I don't know why it is, exactly, but lately I find myself regressing into a lot of my old habits. I'm back to listening to my mp3s a lot more. Back to spending absurd amounts of money on ebay. Back to staying up late(r).

And I find myself playing around with icons again. I imagine this won't last, and that it will prolly be another year before I put together enough icons to merit a post, but hey. It was nice to feel remotely creative again.

there is such an ache in my heart )
Couldn't sleep last night, so I figured I'd clean out my picture folders (28 days and counting to ST, don't you know). I came across a bunch of stock bases in my To Be Iconned folder. Some of these have been in that folder for several months now, so I think I can stop pretending I'm ever going to do anything with them. Seemed a shame just to delete them, since I was a big fan of the original images, so I posted them to [Bad username or site: basicbases / @ livejournal.com]. Adding them here, for my memories, since [Bad username or site: basicbases / @ livejournal.com] is FO.

No real overarching theme to the set - just bases of females of color, of couples (interracial, gay, straight), of friends, hobbies, misc....

i am thinking about the woman in a century of peace )
Quick and dirty batch 'til [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com] or the one other iconmaker who wasn't rooting for the Tigers makes a set for Cards fans. Also, I confess, I wanted to abuse the grunge textures and the peas fonts.


''The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. '' - Ayn Rand )
[Bad username or site: tacos_rebellion / @ livejournal.com] makes these cartoon icons for The Office - US, and they are, quite possibly, the greatest thing since Edy's Raspberry Chip Royale ice cream. They give me warm fuzzies ^_^

Alex said I should make Tigers icons. I'm really not one for requests, but then she didn't really phrase it as a request. Plus, I've never slept well outside of my own home. So. A small batch of icons with blanks/alternates because I only had like 20 Tigers pics anyway.


''We can still be hunted, absolutely we can. And we can't lose sight of that. But if we don't lose sight of that, we can't be. ...Does that make any sense?'' -- Todd Jones, on Detroit taking an 8 1/2 game lead in the AL Central. )
A small icon dump. I really haven't been inspired on the icon front for months, just making one here and there, and then either using it myself, or setting it aside because I didn't much like it. But I've been thinking that I want to try my hand at a batch of the Fish. To that end, I need to clear off my proverbial table, so here's some stuff I had been messing around with.

''The baseball mania has run its course. It has no future as a professional endeavor.'' - The Cincinnati Gazette, 1879 )

All images of Rosie are courtesy the Rosario-Dawson.net gallery.

Wow, Prison Break returns on the 21st? That's...like, soon. Whoo.
+ Man, the Cubans were annoying the everloving shit out of me. I just wanted them to PLAY THE DAMN GAME. Except the Cuban translator. I love the Cuban translator. She could be translating the obits for all the life she shows out there on the field. It's completely hilarious. The announcers spent 5 minutes at one point musing over the haircut El Commandante's son apparently went out and got. Which might lead you to believe it was a boring game, but it was actually really, very awesome. I was half-heartedly rooting for Puerto Rico, so of course they stranded runners left and right. Made it interesting every inning, though. And the guys were so. into. it. It gets me where I live that they're so into games...in March. I mean, Pudge does nothing for me, but the way he slammed his helmet into the ground after he being called out at home trying to tie the game? I approve of that kind of desire to deliver. Try not to be a complete fucking asshole this year, Pudge.

Slept through Korea/Japan. U.S. has a chance to advance now, as Korea remains undefeated. Meh. On the other hand, it's kind of funny to me, since Ichiro was all "Japanese baseball >>>>>> all other Asian baseball." Whoops, guess not.

+ I love that LJ finally really truly gets that all the people want? more userpics. Extra storage space? Who needs that shit. A photo scrapbook? I have photobucket and imageshack for that, thanks. Yet another increase in userpics, just months after the last bump? By George. I do think they've got it. Which really just means I now have more slots for icons I like having in my rotation, even though I rarely ever use them. Which is fine by me.

So, seriously. Ability to edit comments. There's got to be a way. As Mariah once sang.

+ It has been far too long, methinks, since I have seen the poetry meme floating around. I do so love the poetry meme. If you see this, please post a poem you like, either in comments here, or in your own lj.

I seem to have this thing for Eastern European poets )

And/Or: a quote that makes you go hmmmmmmm. I resemble that remark!

