CSN Bay Area airs classic A's games, and tonight it's the BoSox & A's. Huddy on the mound for Oakland, Pedro for the Sox. I missed the first two innings, but I think I've narrowed it down to the August 11, 2003 matchup.

Everyone's so young and beautiful ♥ It cracks me up to think this was around the height of my love for the Red Sox. It's almost as fun to see Pedro in Boston gray again as it is to see Markus and Barry in Oakland green, sitting at different ends of the dugout, watching Huddy slice and dice.

Mike Mussina with his pinpoint control and his softly wicked smile, standing on the mound like some sort of strange young king. . . . - [Bad username or site: candle_beck / @ livejournal.com]

Michael Cole "Moose" Mussina announced his retirement from major league baseball today. He was my first "boy" in MLB fandom. I think there's a good chance I never dip my toes into baseball if he doesn't catch my attention first, pitching really, really well, and losing close game after close game because of our spotty offense, and handling it all with a wry smile and a ready quip almost every time. With his ridiculous little bunny hop, and snakebitten ways, and odd habit of occasionally telling the media what he actually thought instead of just spewing cliches.

He was the first player I ever slashed. He was the first player I ever cried over (when he signed with the Yanks as a free agent)(again, when he lost his perfecto in 2001). He was the only player whose actual fanclub I ever joined. For years I carried one of his baseball cards in my wallet. Even for a while after he was with the Yanks, a card from his last year as an Oriole remained in my wallet. I got used to the sight of him in pinstripes pretty quickly, but he never looked as good in the NYY's home whites as he did in ours (I swear his eyes were not that puffy, nor his teeth so terrible, in orange and black). And it took a while, but eventually, hearing Yankee fans doing our MOOOOOOOOOOOSE call warmed my heart instead of raised hairs on my neck. He's the only player besides Cal Ripken and Eddie Murray that my mom can name.

I was pretty sure he'd retire after the '07 season, and I'm so, so glad he didn't. I'm glad he won his 20, finally. I'm glad I got a chance to see him pitch this past season. I've never paid so much for such crap seats ($20! to sit in the outfield! at Camden Yards?), but I'm glad now. He says he knew all along this would be his last year, and while I don't know if I believe him, I love that he's going out the way he wants to go out (twenty wins and a gold glove) and when he wants to go out. And even though he never won a ring or the Cy, he accomplished a lot in his career, and I love reading pieces like this, which are everywhere, delightfully, to remind everyone.

He was lovely, and amazing, so very funny, and a lot of fun to be a fan of. Cheers, Moose. I know you've said for years that when you retire, you just want to spend time with your kids and coach at Montoursville High, but please come back now and then and be a not-sucky guest commentator for the MLB Network. Otherwise, I'm really gonna miss you. You were my favorite for a long, long time.
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( Apr. 9th, 2007 05:05 pm)
Lidge loses closer's job for Astros.

One week into the season, the Houston Astros have a new closer. Brad Lidge was demoted Monday in favor of Dan Wheeler, a move made one day after Lidge gave up five runs in two-third of an inning against the St. Louis Cardinals.

You guys :( I just want to put him in my pocket.

(Yeah, I have all the sympathy in the world when the guy who's struggling isn't on any of my teams.)

They're gonna try to trade him, right? I mean, how can they not try to trade him at this point? Granted, there's the question of who will want him, but. Yeah. Poor guy.
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( Dec. 29th, 2006 08:03 am)
And then there were none:
May/June 2003 - Barry Zito wants to be the man
August 2003 - Hudson keeps his cool
June 2004 - The Talented Mr. Mulder

Just the cover stories so far. I'll throw out a heads up when the issues have been fully scanned. And hopefully I'll remember how to get rid of that graininess.

blah blah blah barry blah blah blah )

Mulder's back from his longass honeymoon today. You have to imagine he'll make a decision in the next week. If Mark Alan Mulder would just announce he plans to return to St. Louis (pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease), I would BE SO FREAKING HAPPY and I could stick my head in the sand and not have to check MLB.com or ESPN for the next two months and that might actually be kinda great. I'm tired of this offseason.

