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( Aug. 4th, 2006 08:35 am)
In Pittsburgh with me ma, visiting my younger brother. Drove up last night, it was 4 hours on the highway, despite the fact that I was doing 80 miles an hour on average. What the hell. And I had to drive in a tunnel, under a mountain! :( But I didn't get pulled over, so that was nice. And 4 hours is the longest I've ever driven, so that was cool.

I really like my bro's apartment. It has high ceilings. High ceilings are pretty sweet. And wide doors!

I set up a vox account, because all the cool kids were getting vox accounts. Given the fact that two days ago, I was pretty sure I was tired enough of LJ (as seems to happen for a few days every 3 months or so), I'm not sure why I'm bothering up setting up accounts on other blogging sites. But there you go.

BPAL and I are gonna have to break up. Or, BPAL and I are just gonna have to be an offseason thing. Because bpal + baseball = broke ass myr. I think my new order will just be an imp pack of the new Wanderlust scents, because I really want to try Port Royal.

Dan updated his blog. I really do love the little details he shares with us - I mean, I'm not sure I needed to know his brother in law is in law enforcement in the east bay, but the stuff about comp tickets and the guys bartering with teammates for their extra tickets when they have a lot of people coming down to a game? The IRS cracking down on free tickets? That was interesting. And then, of course, OF COURSE, a paragraph dedicated to Barry Zito. Why do I get the feeling that long after Boras gets Zito a disgusting deal somewhere else, Dan's blog will still reference Zito like every other entry. "So, I was talking to Barry on the phone the other day..." lol, I really adore him.

The Marlins are the same number of games back in the Wild Card as the Astros? **laughs**

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eta: Wow. Okay, the new browse your userpics feature? That's actually kinda nifty.
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( Jul. 15th, 2006 09:04 pm)
-> I'm just gonna confess this one thing, and then we're not gonna talk about it, okay? Okay. Whenever I'm in my car, and that Public Affair song comes on? I totally blast that shit. Yeah. Also, I own that Jessica Simpson cd that had Irresistible on it. And my favorite song on the album wasn't even one of the singles (**coughs** Hot Like Fire **coughs** And yes, I have the opening dialogue memorized). I know. I know. 20 laps. In my defense, I still don't like anything by those Pussycat Dolls people. Hope for me yet?

-> Yesterday, I got my lab order in of The Pool of Tears, Tweedledum, and Mouse's Long & Sad Tale. Today, I got my click and ship notice for that order, lol. Happily, I was able to unload the 5mls of PoT and Tweedledum right away (of course, the day after I placed my order, I got an offer for imps of all three scents, so I'd already tried them and known they weren't keepers by the time my order got here); I shipped those out this morning. Hopefully ML&ST is soon to follow. All the frimps were oils I'd tried, too. But I got a new postcard! Sunnyside ^_~ And there's always my Hungry Ghost Moon order to look forward to.

-> I'm really proud of me; I got on the phone and called some people I hadn't spoken to in months. Well, actually, 'proud' is the wrong word. Because both of them had left me messages over a month or so ago. But I was glad I finally got around to doing it? I hate talking on the phone.

-> LOL, so much for that potentially stellar pitching matchup in Florida tonight. Pettitte showed up, but oh, Josh. He gave up 4 earned in 5 innings, to balloon his era to a completely shameful 2.48. Go to your room, and think about what you've done. It's like 243-0 now, because the bullpen came in and decided to be all "oh, what the hell, runs for EVERYONE!" Don't forget to tip your hostess, Houston. Series split tomorrow? Hope springs eternal. Oh, btw, heads up [Bad username or site: acroarcs / @ livejournal.com]! Marlins' Johnson to chat Tuesday @ 2pm on MLB.com. And this is welcome news: Backe nears return.

-> On the plus side, the A's FINALLY set out their pitching probables for the Baltimore series. Rookie v. Rookie on Monday night, and maybe, maaaaaybe Adam Loewen gets his first freakin' win already? Or maybe the Orioles lose 1-0. Tuesday, Loaiza v. Russ Ortiz and Wednesday, it's Zito v. Benson. Whoo.