For my part, I stumbled across this line from Kafka the other day:

What have I in common with Jews? I have hardly anything in common with myself and should stand very quietly in a corner, content that I can breathe.
– from a letter of January 8, 1914

Tell me about it. Though I would have to substitute ooooh, Americans, Blacks, Arabs, Muslims, Women... ^_~

+ Alright, off to Richmond. Going in early so I can get back for the Housing Lottery. Cross your fingers for me that there isn't some kind of crazy accident on 64 this afernoon.
+ David cracks me up. "What else am I going to do? I have no life." -- David Wright, who was given Monday off, when asked if he'd stay for the game against Cleveland.

+ Venezuela v. DR was a really fun game to watch. Johan Santana seemed shook, right out of the gate. I wish Cabrera's ball off the wall had been a homer to tie it, that would have been heady. Jorge Julio came in late and gave up a bunch of runs to the DR to let them pull away -- SO glad he's not our problem anymore. Watched part of the U.S./Mexico game after; RoLo pitched really well, I was proud of him. Mexico had nothing doing as far as advancing runners - double plays every time someone came up on base. Meh. On the other hand, those were some damn pretty double plays the U.S. was turning, so I can't hate too much. The announcers kept pronouncing Gil as "gill". I wanted to shoot them in the face. My bud Amy was at that game; she had better have not forgotten about my t-shirt! ^_~

I'm gonna miss Canada v. U.S. today, but as the Canadians could barely beat the much joked about South Africans, I don't suspect I'll be missing much.

+ Kelly Clarkson's Because of You is quite possibly the whiniest song I've ever heard. Upon googling the lyrics and considering the song as a whole, I'll allow that it's not THAT whiny ^_~

+ Apparently Cards fans think Cubs fans are defacing their signs. Hilarious. While Cubs fans were wringing their hands over the health of Kerry Wood and Mark Prior, and wondering if Juan Pierre would be the answer at the leadoff spot, Cardinals fans were calling for an investigation into the bird-nappings. Why weren't the police on the case immediately? Certainly criminal charges needed to be filed against the perpetrators. If the perps could be identified, that is. No one desecrates the Cardinals logo and gets away with it! Harrumph.

Why, I'll bet some Cardinals fans were sharpening their scissors, making plans to exact their revenge on Cubs billboards, thinking, "You're not going to get away with this, you lousy Cubbies."

lol, I kind of love it when people make fun of Cardinals fans :-P (not that I love you any less, [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com])

+ Anyone seen Ultraviolet? I'm kind of amused that it has a 5% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes. I don't think I've ever seen a movie with so low a rating. Then again, only 40 or so reviews so far. [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com], I can go tomorrow, if you still want? I'll be back in MD by tomorrow morning.

+ Headed out of town for the day. My dad says I'll get lost. I don't think I will, but I'll accept all good, directions-focused vibes ^_^

+ For tags purposes: 23 ST camp minicons/bases posted to [Bad username or site: baseball_icons / @ livejournal.com] (here). And anyone who was waiting on a second batch of general ST icons? Just not gonna happen, sorry.
Behind the cut
01-15 Oakland Athletics (Feb. 18)
16-23 Houston Astros (Feb. 17)
24-33 Cleveland Indians (Feb. 16)
34-43 Boston Red Sox (Feb. 18)
44-60 New York Yankees (Feb. 16)
61-63 New York Mets (Feb. 16)
64-68 Detriot Tigers (Feb. 15)
69-72 Baltimore Orioles (Feb. 16)
73-76 Washington Nationals (Feb. 18)
77-94 Assorted others
95-102 Minnesota Twins (Feb. 19)


It's the fans that need spring training. You gotta get 'em interested. Wake 'em up and let 'em know that their season is coming, the good times are gonna roll. - Harry Caray )

Thanks to [Bad username or site: schnaucl / @ livejournal.com] for the rose, and to Chelsea for stopping in to say hi. I miss you too, babe! You both made my morning ^_^

And.......meanwhile, I totally forgot to mail my brother his birthday card. Whoops :-P
Um, Zito and Huddy have both pulled out of the WBC? Sadness! Huddy's not such a surprise, but that kinda sucks about Z.

Also, apparently Javy doesn't want to be traded after all. I'm sure he had his change of heart right around the time he noticed NO ONE WANTS HIS ASS. Orioles came to terms with Luis Matos, which apparently just leaves B-Rob and Rodrigo Lopez pending arbitration. I love how back assward our FO is. Yeah, handle those two guys last. Good plan. My dad says his friend at work who normally hooks me up with his extra season tickets asked after me. Wanted to know if there are any games I want tickets for this summer. I told him no. See? WILL OF STEEL, people. Yeeeeup.

Jeff pimped this page of BoSox pics taken by [Bad username or site: misscalculation / @ livejournal.com], and don't look now, but I kinda might have to do a batch of Sox icons at some point. Some of those are just too shiny.

