Crosby, the 2004 Rookie of the Year, was put on outright waivers this week but went unclaimed, several major-league executives confirmed Friday. The A's would have received nothing had another team taken Crosby and the $5.25 million he's owed in 2005, making it essentially a salary dump, but there were no takers. The A's don't discuss waiver activity.

"I don't understand it too much," Crosby said by phone Friday. "But I guess I don't have to. I'll know sooner or later what's going on, and if I'm somewhere else, OK, and if I stay, great. My opinion doesn't mean much. I'm just going to get ready to play."
- A's Notes

I presume that 2005 should read 2009. Let this be a lesson to you, kids. Don't win the Rookie of the Year in Oakland. It's all pretty much downhill from there.

I need an Island of Misfit Toys icon that is just filled with photoshopped Oakland players.
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( Sep. 16th, 2008 03:18 pm)
What's your take on the dugout shouting match between Huston Street and Bob Geren? Much ado about nothing, or is there something more beneath the surface? I would imagine that Street is one of the more respected players on the team at this point, and he disrespected the manager in a very public setting. Do you think he's trying to get out of Oakland?
--Joanie R., San Francisco

I definitely don't think it's much ado about nothing. I think it was simmering for a long time. Huston genuinely feels bad about what happened -- he apologized to Geren and the coaches on Wednesday, and he called a team meeting before Thursday's game to apologize to his teammates -- but I don't think it was simply a heat-of-the-moment thing.

When Huston lost his job as the closer, Geren suggested to the media that he'd get the job back if and when he started pitching the way he did to earn the job in the first place. Well, he's done that, and he still doesn't have the job back. And he's a highly competitive guy who takes a great deal of pride in being a closer, so I have to believe there's some resentment there.

It has to be noted here that Street frequently acknowledges how well Brad Ziegler has been pitching, and he's been very complimentary about Joey Devine. But in his mind, he's a closer, and that he's been turned into a setup man on a mediocre team just a couple of years after closing for a great team has to hurt.

Is he trying to get out of Oakland? No. I don't think the dustup was calculated, if that's what you're suggesting. But does he want out of Oakland? He won't say it, but I think he does.

I love when Mychael Urban does nothing but confirm the obvious. Why doesn't he do something useful like go to Billy and find out how the long-term outlook of the team is served by dicking Street around? Granted, Billy won't give you a straight answer, but maybe you want to try acting like a real reporter, every now and then, Mychael. I don't think Huston's recent decline in performance is entirely unrelated to the fact that Geren and co. buried the proverbial goal post on him, so while it helps the A's some come arbitration, let's not act like this isn't something that will impact his value when the A's try to move him.

Yes, I already smell the WBC in the air )
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( Aug. 3rd, 2008 09:20 am)
Things that are lame:
1. Spoiler cut in the event anyone on ye olde f-list is still making their way through the second season of the BBC's Robin Hood ) To which I say....what? I knew there was a reason I stopped watching this show after the first season. And the worst thing is, you can't unknow this. It just sits there, in the back of your head. Why oh why did I flip to BBCA last night?

2. Disney's The Black Cauldron, which I was DUPED into buying by virtue of its cover art indicating it is a Disney Masterpiece. I was like, what's this? A Disney Masterpiece I haven't seen? INCONCEIVABLE. Sure, I was little unsure about a story involving a clairvoyant pig, but if anyone could make that work, Disney could. But it turns out no one can make that work. So bad! It only cost me a dollar at Goodwill, and I wanted my dollar back.

3. Ellis spending his last two months as an A on a team that looks on pace to have an ugly end to the season.

4. Manny blathering on about finding peace of mind in LA and wanting to end his career there. Dude, shut the fuck up. You have been there for all of A DAY. God. Just shut up and play some baseball and hope you can con some sad bastard into giving you an obscene amount of money for the privilege of putting up with your obnoxious ass.

A thing that is hilarious:
5. The A's are going to spend the remainder of the season auditioning Huston's replacement. Ahahaha.

