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( Jan. 30th, 2009 11:48 am)
As social networking becomes ubiquitous, people with an otherwise steady grip on social etiquette find themselves flummoxed by questions about “unfriending” people: how to do it, when to do it and how to get away with it quietly. . . .

[On Facebook, deleting] friends does not generate a notification of any sort, leaving members to discover they’ve been unfriended only when they find they no longer have access to someone’s profile. It can be a jarring experience, especially considering that the person who dumped you at some point either requested you as a friend or accepted your request (on Facebook, that is how friends are made). . . .

Mr. Blodget asked Facebook to develop new friendship levels that would let users sort their acquaintances by degree of separation. He suggested categories like “ ‘personal friends’ or ‘work friends’ or ‘extra special friends’ or ‘BFFs’ or ‘friends you want to hear meaningless trivia about all day long,’ ” and implored, “Please give me the ability to put friends in these groups without telling them I have done so.”
- Friends, Until I Delete You

...You can't filter your friends on Facebook? Are you kidding me? I would have given up on LJ years ago if that's how it was here. That shoots right into the top 5 of Reasons Why I Will Never Get A Facebook Account, So Stop Asking Me To Already.

Where do you stand on Defriended/Unfriended notices? I've always wished Livejournal did them. I don't automatically remove someone who has removed me - but I do remove such a person more often than not, and just for the sake of keeping my f-list tidy, I wouldn't mind getting a notice, as opposed to only realizing it when I do my once a year check of that Friends Tracker tool.
These are the uncensored versions of the song/video, and I'm not sure whether that makes them more or less funny. I still laughed really, really, really hard. (Originally uploaded to [Bad username or site: ysi_leftovers / @ livejournal.com] by [Bad username or site: shamrock_kid / @ livejournal.com]; reposted here since that comm has closed membership).

[Bleep] In A Box - an SNL Digital Short (feat. Justin Timberlake and...I guess one of the new members of the SNL cast?)

(3mb, mp3)

I personally recommend the video; it's not quite as funny unless you've got the cheesy early 90s (late 80s?)visuals to go along with. The breakdown at 2:11 is especially to die for.

I'm so curious to know how much of a role Justin played in crafting the lyrics. Maybe he called JC in to ghostwrite. I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED.

...okay, either I am just way less irritable with my semester being almost done, or LJ really de-annoyified the new update page (I couldn't resist peeking). Yay, complaining.
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( Dec. 14th, 2006 09:58 pm)
(I had to blow the dust off trusty old Semagic. Because. Just. LJ needs to not debut modifications during exams period, maybe. Or during the holiday season when people are already like suicidal and nerves are on edge and shit. Debut stuff on January 1st! And people will be all hey, cool stuff for the new year. Or something. But I'm no marketing major.)

But moving on! Aimee Mann was on Conan last night! [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com] isn't familiar with her stuff, so I uploaded just a few of my favorites as a sampler: (24mb, zip). Five songs: Video (KCRW performance), That's How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart, Little Bombs, That's Just What You Are, The Scientist (live Coldplay cover). Yes, The Forgotten Arm is my favorite Aimee album :P And I feel like I should say Wise Up is not included in that five favorites only because I've already sent it to her in cd form.

Seeing Aimee reminded me she had that Christmas cd out, so I checked to see if she was touring in support of it. And she is! And she's gonna be in Virginia for two shows next week! But tickets are pricey...too steep for a Christmas show. Good for her though; I didn't realize she was big enough to charge real money ^_~

Roch wrote today:
Anyone else find it interesting, and pretty gutsy, that Mark Mulder wants a one-year contract so he can increase his value and hit the free-agent market again next year?

