+ It was so warm here last night! Meanwhile, half my f-list drowns in snow. I'm so jealous!

+ The Office was hilarious yesterday ^_______^ Well, Michael was a little much at the very beginning, but the rest of the ep was fun times. I'm so happy! I've really been kinda blah about the show recently.

+ This summer's trip to OK City came up a couple of days ago while chatting with [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com]. And with the news coming out of Arizona, I suspect Mark might be dead to me by next week, so if I was ever gonna post pics from the not-so-impromptu roadtrip, I suppose now's the time.

08.17.06 - Oklahommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma

For the record, the whole 'randomly traversing various state lines to see a guy on a rehab start' thing went down like so: I remember Bri being all "so....what're we doing Thursday?" (my flight got in early on Thursday, and the A's didn't play in KC until 5pm on Friday) and she suggested the Negro League museum but also threw out that Mark was starting in OK but 5 hours was a bit much of a drive. And I said, whatever you want to do, dude. Then when we met up at the KC airport, we kinda had a Jungle Book moment ("So what're we gonna do?" "I don't know, what'cha wanna do?"). Technically, I was the one who said of course we're going to see Mulder pitch. But only because she waited me out. I mean, we both knew we were going; she'd seen his other two rehab starts. I just don't think either one of us wanted to be the one who actually said it out loud first. Or something. But in the car she had mapquested directions to the ballpark from the airport already, so at the end of the day, clearly her plan and fault ^_~

+ Have y'all seen Huston's new hair? How about no, Street. That look barely works on Timberlake (I still miss the white boy 'fro!) and it most certainly does not work on you, freaky dollboy.

(And that link is courtesy [Bad username or site: acroarcs / @ livejournal.com], btw. Don't think I go around googling alkie closer related stuff in my spare time.)
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( Oct. 15th, 2006 07:32 pm)
1. St. Louis was a lot of fun. And cold. But a lot of fun.

2. Oakland made me cry. Clearly when I said I would be happy to see either team advance, I meant I would be happy to see the Tigers advance, after crying and moping around for a few hours over Oakland completely failing to show up for the LCS. Didn't see the end of the game, (thank goodness?) since we were already at Busch, and TPTB ixnayed the coverage on the jumbotron in the ninth, as it got closer to gametime for the Cards/Mets. It's easier to be happy for the Tigers when I didn't have to see the crestfallen faces over in the other dugout.

3. [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com] is a lying liar who lies. Especially about me and people whose names start with Hus and end in eet. And about me saying defense doesn't get people hot. (What I said was Scotty's defense only gets Bri hot. And that was IN JEST :P)

4. I can't bring myself to read any of the entries Zito's written since Game 1.

5. I heard the Tigers called a team of destiny four times on the radio today. During the LCS, Alex tried to get me to root for the Tigers by reminding me that certain people I am not keen on were rooting for Oakland. I mostly resisted the urge to give in to my petty side. And now that it's over and the Tigers are the last team standing, I can root for Detroit with a fairly clear conscience. I still don't believe anyone but Alex calls them "the Tigs."

6. lulz, LJ Talk? Yet another venue for me to avoid/block people on? Excellent.

7. When I got off of the plane from Chicago today, I saw the (co?)pilot poking around under the wing with a flashlight. Oookay then.

8. Based on my experience, the St. Louis Cardinals fan is not a patently purer/classier/better breed of fan than fans anywhere else, despite the hype. They can very nice (♥ the guy who offered, out of the blue, to take my picture down by the field) but they can also be just as obnoxious and overbearing as anyone (See the woman who called the Mets fan sitting in front of us a "fucking idiot" because he dared to root for his team after they were down 5-0). My take, anyway. And I'm too lazy to look it up, but if anyone knows what the deal is with calling the Mets "pond scums" (sic), feel free to share.
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( Sep. 29th, 2006 03:22 pm)
Like [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com], I'm sad and worried about the fact that Jake won't be with the Marlins for the final three games. I pray it's nothing to do with his mom, and that whatever it is gets taken care of, soon.

By losing last night, the Fish lost their shot at a .500 season. **sniff** Apparently their goal this weekend is to keep Philly from making the playoffs, since Philly pretty much "knocked [them] out" of the postseason hunt ("At this point that's our only motivation, to not let the Phillies get in," reliever Taylor Tankersley said. "I don't like them. I don't want to see them get in.") I'd say your craptacular play in the last 3 weeks is what knocked you out of the postseason hunt, but whatever helps you sleep at night, boys. I don't think I'll be watching the last three games of the season. I kinda know too many people from Philly.

For [Bad username or site: catslash / @ livejournal.com], I suppose, if she hasn't seen it already - some FSN footage of the Tigers celebration from 9/24: wmv. Or you can stream it at msn video by going here and doing a search for Motown bubble bath.

