The mother of Yankee star Alex Rodriguez is defending her son's poor playoff performance, saying the slugger was secretly grieving over the death of his uncle. "I know how much he suffered from the death of his uncle without being able to do anything, from listening to me crying and not being able to be there," A-Rod's mother, Lourdes Navarro, told a Dominican Republic newspaper.

So I feel kinda bad about this. [Bad username or site: sensefille / @] will no doubt say it's just another step in my evolution (devolution?) into Yankee fandom. But if he was playing distracted, I feel rotten for having so much fun with it.

Though it could maybe just be my residual hyper-sensitivity from having read C_B's Rest of Your Life earlier this morning. It made me cry when I was done, and it's kinda left me on the verge of tearing up again all morning.
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( Oct. 12th, 2005 08:48 am)
Via [Bad username or site: cruzalicious / @] : Nomar reportedly rescues two women from Harbor. So, he sees A-Rod's little kid in the path of a truck, and raises him two women in the Boston Harbor. Where's Derek's story already? He's supposed to be Captain America. Come on, slacker.

Oh, and edited to add, because it's always fun to mock A-Rod:

Judging from the overwhelming response that The Post received via e-mail, Alex Rodriguez's hitting into a double play in the ninth inning - and his woeful .133 average during the series with the Angels - will be remembered far longer than his superstar regular season. -- F-Rod: Yanks Fans Rage at Alex

AHAHAHAHAHA. But wait, there's more!

I kept hearing all September that he had to be the MVP of the American League because of his glove. Really? Where was all that sparkling fielding when the Yankees needed it against the Angels? And where was the guy who hit 48 home runs and had 130 RBI when the Yankees needed just one big hit from him? Instead, Rodriguez had the kind of October that used to have people in Brooklyn praying for Gil Hodges at this time of year.

No home runs.


Batting average of .133.

When it was all up against the Yankees in the ninth inning Monday night, when the whole season in New York was up against midnight, when Derek Jeter was on first and there were no outs and the Yankees were desperate for more hits and more baserunners, A-Rod grounded weakly into a 5-4-3 double play.

Reggie Jackson says all the time that you're not paid to win 100 games here, you're paid to win the last 11 in October. And if you are a Yankee, you are measured in October games. Last season, when things started to fall apart against the Red Sox, A-Rod shrunk to the size of an iPod Nano. Same thing in these five games against the Angels.
-- from Mike Lupica's Top Ten Reasons The Yanks Aren't Still in The Postseason. Alex is #2 :-P

And Chris Carpenter wrote his own Cy Young nomination song for Mike & Mike? And to the tune of The Rainbow Connection? **laughs** [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @], your boy officially wins at life.
Poured a bowl of Cocoa Puffs for breakfast, and then bitched about how there was something off about it, doubled checked the expiration date, and since it's not April of 2006 (HA), I declared it needed more sugar. My dad: "Awww. Is your cereal not sweet enough for you? Everything's gonna taste wrong today. 'cause your Yankees lost. Good thing they left Mussina in California, just in case."

And then I stabbed my father in the face. (Okay, not really. And it wasn't because of the Yankees. I suspect I got a mispackaged label of Cocoa Puffs, cause I know they make that other, crappy kind, that has 75% less sugar or something ridiculous like that.)

As for last night, you know, I had a feeling. All the talking heads had been picking Mussina over Colon all day. When Colon went down on the mound, grimacing, and Erstad put his arm on his shoulder, and they called for the rookie, I had a feeling. Baseball is such a sport for stories, and how could you not see the story developing? Colon tries to gut it out, he wanted so badly to be able to do this for his team, and he cannot. So they call on the kid on short notice, and Santana holds off the Yankees and the Angels advance. For such an unpredictable sport, sometimes these games feel damn near scripted :-P

I am, as I always get this time of year, a little torn. Part of me feels badly for Moose, five years into a six year contract, and not a ring to his name, and damn it, wasn't that why he left us?

And then there's the other part of me, who finds that hilarious, and really, that's exactly what you get, abandoning a city that worships you, for New York, a team we agreed we hated, and the Bronx, and remember, you always said the only thing good about the Bronx is that Bugs Bunny cartoon they show before each game, remember that? You will never win a ring there, and they haven't won since you signed with them, and you know what the kids call that, Michael Cole? It's called KARMA.

