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( Apr. 28th, 2009 08:43 am)
According to Murph and Mac, Brian Wilson has deleted his Twitter. In Monday's Chronicle, Henry Schulman mentioned Wilson tweeting about being out carousing in the wee hours of Sunday morning (because Wilson then went on to blow the save on Sunday afternoon). As the guys tell it, Wilson confronted Schulman about the column in the clubhouse, and then claimed that he actually HADN'T been out in AZ bars at 1AM. He said he was really at the team hotel, and that he'd made up all the stuff he'd tweeted about. Uh huh.

Now that Wilson's twitter has been deleted, perhaps I'll be subjected to far fewer updates about Zito's account? Hope springs eternal. I mean, be quirky all you want, kids. I just don't want to hear about it every damn morning
1. Starting right-hander Dan Haren has switched from No. 24 to 15.

JACKASS. Though I bet you anything Billy had something to do with that. I bet he was like, hey Dan, 75 would look great on you. And Dan was like, I dunno, that's kinda weird, dude. SECOND OF ALL, I already own TWO HAREN SHIRTS WITH 24 ON THEM.


We are so over. For the fifth time.

2. Barry Zito wandered into his new spring training clubhouse carrying an Oakland Athletics duffel bag and plopped into Barry Bonds' chair. - First Day

3. The more radical elements of Barry Zito's new delivery appear headed for the dustbin after he and pitching coach Dave Righetti had a long chat Friday. Asked afterward if Zito will revert to something closer to his Oakland motion the next time he throws, Righetti said, "Probably." - A change of heart? Zito may use old style. Snerk. Listen, kid. We're not paying you $126 million to "express yourself" and "try new things."

There's a piece at the bottom of that page about Lowry being weirded out when someone created a Myspace page in his name and used it to rip Jason Schmidt. Oh, Noah. You don't even know the half of things people do in your name on ye olde internets. Don't be so quick to turn that color.


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