So. This thing that just went down? We're not psyched, in case you were wondering. Before the trade, the mantra was "well, if it happens, at least it's not the Red Sox" but that's not working out so good, right now.

We were finishing up at the apartment when Bri got news via text. We were computerless, so we're both all "WAIT WE NEED CONFIRMATION. WHO CAN WE CALL FOR CONFIRMATION." Bri had no one useful in her phone, so I went to dig out mine. As I did, what do I get, but a text from [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @]. [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @], btw? Also the first person to let me know about Beez signing with the Giants.

Anyway, Bri's being all mopey, looking like I feel, I have to admit. Yes, it could suck even worse, but this still blows! I was hanging on to mlb rps fandom by a thread as it was, and now everyone I ever enjoyed pairing is on a different team (okay, Jake and Danny excepted, but that never really fully took). MEH.

I was really hoping it would be Huston (to get traded first), for the record. Now I'm going to have to spend a lot of money on tickets for tomorrow's Cards/Phillies game (retail therapy, after a fashion), and I know you're already under a lot of pressure, Mark, but it would be REALLY NICE if you didn't get the shit beat out of you.

I think this is the perfect occasion to break out those frozen dessert pastries that had been in the freezer in the apartment forever. It says best by Feb 2008 on the box, but oh well. They were frozen. I'm sure they're still edible.

eta: I've had six mini-pastries (4 mini eclairs and 2 choco-dipped cream puffs) and Bri has just put in The House of Mirth. This does not bode well.
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( Feb. 19th, 2007 12:16 pm)
I've decided BSG and I are undergoing another temporary separation. When the show started to get to me last season, I'd stop watching for a month or so at a time and then catch up, and it's just easier than tuning in week after week and being left disappointed/irritated/crotchety.

That being the case, I have a free hour for a drama again, so I'm thinking of catching back up with 24, which I haven't watched since the season premiere. I think there are a couple of you still watching - how is it so far? Good? Or has Day 6 been ridiculous and not in a fun way?

Mulder traces troubles to '04 season with A's. Well, sorry, Billy. I tried to talk [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @] out of killing you, but then Mark went and opened his mouth. I try not to pay too much attention to the words that come out of that boy, because he strikes me as one for self-delusion. And I'm not just saying that because he married a woman. I hardly know what to make of any of his recent comments about his pitching problems. I'm not really sure why this is coming up again after the Cards have insisted Mark wasn't "damaged goods" when they traded for him.

Brandon and Lidge crack me up.

Also, Freddi Gonzalez kinda looks like Garth Brooks with the facial hair, and it's freaking me out. Nice try, guys, but I'm still not rooting for you this year.

eta: Among the players sporting new looks at the start of camp is right-hander Dan Haren, wearing a thick beard. Closer Huston Street arrived with long, thick sideburns that immediately got him a razzing from general manager Billy Beane. - It amuses me that the Cali papers find this kind of stuff merits a mention.
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( Dec. 31st, 2006 05:01 pm)
Looks like wherever he ends up, Mark and his busted shoulder won't be starving )

Off the Freedom Writers soundtrack, and getting a jump on MLK Day:
Common - I Have A Dream
So, I imagine this is not the first hiphop song to ever sample Martin Luther King, Jr, but still, fun times. I like the hook to this song, I like the chorus, and I love the beat. And Common's lyrics are good, as usual.

And one for Barry William:
Mates of State - California (Phantom Planet cover)
California, here we come / right back where we started from

And another one I can't sit still to:
Outkast - Call The Law (feat. Janelle Monae)

And because I am nothing if not predictable:
Death Cab - The New Year

Mediafire now tells you how many times a file has been downloaded, officially giving it all the benefits of Sendspace, but without that irritating limit of one download at a time, so I don't think I'll be using SS much anymore. (But you can always let me know if I upload something in particular you want, [Bad username or site: offspeed / @], and I'll re-up it elsewhere.)