I went to the game last night, or rather, the rain delay last night, and accomplished nothing. Well, I did come to the realization that the nosebleeds at RFK actually aren't that bad (we wandered around the ballpark sitting in all the different sections for the first hour of the rain delay) and I did get to hang out with said friend of a friend for a while. We talked about baseball fandomy stuff. So that was nice. I think I brought my cold back though - it had been headed into remission. TPTB put the Braves/Mets on the jumbotron for us -- cutting out to New York for the 8th and 9th innings of Cabrera's no-no bid. Watched him lose it in the 9th, a collective aww man of sorts rising up from the mixed Phillies/Nats crowd. Danny's such an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, flavored with conundrum. Also, when did he start wearing those glasses?

We called it quits at 10:45, because, we said to ourselves, no one in their right MINDS would start an east coast baseball game after 11pm on a get-away day for one of the clubs. Shows how much we know. But we couldn't possibly have stayed til the game ended anyway, so it's just as well. (But we'd had great seats! Nine back of the Nats dugout. We were gonna call Chase Utley mean things! Alas.)

On the drive back, we found a 7-Eleven with gas for $1.99/gallon and a delicious little hold-me-over called the Pumpkin Cheesecake Latte. Yay.

From Mychael's newest column on mlb.com:

[D]on't read anything untoward into this, but know that it's true: I wish I knew how to quit Joe Torre.

And Mark Mulder. And Barry Zito. Oh Mychael Urban. We know about you. You're down. We know.

In that same mind dump, Mychael writes Speaking of actors, I'm with A's third baseman Eric Chavez, who took issue with A-Rod bringing his name into that recent Sports Illustrated piece by the fine and finely groomed Tommy Verducci. "Sleep in the bed you make," Chavez told the equally fine Pablo Gutierrez of the Sacramento Bee. Amen, Chavvy. You're good people. Kids trust you.

I <3 Chavvy. Btw, this was Chavvy's response to Alex's comment. Are Barry Zito's ears burning? Cause they should be.
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( Sep. 20th, 2006 11:53 pm)
[Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com] texted me yesterday to inform me the Cardinals are tentatively set to play in Oakland June 15-June 17. My birthday's the 16th, and hers is the week before. Clearly, some kind of endorsement from above of this random ass let's go to Oakland next year idea of ours. Is it too much to ask that Danny and Harden both have starts during that series? Please try to be healthy for more than 3 weeks of the 2007 season, James Richard.

Interestingly enough, the A's are also slated to play an interleague series in New York against the Mets. So...yes. Haren v. Zito, anyone? (If Zito does sign with the Mets, and ends up facing the A's in interleague...that would own. Like I'd need any more of an excuse to finally catch a game at Shea? I love living 4 hours from everywhere. And [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com] could come with, if only to remind me again how much she simply cannot be bothered to give a shit about the A's. And to make fat jokes about David, while fangirling Jose.)

Of course, this presumes that I still have an interest in the A's next year. It is entirely possible I'll be, like, a Reds fan or something. I'm a whore random with my fandom like that.

The Marlins are in Philly this weekend. I should probably go see them again, it would be the last time, and hey, they will never be the 2006 Marlins again. Especially since Leanne is keen to see Lieberthal one last go before he hangs it up. But I suck and I can't find the energy :/ I kinda want to see Scotty but he's not pitching til Sunday when Leanne can't go and besides, I'll have to be back at school by then. Boo.
"...but not for him to get hurt. And I still wanted Oakland to win. Why can't everything happen like I want it to?"

The eternal question, as posed by [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com].

Okay, obviously this whole situation is funnier if Huston isn't out for the season or something, but yes, Bri and I actually got to see Huston blow a save, live and in person. I totally called it, from the moment the bullpen gate opened. Right down to Sweeney, who hadn't done shit all day, being the one to deliver the big blow. I need to stop doing that. Of course, I'd been on edge since about the second pitch of the game, because you could pretty much smell the impending loss in the air before anyone had even scored. Though that might have been less a sixth sense, and more the fact I had no faith in Esteban. (Who, admittedly, didn't even pitch that poorly.) I've seen both Lidge and Street blow games this year. The baseball gods, they spoil me.

Also, me and Mark Teahen are in a fight.

Redman and Z tomorrow! If I can get Bri to set foot in the ballpark ^_~ She thinks it's her fault the A's streak of wins at Kansas City is over. She is probably right.

[Bad username or site: owllover711 / @ livejournal.com], Doug's hurt, or something? He didn't come out, for warmups so I didn't have much luck getting pics. I didn't get any decent shots of DeJesus either, [Bad username or site: belle1446 / @ livejournal.com], but I'll try again tomorrow.

Rich Harden threw during warm-ups! And something like five balls landed in the stands. I shit you not. Let's all presume overthrowing balls like that was part of his routine >.> Even though he could have easily decapitated some kids. Yep. (That vid's just a few minutes of him doing long tosses. I apologize for the jumpiness of the footage, I got the shakes something awful when he came out during warm-ups; it was fairly weird. I will hate you all if I am developing a thing for Rich Harden.)

Tonight, I feel for y'all that follow both the A's and Boston, my friends.

(By the by, we saw Mulder in OK City. Which was also a shitload of fun; for me anyway ^_~ Despite pitching not so great, it looks like he's coming back into the Cards rotation.)