[Bad username or site: call_me_daisy / @ livejournal.com] posted BSG icons I actually felt inclined to upload into my userpics. Yay! She also makes awesome L Word icons, and it pleases me beyond measure when an iconmaker I like branches out into my other fandoms. Because then I can be lazy.


Ghost Whisperer is a 'hit drama'? Seriously?
US okays Cuba's participation in the World Baseball Classic. **rolls eyes** About time. Much like the A-Rod drama, this shouldn't even have been an ongoing story. Dumbasses.

Anyway, I was cleaning out comms I don't participate in any more and saw this in [Bad username or site: sip / @ livejournal.com]: Letter from Terry )

In this week's Sporting News, Dave Sheinin writes: At the December 29 memorial service for franchise foundation Elrod Hendricks, the congregation included such former Orioles as Brooks Robinson, Cal Ripken and Eddie Murray, but only one current Oriole, 3B Melvin Mora, showed up. There is perhaps no greater proof of the disconnect between the old Oriole Way and the disgraceful current state of the franchise.

He's preaching to the converted, but I'm glad to see the guys taking flack in more than the local papers, because I'm still not over it. Sheinin also writes A-Rod, announce you're playing the World Baseball Classic (and for whom), or shut up. Man, apparently there's nothing to writing for TSN. I could do it with my eyes closed ^_~

In the spotlight on AL starting pitchers, Jason Beck writes Bonderman is a consistent changeup away from stardom. On the Yankees, Mark Feinsand writes RHP Mike Mussina is a proven veteran. LOL, what? No comment on the elbow problems that slowly throttled his season? Okay then. Also, there seems to be some confusion as to whether the Cards or the White Sox have the best and deepest rotation in baseball. How there can be confusion on that point is beyond me, but whatever. Quite possibly the most pointless two page baseball spread in any magazine, ever. It's a good thing I don't actually PAY for this thing.

A gold star to the person who can explain to me why LJ seems to think I'm a member of [Bad username or site: drain_bamage / @ livejournal.com], as opposed to just a friend. It's driving me nuts. Also, general heads up - my icon posts are gonna be wonky for a few days, I'm shifting stuff over from my domain to a couple new photobucket accounts.

ETA: Tonight's SG-1 involves alternate realities? DAMN IT. They know I can't resist AU eps. That's low, SG-1. That's so low.
AHAHAHAHA. I love this move to ESPN 2. I missed my boys. I did. (Some Dallas reporter suggested that ESPN would eventually make a Mike & Mike movie, and he named Chris Kattan as the actor who would play Greeny. Greeny was upset; he wanted to be played by Jon Stewart. Golic pointed out why Kattan was a better match XD)

Anyway, [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com]: so zito woke up one morning and something wasn't quite right . . .  )

Hope they're light enough for you. I never know how brightness will translate on someone else's monitor.

Also, seriously, if you're one of the two baseball fans on my f-list who do not have [Bad username or site: candle_beck / @ livejournal.com] friended, get thee to a nunnery! you need to head on over and check out The Exciting Adventure of Zito On The Floor. Hilarity, people.

"You don't think I'm cool, goodlooking, and funny?"
"... I think you're funny."
"That's it?"
"Well, one out of three ain't bad. You go one for three in baseball and you're a millionaire. You're Miguel Tejada."

**loves on my dorky morning sports talk show hosts**
Some stuff I've been kicking around for a little while; figured they're as done as they're gonna get. Last baseball set til the WBC, I imagine.

Behind the cut
01-05 Cards
06 Knobby (yeah, I know. Random much?)
07-15 Mets (mainly Wright, Reyes; couple random)
16 I don't know how to describe this one. The Rangers, after a fashion.
17-25 blanks of texty icons
26-45 Bases that I could never quite figure out what to do with (Moose, The Big Three, Cards, Mets, Astros)


'No baseball fan has to explain his mania to any other baseball fan. They are a fraternity. It is less easy, often it is hopeless, to try to explain it to anyone else. You grow technical, and you do not make sense. You grow sentimental, and you are deemed soft in the head. How, the benighted outsider ask you with no little condescension, can you grow sentimental about a cold-blooded professional sport?' - John K. Hutchens )
I'm pretty mentally useless after exams. I give you the results of some recent post-exam icon binges.

Behind the cut
01-07 Mussina (Mostly from the ALMOST AT AN END Yankees era), Jorge/Andy
08-14 A's (The Big Three, 1 Harden)
15-17 Wright, Reyes, Francoeur
18-23 Cards
24-25 Backe
26-45 Mussina bases (all NYY era)

04. // 15. // 24.