"I would say I'm extremely unhappy about it," Street said Saturday. "(Closing is) what I've done my whole career. Do I think I've been as good as I've been my whole career? No. But I still think there's two months left in the season for me to prove myself . . . or prove myself to them."

Yes, please take it personally, Huston. (Okay, I do feel a little bad for him, because it's just so BLATANT, but oh well.) Also, lolz at the idea that the A's are doing this to "help" his confidence.

Things that are of the yay. I think.:
6. Zito's line: 8.0IP, 3H, 5K. The walks are never gonna go away, apparently (4BB last night), but not a bad night's work in front of his hometown peeps. Isn't he due for another sitdown with Urban this weekend?

7. Chris Kirkpatrickyou can get your ass kicked is going to be on the second season of Gone Country. I resisted the first year, even though they had Baltimore's own Sisqo on board, because I hate reality tv. Haaaate. But Chris? Seriously? I give in, CMT. I will watch your dumb reality show.
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( Jul. 26th, 2008 03:39 pm)
"The way my shoulder has been, I don't really see it getting better. At best, it's going to be maintained. The rest of this year and the beginning of next year will tell the story for the rest of my career. ... Whether surgery happens or not is not my call, really," Chavez said. "I've yet to hear definitive answers from anybody that would let me sleep well at night." -- Chavez pessimistic about shoulder, season

(Clearly the truncated version of that headline. The long version must have read ", the universe, everything.")

What a tragic pair Mark and Chavvy make these days. And where's my Mulder/Chavvy icon when I need it?

Harden struck out 10 again (that's three straight games with double digit strikeouts) but won't get a decision...again. OH WELL. Seriously, James, it's fun to watch and all, but maybe you should work at putting balls into play instead of striking everyone out and then you could go deeper into games, man. Just an idea. (I can't take five inning starters seriously, sorry.)
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( Jul. 24th, 2008 05:58 am)
[It] was Smith's 11th pickoff of the season, establishing what is believed to be an Oakland record. Kenny Rogers had the previous known high of 10 in 1998, but accurate pickoff records aren't available before 1987.

"That's kind of been my thing," Smith said. "Whenever I call my mom, her first question is always, 'Did you pick anyone off?' So this (record) is cool."
- SF Chron.

He ended the game with 12 for the season. I know nothing about Greg Smith (seriously, would it kill the Bay Area papers to do profiles on A's players every once in a while? I know they're not expected to be around long, but a puff piece or two would not kill anyone), but I want to like him. Although he's gotten saddled with some tough losses this season, I find him fun to watch. Also, he smiled at me in Atlanta. ♥

With a week left before the trading deadline, rumors involving Huston Street have intensified, with the Dodgers, Brewers, Mets, White Sox, Rays and Reds all believed to have interest.

For the record, I would laugh. my. ass. off. if Street got traded to the Cincinnati Reds, although Billy hates me too much to make it happen, and I can't believe the Reds have need enough to give Billy what he wants. The more the trade rumors swirl about Street the more resigned I am to the fact that he's going to remain an A, at least for the rest of this season.

Seven days!

eta: Huddy left with elbow tightness. And has the gall to be all "I don't foresee it being that big a deal." Oh because you've never had issues with lingering injuries, or anything. Way to tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing, Timmy.
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( Jul. 21st, 2008 10:14 am)
That Sportscenter commercial with Steve Nash and Brendan Fraser is so stupid, and yet so funny. Like Daric Barton.

When do the A's play Texas again? I just noticed there's only a half game separating the A's from third place. So. Well done there. (Oh ho - Rangers @ A's next weekend; awesome.)

[Bad username or site: soupypictures / @] & [Bad username or site: aurealis / @]: You'll be glad to know the guys on Fox Sports Radio's Gametime were ragging on Buck pretty hard for mispronouncing "Duchscherer" during the ASG intros.