Fish lost to the Braves today :( But Huddy pitched for Atl, so I can't find it in me to be toooo upset.
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( Aug. 16th, 2006 11:53 am)
Dude, before I die, I want to be at one of these Astros marathon games. Just one time ^_~

I put up a crapload of pics from the Cards/Pirates game for some reason. That gallery has more pics in it than any of the others for games actually involving teams I care about, which kinda amuses me. I suppose me not being too invested in either the Cardinals or the Pirates, I didn't spend as much time actually watching the game as I might have otherwise, and spent more time trying to figure out the camera and taking in the ballpark. Anyway, there's a gallery (here) if you want at.

This post could have waited, but I'm putting off hitting the road again; another three hours. I have spent more time behind the wheel of a car this summer than I have ever spent in my life.

Kansas City tomorrow! I'm quite excited. We got our seats for the doubleheader yesterday, and found out that it's Buck Night at the ballpark for both games - dollar hot dogs, dollar peanuts, dollar pepsis (which I will be indulging in, despite trying to swear off sodas, and not even really liking pepsi, because I am weak). And there will be fireworks. I'm all about fireworks.

Anyone know what the current deal is with bringing laptops on domestic flights? Can we still carry them on, or no, in light of the hullabaloo of a week ago? I keep hearing conflicting things. I suppose I'll just call Southwest or something, when I get home.
On Friday, however, he broke form a bit when asked if he had a gut feeling on whether he'd be moved before the July 31 non-waiver trading deadline.

"My gut says no, and I hope it's right," Zito said before the second game of a four-game series against the visiting Blue Jays. "My gut's said no all along -- for the past couple years -- and it's been right so far. Hopefully, it'll be right for a few more days."
-- Zito steadfast amid rumors

[Bad username or site: candle_beck / @ livejournal.com], if you haven't already heard it: [Bad username or site: roxybritain / @ livejournal.com] linked to a KNBR interview with Barry the other day. I haven't listened to it, because I'm not trying to have it be The Last Zito Interview I Heard Before He Got Traded. But Bri tells me he takes another of his thinly veiled shots at Mark. That old line about guys that get hurt and aren't able to get out of their own heads because they're stuck in dumbjock mode. Oh, Barry. Stop being a biggity bitch.

Marlins on TWIB today. Because I am a nutjob dedicated, I'll be in Philly for the double-header tomorrow with [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com]. And the day game on Monday, where I should finally, despite his every effort to avoid my jinxing ass, get to see Josh Johnson pitch ^____^ My brother says he'll be looking to trade JJ, because he knows the effect I have on guys who are having career years. lol. The Marlins are in DC again August 8-10, and I...just really need to not be in the tri-state area at that time. The temptation is too much. But I might go on the 8th, because Scotty 'Hulk' Olsen looks like the probable to pitch.

An Astros cycle? I don't know anything about you, Luke Scott, but way to be.

Lastly - the MLB Outlet, which is clearly, clearly out to get me, is running a Buy One, Get One 50% off deal. I plan to get a Lidge WBC shirt, but I don't care to get anything else. SO, if you want me to place an order for something for you, and you can paypal me for your share, let me know and I will. I think shipping from the mlb outlet starts at $5, so if you just want one shirt, I'll add it to my order and then when it gets here, I can ship it regular first class to you. The WBC shirts (all national teams) are $9.97 before the reduction, and there are some other neat shirts in the team outlet stores. FYI, [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com] - those hideous Oakland Your Girlfriend Likes My Team shirts are part of the sale also.
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( Jul. 20th, 2006 11:41 pm)
Back in VA for another couple of days. A welcome respite from my house where my mom has Al Jazeera on downstairs, my father the local news or CNN upstairs, and I can't get away from the sound of women crying in hebrew, and women crying in arabic. Reminds me of that line from Suheir Hammad's "First Writing Since": i do not know who is responsible. ...shit is complicated, and i don't know what to think. but i know who will pay. in the world, it will be women, mostly colored and poor. women will have to bury children, and support themselves through grief.

Baseball stuff:
+ Oakland to be profiled on this week's TWIB.

+ Ballgame galleries. They're public right now, but they might be going friends only in a skoosh, because...I don't know. I'm feeling all weird and isolationist.

Anyway. Galleries. Small one for Tuesday night, since 1.) it was too hot to head down to the ballpark two hours before gametime, so I got down to the park just catching the tail-end of bp, 2.) I was a genius and neglected to use the sports setting on my camera, so of the few shots I took, 80% of them were blurry. We had an hour and 27 minute rain delay, which means I was up way past my bedtime and I scoreboard-watched the Marlins lose a tough one to the Nats, so I was a little down on account of that. But it was a close game, and the A's pulled it out, despite Huston putting a man on, with a one run lead, and I was glad for that.