One of the Lebanese channels is carrying a Saudi broadcast of Waquofat Arafat. On the second day of the Hajj pilgrimage, the pilgrims swarm Mt. Arafat and the surrounding plain to pray at the Mount of Mercy and ask God for forgiveness. Muslims who aren't there are supposed to fast, in solidarity. Me and organized religion have been on the outs for a few years now, though I go through the motions, but part of me can't help but be moved by the visual of so many people, all dressed in white, all holding on to an idea and a hope bigger than themselves. The camera scans the crowd and you see all shades of skin, standing and sitting next to each other, all ages, men and women, arms outstretched, mouths moving in prayer or private communion with God. I suppose it's an image that scares a lot of people now, but it's amazing, really.

Going to see Dreamgirls with my 'rents in a couple hours. I'm looking forward to it. I hope I like it. I've had a bad run of movie luck as of late.

Eta: Okay, I lied - Danny is too cute: "I'm very content to see Barry just once or twice a year. It would be hard to go head-to-head against him for the next however many years. This is perfect -- we can still hang out during spring training." - Choice thrills ex-mates. And because I'm a dork, I am amused to no end that the story quotes Billy and Chavvy as well, on how very nice it is that Barry will be so close. I BET.
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( Dec. 28th, 2006 01:00 pm)

Except for the part where they are MORONS for paying him $126 million, because no one else was in spitting distance of that kind of money. And no one stays healthy an entire career. (Er, though I wish him all the best with that.) Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd damn. But I'm happy for my Cali people - and wicked glad it wasn't the Angels. The thought of Zito and Lackey in the same lockerroom gave me hives. I think most of the A's fans I know (half-)root for the Giants anyway? At any rate, you'll get to laugh at him batting on the regular. So that's sweet.

But most importantly? MY OTP LIVES. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. And maybe Beck will even write a triangle and I'll find a way to start giving a shit about that Lowry character.

Yes. And maybe[Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com] will get a Harden no-hitter on her birthday with Barry on the mound for the Giants ^_~

Thanks to [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com], my personal espn mobile, for the heads up.
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( Dec. 28th, 2006 06:09 am)
SI listed the best games of 2006 and a handful of baseball games made the cut. NOT the terrifically fun OAK-LAD 17 inning matchup, incredibly, but that 12 hour marathon game between the Sox and Yanks, as well as a couple of last season's 18 inning NL games are on the list. And of course NYY's crazy comeback against the Rangers. NLCS Game 7 was the only postseason game to rank. The baby fish were also featured, courtesy of Anibal's no hitter :) Still, Huston did not blow a single one of those games, so that list is hella lacking and fundamentally flawed. (There was one Brad Lidge blown save, though. ♥)

EW ranked BSG the third best drama on television this past year, behind only The Wire and Friday Night Lights. And, damn, I've known for a couple years now that I should be watching The Wire, but I guess [Bad username or site: acroarcs / @ livejournal.com] really is onto something with FNL. TV Guide ranked BSG #1 and FNL #2, and The Wire didn't even make their top 10 or honorable mentions. But Deadwood did. ♥. 24 and The Office made both lists - validation, yay. BSG, The Office, The Wire, Heroes, FNL, and 24 also all made AFI's list of ten best '06 shows.

Of course, the AFI voted Happy Feet and Little Miss Sunshine onto their list of the ten best films of '06, so. You can't win 'em all.

God, I love baseball - I dreamt last night that the A's traded Bobby to the Brewers (what?) and that the Mets announced they were pulling out of the Zito clusterfuck. Woke up to the news that the Rangers have given Barry Zito an ultimatum. They want a response on their contract offer by this weekend. That seems like a bad move on the Rangers' part, considering that the Yankees allegedly want to jump into the mix, provided they can unload Randy Johnson soon. It's one thing for the Mets to say this is our offer and we're not gonna change it. It's another for the RANGERS to be trying to get all mafioso and shit. I mean, I understand their not wanting to be used...but they are the TEXAS FUCKING RANGERS. What did they think they were being pulled into this thing for? They are like the Orioles, but with an owner who writes blank checks. Supposedly if Zito doesn't accept the ~$102M/six year offer, they're pulling it off the table. Hee. Good. Because it was just gonna be embarrassing when he signed with the Mets for a shitload less. And I love how the GM said their offer will change considerably if Zito doesn't sign now. Because obviously, if he wasn't going to sign with you for $100M, he could always realize the error of his ways in a couple weeks and sign with you for WAY LESS. Morons. It took them this long to figure out Boras was using them to try and drive up the asking price? Sure, over$$$$ worked with A-Rod, but I guess they think everyone missed how that has played out for him in the long run.