And the Cubs won! Yay. I'm thinking, kinda, maybe, sorta, probably not gonna happen, about going to see the Cubs when they come to RFK next weekend. Maybe. I dunno. Damn you, [Bad username or site: lovingthecubs / @ livejournal.com], and [Bad username or site: owllover711 / @ livejournal.com]. I'm all stocked up on heartbreakers and soulcrushers!

-> It warmed my dorky little heart to see Mike Jacobs (far left) has helped lead the Marlins out of obscurity in the NL East captioning a photo in a story about the Marlins playing better than most people expected. Yay, Jake.

Also, [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com] sent me a sketch! The focus is on Dan and Jake at the railing, inspired by the fact that they are dugout railing buddies, but there's an appearance by Hermida (who cracks me up), and Joe, and a shoutout to the dugout dancers. ♥
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( May. 28th, 2006 07:24 pm)
Didn't I say as soon as I placed my bpal order, those other scents I was looking for would show up? So of course, yesterday I get an offer on The Pool of Tears, Mouse's Long & Sad Tale, Tweedledee, and Tweedledum. It never fails!

Marlins lost today, on MIKE JACOBS T-SHIRT DAY :( It's also Jewish Heritage Day, which the Marlins swear had nothing to do with a mistaken impression that Jacobs is Jewish, but no one is buying that. But that's a cool bit on a guy who's tracking the Jewish presence in baseball.

Apparently, Kevin Millar thinks the O's lack chemistry and focus. Thanks for the diagnosis, Dr. Obvious. That's why the Orioles signed him. DANCE, FUNNY MAN. MAKE EVERYTHING OKAY. This is how our Front Office thinks. **rolls eyes**

I'm feeling very restless, which is a terrible thing for such a hot day. I tried watching games, I tried reading (Forever Odd's coming along quite well, btw), but nothing's working. Hopefully the A's game will do the trick. If not, maybe I'll watch some more Veronica Mars. It's been about a week since my mini-marathon.

Oh hey: Rich Harden LIVES.

Before Saturday's game, manager Ken Macha had a quick word with his club that one member of the A's described as, " 'Go, fight, win!' " -- A's pep up. LOL. I bet that was Swish. Maybe Kotsay? I hear he's a dry wit. Also, I kind of like Dan Johnson.

Johnson had spent the past few days trying to figure out how to fix a problem with his swing -- his top hand was not right, causing him to roll over on everything.

"Hence, the 9,000 ground balls in a row," Johnson said.

**laughs** Yeah, I like him.
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( May. 20th, 2006 06:55 am)
+ [Bad username or site: alazysod / @ livejournal.com] said When you see this, post a quote from Supernatural in your Livejournal. So, in the spirit of me getting back into this show (at some point) a quote from the last ep I actually watched on television...

The young dame in distress o' the week: "I don't understand. They're gonna kill us?"
Dean: "They're gonna sacrifice us. Which is... I don't know, classier, I guess."

Sam also had a line that made me laugh from that ep, when the demon chick hitches a ride: "Oh, you're gonna trust shady van guy and not me?"

+ baseball )

+ Watched the pilot of Life on Mars and the first three eps of Veronica Mars. I was a little put off by the voice over action on VM at first, but I've gotten used to it. It took me about 30 minutes, but I eventually stopped seeing the damaged Flora from Deadwood and started seeing Bell as Veronica. I like the show so far, I think I'm fairly unspoiled beyond the fact that at some point Logan and Veronica hook up. Or at least that's what the multitude of iconage out there would lead me to believe.

I was mostly underwhelmed by LoM, which was a bit cop show-meets-Quantum Leap. I didn't dislike it, but after the enthusiasm I'd seen for it on my f-list, I was a little disappointed not to feel especially grabbed by any of the characters, or the premise. It had an eight episode first season, so I'll give it another ep to see if we click.