If you're going out, be safe and have a good night ^_~
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( Dec. 29th, 2006 08:03 am)
And then there were none:
May/June 2003 - Barry Zito wants to be the man
August 2003 - Hudson keeps his cool
June 2004 - The Talented Mr. Mulder

Just the cover stories so far. I'll throw out a heads up when the issues have been fully scanned. And hopefully I'll remember how to get rid of that graininess.

blah blah blah barry blah blah blah )

Mulder's back from his longass honeymoon today. You have to imagine he'll make a decision in the next week. If Mark Alan Mulder would just announce he plans to return to St. Louis (pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease), I would BE SO FREAKING HAPPY and I could stick my head in the sand and not have to check or ESPN for the next two months and that might actually be kinda great. I'm tired of this offseason.

One of the Lebanese channels is carrying a Saudi broadcast of Waquofat Arafat. On the second day of the Hajj pilgrimage, the pilgrims swarm Mt. Arafat and the surrounding plain to pray at the Mount of Mercy and ask God for forgiveness. Muslims who aren't there are supposed to fast, in solidarity. Me and organized religion have been on the outs for a few years now, though I go through the motions, but part of me can't help but be moved by the visual of so many people, all dressed in white, all holding on to an idea and a hope bigger than themselves. The camera scans the crowd and you see all shades of skin, standing and sitting next to each other, all ages, men and women, arms outstretched, mouths moving in prayer or private communion with God. I suppose it's an image that scares a lot of people now, but it's amazing, really.

Going to see Dreamgirls with my 'rents in a couple hours. I'm looking forward to it. I hope I like it. I've had a bad run of movie luck as of late.

Eta: Okay, I lied - Danny is too cute: "I'm very content to see Barry just once or twice a year. It would be hard to go head-to-head against him for the next however many years. This is perfect -- we can still hang out during spring training." - Choice thrills ex-mates. And because I'm a dork, I am amused to no end that the story quotes Billy and Chavvy as well, on how very nice it is that Barry will be so close. I BET.
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( Dec. 28th, 2006 06:09 am)
SI listed the best games of 2006 and a handful of baseball games made the cut. NOT the terrifically fun OAK-LAD 17 inning matchup, incredibly, but that 12 hour marathon game between the Sox and Yanks, as well as a couple of last season's 18 inning NL games are on the list. And of course NYY's crazy comeback against the Rangers. NLCS Game 7 was the only postseason game to rank. The baby fish were also featured, courtesy of Anibal's no hitter :) Still, Huston did not blow a single one of those games, so that list is hella lacking and fundamentally flawed. (There was one Brad Lidge blown save, though. ♥)

EW ranked BSG the third best drama on television this past year, behind only The Wire and Friday Night Lights. And, damn, I've known for a couple years now that I should be watching The Wire, but I guess [Bad username or site: acroarcs / @] really is onto something with FNL. TV Guide ranked BSG #1 and FNL #2, and The Wire didn't even make their top 10 or honorable mentions. But Deadwood did. ♥. 24 and The Office made both lists - validation, yay. BSG, The Office, The Wire, Heroes, FNL, and 24 also all made AFI's list of ten best '06 shows.

Of course, the AFI voted Happy Feet and Little Miss Sunshine onto their list of the ten best films of '06, so. You can't win 'em all.

God, I love baseball - I dreamt last night that the A's traded Bobby to the Brewers (what?) and that the Mets announced they were pulling out of the Zito clusterfuck. Woke up to the news that the Rangers have given Barry Zito an ultimatum. They want a response on their contract offer by this weekend. That seems like a bad move on the Rangers' part, considering that the Yankees allegedly want to jump into the mix, provided they can unload Randy Johnson soon. It's one thing for the Mets to say this is our offer and we're not gonna change it. It's another for the RANGERS to be trying to get all mafioso and shit. I mean, I understand their not wanting to be used...but they are the TEXAS FUCKING RANGERS. What did they think they were being pulled into this thing for? They are like the Orioles, but with an owner who writes blank checks. Supposedly if Zito doesn't accept the ~$102M/six year offer, they're pulling it off the table. Hee. Good. Because it was just gonna be embarrassing when he signed with the Mets for a shitload less. And I love how the GM said their offer will change considerably if Zito doesn't sign now. Because obviously, if he wasn't going to sign with you for $100M, he could always realize the error of his ways in a couple weeks and sign with you for WAY LESS. Morons. It took them this long to figure out Boras was using them to try and drive up the asking price? Sure, over$$$$ worked with A-Rod, but I guess they think everyone missed how that has played out for him in the long run.