I read elsewhere that Mark's decision is down to the Rangers and the Cards (ahahaha! THANK YOU FOR FUCKING OFF, ARIZONA) which I hope against hope is a nobrainer for him, no matter how much the Rangers offered him. Come on, Markus. You've got a lovely wife, with a good name. Impossibly long legs and the tiniest hips in all of sports. Great hair. A World Series ring. Memories of a sun-drenched honeymoon to last you til the divorce a lifetime, and probably a pair of twin little Markuses on the way. Playing for the Texas Rangers does not complete this picture. Well, unless they guaranteed you two years at 20 million or something.

eta: Interesting. Bet at least half of those names leak in the next year. So that should be fun times.
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( Dec. 19th, 2006 09:16 am)
++ Do people still enjoy Panic!ATD, like when they first dropped? Because I was very into them last semester and now I would really like them to go away. A little.

People I kinda want to see in concert, but can't so much: Timberlake/Pink in March, Fall Out Boy in January, Aimee this week in Richmond. Alas. Sister Hazel was in town this past weekend, which yeah, how did I resist? ;) I got an email notification last week that Thursday's comingt the Norva in late January and I'm back and forth on going. Tickets are only $18 which is of the good. But I only really know/like 6 songs of theirs, and most of those off War All The Time. And then I don't even know about that whole crowd. Okay I'm not really back and forth on going; I'm not gonna go. But I thought about it. Nothing personal, boys.

Is Dallas Green back with Alexisonfire?

++ Zito has made the Mets his collective bitch. Their front office is flying out to Cali to see him today. Classic. "No, I know what New York looks like. You come here and tell me you think I'm pretty."

I mean, I still hope they don't budge too much on the 70mil offer. But Barry William makes me laugh.

++ In case you were wondering, Beyonce's Irreplaceable is just as annoying in Spanish as it is in English.

++ [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com]: And the fact that you're falling in love with The Timberlake all over kind of cracks me up. You'll deny it sure, but I just know you're crafting a shrine for dude in the back of your closet...right next to the ones for Jeter and Tom Welling.

>:[ First of all, Tom Welling? When have I...ever? NEVER. That's when. And I just really need to not watch when people I dislike are gonna be on SNL. Because they inevitably win me over a little. (Number of times 'Christmas In A Box' was viewed yesterday? Approximately 157.) Ah well. I can hope for Justin to return to pissing me the fuck off in short order. Derek Jeter certainly did. I have no shrine for the Yankee Asshole Who Leaves Teammates Out To Dry And Then Keeps Denying That's What He's Doing Instead Of Just Shutting Up And Holding His Personal Grudge Quietly. I assure you.

[Bad username or site: belle1446 / @ livejournal.com] asked for Aimee's Forgotten Arm promo appearance on KCRW: individual song uploads )

My first day free and clear of school stuff, so I told myself I would finally clean the apartment, because it's been a mess for about a month now. Like, an i'mpullingshoesoutofmybedwhenIgotosleep mess. So. Yes. Of course, that probably just means I will find the time and inspiration to start scanning A's magazines >.>
Redbirds still in the hunt, agent says: No timetable for a decision from the Mulder camp, after all, which is good. Or maybe not good. I guess the idea was to force the teams interested in him put offers on the table already. Or maybe he was going to decide but now wants to give Arizona more time to figure how much they want him. Meh. I'll just finish working on my paper then, thanks. Boys.

A Cardinal the past two seasons, Mulder will marry Lindsey Pringle this afternoon in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Lindsey? lol, Brianna. Elena. I am oddly proud of him. There is a world of difference between marrying a blonde named Amber and marrying a blonde named Lindsey. (I am judgmental about the most random things, and I know I made a face when I heard 'Amber' for the first time.) But I approve of Lindseys, generally. Way to be, Mark. Hope things work out for you, even with the repression and all.

Huddy's in AZ for the wedding, which fills me with little hearts. I'll just entertain myself with the thought that the stutter re-emerged (pre-wedding jitters, don't you know) and got one last sendoff ^_~


"You can sign the President's name?"
"On a document removing him from power and handing it to someone else?"
"Yeah. Or do you think the White House Counsel would say that was a bad idea?"
"I think the White House Counsel would say that was a coup d'etat."