+ general, non-spoilery reaction to The Da Vinci Code, or long story short: Meh. )

Btw, as a warning to those of you avoiding 9/11 movies: the very first trailer we got before TDVC was World Trade Center. Followed up by Pixar's Cars, which I thought was a little...inappropriate, but okay.

eta: I have no willpower. I sold off some of my unwanted bottles, and instead of saving the money...I ordered bottles of the new MTP scents I haven't been able to get imps of: Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, Tweedledum, and The Pool of Tears. Now watch them show up all over the place in the next couple of weeks.
[Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com] thinks I should come down for the four game A's/Royals weekend series in KC in August. She's being a v. bad influence. I'd be more seriously considering it if I didn't already have quasi-plans in the air for an early July trip to New York, and I can't really justify doing both. I may not even be here, because my mom keeps mentioning me going to Morocco for some part of the summer, but I don't know how serious she is about that. She talks about it every summer.

Don't want anything from the new bpal update, though And There Was A Great Cry In Egypt caught my eye (from the new Salon collection). But I'm definitely priced out at $23 a bottle (plus shipping so, hello $30 bottle, I think not). Yesterday I was quite ready to order a bottle of Yemaya, but I've talked myself down since; yay team me.

Read some story on how there was supposed to be a TWW tribute show before the series finale this Sunday, but squabbling over pay led to NBC axing it. So NBC won't be doing any kind of sendoff at all, which is kinda...wow. I knew things had gotten bad, and the show was struggling, but wow. It's all very "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out," you know? Then again, I haven't decided if I'm even gonna watch the finale, so I can't really talk.

Quelle surpris! Kinda hurt my heart to read, even though you could see it coming from a mile away. Garner's sweet, though, all He's still my closer, when. Come on. 109 (and counting!) newspaper headlines to the contrary, my friend.

Other things getting me all emotional early this morning - the Mother's Day player postcards.

I was having trouble watching the games online yesterday and it was really pissing me off. As were other things. I'm feeling very Tar baby sit still and don't say nothing all at once.

And you know what else? There should be a way for you to force journals to defriend you, for fuck's sake. Like, a cyber crowbar. Work with me, Eljay. For the most part, I don't mind if people keep my journal friended when we aren't mutual friends, but dead journals? serial adders? rp journals? I just want them to go away. I should be able to make them go away, Eljay. Thank you to the handful of RP handlers who did remove me when asked.
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( May. 9th, 2006 09:33 am)
+ Off to PA in a little while ^_^ Spending tonight at my brother's place and then gonna be in Philly for the Mets/Phillies game tomorrow with [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com]. Should we chance upon the pride of Chesapeake Virginia, I will endeavor to keep her from explaining to him how she's a better David Wright than he is ^_~ And after reading this, I'm excited to just check out the ballpark, almost as much as anything else.

+ When did Mapquest get rid of the "reverse these directions" feature?

+ I got a windfall of bpal in the mail yesterday! I've been mostly swapping my extra impage, but I was bad and did buy two bottles (Enraged Bunny Musk and Obatala). New to me: Swank, Eutrepe, Dance of Death, La Fee Verte, Ozymandias, Fruminous Bandersnatch, Black Phoenix, Black Opal, Rosalind, Shroud, Ophelia, Wings of Azrael, Chango, Yemaya, The City in the Sea, Peony Moon, Oberon, Sheol, and Dance of Death. So far I've only tried two - EBM1 is very true to its description, a powdery light summer scent and I'm guessing that floral note is the clover. Some of the forum reviews mention a lemony sweetness, but I didn't pick up any lemon note in this at all. I like it, but I'm thinking of layering it with Santo Domingo or Dublin, to see if I can give it a little bite. The other oil I tried was Fruminous Bandersnatch2 and Holy Hannah, this made me sneeze like crazy. I don't normally tend to allergies at all, but this time of the year in particular, something about Williamsburg drives my system nuts. I think my nose must still have been a little sensitive to that, because I put a dab of this on my wrist, raised it to sniff and just started sneezing for about 3 minutes. Heh.