More for the early ass Wednesday afternoon game. Which, despite the fact that it was hot as hell out, was a brilliant time. Apparently, Zito grew up idolizing Benson; that added subplot made the game even more fun. Dan signed my yearbook, so I was all ^____________^ for the next 4 hours. The A's and Marlins both won, so that was awesome. Talked with a girl in an A's hat and an O's jersey from Fairfax, VA. What are the odds? She asked me how well I knew the A's. I said I thought I knew them some. So she asks me if I know what Buckley's first name is. lol, hell, no. Before [Bad username or site: lilzie / @ livejournal.com] popped up on my radar like 3 days ago, I didn't even know this Buckley guy existed. So, I was 0-1 in the A's popquiz department. They wouldn't give us Brian Roberts posters when we came in, but I grabbed an abandoned one from under a chair a few rows back of me as I was leaving the ballpark. SO THERE. I don't really want it, but it was free, damn it. It's about 5'10, printed on fairly heavy stock paper. I damn near sliced off my pinky unrolling it to take a look. Shot of Brian, in front of his locker, I think, holding a bat and a bottle of Aqua Pod water. And since it's a "growth" poster, it has the height markers on the side so you can measure how tall you are against B-Rob. Or something. Look, it was free!

I have more and more misgivings about Lady in the Water with each tv spot I see. TPTB seem a little unsure of the approach to take to this film, which doesn't exactly bode well.
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( Jul. 15th, 2006 09:04 pm)
-> I'm just gonna confess this one thing, and then we're not gonna talk about it, okay? Okay. Whenever I'm in my car, and that Public Affair song comes on? I totally blast that shit. Yeah. Also, I own that Jessica Simpson cd that had Irresistible on it. And my favorite song on the album wasn't even one of the singles (**coughs** Hot Like Fire **coughs** And yes, I have the opening dialogue memorized). I know. I know. 20 laps. In my defense, I still don't like anything by those Pussycat Dolls people. Hope for me yet?

-> Yesterday, I got my lab order in of The Pool of Tears, Tweedledum, and Mouse's Long & Sad Tale. Today, I got my click and ship notice for that order, lol. Happily, I was able to unload the 5mls of PoT and Tweedledum right away (of course, the day after I placed my order, I got an offer for imps of all three scents, so I'd already tried them and known they weren't keepers by the time my order got here); I shipped those out this morning. Hopefully ML&ST is soon to follow. All the frimps were oils I'd tried, too. But I got a new postcard! Sunnyside ^_~ And there's always my Hungry Ghost Moon order to look forward to.

-> I'm really proud of me; I got on the phone and called some people I hadn't spoken to in months. Well, actually, 'proud' is the wrong word. Because both of them had left me messages over a month or so ago. But I was glad I finally got around to doing it? I hate talking on the phone.

-> LOL, so much for that potentially stellar pitching matchup in Florida tonight. Pettitte showed up, but oh, Josh. He gave up 4 earned in 5 innings, to balloon his era to a completely shameful 2.48. Go to your room, and think about what you've done. It's like 243-0 now, because the bullpen came in and decided to be all "oh, what the hell, runs for EVERYONE!" Don't forget to tip your hostess, Houston. Series split tomorrow? Hope springs eternal. Oh, btw, heads up [Bad username or site: acroarcs / @ livejournal.com]! Marlins' Johnson to chat Tuesday @ 2pm on MLB.com. And this is welcome news: Backe nears return.

-> On the plus side, the A's FINALLY set out their pitching probables for the Baltimore series. Rookie v. Rookie on Monday night, and maybe, maaaaaybe Adam Loewen gets his first freakin' win already? Or maybe the Orioles lose 1-0. Tuesday, Loaiza v. Russ Ortiz and Wednesday, it's Zito v. Benson. Whoo.

And the Cubs won! Yay. I'm thinking, kinda, maybe, sorta, probably not gonna happen, about going to see the Cubs when they come to RFK next weekend. Maybe. I dunno. Damn you, [Bad username or site: lovingthecubs / @ livejournal.com], and [Bad username or site: owllover711 / @ livejournal.com]. I'm all stocked up on heartbreakers and soulcrushers!

-> It warmed my dorky little heart to see Mike Jacobs (far left) has helped lead the Marlins out of obscurity in the NL East captioning a photo in a story about the Marlins playing better than most people expected. Yay, Jake.

Also, [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com] sent me a sketch! The focus is on Dan and Jake at the railing, inspired by the fact that they are dugout railing buddies, but there's an appearance by Hermida (who cracks me up), and Joe, and a shoutout to the dugout dancers. ♥
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( Jul. 14th, 2006 06:16 am)

"The weather today is an increasing trend towards denial."

The woman I live with mentioned that Red Buttons died, which led to me having one of those "I thought he was dead already?" moments. Since I thought he'd long since passed, I can't say it was especially sad news for me, but God rest his soul. It's funny, cause I've heard he's this iconic comedian, but I knew him best and loved him most for his role in Pete's Dragon, one of the greatest movies of ALL TIME. Yes. Red played Hoagy, in that movie. Remember, the Doc's stuttering sidekick? Btw, someone pointed out to me sometime ago that Jim Dale, who plays Doc Terminus in that movie, is the guy who does the Harry Potter audiobooks. So that's pretty cool. I love when my fandoms randomly crossover.