So, while I kinda want to mock him with my monkeypants, he's still my boy enough that I don't dare check the NY sports pages today, which are no doubt filled with copy about Mussina not showing up when they needed him. Though they should be filled with copy on BUBBA CROSBY AND HOW MUCH HE BLOWS, and really, my boy wouldn't have even been in this situation if a certain "gold glove third baseman" knew how to field routine pop-ups, because this series wouldn't have had to go to 5. So, suck, suck, suck. And in conclusion, step off Moose, NY writers, that whole team failed to get it done, and he's been fighting that elbow since last year.

But I digress:

[Poll #587956]

Back to the 'burg later today. Joy. On the plus side, someone just PM'd me about a bottle of Hamadryad. Yay!

ETA: [Bad username or site: sensefille / @], I know you guys expect better, but really, you've got to be proud of how they battled this year, no? There was a point there were you guys were literally pulling rabbits out of hats to plug into your rotation, and there were holes all over your field, and to just now be calling your season over is a bit remarkable, I think. Steinbrenner's gloom and doom pronouncements to the contrary aside.
Heh, I totally dozed off on the Yanks trying to stave off elimination. I woke up and the first thing my dad had for me was a disgusted "Yeah, yeah, your Yankees won." My Yankees? :-P I'm sure I don't know what he could mean. I only root for one of them and that's only every fifth day. I swear. **coughs** Anyhoo, Moose gets the start tonight - oh, the drama. I'm think I'm gonna stay away. Probably go see Serenity so as to preserve my sanity and what's left of my fingernails. (Or not. Okay, will come up with plan B.)

The White Sox must be loooooooving this. They've been what? Getting massages for the past three days?

[ profile] rickenbacker reminded me that I'd put these together, and I figured I'd share. Quasi-soundtracks for two of my favorite [ profile] candle_beck stories: Undercurrent and Eric Chavez Goes To Hollywood. I haven't uploaded the songs individually because I'm a lazy cow. ( As well you know /Izzard voice) The zips are about 80mbs each.

A. Undercurrent - collection of music inspired by her Mulder/Zito saga:
tracklisting )
B. Eric Chavez Goes To Hollywood - collection of music inspired by her Chavez/Zito, by way of Zito/Hudson and Chavez/Mulder, saga:
tracklisting )

LMAO - Liam has reworked Wake Me Up When September Ends for the Red Sox (Wake Me Up When October Ends). Heh. That's funny. Not necessary, but funny.

[Poll #587246]
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( Oct. 7th, 2005 07:41 pm)
I have a couple Chicago peeps on my flist but I think they're all Cubs fans. But hey, you can at least be happy for the city, right? (Probably not. Liz, are you happy for the city? :-P). But congrats anyway to the Chicago White Sox. Yes, a month ago, I was rooting for you guys to collapse like a flan in a cupboard. And yes, I think your announcers are annoying as fuck. But Ozzie's quite the story, you have a black GM (whoo!), and there's something to be said for throwing some new blood in the playoff mix.

So apparently the NYY/LAA game is gonna get played? It hasn't stopped raining here yet, guess the front skirted NYC.

ETA: What the FUCK is up with the Cards/Padres game tomorrow being an 11:05pm first pitch? Seriously, just...what? That's just ridiculous. 10:05 pm is far away late enough and it's A SATURDAY GAME so you can't even talk about West Coasters needing to get home from work and out to the ballpark. Jeez.
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( Oct. 7th, 2005 12:19 pm)
It's been raining hard almost non-stop since I woke up. I don't think they're gonna get that game in up in New York. WOE.

I really want to take a nap, I got all of like an hour and 45 minutes worth of sleep last night, but one of my mom's friends needs help with some immigration forms. And her son was supposed to be coming by around 11am so I could help fill 'em out. It's kinda way past that. Come on, even for CP time, this is obnoxious.

I should also really like a mug of tea right about now. **pouts**
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( Oct. 6th, 2005 08:51 am)
+ So some of you know about my roommate situation earlier in the semester? (Long story short: she moved into the room that was assigned to me, and I was just like whatever, and I made arrangements with ResLife to have us switched in the system) So, we had fire safety checks last week and I go to check my mail today and there's this uber serious letter from the Dean of Students about how, as I should know from the letter I received from ResLife, I have violated my housing contract and I was cited for having something in my room in violation of the state fire code and now I have to go to a meeting and learn all about how this makes me a bad person.