You'd think a guy who's such a health question would welcome a multi-year deal, but he doesn't lack confidence.

lol. Such a health question. Amused, and I can sorta see his point, if I squint, but I don't think it's terribly surprising. I mean, when I was trying to talk Bri off the ledge earlier in the year, we always said well, he'll just have to play on the cheap next year and show he's healthy and do the free agent dance next off-season. It doesn't really make sense for him to take a crap multiyear offer from anyone - did I miss something? Did the Orioles guarantee him 11 million a year for the next 3 years or something? If he's turning down something like that, then maybe, yeah, you say, the guy's got balls. He could be another Pavano for all he knows. Best to take that kind of money and run. But what can teams possibly be offering him, even long term, when they can't know how he'll come back from surgery? It's no different than what Nomar did, or what Big Frank did, just this past year.

Things People Say To Me That Still Crack Me Up Days Later ~
[Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com]: so it would seem that through persistence and dedication, that you've crafted a drama free f-list
to which I say BOOOOOO!
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( Dec. 14th, 2006 06:40 am)
Last night, had CNN on and Anderson Cooper was talking with someone from the Woodrow Wilson school about the possibility of region-wide war in the Middle East. Across the ticker my eye caught "ACTRESS ANGELINA JOLIE TOLD PEOPLE MAGAZINE IN AN INTERVIEW POSTED ON ITS WEBSITE THAT SHE AND BRAD PITT..."

And I'm like WHAT? SHE AND BRAD PITT WHAT? Are finally getting married? Are breaking up?! murdered six people and ate their flesh? TELL ME.

And the ticker went on to finish "ARE PROUD PARENTS." And I was like "..."

That's newsworthy? They're proud parents? Wtf. And of course the train finally pulled into the station and I realized that there was wasn't much that could have completed that sentence that would have made it worthy of being on the screen at the same time as a discussion of what could potentially set off World War III. Like, maybe if Brad and Angie discovered that Shiloh's blood cures the sick.

Yesterday morning I was talking to a friend again about writing, and the frustration associated with writing. Well, she was talking to me about her troubles. I was listening and offering as much comfort as a sorry non-writer like myself can. She was saying how she hates that she knows what she wants to say but when she goes to write it down, she can't find the right words to communicate what she wants. And it reminded me, like everything else lately, of one of my favorite parts of Waking Life, where Willy goes to see the woman who talks to him about language. After that conversation, I was inspired to post the below clip, just cause. But I didn't at the time, having stuff I needed to be doing. And then last night (before the CNN nonsense), another long conversation brought the scene to mind again, and that's twice, so I'll toss it up, just in case anyone's interested. And I'll put up the audio separately too, since I had clipped that for myself after I saw the movie anyway.

On language and connection - (14mb, avi) or (2mb, mp3)

And since I was clipping anyway - [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com], I know you said you planned to netflix Waking Life eventually, but if you're just in it for the Jesse and Celine, I ripped their appearance in the film. (If you're fans of Before Sunrise/Sunset, yes, that Jesse and Celine).

On collective memory, or as the scene selection menu calls it 'death and reality' - (30mb, avi)

Ugh, I am having no luck finding a workaround for the new update page. Anyone? I hope we're not just stuck with it. LJ, please stop giving me reasons to give up paying for an account. I really, really wish that when they wanted to implement one of these completely unnecessary changes, that for the first week or so, there'd be a little link in the corner of the page or in the livejournal header that says "Hate our obnoxious new "improvement"? Go back to the old way by clicking here." But nooooooooooooooo. I have to spend like days waiting for someone to unearth the 20 hoops I have to jump through to put my journal back THE WAY I LIKED IT. Ugh.

baseball! )
White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski, was at it again, picking a fight, this time with World Series MVP David Eckstein. Pierzynski got into a shoving match with the Cardinals' Eckstein at a Total Nonstop Action Wrestling event on Sunday in Orlando. Also in the melee, Pierzynski ally Dale Torborg, the White Sox conditioning coach and son of Jeff Torborg, slugged Eckstein's brother.
- Chicago Tribune.

How do you start a fight with David Eckstein? He's like 5 foot nothing. You have to be AN ASSHOLE to start a fight with a guy who's 5 foot nothing. Unless he insulted your mother. And in AJ's case.....