Astros @ the Fish yesterday and for the record, AUBREY HUFF SUCKS. **laughs** I disliked him immensely by the third inning, and he didn't endear himself to me any further in the 8th. I had the game figured for a 1-0, or 2-1 final, but the baby pitcher puncher saw to that. It was a really well-pitched mano-y-mano game from Willis and Oswalt for awhile. Neither factored into the decision, though. Of course. Also, I had no idea about Huff's father! (He was shot and killed breaking up a fight, when Huff was six.) How terrible.

Couple notes of interest on the A's: DJ has been sent down, which I know saddens [Bad username or site: cookie2697 / @ livejournal.com]. Oh the upswing, Swish will be playing first, and my tickets for next week are on the first baseside (where I rarely ever sit, so that's gonna be weird). So. Silver lining. Kinda. Yes. Also, Rich won't travel with the team to Baltimore, since he wanted to get a second opinion on his elbow before he started throwing again. Hope he hasn't had a **coughs** setback **coughs**. I thought it was interesting that he would have his agent tell the front office he didn't want to throw, as opposed to feeling comfortable enough with the training and pitching staff to say "I don't feel right doing this." Or whatever. Or maybe Urban just likes to stir shit up, and that's fairly par for the course. Chavvy is sitting out the Boston series which, quite frankly, scares the hell out of me.

Dribblers: The A's have eased up on their unpopular -- with players, anyway -- ban of beer in the clubhouse and on the team plane. Due to liability concerns, the home clubhouse in Oakland will remain dry because players typically drive to and from work, but visiting teams are welcome to provide their own adult beverages, and the A's are once again allowed to partake -- "within reason," a source said -- on the team plane and in the clubhouse while on the road.

Which is all fine and dandy til guys start getting ROWDY on the team charter. Just ask [Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com] >.> InsideBayArea said the ban was only three weeks old - anyone know what prompted it? **pointedly looks in the general direction of a sophomore closer**

Hmm, three months ago today, a handful of us woke up and lost our collective shit for a few days over the thought that Beck had traversed beyond the veil, never to be seen or heard from again. Which begs the question - have you hugged your favorite fandom writers recently? ^_~ And are all the Beck secondary archives up to date? :P

eta: [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com], have you heard about Crank?
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( Jun. 21st, 2006 10:42 pm)
([Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com], on the subway, I saw a brother in a pink and white striped polo shirt, and a pink Tigers hat. Congratulations. You guys have officially arrived.)

Man, what a game. A good game to see play out if pitching turns you on, even if the end result wasn't terribly fun. Nolasco and Bedard were going at it mano-a-mano for a time before things fell apart for Ricky and the O's went up on him. Then when Bedard put Wes and Hermida on and proceeded strike out Olivo, Aguila and Reggie? So intense, and I have to say, as someone who really was never keen on Bedard, I was really expecting him to start looking over his shoulder at the bullpen. Instead, he handled it himself, and how. For one inning, OPCY was completely in love with him. A career night in strikeouts for him - 12, I think, was the final tally. He fuckin' owned Cabrera, 0-4 with three strikeouts, and it pissed Cabrera off to no end. I really missed Jake and Uggla in the lineup tonight, and I think the rest of the lineup did, too. Also, in two consecutive nights, I've seen Wes Helms botch plays at first, SO PLZ TO NOT BE BENCHING JAKE FOR HIM EVER THNX.

OH, and [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com], you're gonna be so mad at me, lol. Yesterday, MelMo got hit in the kneecap and left the game. Today, Ricky hit him in the side, and MelMo, who is seriously a sweetheart, seemed to start jawing at him halfway up the line to first, and started towards him and the benches emptied. I heard on the radio coming home that when MelMo looked at Nolasco, Nolasco was like "0-2, man" (as in OBVIOUSLY I wasn't trying to hit you, yo), and we know it doesn't take much to set a guy off when he's been hit. Normally, I'm all BRAWLS YAY, but I was really, really glad it dissipated quickly and no punches were thrown or purses flung.

Surprised to see Ray come in for the 9th, though it was kind of neat, seeing him for the first time as an official closer. After the game was over, and the Marlins had filed into the clubhouse, Hanley was still in the Marlins dugout, hanging over the railing, watching the Orioles highlights play on the jumbotron. He had a crap night, a couple neat defensive plays but didn't get one out that could have curtailed the big inning, and he did nothing at the plate. Keeping in mind that he just recently busted an 0-29 slump, I'm sure he was pressing. Kiss, pookie.

Haven't uploaded today's pics yet, and I really need to get to bed so I can get up and out of here and back to VA tomorrow morning, so that will probably be done sometime tomorrow.