I read elsewhere that Mark's decision is down to the Rangers and the Cards (ahahaha! THANK YOU FOR FUCKING OFF, ARIZONA) which I hope against hope is a nobrainer for him, no matter how much the Rangers offered him. Come on, Markus. You've got a lovely wife, with a good name. Impossibly long legs and the tiniest hips in all of sports. Great hair. A World Series ring. Memories of a sun-drenched honeymoon to last you til the divorce a lifetime, and probably a pair of twin little Markuses on the way. Playing for the Texas Rangers does not complete this picture. Well, unless they guaranteed you two years at 20 million or something.

eta: Interesting. Bet at least half of those names leak in the next year. So that should be fun times.
Redbirds still in the hunt, agent says: No timetable for a decision from the Mulder camp, after all, which is good. Or maybe not good. I guess the idea was to force the teams interested in him put offers on the table already. Or maybe he was going to decide but now wants to give Arizona more time to figure how much they want him. Meh. I'll just finish working on my paper then, thanks. Boys.

A Cardinal the past two seasons, Mulder will marry Lindsey Pringle this afternoon in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Lindsey? lol, Brianna. Elena. I am oddly proud of him. There is a world of difference between marrying a blonde named Amber and marrying a blonde named Lindsey. (I am judgmental about the most random things, and I know I made a face when I heard 'Amber' for the first time.) But I approve of Lindseys, generally. Way to be, Mark. Hope things work out for you, even with the repression and all.

Huddy's in AZ for the wedding, which fills me with little hearts. I'll just entertain myself with the thought that the stutter re-emerged (pre-wedding jitters, don't you know) and got one last sendoff ^_~


"You can sign the President's name?"
"On a document removing him from power and handing it to someone else?"
"Yeah. Or do you think the White House Counsel would say that was a bad idea?"
"I think the White House Counsel would say that was a coup d'etat."

John Spencer died a year ago today. I had him on the brain all this week, and I wasn't really sure why especially now, and it just finally came to me. I read somewhere that John Spencer once said that Leo was the best character he ever played, that Leo was real to him in a way he hadn't experienced as an actor before. I was so happy to hear that. I loved Leo, so I loved John for bringing him to life. When John died, Leo died, and I really felt like I'd personally lost someone.

Of her many transgressions, Mr. President, let's not worry about she resorted to cliche. )

Ah. Off to papering.
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( Dec. 14th, 2006 09:58 pm)
(I had to blow the dust off trusty old Semagic. Because. Just. LJ needs to not debut modifications during exams period, maybe. Or during the holiday season when people are already like suicidal and nerves are on edge and shit. Debut stuff on January 1st! And people will be all hey, cool stuff for the new year. Or something. But I'm no marketing major.)

But moving on! Aimee Mann was on Conan last night! [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @] isn't familiar with her stuff, so I uploaded just a few of my favorites as a sampler: (24mb, zip). Five songs: Video (KCRW performance), That's How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart, Little Bombs, That's Just What You Are, The Scientist (live Coldplay cover). Yes, The Forgotten Arm is my favorite Aimee album :P And I feel like I should say Wise Up is not included in that five favorites only because I've already sent it to her in cd form.

Seeing Aimee reminded me she had that Christmas cd out, so I checked to see if she was touring in support of it. And she is! And she's gonna be in Virginia for two shows next week! But tickets are pricey...too steep for a Christmas show. Good for her though; I didn't realize she was big enough to charge real money ^_~

Roch wrote today:
Anyone else find it interesting, and pretty gutsy, that Mark Mulder wants a one-year contract so he can increase his value and hit the free-agent market again next year?