And for FUCK'S SAKE, will LJ stop changing its update page layout? Ugh. Now I have to spend 20 minutes figuring out how to opt-out of LJ's latest bullshit site improvement.
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( Nov. 3rd, 2006 06:36 am)
[Bad username or site: nicole2075 / @ livejournal.com] linked to this pic of Barry at a Halloween party.

And [Bad username or site: sleepall_day / @ livejournal.com] was all I'm assuming Dan Haren was the other cowboy?

And alright, Brokeback jokes are so last year. BUT it made me laugh :P I'm so proud of the fact that the new girl has already clued in on The Greatest Love Story Of Our Time XD

Btw, also over at [Bad username or site: athleticsphotos / @ livejournal.com], [Bad username or site: sleepall_day / @ livejournal.com] posted an Ipod-ready joined file of the Chavvy-Zito appearance on BDSSP from earlier this year.

Just realized The Queen is showing at a theatre in Norfolk, but nowhere else. And Babel opens this weekend in 'select cities' and none of those are in Virginia. Aw. Just as well, though, since I don't have any time at all for a movie: my weekend will be the MPRE and then layout (joy!), and then grf work, and then research into Chase Utley for a Sports Law group project. (I hate group projects. Haaaaate group projects.)

I'm going! I just wanted to share about cowboy!Zito. Because I am easily amused.

eta: This thing where LJ's timestamp is now the time that you post, and not the time that you started writing the post? I approve of that fix; I always went back and changed the time value on my posts, because I start posts and then go do other things, and come back and finish them, so I'd be finally posting something like 3 or 4 hours after I first started putting the entry together. But I imagine that's part of what's causing all the posting errors recently? In which case, I take back some of my bitchiness. But not all of it. Because damn, beta that shit. Oh, and I also like that the tracking notifications now give you the subject line of the post as well as which particular tags triggered the email.
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( Nov. 2nd, 2006 06:06 am)
I know, I know, you guys are on the edge of your seat. Will I do NaNo this year? Well, the answer is....

**music builds**


Try to keep it together, guys. For the children.

I seriously have noooooooooo attention span right now, which apparently I should not worry about, because my Yogi teabag label informs me It is not what you have that is your greatness, it is what you can give. Well then. Thanks, Yogi. Good to know I'll always be able to be of service to other people, even if I am not much use to myself.

By request: Cubsx3, and WS Game 3 )

I wish LJ would stop trying to ram new features I don't give a shit about down my throat. Why don't they try fixing the fact that I can't post or comment without running into some dumb ass error requiring me to do everything twice? Or, here's an idea: re-enable birthday notifications, so I can at least pretend I am not a jackass. Seriously. Someone remind me why I even still have a paid account. Icons aren't really the draw they used to be; I have less fewer than 40 of 111 slots filled as it is.

eta: The Orioles are one of the most dysfunctional franchises going[.] - Mychael Urban, in his column for The Examiner about Barry Bonds.

Thank you, and good night.
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( Oct. 15th, 2006 07:32 pm)
1. St. Louis was a lot of fun. And cold. But a lot of fun.

2. Oakland made me cry. Clearly when I said I would be happy to see either team advance, I meant I would be happy to see the Tigers advance, after crying and moping around for a few hours over Oakland completely failing to show up for the LCS. Didn't see the end of the game, (thank goodness?) since we were already at Busch, and TPTB ixnayed the coverage on the jumbotron in the ninth, as it got closer to gametime for the Cards/Mets. It's easier to be happy for the Tigers when I didn't have to see the crestfallen faces over in the other dugout.

3. [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com] is a lying liar who lies. Especially about me and people whose names start with Hus and end in eet. And about me saying defense doesn't get people hot. (What I said was Scotty's defense only gets Bri hot. And that was IN JEST :P)

4. I can't bring myself to read any of the entries Zito's written since Game 1.

5. I heard the Tigers called a team of destiny four times on the radio today. During the LCS, Alex tried to get me to root for the Tigers by reminding me that certain people I am not keen on were rooting for Oakland. I mostly resisted the urge to give in to my petty side. And now that it's over and the Tigers are the last team standing, I can root for Detroit with a fairly clear conscience. I still don't believe anyone but Alex calls them "the Tigs."