I don't have a ticket for tomorrow's game, since I got outbid on ebay (LAMENESS), so I don't know if I'm still gonna take the half day and go. On the one hand, I'd like to see this series play out, and I'd love to see them start their new streak...but on the other, I'm REALLY not feeling OPCY on the picture taking front, and I hope to see the boys week after next in DC, anyway. I guess I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Oh, and for the record, if you've thought Ozzie Guillen was amusing in the past, that's one thing, but after this whole hullabaloo with Jay Mariotti, and the other dumb shit that's gone down in the last week, if you still find him and his bullshit to be fun times, I really don't even want to know you. "I don't have anything against those people"? Fuck off, Ozzie. He's an embarassment, and I wish MLB would grow some balls and start regulating on this kind of stuff.

On a tangentially related note, Bri has decided she hates the White Sox way more than she ever hated the Red Sox. I feel a corner has been turned.
What's up, f-list? I'm supposedly working a half day before I head home to stalk the Marlins. And by Marlins, I mean Mike Jacobs, WHO HAD BEST BE DHING THIS SERIES. I'm doing a very bad job of the whole "working" part of it.

My kingdom for mp3s of Jennifer Lopez's Waiting For Tonight (english or spanish version would be fine) and some Enrique Iglesias? I'm randomly in the mood. I'm looking for his cover of Sad Eyes, Bailamos, Be With You, Rhythm Divine... Come on, people. I know I'm not the only one who sprung for that cd.

My brother tells me that Peter Parker revealed his identity to the world at large in compliance with some crazy superhero registration act and that Storm is marrying Black Panther. BANANAS, f-list mio. Bananas!
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( May. 25th, 2006 03:27 pm)
Gallery of some of the pics I took at the game last night. I really need curb my shakes, or invest in an image stablizer already. All my Willy T pics from when he was signing came out blurry, as did all my stalkeriffic pics of Munson in the bullpen. ALAS. But a gold star to the person could can explain to me what the hell is wrong with Ryan Zimmerman.

Before uploading, I dropped the resolution on my pics from 230 pixels/inch to 96; if you want the original higher res image of any of the pics for some reason, just let me know.

What is with MLB.com and all this performance and music related crap now? What makes TPTB think I go to mlb.com to hear the latest in music releases? This kind of pollution of my sports fandom annoys me. Someone make it stop.

Is it "Sar-los", "Sar-lose", "Sar-loose", or none of the above?
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( May. 24th, 2006 11:04 pm)
Back from the game! I had a great time, which I suppose is the benefit of being only a part-time fan of the losing club. By the time we got there I wasn't nervous anymore, I was just looking forward to a good game. I was fairly unconcerned with who won or lost, and tied 1-1 in the 7th, part of me started daydreaming of extra innings and hours of watching these guys keep it close. The balk: I honestly cannot recall being in a stadium of 20,000 people and getting the sense that every person in the place went "...wait a minute...wasn't that--?" at the exact same time. Roy O. balks in the tying run in a 1-0 game. This is the kind of thing I bring out in people. When that second call to the bullpen went out, I knew it would be Lidge, and in about 0.122234 seconds, I went from not caring who won or who lost to "omg, please just don't let him be the reason they lose this game." And granted, the runner that scored the tie-breaker was inherited, but still. That poor dear. In the manner of Little Jenny, I wished that he were a bird. I don't think I have ever wanted to give someone a hug as badly as I wanted to give Brad Lidge a hug after that wild pitch scored another run. I confess, I started laughing around the third run, that "I knew this was going to happen but I cannot believe it is happening" laughter where what's happening is so not funny that it's hilarious. Or maybe that's just me.

I took approximately 200 pictures and I think they might all be of Eric Munson >.> I like none so well as this. I'm fairly easy to please ^_~
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( May. 24th, 2006 07:50 am)
Being an evil person, [Bad username or site: cruzalicious / @ livejournal.com] emailed me yesterday about DVDempire's Paramount sale. Bunch of movies on sale for $5.99, three or more gets you free shipping. I personally recommend this, this, and this. Classics of modern cinema. Yes :P

This was linked to on [Bad username or site: athleticsphotos / @ livejournal.com] and I'd never seen it so: Z on At Home With Lisa Guerrero (YSI). Lemme know if you have trouble with the YSI; it's also up on sendspace. Fairly fun clip, once I got past putting a face to Scott Erickson's wife. I'd be curious to know if Beck had seen this when she wrote Artists & Pitchers. He's very on here, which makes me wonder if he really did just roll out of bed for the other piece with the local ABC crew ^_~ Also, when Guerrero makes that comment about him happily trading in his Cy Young for a Grammy, just...breathe. I'm sure that was a joke.

Scott Olsen, meanwhile, can't seem to keep the guys off him:

In a tense scene caught by television cameras, Girardi grabbed starting pitcher Scott Olsen by the jersey after the third inning and pulled the left-hander to a corner of the Marlins' dugout.

Girardi could be seen chewing out Olsen, who appeared to shout back and wave his arms. The confrontation was nowhere near the physical spat Olsen had three nights earlier with reliever Randy Messenger, who socked him in the eye during a disagreement away from the ballpark after Saturday's game in St. Petersburg against Tampa Bay.
-- Marlins win on Jacobs' hit in the ninth

[The Marlins hadn't] won in 24 previous tries when trailing after seven innings. It was ... just their third win in their past 15 games at home and, coupled with Monday's victory over the Cubs, gave them their first series win at home this season. -- Music to the Marlins' ears.