Street, Street, and more Street )

And randomly, Swish seems to be doing alright over in Chicago:

"I think this is the best thing that could have happened to me, coming over to this team and this atmosphere," Swisher said Friday. "I'm excited getting a chance to go down the playoff stretch." ... Swisher admitted the adjustment to a new team was "tough, different" but is glad to have battled through with the support of his teammates.
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( Jul. 18th, 2008 03:18 pm)
"You like to think you're not going anywhere, but you can't ignore all the warning signs," Street said. "I've said again and again, I can't worry about what I can't control."

Street has been hoping to explore a multiyear extension since spring training, and there have been preliminary talks, but nothing since, and he's unsure if that silence indicates anything about possible plans to move him or not.

"I hope it doesn't mean that," he said. "The reason I've been told talks were delayed was because they wanted to see how the season played out with such a young team and if I physically held up after that nerve injury last year. As far as I'm concerned, I'm still interested in pursuing a deal."
- Sf Chron.

**pets him** Sometimes I just want to give him a doggie biscuit. Is that weird?

[Poll #1225808]

Has anyone actually heard anything about a team being interested in Street? Cause I keep reading on sfgate about how he's available, but I get the sense of a resounding "who cares?" coming back from, you know, the rest of major league baseball. I saw one mention about the Tigers, back in May, and that was it. And that was more along the lines of, "Ha! No, the Tigers aren't interested in Huston Street."
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( Jul. 16th, 2008 01:05 pm)
I have nothing to say about the All Star Game, except:
1. I feel really bad for Dan Uggla.
2. I'm oddly proud of George Sherrill for soldiering through 2+ innings, and I hope it doesn't fuck his arm up.
3. Watching, I grew increasingly pissed at Lincecum, because gee, think the league could have used him last night? (Admittedly, this is irrational of me, if his condition was not the result of his own poor judgment, but I suspect that's a sizable if.)

People who are now, or who have ever been, into the Oakland Athletics, I have a question for you. What is your one most favorite Oakland A's-related picture/image?

eta: Or, if you can't do one, your five most favorite ;)
So. This thing that just went down? We're not psyched, in case you were wondering. Before the trade, the mantra was "well, if it happens, at least it's not the Red Sox" but that's not working out so good, right now.

We were finishing up at the apartment when Bri got news via text. We were computerless, so we're both all "WAIT WE NEED CONFIRMATION. WHO CAN WE CALL FOR CONFIRMATION." Bri had no one useful in her phone, so I went to dig out mine. As I did, what do I get, but a text from [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @]. [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @], btw? Also the first person to let me know about Beez signing with the Giants.

Anyway, Bri's being all mopey, looking like I feel, I have to admit. Yes, it could suck even worse, but this still blows! I was hanging on to mlb rps fandom by a thread as it was, and now everyone I ever enjoyed pairing is on a different team (okay, Jake and Danny excepted, but that never really fully took). MEH.

I was really hoping it would be Huston (to get traded first), for the record. Now I'm going to have to spend a lot of money on tickets for tomorrow's Cards/Phillies game (retail therapy, after a fashion), and I know you're already under a lot of pressure, Mark, but it would be REALLY NICE if you didn't get the shit beat out of you.

I think this is the perfect occasion to break out those frozen dessert pastries that had been in the freezer in the apartment forever. It says best by Feb 2008 on the box, but oh well. They were frozen. I'm sure they're still edible.

eta: I've had six mini-pastries (4 mini eclairs and 2 choco-dipped cream puffs) and Bri has just put in The House of Mirth. This does not bode well.
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( Apr. 15th, 2007 07:50 pm)
Harden decided at the last minute to honor Jackie Robinson and wear No. 42 on the 60th anniversary of Robinson breaking baseball's color barrier. (SFgate)

Thome also wore 42. So the no to Inge didn't come from MLB, it must have come from the Tigers. Whackness.