6. lulz, LJ Talk? Yet another venue for me to avoid/block people on? Excellent.

7. When I got off of the plane from Chicago today, I saw the (co?)pilot poking around under the wing with a flashlight. Oookay then.

8. Based on my experience, the St. Louis Cardinals fan is not a patently purer/classier/better breed of fan than fans anywhere else, despite the hype. They can very nice (♥ the guy who offered, out of the blue, to take my picture down by the field) but they can also be just as obnoxious and overbearing as anyone (See the woman who called the Mets fan sitting in front of us a "fucking idiot" because he dared to root for his team after they were down 5-0). My take, anyway. And I'm too lazy to look it up, but if anyone knows what the deal is with calling the Mets "pond scums" (sic), feel free to share.
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( Oct. 8th, 2006 07:28 pm)
Apropos of nothing - I don't get how Pico De Gallo is a salsa, really. It seems to me like it's essentially a tomato salad? And that's how I eat it.

Finally sat down to BSG - I really feel like such a fool for carrying on like I did after the finale. All MY SHOW IS DEAD and such. The BSG creative bunch have carte blanche with me from now on. I'm so excited for this season! I was going to do a reaction post, but I realized it would pretty much be just me going "I loved this a lot a lot!" and nothing much more than that, so I'll spare you. (But that's more me and it's definitely not that the show's lacking in the discussion fodder department given all the parallels to current events and all.)

My one complaint would be more Helo (give him something to do already!), less Lee, plz. Man, I miss the days when I was invested in Lee and the dynamic between him and his father. EJO is good, but that only makes me care when he's on screen.

This Brodie Brazil footage of the A's celebration has been making the rounds on my f-list (thanks [Bad username or site: spluckle / @ livejournal.com]!). I know some people have trouble with quicktime so I used a trial converter and here it is in wmv. The free trial was 5 minutes of encoding and the Brazil footage is 5:06 long, so you miss out on the last few seconds, but it's just someone I can't make out spraying the room with champagne as the clip ends. I trust you'll live. I would just like to point out that champagne really brings out Dan Haren's eyes.

My dad, dork that he is, called me after the Yanks were eliminated yesterday. Because the weather was so crap, I only just got a signal and the voicemail. He's hooting and hollering and apparently, he's never been so happy in his life because the Yanks ARE DONE. **laughs** And people wonder where I get it from.

Is anyone else having issues with the LJ timestamp? It keeps trying to catapult me several hours into the future.
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( Sep. 15th, 2006 07:30 am)
+ If you don't like the new LJ default, you can go back to the old style by selecting it under your settings. I had a mini-crisis when I opted to demo the new LJ style a few days ago and it took me a few minutes to figure out how to go back to the old one.

+ Death Cab tickets for their show at The Norva go on sale in a few hours. I'm gonna try for a couple. I have such bad luck with Death Cab, one of those deals where I always find out they're gonna be in town like the day before, or a couple months after the fact. This is the first time I had a heads up, so we'll see if it works out. Paul Oakenfold is also gonna be at The Norva, and I'm torn as to whether I want to go to his show. I usually enjoy his mixes, and dance around my room like a dork when I listen to them, but I'm not at all one to start dancing in a crowd of people, so I'm not sure there's a point to going to see him spin live.

+ A criminal defense attorney named Esther Windmueller came to speak at the law school yesterday, and there was something very familiar about her. It finally came to me - she looks like an older, less fairskinned Claudia Black. They totally coulda been sisters. Same long dark hair, same nose, similar eyes and lips. It was kinda awesome. She's a very passionate, dynamite speaker. I wish I'd known about her last year; I might have been inclined to try to summer with her. Perhaps I'll email her about the possibility of externing with her office next spring. Or perhaps an externship with the Public Defender? Hmm.