You'd think a guy who's such a health question would welcome a multi-year deal, but he doesn't lack confidence.

lol. Such a health question. Amused, and I can sorta see his point, if I squint, but I don't think it's terribly surprising. I mean, when I was trying to talk Bri off the ledge earlier in the year, we always said well, he'll just have to play on the cheap next year and show he's healthy and do the free agent dance next off-season. It doesn't really make sense for him to take a crap multiyear offer from anyone - did I miss something? Did the Orioles guarantee him 11 million a year for the next 3 years or something? If he's turning down something like that, then maybe, yeah, you say, the guy's got balls. He could be another Pavano for all he knows. Best to take that kind of money and run. But what can teams possibly be offering him, even long term, when they can't know how he'll come back from surgery? It's no different than what Nomar did, or what Big Frank did, just this past year.

Things People Say To Me That Still Crack Me Up Days Later ~
[Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @]: so it would seem that through persistence and dedication, that you've crafted a drama free f-list
to which I say BOOOOOO!
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( Dec. 14th, 2006 06:40 am)
Last night, had CNN on and Anderson Cooper was talking with someone from the Woodrow Wilson school about the possibility of region-wide war in the Middle East. Across the ticker my eye caught "ACTRESS ANGELINA JOLIE TOLD PEOPLE MAGAZINE IN AN INTERVIEW POSTED ON ITS WEBSITE THAT SHE AND BRAD PITT..."

And I'm like WHAT? SHE AND BRAD PITT WHAT? Are finally getting married? Are breaking up?! murdered six people and ate their flesh? TELL ME.

And the ticker went on to finish "ARE PROUD PARENTS." And I was like "..."

That's newsworthy? They're proud parents? Wtf. And of course the train finally pulled into the station and I realized that there was wasn't much that could have completed that sentence that would have made it worthy of being on the screen at the same time as a discussion of what could potentially set off World War III. Like, maybe if Brad and Angie discovered that Shiloh's blood cures the sick.

Yesterday morning I was talking to a friend again about writing, and the frustration associated with writing. Well, she was talking to me about her troubles. I was listening and offering as much comfort as a sorry non-writer like myself can. She was saying how she hates that she knows what she wants to say but when she goes to write it down, she can't find the right words to communicate what she wants. And it reminded me, like everything else lately, of one of my favorite parts of Waking Life, where Willy goes to see the woman who talks to him about language. After that conversation, I was inspired to post the below clip, just cause. But I didn't at the time, having stuff I needed to be doing. And then last night (before the CNN nonsense), another long conversation brought the scene to mind again, and that's twice, so I'll toss it up, just in case anyone's interested. And I'll put up the audio separately too, since I had clipped that for myself after I saw the movie anyway.

On language and connection - (14mb, avi) or (2mb, mp3)

And since I was clipping anyway - [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @], I know you said you planned to netflix Waking Life eventually, but if you're just in it for the Jesse and Celine, I ripped their appearance in the film. (If you're fans of Before Sunrise/Sunset, yes, that Jesse and Celine).

On collective memory, or as the scene selection menu calls it 'death and reality' - (30mb, avi)

Ugh, I am having no luck finding a workaround for the new update page. Anyone? I hope we're not just stuck with it. LJ, please stop giving me reasons to give up paying for an account. I really, really wish that when they wanted to implement one of these completely unnecessary changes, that for the first week or so, there'd be a little link in the corner of the page or in the livejournal header that says "Hate our obnoxious new "improvement"? Go back to the old way by clicking here." But nooooooooooooooo. I have to spend like days waiting for someone to unearth the 20 hoops I have to jump through to put my journal back THE WAY I LIKED IT. Ugh.

baseball! )
White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski, was at it again, picking a fight, this time with World Series MVP David Eckstein. Pierzynski got into a shoving match with the Cardinals' Eckstein at a Total Nonstop Action Wrestling event on Sunday in Orlando. Also in the melee, Pierzynski ally Dale Torborg, the White Sox conditioning coach and son of Jeff Torborg, slugged Eckstein's brother.
- Chicago Tribune.