John Spencer died a year ago today. I had him on the brain all this week, and I wasn't really sure why especially now, and it just finally came to me. I read somewhere that John Spencer once said that Leo was the best character he ever played, that Leo was real to him in a way he hadn't experienced as an actor before. I was so happy to hear that. I loved Leo, so I loved John for bringing him to life. When John died, Leo died, and I really felt like I'd personally lost someone.

Of her many transgressions, Mr. President, let's not worry about she resorted to cliche. )

Ah. Off to papering.
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( Oct. 7th, 2006 08:35 pm)
Congratulations to the Detroit Tigers! You guys throw one hell of a celebration, lol. Congratulations to [Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com] especially, who believed from the beginning, despite my best efforts to temper her enthusiasm early on. (What can I say? I thought I was being a good friend.)

It's gonna be a hell of an LCS! I know the network heads are crying in their bitters, but fuck 'em - for fans, what a great matchup this is. **laughs** One of these teams is gonna have to out-scrap the other. It'll be a heartbreaker when the dust settles, but it's gonna be a great series, I can tell.

(And I'm sorry, but I can't stop cracking up at the thought that six years after he left us, he still doesn't have his ring. I was never one of those people who passionately didn't want him to win with the Yanks, but I am definitely one of those people who derive some amusement from the fact it hasn't worked out like he planned. He'd still leave us, given the choice, a hundred times over and I don't blame him. But he went to New York, specifically, for a reason and six years later, he doesn't have a ring. And that amuses me.

Pay attention, Barry. This is important.)

[Bad username or site: angisageek / @ livejournal.com], the text of the Grady article is here. Apologies for the quality - the ESPN pages are overlarge and I couldn't figure out how to fit to page on the scanner. Seriously, don't even ask me why my parents have spent so much money on my education when I can't even figure out the buttons on an all-in-one.
Called Gateway the other day, and they authorized the return of my laptop for repair of the screen hinge, at no cost to me. Whoo. I dislike checking lj on the school comps, so bar something happening that I burst with enthusiasm to talk to y'all about (Rich Harden broke what? HOW?), I won't be around.

("I'm gonna be over there at the bar, drinking a lot, if anybody needs me." "Nobody will.")

Take care of yourselves, and each other, as an instigating old man once said. Good luck to everyone returning to school, starting school, or beginning new jobs!

Btw, I tracked down a copy of The Children of Men at a used bookstore in Kansas City, of all places, and I've been reading it here and there (this will be a good opportunity to finish it, actually). It's been about 75 pages of world and character building to this point. It's not a burning page-turner, but I'm enjoying it.

And the Marlins have won 60! They'd have to lose 34 of the remaining 36 games to have a 100 loss season, so I think it's safe to say, the pundits called this one wrong. Yay, Babyfish.

I discovered [Bad username or site: ostnotes / @ livejournal.com] last week. Where has that community been all my life?
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( Jun. 27th, 2006 06:28 am)
On the news last night, they said that the elm tree that went down at the White House during the storms? Is one of the trees featured on the 20 dollar bill. It's the tree on the right. Sadness. That tree has totally been a part of my life and I didn't even know it. I mean, I have a twenty in my pocket right now. Maybe I'll frame it. In Memoriam, 100 Year Old Elm Tree That Was Felled During Ridiculous Rain Spell of 2006.

So the story about Warren Buffett committing to donate 1.5 billion a year to the Gates Foundation? Like. I dunno. It makes me happy in my soul. I think it's a tremendous gesture and it's all about the potential for people to be decent in the world. I am rather verklempt. (Sorry, I'm a Gemini, and my emo side has been totally dominating this birth month.)

I love when Robert Stansbury 'Buster' Olney III is on Mike & Mike.

The story on the Orioles in the Washington Post this morning oh so casually mentions Miguel Tejada and Jason Grimsley's affidavit in the same breath. It's been quite the topic of discussion on Mike & Mike this morning.

Some interesting stuff from the story:

Those who have spoken to Tejada recently about the subject said he is happy and does not want to be traded. But Orioles executives and Manager Sam Perlozzo have met several times, though not in the past month, to discuss how to deal with Tejada's tardiness in arriving for games.

"I can't sit here and say we haven't talked about it," Orioles Vice President Jim Duquette said. "It's a topic we've talked about with Sam."