'This is America,' my father used to say to me, 'and in this country, a smart young fellow like you can grow up and do just about anything.' My dad, no doubt, was thinking doctor, lawyer, teacher, scientist or businessman. I was thinking second baseman, New York Yankees. -- Senator Joe Lieberman )

I emailed TPTB at Gettyimages to let them know they had 4 photos of Kevin Brown and 1 photo of Jason Giambi miscaptioned as pictures of Moose. Man, doesn't anyone take pride in doing their job right anymore? Jason Giambi. I mean, honestly.
I can't sleep, so what the hell. Forty-five icons I made over the past season and never posted anywhere.

Most are textless because the text fairy abandoned me months ago, but if you'd like a blank of a texty icon, lemme know. I might still have the PSD file. Feel free to modify textless icons; I used to care about that shit, but honestly, whatever. Want, take, have. Live long and prosper. May God stand between you and harm in all the empty places where you must walk.

Behind the cut
01-15 Orioles
16-21 NYY, 1 Boston (guess I topped out on Boston icon love after the ALCS last year)
22-29 Astros, 1 Ecks
30-45 A's (Harden, Zito)

If you nab anything, a comment and credit is appreciated. X-posted to [Bad username or site: baseball_icons / @ livejournal.com] (here).


// //

There are three things in my life which I really love: God, my family, and baseball. The only problem - once baseball season starts, I change the order around a bit. )

[Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com], the last three were my tries at your Zeet arm-fetish icon, but I wasn't blown away by the final results. I'm still working on one for you ^_~ Btw, all this time, I've heard about Z's birthmark but I never noticed it until I was making #45.
ayrdaomei: ([H2G2] Arthur and Tricia!)
( Oct. 14th, 2005 06:13 pm)
The A's rehired Ken Macha? Um...what?

In other news, I've opened and closed Photoshop three times today. I got nothing happening on the icon front. Nothing. It's annoying.

The Phillies are allegedly interested in hiring Brian Cashman. **giggles** I'm just gonna sit in a corner and laugh about how funny that is.

( Okay, it's actually not all that funny. )

Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams is on the Elizabethtown soundtrack. I love that song, and it's a nice try, but I'm still not going to see that movie.
ayrdaomei: ([Coupling] Steve/Jeff - Lesbians!)
( Aug. 15th, 2005 06:51 pm)
Kinda been a while, eh?

Some of these I'm really happy with...and some of them seem just one step away from clicking. I hate that! But here they are, since I wanted to get them up before I get back to school, and I really need to start packing. I'm still not sure how this set didn't turn out to be all Shane and Alice and Dana.

09. // 13.

she's nothing but porcelain underneath her skin )
Made 42 bases from the cute video for First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes for one of the gals over at [Bad username or site: basicbases / @ livejournal.com]. Here for memories (I love that comm, but their "no fake-cuts!" rule SUCKS given that all the posts are friends-only). The screencaps came from a couple sites that were streaming the vid so I did a teeeeeny bit of sharpening on some of the blurrier images but otherwise they're untouched.

l. // u. // a.

this is the first day of my life...I'm glad I didn't die before I met you )

Some people think this video is incredibly sappy. I am not one of those people. Wait, okay, I am one of those people. But I love it anyway :-P
Couldn't sleep, so I made 45 bases from the pretty video for LeAnn's new song, Probably Wouldn't Be This Way. Normally when I make bases from random things I just keep 'em to myself, but **shrug** (posted to [Bad username or site: basicbases / @ livejournal.com], and here, for memories).

x. // y. // z.

I never pictured every minute without you in it...you left so fast )

So the MPAA shut down Btefnet? Fuckers. Thankfully, I only used it to keep up with Deadwood really, and HBO reruns the hell out of that. I know it sucks big time for some other people, though >.< Ah well, something will fill the gap. Something always does.

ETA: Neil cracks me up. [A] new DVD recorder arrived. It has a friendly HELLO message on the screen when you turn it on, which is nice. What's not so nice is that it doesn't see any input of any kind, plays a prerecorded DVD about one time in five, and resets itself randomly even then. HELLO, it says instead of PLAY, and then the clock starts again at 1:00 and mostly it stops working completely. HELLO.
Some icons that have been cluttering up my desktop...

Behind the Cut:
11 Constantine icons
07 Fantastic Four icons
04 The Incredibles icons (mostly Vi)

Wells looks SO weird in Sox gray )

Incredibles caps by [Bad username or site: scofo / @ livejournal.com]. All the Constantine caps I didn't snurch from Meowmers are my own. F4 caps also my own (from the internet-exclusive trailer which I've only watched about 20 times now) and brush/gradients credit in my user info ^_^


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