How do you start a fight with David Eckstein? He's like 5 foot nothing. You have to be AN ASSHOLE to start a fight with a guy who's 5 foot nothing. Unless he insulted your mother. And in AJ's case.....

And for FUCK'S SAKE, will LJ stop changing its update page layout? Ugh. Now I have to spend 20 minutes figuring out how to opt-out of LJ's latest bullshit site improvement.
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( Dec. 13th, 2006 06:50 am)
Mulder mulls Diamondbacks' offer


The D-Backs’ initial proposal was believed to include a modest guaranteed salary in 2007, with provisions that could increase the base salary, and at least two team options.

... “I’m sure we’ll reconnect at some point,” D-Backs general manager Josh Byrnes said. “We’ll let them get back in touch with us and see how quickly they want to move. We’ll throw in a fondue set.”


It says the offer has team options. PLEASE INSIST ON THE TEAM OPTIONS. Though I suppose the fact that they want a team option suggests that the base salary is fairly respectable.

They also asked about the availability of Dan Haren.

eta D'oh. I meant to put a poll in this post. But I forgot. And I don'twant to start a new post just for a poll, and what the hell LJ, that's another thing you guys should fix, I should be able to edit entries to add polls. Anyway. I will probably be looking for things to do that do not involve working on my paper, so let me know which of these A's mags you'd like to see scanned (just one please):

May/June 2003 - Zito cover (Zito Takes Control) with stories inside on Erubiel Durazo, and the beat writers who cover the A's,
July August 2003 - Chavvy cover (Chavez: Behind the Scenes), with stories inside on Scott Hatteberg, and traveling with the A's.
August 2003 - Huddy cover (Hudson Keeps His Cool), with stories inside on Mark Ellis, and the mechanics of building a good pitcher.
June/July 2004 - Mark Mulder cover (Mission Control), stories inside on Mark Redman, and the layout of the Coliseum.
May/June 2005 - Jason Kendall cover (Tough Enough), stories inside on 'the unbreakable spirit of Octavio Dotel' (aw. and ha.) and A's players whose dads were also big leaguers.
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( Dec. 11th, 2006 11:19 pm)
It's getting to be that time when I'm having random conversations with people in the school lobby and thinking, you know, it's too bad I never hung out with this person more. She's pretty cool. Alas. It's been 2 and a half years! A little late, Myr.

I took a half gallon of ice cream out of the fridge to soften earlier. And then I took a "nap" and proceeded to leave the ice cream sitting on the counter in my kitchen for like 3 hours. Go team me.

I'm really hungry, and the fridge is running low, incredibly, even though I spent $100 at the grocery store a couple weeks ago. Poking around revealed notmuch of anything in the cabinets, but a can of Mrs Fearnow's All Natural Delicious Brunswick Stew With Chicken. I don't know why I'm always tempting fate by buying these canned soups and things by manufacturers not named Progresso or Campbell...and yet. We'll see. I mean, the woman's name alone should probably be a warning sign. But it has a VIRGINIA'S FINEST stamp on it and everything. Hmm.

blah blah baseball related rambling )
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( Dec. 8th, 2006 08:53 am)
I passed the MPRE! I hope everyone else who took the November exam woke up to such pleasant news.

In more sobering developments, what a heartbreaking resolution to the search for CNET's James Kim and his family.

eta: President of the D-Backs, Derrick Hall, in a chat on the team's web-site yesterday ~

rereit: What happened with the rumored Mark Mulder deal?
Hall: Our staff is still considering. As you know, this is a player with a medical history, so all of the necessary due diligence needs to take place.

And since everyone knows front office people NEVER RARELY give fans a straight and honest answer to a simple question, I am only more convinced the problem is that the D-Backs won't guarantee anywhere near what Mark's people want to see in a deal without incentives. Yes. And this story from Tuesday talks about the hurdles created by their stupid policy of not wanting to pay people. Except it's a good policy from where I'm sitting, because I don't want to see him sign with Arizona. So. You know. Keep shooting yourselves in the foot, guys.