+ Of course, OF COURSE, as soon as I go through the hullabaloo of ordering the Mel Brooks set just to get Robin Hood: Men In Tights, the studio goes ahead and re-releases the Men In Tights dvd singly again. I think you can get it for $9.99 most anywhere; it was advertised at that price in the Best Buy circular.

+ A's stuff )

+ I'm starting to set up that tracking feature for tagged posts, so my f-list will be changing a little over the next few days. Probably not gonna be removing too many people; mostly because I've finally conceded to myself that I'm just not likely to get back to that place where I comment on every entry that pops up on my f-list. (And as always, everyday is amnesty defriending day, and if you're inclined to drop me, go with the flow. I'm not one of those people who's gonna go all emo on you.)

+ I'm so behind on my shows! I haven't even seen the last 4 eps of Deadwood. Which might be a good thing - I don't know anyone who wasn't disappointed by how the series ended :/ A little better with Prison Break, I think I'm only an ep back on that one. But more importantly, The Office is back in less than a week! ♥

+ Supreme Court Preview this weekend! Dahlia will be back (yay!) as will John Yoo (boo!), and many others. It's my favorite event at the law school; I just love sitting back and listening to all these minds discuss really big issues. I love listening to the reasoning as they try to anticipate where the Court will fall on certain questions. It's a lot of fun.

ETA: Oh! new Postal Service? )
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( Aug. 4th, 2006 08:35 am)
In Pittsburgh with me ma, visiting my younger brother. Drove up last night, it was 4 hours on the highway, despite the fact that I was doing 80 miles an hour on average. What the hell. And I had to drive in a tunnel, under a mountain! :( But I didn't get pulled over, so that was nice. And 4 hours is the longest I've ever driven, so that was cool.

I really like my bro's apartment. It has high ceilings. High ceilings are pretty sweet. And wide doors!

I set up a vox account, because all the cool kids were getting vox accounts. Given the fact that two days ago, I was pretty sure I was tired enough of LJ (as seems to happen for a few days every 3 months or so), I'm not sure why I'm bothering up setting up accounts on other blogging sites. But there you go.

BPAL and I are gonna have to break up. Or, BPAL and I are just gonna have to be an offseason thing. Because bpal + baseball = broke ass myr. I think my new order will just be an imp pack of the new Wanderlust scents, because I really want to try Port Royal.

Dan updated his blog. I really do love the little details he shares with us - I mean, I'm not sure I needed to know his brother in law is in law enforcement in the east bay, but the stuff about comp tickets and the guys bartering with teammates for their extra tickets when they have a lot of people coming down to a game? The IRS cracking down on free tickets? That was interesting. And then, of course, OF COURSE, a paragraph dedicated to Barry Zito. Why do I get the feeling that long after Boras gets Zito a disgusting deal somewhere else, Dan's blog will still reference Zito like every other entry. "So, I was talking to Barry on the phone the other day..." lol, I really adore him.

The Marlins are the same number of games back in the Wild Card as the Astros? **laughs**

Birthmonth meme )

the twelve months )

eta: Wow. Okay, the new browse your userpics feature? That's actually kinda nifty.
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( Jun. 22nd, 2006 06:02 pm)
Is it just me, or does it make anyone else uncomfortable when you're talking to someone on IM, or exchanging emails, and said person starts C&Ping you snippets of conversations they've had with someone else? I'm not talking funny-haha quotable stuff that was said. I've noticed it with a lot of people in the past 3 or 4 months that I've dallied back into spending time on IM services. So many of my friends seem to do this, without compunction, that I wonder if I'm off base in feeling that there's something wrong with such a practice. If I'm having a conversation with you, I kind of expect it to stay between me and you, at least insofar as exactly what I said. It doesn't bother me if a friend is having trouble with a mutual friend and she explains to me, in her words, a conversation they recently had or something. But when she just wants to C&P huge chunks of a conversation I was not privy to as it was happening...it kinda squicks me. And of course, then it makes me paranoid, because I start to wonder how many things I've said in IM conversations have gone out in emails or been C&P'd to someone else, completely sans the context in which I said those things. I guess it's silly to think there's anything like an expectation of privacy, but at the same time, I don't really feel like I should have to start every IM conversation with a disclaimer, all "alright, before I start talking to you, I'd just like to know that whatever comes up in this conversation isn't gonna get pasted into an email and forwarded to 3 or 4 people."