In a game earlier this season in New York, Tejada arrived less than one hour prior to the scheduled start time. Most Orioles are in the clubhouse three hours before game time. One player, speaking off the record, said that Tejada is still popular among his teammates but that his tardiness is an issue.

One team source said Baltimore has tried to fine Tejada, but those fines have been ignored. The source said it was possible team officials had not pushed Tejada to pay the fines or disciplined Tejada publicly because they did not want to risk alienating him or hurting his trade value.

"I can't remember the last time I heard anything about it at all," Orioles Executive Vice President Mike Flanagan said. "Sometimes this business of being late is a matter of interpretation."

Flanagan said Duquette spoke with Tejada on Sunday and "felt really good" about the conversation. But Tejada arrived at 12:10 p.m. for Sunday's 1:35 game against the Washington Nationals.

Several team sources said they have noticed Tejada sulking some of late, perhaps stemming from his name being linked to the investigation into an affidavit from former Oriole Jason Grimsley, which appears to link several of his ex-teammates to the use of amphetamines and perhaps other substances. (The names in the affidavit have been redacted.) Since it became public on June 7, Tejada is hitting just .236 (17 for 72).

I don't have much to say. I definitely remember how much Miggy changed after Palmeiro name-dropped him, and to hear stuff like this would have wrecked me last year. If Miggy is attached to or among those named in the affidavit, I'm sorry for those of you who actually still found it in your heart to root for this guy after his no-show to Ellie's memorial service, while finding time to make his trade demands that same week :/
Apparently Zito and Chavvy were on BDSSP last night? Why does no one tell me these things? **resents you all** Happily, there was a clip on their website. Download (here). It's about 8minutes, and while it doesn't seem to be the whole appearance, it looks to be a good chunk of it. Highlights: "the chavvy run," mentions of Huddy and Mulder (your question partly answered, Bri), and something that should amuse Jen - jokes on the contents of Z's locker ^_~

Chavvy's not too comfortable talking/joking about Z leaving, is he?

OOH. I totally recorded it! (Ah, the rewards of being too lazy to correct the vcr setting when you overprogram the O's game. Happy day.) Yeah, the clip isn't the whole appearance, the guys go on to play 'Know Your Teammate.' They fail at it, miserably, and hug. Hee.

MLB must have put a foot in people's asses, because both David and Haren finally had updates posted yesterday. Or maybe I have Jen-like powers and sometimes people do what I say. WHO KNOWS. Dan talks about the game on Sunday, and muses about Lost some more, and for serious, I would have a Haren icon, if it wouldn't jinx the hell out of him. I'm getting ready to head out to Richmond but I just had to point out:

Barry Zito and I sat next to each other on the plane back from our road trip and watched last week’s episode of Lost.

Also, he talks some more about Barry and the example Barry sets and if you're not gonna re-sign him then at least plzdon'ttradehimbilly :(


**coughs** I may have inferred that last part. But seriously, I have so much love for this idea of Sensei!Zito, I can't even tell you. So the renewed trade whispers can please to be stopping now.

+ player blogs )
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( Mar. 29th, 2006 06:06 am)
+ A scan of my f-list reveals a lot of not coolness employment-wise, health-wise, relationship-wise for many of you. **kisses your collective forehead** I'm thinking of you, and often. I hope everything works out okay.

+ I got a phone call yesterday, and two tremendous things of note: 1.) my phone was on, and 2.) I answered it. If you've known me more than 5 minutes, you know this is, like, inconceivable. Unprecedented in the history of me. So, yes. Apparently, the promise of fic just needed to be tied to phone usage much earlier, and I'd have completely different phone habits. Who knew?

+ Watched some of the O's game yesterday. B-Rob looked good - swung the bat well, ran well. MelMo continues to not have a deal beyond this year. I continue to generally hate resent my team.

+ I also despise MLB.com's new layout. It's very confusing to me. I got tired just looking at it. And that blank stretch on the right bothers the hell out of me.

+ "Asked what he would be doing when the White Sox receive their World Series rings April 4 at U.S. Cellular Field before playing the Indians in the second game of the season, Travis Hafner said, 'I'll probably be in the bathroom throwing up.'"

**laughs** How endearing. Clearly, a man after [Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com]'s heart. (full story here).

+ "I'm not the outgoing, cocky guy. I'm trying to lose that rap," Swisher said. "You guys (writers) keep referring to that. I don't like it.