And I am not talking about Mark Mulder any more this week.
+ It was so warm here last night! Meanwhile, half my f-list drowns in snow. I'm so jealous!

+ The Office was hilarious yesterday ^_______^ Well, Michael was a little much at the very beginning, but the rest of the ep was fun times. I'm so happy! I've really been kinda blah about the show recently.

+ This summer's trip to OK City came up a couple of days ago while chatting with [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @]. And with the news coming out of Arizona, I suspect Mark might be dead to me by next week, so if I was ever gonna post pics from the not-so-impromptu roadtrip, I suppose now's the time.

08.17.06 - Oklahommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma

For the record, the whole 'randomly traversing various state lines to see a guy on a rehab start' thing went down like so: I remember Bri being all "so....what're we doing Thursday?" (my flight got in early on Thursday, and the A's didn't play in KC until 5pm on Friday) and she suggested the Negro League museum but also threw out that Mark was starting in OK but 5 hours was a bit much of a drive. And I said, whatever you want to do, dude. Then when we met up at the KC airport, we kinda had a Jungle Book moment ("So what're we gonna do?" "I don't know, what'cha wanna do?"). Technically, I was the one who said of course we're going to see Mulder pitch. But only because she waited me out. I mean, we both knew we were going; she'd seen his other two rehab starts. I just don't think either one of us wanted to be the one who actually said it out loud first. Or something. But in the car she had mapquested directions to the ballpark from the airport already, so at the end of the day, clearly her plan and fault ^_~

+ Have y'all seen Huston's new hair? How about no, Street. That look barely works on Timberlake (I still miss the white boy 'fro!) and it most certainly does not work on you, freaky dollboy.

(And that link is courtesy [Bad username or site: acroarcs / @], btw. Don't think I go around googling alkie closer related stuff in my spare time.)
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( Nov. 21st, 2006 06:16 pm)
Saw this fun meme while poking around old lj entries, so I'm thieving like a thieving thing. The following links are to clips of the beginnings of 24 different songs. The idea is to see how many you recognize and can identify. Not screening comments, because it's really not that serious.

Individual clips 'neath this cut ) or alternately, you can download this zip (2mb), which contains all the clips. Clips are about 5-8 seconds, which still seems like far too long, but if people find this too easy at 5 seconds, I'll take it down to 1 or 2 next time. If I ever do this again, that is.

Engaged in a bit of retail therapy last week. Some girls buy clothes. Some girls buy shoes. Some girls buy chocolate. I....spent the GNP of a small island nation on old A's magazines >.>

I plan to scan the hell out of them, but scanning/resizing/cropping/uploading kinda takes a while, so it'll probably just be an issue here, an issue there when I need a break from studying/writing papers.

But, for starters:
Alex and Eric Chavez. Alex, like Jamie Kotsay, is cuter in pictures than she seems in live video.
Z and Eric. Gah. Stupid Zito. You're just so...stupid. You ruin everything.
Mark. I think I've seen this scanned before, on Jen's Baseball Page, maybe? But um. Here it is. Again.
Urban Legend: Chavvy missed in many ways. AW. Seriously.
Urban Legend: A's father figure knows best. Okay, in light of all the criticism of Macha since he was fired? This is hilarious. Or sad.
Urban Legend: Will the real Mark Mulder please stand up? If you've read Aces, you're seen these same sentiments expressed before, in the same way. If you haven't read Aces...what's keeping you? Consider this a sample.
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( Nov. 5th, 2006 04:56 pm)
Haren's first start as an Athletic, Rich's third start of 2005 )

or the slim pickings of clips )

[Bad username or site: spluckle / @], according to [Bad username or site: trailer_spot / @] who sees all and knows much, the next Spidey 3 trailer will premiere at 10pm (EST) on Thursday on MTV.

[Bad username or site: offspeed / @], I haven't forgotten about those Wilson pics - I'll poke around tonight before bed.