Mark Grace was cute on Saturday, did you see? "Brad Lidge, you could close for me any day, you could close for 29 other teams in baseball. You'll be okay." Aw. You're good people, Gracie. The Houston front office says they're not looking into trading Lidge, which means he'll probably be in a new uniform by May.

Also, what's with A-Rod and the nose bleeds? o.O
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( Apr. 8th, 2007 05:07 pm)
Did one of the Angels announcers just suggest that Japan was a U.S. Territory? I can't tell if they're MORONS or trying to be funny.

Since I hate them, I'm going with the former. (They have got to be the second most obnoxious homers after the Chicago White Sox broadcast team.)

Color guy also keeps saying "EX-scaped a jam" and I want to punch him in the throat.

And I am really trying to not wish injury on Crosby have patience with Bobby, but damn. I'm cringing any time a ball heads in his general direction.


Oh, wow, Z. Eight earned runs in 6 innings? That's....unfortunate.

Also, the Yankees seem to be dropping like flies. Which, you know, my heart bleeds.
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( Mar. 28th, 2007 09:34 am)
[Poll #955533]

Being a nosy ho, I'm rather curious about James Richard's apparent fondness for Mr. Komine. I mean, I doubt he bought puppies for all the rookies at camp. Of course, it's possible Rich ran over Shane's dog or something, and Bailey was given to him to make up for that, but I hope not. It seems Shane is of Japanese ancestry. And Rich does have that Japan fixation. Maybe the puppy is in exchange for following Shane around all spring commenting on what a beautiful day it is, and/or dragging him to every sushi place in Arizona.

What's the over/under, do you figure, on whether Rich stutters as much in Japanese as he does speaking English? ;)

I wish it were tomorrow.

Also, I wish I could sleep! I think I asked this before, but if anyone has recs for over the counter sleep aids, please share.
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( Feb. 28th, 2007 10:53 am)
Not sure how I missed it, but The Oakland Tribune has up two A's slideshows from Spring Training to date. One is a Photo Day slideshow, the other is a general ST slideshow. I've clipped some of the images and added them here. (The new pics start on the 3rd row of the first page, with Adam.) It's so nice to have a bunch of pics from the camp!

My faves )
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( Feb. 21st, 2007 07:32 am)
+ Apricot preserves = ♥

baseball )

+ I have a lot of stuff to get done today :/
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( Feb. 20th, 2007 08:30 am)
[T]he A's are a different kind of club, as Beane noted hilariously when I asked him about the new delivery Barry Zito revealed Thursday to the stunned Giants brass.

"We'd have no problem with Barry doing that -- we're Montessori over here," Beane said, laughing. "We let you try anything you want."
- One Thing's Clear.

Hee. Billy cracks me up.

Random A's clippage: Kendall gets bored when he doesn't start. // Really, really bored.

So are the Cubs and Zambrano going to arbitration or what? I am confuzzled.

I think I need a new flavor of tea. I've been rotating between the same three (two blacks, and a red) for a couple of months now, and I'm bored. Any recs?

On the TV watching front: I forgot I had eps of Rome and Dexter downloaded! I also grabbed the first three of FNL, again. So, sorry, 24. We're still not happening this year. I was thinking - I didn't watch the third season of 24 either, and then I came back for the 4th and 5th seasons. So maybe I just need a little alone time and we'll be fine next year.

eta: I've been reading Interpreter of Maladies, which is a collection of short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri (The Namesake). I like her storytelling soooo much better in this format, these extended vignettes. I would recommend it wholeheartedly over The Namesake.

edit 2: [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @] linked me to this SI gallery of "Reunions We'd Like To See." Even beyond The Big Three, it's pretty much a gallery of awwwwwwwww and lol from start to finish. Except for Loria/Girardi, because :'( And isn't it really too soon to miss Pettitte/Clemens? They were just playing together in Houston.
1. Starting right-hander Dan Haren has switched from No. 24 to 15.