Oh man, it sounds so...futile...when you put it like that >.>

Cubs and Marlins play a day game today, and we're not leaving for the Astros/Nats til 4, so I should be able to catch the game (on WGN! Yay!), much to Florida's chagrin. I'm so nervous about the Astros game, lol. I don't know why.
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( May. 18th, 2006 02:39 pm)
Small gallery from the Mets/Phillies game Leanne and I went to a week ago. Leanne was pretty grumpy the whole night, which I suppose is understandable when your team is getting roughed up, and this annoying girl you met on the internet keeps sticking her camera in your face.

She's totally gonna make me take that vid down :P

eta: What's this? The O's and Melvin Mora have agreed on a contract extension? Just in time for me to be able to stomach wearing an O's t-shirt to the Nats/O's game? Thanks, guys. You spoil me.

edit 2: I think all the Astros fans on my f-list have those pesky job things, but if you're in the vicinity of a tv with cable, Adam Everett will be on ESPNews at 3:40pm EST.
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( May. 18th, 2006 09:55 am)
So The Da Vinci Code is getting pannnnnnnned. I'm kind of weird about reviews; sometimes I pay attention to them and sometimes I don't. If it's an action movie, I pretty much expect critics to pan it, and I'll go see it anyway, because usually I adore it beyond measure (Doom). Of course sometimes the critics are actually right (Ultraviolet) and then I just feel like a dumbass.

But when it's a movie like The Da Vinci Code with people like Ron Howard and Tom Hanks aboard, I figure critics are gonna give it a fair shake, because I am hardpressed to think of any two people who just can't do any wrong in the eyes of movie critics. But despite their involvement in this effort, the film has gotten a pretty rough reception. So, to tell you the truth, I don't think I'd go see it at this point, I tend to need Joel, Servo and Crow along to make a poorly executed movie worthwhile, but [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com] seems only encouraged by the bad reviews ^_~ (11:45am screening at Owings Mills okay?)

Bought tickets for the game Sunday with Josh. Almost went with Loge seats in M31, since I've never sat in the Loge seats and I seemed to remember [Bad username or site: acroarcs / @ livejournal.com] saying he liked the view from there, but I punked out at the last minute and went with seats in section 220 that were only going for 10 bucks more.

Not much planned for today; I spent yesterday reading, so today will be tv I think. Yesterday I read some more of Three Nights in August, decided I'd take a little break from that to read a few chapters of School Days, and ended up finishing School Days in - well, not one sitting, I stopped for lunch, but I'd finished it by the afternoon. I do kind of miss the days when the Spenser stories were more involved, a great many storylines and characters and you never knew who was up to what. With Parker writing more in his other series, I feel like the Spenser stories have gotten streamlined so there's usually just one storyline, Spenser solves the mystery, you get a few cameos from older characters along the way, and that's that. I still like these streamlined stories, but I do sometimes miss the weighter plots. There was no Hawk in this one, sadly, but on the plus side, there was minimal Susan, so I suppose it evens out ^_~

I have to do some chores - vacuuming, yay. The old-fashioned way, Andie ^_~ No scary self-directed vacuums here. But then Life on Mars and a couple eps of Veronica Mars. Well, technically, I'll watch those tonight. It's get-away day, and almost all the games are day games ^_^

The Mountain Goats, The Unicorns, and Rocky Votolato showed up on [Bad username or site: ysi_leftovers / @ livejournal.com] which seemed to me a sign that I should check them out already. Well, a sign where The Mountain Goats are concerned. I'm already kinda sweet on Rocky Votolato from the time [Bad username or site: shadow_shimmer / @ livejournal.com] pimped him.

eta: OH, and I will get off my ass and upload those pics, [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com]. Yes. That's second on my list, after vacuuming.
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( May. 17th, 2006 07:09 pm)
I'm awful, just awful. I give up to [Bad username or site: avaio / @ livejournal.com] one Michael James Jacobs, who couldn't hit to save his life with men in scoring position, and he has a career night with six rbi. I officially take under my wing one Hanley Ramirez, and he strains his shoulder while striking out. [Bad username or site: lovingthecubs / @ livejournal.com], you may be amused to know that Andino (the young wannabe member of the CC Hat Brigade) was called up. [Bad username or site: angisageek / @ livejournal.com], you didn't end up adopting him, so you may not care, but Eric Reed was sent down. I'm sure that was in no way a consequence of you tossing him by the wayside for the dumbass who set himself on fire :P

So I decided I was pretty over getting spammed by images of teams and players I'm not all that concerned about, so I'm personally dumping [Bad username or site: mlbphotos_yahoo / @ livejournal.com], and I set up new team-specific feeds, because, yes, if there's anything LJ needs, it's me creating more baseball related syndicated feeds >.> If you're interested:

[Bad username or site: espn_flaphotos / @ livejournal.com]
[Bad username or site: espn_oakphotos / @ livejournal.com]
[Bad username or site: espn_houphotos / @ livejournal.com]

They're just team-specific AP photo feeds through ESPN. The big reason I originally set up the Yahoo feed was because they occasionally carry Getty images, but I figure I can just check in every now and again. Also, it may just be my eyes, but it seems to me that the ESPN pics are slightly better resolution than the Yahoo images, so there you go.