I find this whole thing where the Mets have apparently expressed interest in Mulder kinda intriguing. I mean, what's that about? Wherever Mulder ends up, he's gonna end up working closely with the pitching coach for a long while and he and Peterson kinda don't get on. I mean, Urban said it, so it must be true. Giants are an interesting possibility. Ew to the Dodgers and the Pads, though. He's pretty dead to me if he signs with Arizona, I don't care how much he loves the golf there.
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( Nov. 2nd, 2006 06:06 am)
I know, I know, you guys are on the edge of your seat. Will I do NaNo this year? Well, the answer is....

**music builds**


Try to keep it together, guys. For the children.

I seriously have noooooooooo attention span right now, which apparently I should not worry about, because my Yogi teabag label informs me It is not what you have that is your greatness, it is what you can give. Well then. Thanks, Yogi. Good to know I'll always be able to be of service to other people, even if I am not much use to myself.

By request: Cubsx3, and WS Game 3 )

I wish LJ would stop trying to ram new features I don't give a shit about down my throat. Why don't they try fixing the fact that I can't post or comment without running into some dumb ass error requiring me to do everything twice? Or, here's an idea: re-enable birthday notifications, so I can at least pretend I am not a jackass. Seriously. Someone remind me why I even still have a paid account. Icons aren't really the draw they used to be; I have less fewer than 40 of 111 slots filled as it is.

eta: The Orioles are one of the most dysfunctional franchises going[.] - Mychael Urban, in his column for The Examiner about Barry Bonds.

Thank you, and good night.
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( Nov. 1st, 2006 03:01 pm)
"One of the things Mark has really benefited from is having a good pitching coach," Clifton said. "People don't realize the draw of Leo Mazzone. Mark is a veteran guy who at least would consider Leo as a mentor."
- Agent: Mulder has interest in Orioles

Ugh, Mark, I know you want to be near Barry and Baltimore's only a 3 hour drive from New York, but PUT THE CRACK DOWN. No man, and no amount of money IN THE WORLD is worth playing in the Orioles organization right now.

God. This had better be some bullshit meant to try and get Mark some offers that aren't so incentives laden as to be embarrassing. Except for the part where it won't work, because Baltimore's the place you go to get laughed at.

And contrary to comments by the Cards putting Mulder's return at midseason, his agent is still saying he could be ready to go by opening day:

"They told me, worst-case situation, he'd be 100 percent in 5 1/2 months," Clifton said. "Ten to 11 months was never uttered."

Yeah huh.

eta: Speaking of shit that is funneh - Stem Cell Debate Dramatically Altered By New Jeff Suppan Commercial.

“As soon as I saw that Jeff Suppan commercial I knew I was finished. And you know what the weird thing is? After seeing that ad, even I was opposed to the bill. Hey, supporting that bill also supports cloning, and apparently it will result in lots of poor mothers getting their embryos stolen from them at gunpoint or something. I’m sold. Thank you, Jeff Suppan, for explaining the issue to me like only a professional athlete reading a cue card can....”
Aw, you can see the tiny people gathered around the ballpark for the parade and rally on KMOV's stadium cam.

Anyone need me to top off the glass of Haterade they've been nursing since Friday? says Zito hasn't filed for free agency yet. Jerk. JUST DO IT ALREADY.

eta: Live online coverage of the parade (and presumably the subsequent rally at the stadium?) is here. **ducks**

There was a woman just now holding a sign that said My Husband is a Cubs Fan. Sucks for him! lol, aw.

edit 2: KMOV is also providing coverage.

edit 3: Adam Wainwright was talking about what an amazing experience this has been for him and then he was searching for the words and he goes, "It's all downhill from here." The news guy was like "...Don't say that!" LOL. Oh, Adam. You are SLOW, but I kinda like you.

edit 4: My God. Is there any fanbase in the world more in love with the idea of itself than "Cardinals Nation"? I was rooting for the Cards to win this thing too, but Jesus on a riverboat, shut up already about being "the best fans in baseball." Seriously.


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