"I don't think I really had it last year. It's just something that stuck with me from the beginning. Just because I'm an outgoing guy, and I'm having fun, everybody started to write, 'He's cocky.' This year I've been extremely quiet compared with normal. I'm just trying to relax and prove myself on the field."

Earlier in spring training, third baseman Eric Chavez was discussing how he'd like to change his usual pleasant demeanor into nastier disposition.

"It's a cocky, confidence thing," Chavez said. "Swisher's got it."

Hee. Good luck with that, Nick. Also, hasn't Chavvy been trying to change his "disposition" for a couple years now? I think it might be a lost cause, Eric. Johnson, Swisher bond despite competition.

+ Moose was on MLB.radio recently and there's nothing terribly notable about the interview, in fact, it was quite boring, but Mike kinda half laughs a little at the end. So there's that. (About the World Baseball Classic: "I think we all watched a little of it. As it got going along, we started to pay attention to see how people were playing...how it was being followed...things that were going on. I think we paid attention to it. I don't think we sat down and watched it like the NCAA basketball tournaments, but we paid attention to it. I think we all wish that the US team had played a little better, but that's the way the tournament went.")

+ Andrew Card resigned? Hmm.

ETA: Indians inked Sizemore to a six-year deal. It's so weird to see numbers like '2011' with an option for '2012' in print. Sounds like an eternity. Indians, Sizemore decide they are a perfect fit.
+ MLB opens urban youth camp in Compton. About. Freakin'. Time. Now open about a dozen more, please. After DC (which hopefully won't take another six years), how about New York, Chicago, Atlanta. . . The other ten places in this country where black people live. As per Chris Rock, you can skip Minnesota. I did a paper in undergrad on the shrinking number of black players in baseball, and it's only gotten worse since. I think it's great that we're finally starting to see Asian position players as well as pitchers, and I have no problem with Latinos becoming the face of the game. But there's long been a sense that MLB has given up on African American youth, as much as African American youth have given up on baseball. Kids will play this game if you give them somewhere to play it, and the equipment to do so. Not every kid is gonna be a Jimmy Rollins, playing in the small courtyard of his apartment complex, making up rules about how high a hit off the apartment building constitutes a double. But it's substantially cheaper for MLB teams to open camps and scout young hispanic kids in Latin America and the Caribbean, so that's where they've gone and with no instruction and no fields, black athletic youth turn to basketball and football instead. I think this is great, and I really hope MLB remains committed. I think the education component of this thing is also very, very cool. And at the end of the day, I'm all in favor of anything that gets my father to eventually shut the hell up about the non-presence of blacks on the Orioles.

+ Things that are random: Leiter's side also A-Rod's. Highlights:

"It's just wrong," Leiter said yesterday of any perception that A-Rod is disingenuous. "He's a good guy. Anybody who thinks that doesn't know him. If you sit with him, hang out, go to lunch with him, you can't think that. He's really fun to be around." ... "[B]ecause he is who he is, people want to know what he does, how he looks, what brand of sweat pants he's wearing. He's learned to be careful, but at his core he's this jovial guy with an almost-childlike sense of fun who likes to be a little goofy and likes to have a good time, so he tries to be protective of saying the wrong thing, and as a result, it may seem like he's insincere but it's more not saying just the right thing." ... "He's not a pity-party guy," Leiter said of A-Rod. "I think in trying to express himself, it may come off that way sometimes. But again, he enjoys what he's doing, and who he is. Maybe he'd be better off like some other (stars) who say as little as possible, and leave it at that. But he can't help it sometimes. He has a lot to say." ... "Alex is too acutely aware of his surroundings sometimes."

Heh. No shit. It's funny that it would be Leiter who would be the guy to step forward and say this stuff. I've never read similar comments from Jeter in defense of Alex, you know? I think it's kinda sweet he wants to stick up for his friend, since few others (besides Shef, heh. He's been pretty quiet about A-Rod, is the love affair over?) are inclined to, BUT come on, Al. Isn't being so concerned with not saying the wrong thing in a way inherently insincere/disingenuous? When you're sitting next to him this season, try putting a bug in his ear about not trying so damn hard.

And...a bunch of linkage to other neat stories I read over breakfast )

ETA: Boy, does that coloring need to go, Manny.


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