And I'm like "whaaaa?" Because I got no such letter from ResLife and if I had fire code violating stuff, it was in a drawer, under my shawls, and they're not supposed to check our drawers, so again, wtf?

So I go over to ResLife and I'm like yeah...I got this letter from the Dean? And like I never got anything from you guys? And what the hell are they talking about? And they're like oh, yeah, the violation was in the other room (I'm in A and the violation was in B) but apparently, somehow, the list that was given to the inspectors had the old information on it, and so they had me listed in B and ANYWAY, whatever, they said they will take care of it, which is good, because I don't like getting scary letters from the Dean of Students about violations of contract, thanks.

+ BUT onto more interesting things. I was poking around the website in Legal Skills yesterday, and came across this Q&A with Moose.

He was asked his most painful baseball memory, to which he responded: Oh, losing four games in a row 2004 to Boston Red Sox [looks down, smiles and lightly taps and shakes his forehead].

Which is BULLSHIT. I'm sorry. The choke last year was bad, but that was at least a shared failure. No way that tops blowing a perfect game AS A YANKEE, IN FENWAY PARK, when you had 2 outs in the ninth and 2 strikes on the guy at the plate. I'm just gonna assume he's repressed the hell out of September 2, 2001. Not that I blame him.

I also thought it was hilarious that his favorite breakfast cereal is Lucky Charms, considering Moose is the most snakebitten pitcher in the game.

And just for [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @], note his favorite food. "Pasta. (Anything on it?) Usually just red sauce." God, could he be any more whitebread? :-P

+ BoSox are down 0-2 going back to Fenway. It's gonna be nuts. And it's a 4pm game. Man, that's prime time television stuff!

+ That A-Rod error late yesterday was gold. "The normally sure-handed A-Rod" MY EYE. Way to be 0-8 AND open the gates for your team to get screwed out of going up 2-0. All that MVP talk, it's nice of you to remind everyone about that not being a big game player business.

ETA: Helllllooooo, Sidney Crosby. I have the feeling he's gonna spawn his own offshoot of hockey slash fandom ^_~ [Bad username or site: kmousie / @], quick, explain this sport to me! :-P
+ I love the phrase "vintage Mike Mussina". When sportscasters use it after a good start (even when it's a guy like John Kruk, who should try shutting up more, and dude, why does he still have a job?), I get this warm feeling, right there in my tummy.

+ Watched part of the Sox game yesterday and I see now what Sutcliffe meant about Varitek looking slimmer than he was earlier in the year. I couldn't tell over the weekend, in the home whites, but when he went after a pop-up yesterday, he did this twirlybird thing as he was tracking the ball, and in away grays he definitely looked a little smaller than I remembered.

+ If you're looking for 'em, last two eps of Extras (with Sam Jackson and Patrick Stewart) have been added to the previous post.

+ After much, much dillydallying, I think I'm gonna bite the bullet and place my next BPAL order on Friday. Right now it's looking like a Pumpkin Patch set, and bottles of Devil's Night, Annabel Lee, The Haunted Place and Alone. I'm so tempted to get more from the Demon In My View collection, but I really should stick to what my paypal balance will cover :-/

+ For those of you who read [Bad username or site: candle_beck / @]'s stuff: I'm gonna be headed home tomorrow (**crosses fingers**), and because I'm sick of everything in my car right now, I'm putting together a new mix for the road. For kicks, I'm going with a Eric Chavez Goes To Hollywood soundtrack, so if you have any song recs, lemme know ^_^ Oh, and alternately, I think I'm gonna make a second cd for the Undercurrents series, so if there are any songs that remind you of that story, you can share those too. You don't need to upload the songs; I can always track them down later tonight.