Gary Matthews, Jr. was on MLB Midday ^_^ Yay. I liked Gary.

[Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com], it looks like NY is off; we're gonna do the Marlins DH in Philly instead. Which means KC is almost definitely, certainly, on. I'll try and get an answer out of ResLife tomorrow, on when I could start moving into my dorm room; if it's early enough for me to unpack before the weekend, hopefully I can buy my tickets and we can talk about hotel arrangements and the like. **crosses fingers**

eta: Also, my dad's SI arrived today, and Pujols is on the cover for like the 817th time this spring, don't ask me how he managed that. But INSIDE there is a profile of Josh Willingham (married, incidentally, to a woman named Ginger. Sorry, Bri) and Huston Street rates the Street Bobblehead a 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 4. There's also a completely unnecessary two page close up of Hideki Matsui fracturing his wrist :/
[Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com] thinks I should come down for the four game A's/Royals weekend series in KC in August. She's being a v. bad influence. I'd be more seriously considering it if I didn't already have quasi-plans in the air for an early July trip to New York, and I can't really justify doing both. I may not even be here, because my mom keeps mentioning me going to Morocco for some part of the summer, but I don't know how serious she is about that. She talks about it every summer.

Don't want anything from the new bpal update, though And There Was A Great Cry In Egypt caught my eye (from the new Salon collection). But I'm definitely priced out at $23 a bottle (plus shipping so, hello $30 bottle, I think not). Yesterday I was quite ready to order a bottle of Yemaya, but I've talked myself down since; yay team me.

Read some story on how there was supposed to be a TWW tribute show before the series finale this Sunday, but squabbling over pay led to NBC axing it. So NBC won't be doing any kind of sendoff at all, which is kinda...wow. I knew things had gotten bad, and the show was struggling, but wow. It's all very "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out," you know? Then again, I haven't decided if I'm even gonna watch the finale, so I can't really talk.

Quelle surpris! Kinda hurt my heart to read, even though you could see it coming from a mile away. Garner's sweet, though, all He's still my closer, when. Come on. 109 (and counting!) newspaper headlines to the contrary, my friend.

Other things getting me all emotional early this morning - the Mother's Day player postcards.

I was having trouble watching the games online yesterday and it was really pissing me off. As were other things. I'm feeling very Tar baby sit still and don't say nothing all at once.

And you know what else? There should be a way for you to force journals to defriend you, for fuck's sake. Like, a cyber crowbar. Work with me, Eljay. For the most part, I don't mind if people keep my journal friended when we aren't mutual friends, but dead journals? serial adders? rp journals? I just want them to go away. I should be able to make them go away, Eljay. Thank you to the handful of RP handlers who did remove me when asked.
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( May. 12th, 2006 03:44 pm)
Deadwood may be done at HBO - If this does turn out to be the last hurrah, I'm honestly not too upset about it. I've seen too many of my old favorites limp off the air, or just found myself losing interest in characters I'd adored not too long before. I'd be okay with seeing Deadwood off after just three seasons, because if the third year is even half as good as the first two, it will be quality television from start to finish, and three solid, quality years is enough of a run for any show to be proud of.

Guess what? It turns out that Home Depot makes available a "major league baseball official fan guide" booklet, and it contains the schedules for all 30 clubs. How awesome is that? I've got almost all the individual club schedules (btw, [Bad username or site: __dtrain / @ livejournal.com], thanks for the Marlins!) on my wall, and now I have all the schedules in one neat pocket-sized booklet. Well done, Home Depot. Well done. My dad says he picked up this one for me at the beginning of the season, so I don't know if they have anymore, but if anyone wants me to check next time I have to run errands, I'm happy to.

Speaking of, got a call today from my friend Josh. He says "so, we talked about going to an O's-Nats game, right?" Um. I guess so. It sounds like something I would have said, but I don't know why people hold me to these things. So I guess I'm going to see the O's and Nats, which makes it unlikely I'll also see Andy's start, but such is life. I'd prefer to see the game at RFK, which is next weekend, so I told him I'd check the tickets situation and get back to him. If the prices look too crazy, I'm sure we can get tickets to the O's and Nats at OPCY in June or whenever.

eta:[Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com], my dad just offered me tickets to the O's-Royals game tonight. I said I didn't feel like going ^_~

edit 2: Better late than never, Mychael: Call me crazy, but there isn't a better-looking man in baseball than Cardinals pitcher Mark Mulder. Alas, our female fans are out of luck. He's off the market. ... The marriage market, that is. Got engaged in the offseason.

Also, that whole piece was special.


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