I dunno. Is this a gender thing? I was thinking the other day that I have more female friends now than I have ever had in my life, and I just don't remember talking so much about people/drama such that the issue would even come up when I was friends with more guys.

Oh, well. Moving on:

Gallery of some pics from yesterday's game here. Decided against the game tonight, gas money instead to be put towards some tickets in DC ^_~

And I was wrong, btw - EB (hahahaha!) didn't set a career high in strike-outs last night. He set a season-high, and matched his career high. Also, I heard this fairly interesting stat on ESPN Radio this morning: Bedard is the first pitcher since 1918 to, in consecutive starts, end an opposing team's winning streak of 8 games or more. He stopped the Marlins at 9 games, and the start before that, he ended the 8 game winning streak of the New York Mets.

Speaking of the Mets, how about that Jose Reyes? XD
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( Apr. 12th, 2006 09:00 pm)
[Bad username or site: roxybritain / @ livejournal.com] reports that, according to the newest A's magazine, Street's dating a cheerleader from Texas Christian University. Apparently he talks to her for several hours every night, and the other guys mock him mercilessly. No details on whether Rich Harden despises her with every fiber of his being. Jen, don't do anything rash.

The Astros and Giants were rained out again. Things that are lame for $500, Alex.

Hmm. What's this then? )

And just to mix things up a little, a column from STL loving on Mulder and actually referencing the fact that he's a free agent at the end of the year. I was genuinely starting to think I was imagining the whole thing.

ETA: My roommie had a friend staying over with us. Said friend was bored and poking through my movie collection. I recommended Before Sunrise. Last night she watched Before Sunrise and Before Sunset and this morning, she couldn't stop babbling about how perfect both films are. My heart swelled with fannish pride ^_^
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( Mar. 25th, 2006 10:21 am)
FYI Quantum Leap fans: Circuit City has the first three seasons of QL on sale starting tomorrow for $18.99 each. I've never seen them on sale anywhere for cheaper than $30, so you may want to jump on that while you can.

Watched Doctor Who last night. Three eps in and I confess - I'm not really feeling this show. Can't figure what it is that isn't working for me: I enjoy Eccleston, Rose is alright, and their chemistry is fun at times. But I could easily see myself only watching this show when there isn't anything else on. I'm interested to know more about the Time Wars and the Doctor's people - but not really enough to sit through the 40 minutes of an ep that deal with whatever else is going on that week. Which, btw, seems to regularly involve Rose locked in a room, banging on a door for 5 minutes. Running theme? Stay tuned.

I was amused to see The End of the World was written by QAF-UK's Russell T. Davies. Oh, Russ. It's been a while. I thought his ep was the best of the three I've seen so far. I'm curious if people found themselves getting into this series right away, or if there was a certain ep that did it for them? I remember watching Firefly and being fairly ho-hum about it...until Out of Gas. Maybe things with this Doctor Who will be like that, and right around the corner is that one episode where everything clicks, and I am in love. I suppose I can keep an eye out for another two weeks. Five eps seems like a fair shake to decide how I feel. But I've always given UK shows less slack, because their seasons are so much shorter.

(Watch me give up on it and this turn into another Harry Potter thing where I'm totally unimpressed at first and then finally jump on the bandwagon 5 years later.)

The ep of 30 Minute Meals where Rachel Ray makes Primavera Orzo was on yesterday. Looked simple enough, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, so I think I'm gonna give that a try later.

ETA: LJ appears to have eaten a handful of my mood theme icons? And it won't let me into the mood theme editor to see what the deal is. Anyone else having this problem? (I know [Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com] had some mood theme trouble earlier this week.)


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