ETA: I almost forgot! Disney's Cinderella FINALLY came out on DVD yesterday! So totally cause for celebration. Man alive, I love that movie. And Gus Gus. Lucifer is the reason I will never warm up to cats, as they are secretly ALL EVIL.
I love this picture )

What can I say? They were my first sports OTP. Back when Alex was still shiny, and a Mariner, and I actually owned a poster of him, and Jeter annoyed me, except when he and Alex were goofing around, in photoshoots or, you know, while their respective teams were brawling. They were my baseball Matt and Ben. And then Alex went and ruined everything. As is his way. I still get sentimental about them from time to time though, I can't help it. Sometimes I even have the decency to feel guilty about it ^_~

In other news, man alive, Ramadan has totally snuck up on me. I thought it wasn't until the end of this week. Just a head's up to the writers on my flist - I try to be a somewhat decent Muslim during the holy month and not read anything explicit, so you won't get comments from me on anything rated higher than PG. You're supposed to abstain from sex during the holy month, and I extend it to reading about sex :-P Go ahead, laugh :-P

Moose v. Colon tomorrow...I honestly don't know what he's gonna have. Thankfully though, it's a decent 8pm start, which is more than I can say for those afternoon games, and alternately, that ridiculous 10pm start for game 2 of the NYY/LAA series.

Btw, I'm wearing Hamadryad1 today, and I adore it. It's got this spiced apple cider tint to it that makes it just perfect for at least pretending it's autumn. It's a nice change of pace from Jack, which I don't want to wear all the time lest I bore myself with it.

1.Nature spirits and protectors of the world's groves and forests that appear as breathtakingly beautiful women. Hamadryads are born into a tree that serves as both a home and an anchor for the creature's soul. They are sometimes tricksters, sometimes seducers, sometimes helpful and benign, but they are always fierce and furious protectors of the natural world. Seven dry woods with mossy lichen and a gentle breeze of forest flowers.
Because [Bad username or site: melkor_ / @] has the coolest friends --> [Bad username or site: snellios / @] has the Lost bloopers up for those of us who didn't buy the season one set. 4:17 mins, 22mbs. Cute stuff.

Today sucked. Except for the part where the Orioles swept Tampa Bay. That was okay. And the roast beef sandwich I had at the Coffeehouse. That was good. Those poor kids in Cleveland, though. Ah well. At least it provides story potential. **shoves Grady Sizemore and Ben Broussard into a dark room with lots of alcohol** Get it all out, boys. It's really important at a time like this to be honest about your emotions. Take your time.

Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure that was the last we'll see of BJ Ryan in an Orioles uniform. Because the day our front office can hold on to a free agent of any real talent, is the day I....I dunno, do something I will never do. I would say root for the Yankees when Moose isn't pitching, but I was totally doing that today. So.

Apropos of nothing, I have to say, I got a little kick out of the odd kinda symmetry of Boston having to watch the Yanks celebrate clinching at Fenway given that the Yanks had to stand there and watch the Sox get their World Series rings earlier in the year. I love the way things like that work out in baseball. I have nothing in the way of playoff predictions, and there is nothing I want to see happen, and even if there were, I wouldn't say, because the baseball gods are ALWAYS LISTENING. (All that hype, and I'm not even getting A SINGLE ONE GAME PLAYOFF TOMORROW. **pouts**)

I'm amused that there's a syndicated feed for something called [Bad username or site: firejoemorgan / @]. I know some of you guys hate him, but way to campaign non-stop for 9 innings for Ortiz re: the MVP, dude. I mean, he's not gonna win, since I want him to, but it was a nice change of pace from all of Dribble's A-Rod support.

Finally watched 2x10-2x12 of The L Word. All together now: SHUT UP, JENNY. But nobody around here watches that show but me and Xe, so I'll take it to email. Also saw the Ben Stiller ep of Extras. ("And who am I?" "Starsky or Hutch, I can never remember." "Was that supposed to be funny?" "You tell me, you were in it.") It continues to be hilarious. Or at least, the parts of it I could watch without sticking my fingers in my ears over how embarassed I was for Andy and Maggie. Fun times. If you have HBO, you should be watching it. And if you don't, you should be downloading it. Chop, chop.

Meanwhile, I'm now what? A month behind on BSG? I should talk. (Next weekend, [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @]. I swear.)

Some person with terrific taste and more devotion than I put together Rosario Dawson Online. The gallery is awesome. I'm thinking this might warrant a new banner...but for the fact that I'm ridiculously attached to my Philadelphia Story banner. But Rosie's so damn adorable! Decisions, decisions.

I can't seem to think of anything I have due this week. That's probably a bad sign. I'm clearly forgetting something.

ETA: I just realized my favorite pair of jeans have gotten threadbare way too near the crotch for me to keep wearing them. WOE.


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