JACKASS. Though I bet you anything Billy had something to do with that. I bet he was like, hey Dan, 75 would look great on you. And Dan was like, I dunno, that's kinda weird, dude. SECOND OF ALL, I already own TWO HAREN SHIRTS WITH 24 ON THEM.


We are so over. For the fifth time.

2. Barry Zito wandered into his new spring training clubhouse carrying an Oakland Athletics duffel bag and plopped into Barry Bonds' chair. - First Day

3. The more radical elements of Barry Zito's new delivery appear headed for the dustbin after he and pitching coach Dave Righetti had a long chat Friday. Asked afterward if Zito will revert to something closer to his Oakland motion the next time he throws, Righetti said, "Probably." - A change of heart? Zito may use old style. Snerk. Listen, kid. We're not paying you $126 million to "express yourself" and "try new things."

There's a piece at the bottom of that page about Lowry being weirded out when someone created a Myspace page in his name and used it to rip Jason Schmidt. Oh, Noah. You don't even know the half of things people do in your name on ye olde internets. Don't be so quick to turn that color.
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( Jan. 29th, 2007 04:56 pm)
[Bad username or site: lilzie / @] took some neat pics at Fanfest, and I have to say, upon reflection, I don't mind all the hair on Bobby.
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( Jan. 25th, 2007 11:18 am)
Kirk Saarloos’ departure from the Bay Area sports scene was much like his existence here: Few noticed and fewer really cared. ...[T]he fact that he’s so anonymous is a sad commentary. This is a young man who embodies everything right and good about sports, yet he’s continually overshadowed by the criminals, cheats and look-at-me athletes who pollute our daily sports sections.

I haven't talked about the trade with anyone but [Bad username or site: soupypictures / @], [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @], and [Bad username or site: offspeed / @] but I thought this piece by Urban on Kirk Saarloos was real sweet. Even if Kirk did keep trying to worm his way between my OTP.
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( Dec. 29th, 2006 08:03 am)
And then there were none:
May/June 2003 - Barry Zito wants to be the man
August 2003 - Hudson keeps his cool
June 2004 - The Talented Mr. Mulder

Just the cover stories so far. I'll throw out a heads up when the issues have been fully scanned. And hopefully I'll remember how to get rid of that graininess.

blah blah blah barry blah blah blah )

Mulder's back from his longass honeymoon today. You have to imagine he'll make a decision in the next week. If Mark Alan Mulder would just announce he plans to return to St. Louis (pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease), I would BE SO FREAKING HAPPY and I could stick my head in the sand and not have to check or ESPN for the next two months and that might actually be kinda great. I'm tired of this offseason.

One of the Lebanese channels is carrying a Saudi broadcast of Waquofat Arafat. On the second day of the Hajj pilgrimage, the pilgrims swarm Mt. Arafat and the surrounding plain to pray at the Mount of Mercy and ask God for forgiveness. Muslims who aren't there are supposed to fast, in solidarity. Me and organized religion have been on the outs for a few years now, though I go through the motions, but part of me can't help but be moved by the visual of so many people, all dressed in white, all holding on to an idea and a hope bigger than themselves. The camera scans the crowd and you see all shades of skin, standing and sitting next to each other, all ages, men and women, arms outstretched, mouths moving in prayer or private communion with God. I suppose it's an image that scares a lot of people now, but it's amazing, really.

Going to see Dreamgirls with my 'rents in a couple hours. I'm looking forward to it. I hope I like it. I've had a bad run of movie luck as of late.

Eta: Okay, I lied - Danny is too cute: "I'm very content to see Barry just once or twice a year. It would be hard to go head-to-head against him for the next however many years. This is perfect -- we can still hang out during spring training." - Choice thrills ex-mates. And because I'm a dork, I am amused to no end that the story quotes Billy and Chavvy as well, on how very nice it is that Barry will be so close. I BET.
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( Dec. 28th, 2006 02:57 pm)
**laughs** My friends page is 7 posts (and counting) about Barry and 1 post about lipgloss.


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