because between him, A-Rod, and Guerrero, I was getting tired of the big sticks not delivering when I'm forced to listen to people praise their asses all year. Minute Maid went so quiet. I'm always amazed at how a guy can shut up 40,000+ people...just like that. Amused beyond measure that Pettitte's reaction to the ninth inning homerun was a rather tame Oh My Gosh. Heh. I might have felt sorry for Lidge, man he wanted that pitch back, only he's been tempting fate like crazy the past two games, and no one gets to stay that damn lucky.

Also, if Fox could mic someone besides Brandon Backe for the rest of this series, that would be great. I'm sure there are other interesting guys in that Astros clubhouse.

My tummy still hurts :-/

Oh, and Bri, your boy! Knocking in those two runs early! It was nice to see him do something too. Now I suppose I can stop wondering why the hell you think he's so awesome :-P Ecks, on the other hand, I always knew he was money :-P
So, I really shouldn't watch the game, I have a lot of stuff to do :-/ But I'll be rooting for [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com]'s boys again, for all the good it did them last night. Partly for her, but mostly because yeah, I need baseball to not gear up to leave me so fast.

Neat bit of randomness from Jack Curry's piece on the Sox win:

Maybe numerology favors them. Guess what uniform number Doug Eddings, the umpire who made a disputed call that helped the White Sox prevail in Game 2, wears on his sleeve? Eighty-eight. As in, 88 years since the White Sox last won a title.

Cool beans :-P

Btw, is it just me, or are there really more than enough Yule scent decant circles going right now? Jeez Louise.
I wouldn't know whether to blow him or kick him in the 'nads at this point. STOP SCARING THE SHIT OUT OF PEOPLE, yo.

That was a really good game. I was rooting for your boys, [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com], I really was. I'm not much good at it though. I think I cursed out Grudzie a couple times. Insane strike zone, everyone was pissed off, promising innings kept ending in naught. (Though how cool would it have been if Johnny Rodriguez had hit that ball anywhere but the deepest part of the park?) Fun times. In the immortal words of my bro..."And now we have the definition of excitement: the White Sox and Angels."

Heh, yes.

Dear Angels,

Let's try not sucking? Just this one time. See how it works out for you?


This guy just asked La Russa, "How frustrating is it that the Astros have struggled with runners in scoring position, but they keep coming up with ways to beat you guys?"

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Smooth, guy. Smooth.
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( Oct. 16th, 2005 04:04 pm)
....Um, it's 4:04pm. There's supposed to be playoff baseball on my tv. What is this football bullshit?

In slightly more fun news, Hot Topic is now carrying a Boondock Saints merch line. Not much there yet, but I'm crossing my fingers for a Rocco tee eventually.
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( Oct. 16th, 2005 07:33 am)
+ I just checked the Yule update - there's no Eggnog 2005. **sniffs** I should be glad, I'm certainly broke enough. When I made my first pass through, I only wrote down three oils I wanted to try though I had set enough aside for 5 bottles. Passing on Beaver Moon, so the short list right now is Herr Drosselmeyer, Nuclear Winter, Snow Bunny and maaaybe Gingerbread Poppet 2005. And I see OriginalWacky has set up a decant circle just for the new yules! Perhaps I should do that, and if I like anything well enough, there'd be plenty of time to order full bottles. Hmmm. (Anyone had experience with the forum decant circles?) (Actually, [Bad username or site: justlayentwined / @ livejournal.com] has a pick your poison decanting circle set up, and I like that option better. Whoo!)

Btw, if you have bottles from the Poe collection coming (besides The Haunted Place, Alone, and Annabel Lee) soonish and you're interested in swapping for a decant of Lenore, lemme know?

+ The ChiSox are a win away from the Series. This is of the good. (She says, as [Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com] bites her tongue). That business with Rogah's mother saying the name Shoeless Joe Jackson three times on the day she died is so weird, yo. The Astros are also up, and hell, suddenly the Cards are looking like the underdog in this fight. Guys dropping like flies out there. I guess I'll root for the Cards today, because I'd like one long LCS :-P
[Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com] sends an email to inform me of the following:

I was watching SC and they were showing (I want to say) the Astros (but maybe it was the Angels) getting off of a bus and I have never seen so many white guys in my life outside of that time I watched White Squall.

And I almost choked on my eggroll and died :-P

Btw, Alex - you totally abandoned me, and I hope you know that as you breathe, I am preparing appropriate retribution. Seriously. This is my evil face.


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