+ I need to have breakfast...and watch Prison Break again. I was watching it last night and my mom decided the moment things were getting dicey was the perfect time to approach me about buying some facial cream online for my cousin, since her husband was unwilling to let her charge something on the credit card over the internet. What the hell. My show is on, ma! And then I came back and my dad was all "So and so didn't make it and so and so almost didn't make it but then such and such happened" and I'm like...what? you don't even watch the show, for one. And for two, I WAS TAPING IT DAD, STOP SPOILING ME.

Parents. How embarrassing.

beisbol )

1. Extracted directly from the twitching nether-regions of the wild Eastertime bunny rabbit: a snarling, slavering, buck-toothed, fluffy, floppy-eared, horny-as-hell Springtime beast. Soft cotton blossom, white musk, baby's breath, clover and pale powder notes.
2. "Beware the Jabberwock, my son! / The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! / Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun / The frumious Bandersnatch!" Bandersnatch musk, redolent of spicy carnations, wild plums and chrysanthemum.
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( Apr. 19th, 2006 07:36 am)
+ I managed to arrange for imps of Obatala, Osun, and The Mock Turtle's Lessons. **does a little dance** Yesterday, I got in about 10 imps of stuff I hadn't tried before, which is the biggest batch of new bpal for me in a while. I imagine none of them will be keepers, but the fun's in the trying.

+ For those who care: I'm making official the previously unofficial moratorium I'd recently put on reading fic. I'm bookmarking stories and ficlets, and I'll comment after exams. Or after Ethics, at least. Mostly because I need to be studying, and also because I sense that as exams approach, I'm growing tactless and short with my feedback, which is probably helpful to no one.

+ My brother informs me that someone in his fantasy baseball league traded him David Ortiz. The guy said he didn't think he needed Ortiz anymore because...wait for it...he has Chris Shelton.

Discuss amongst yourselves. Or, you know, just laugh until you cry, like I did. Jokes aside, I'm all about the Shelton media crush. Okay, sure, I'm a little over BBTN's "omgosh, did you know he was a Rule 5 draftee?" but if they weren't talking about him, Lord knows it would just be more time talking about Bonds, or the Red Sox, or the Yankees, so God bless Detroit's little ROUS (tm [Bad username or site: bakoo / @ livejournal.com]).

Littlefield regrets being wrong about Shelton. And...Shelton cutting Ruthian figures.

++ baseball )
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( Apr. 11th, 2006 08:01 am)
+ Man, the bpal update. I was so proud of me when I checked the limited editions and didn't see anything I wanted. But Beth and co. added to the Mad Tea Party collection! I ♥ the Mad Tea Party collection. And all the new stuff sounds like so much fun. I'm not risking bottles though - I will have to get an imp pack. It's neat to see Cheshire Cat back, but I remember not liking it too much the first go around. I'm getting: Eat Me, The Mock Turtle's Lessons, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, The Pool of Tears, Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Hopefully I'll be able to swap for King of Hearts, Drink Me, and Frumious Bandersnatch later on. Oh man. I'm so excited! It's kind of silly. I also really want to try Obatala, which was recently added to the Excolo scents. Maybe I'll sub it for The Pool of Tears - aquatics don't like me much anyway.

+ Losing to the Florida Marlins these days is a bit like losing to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Neither team exists anymore, not really, and you shouldn't get beaten by a set of ghosts in uniforms. -- gotta love the New York media. or something.

Pobrecitos. I definitely think it sucks worse to keep losing these one run games, way more so than getting blown out. Mikey the J can't keep being their entire offense, as studly as he looks doing it :( They're home now, where many of them have never played, for their home opener. I hope they pull that one out; it'll be a week since their first and only win of the season so far >.> Mitre's starting again....no pressure. **crosses fingers** In My Opinion ran another way melodramatic piece about how much it sucks to be a Marlins fan right now.

+ baseball stuff )

May go see the Durham Bulls take on the Richmond Braves tonight. I'm not sure; I didn't sleep well, and I may be too beat :-/

ETA: Forgot to say - thanks to [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com], [Bad username or site: kmousie / @ livejournal.com], and [Bad username or site: candle_beck / @ livejournal.com] for hooking me up with a bunch of the MLB pocket schedules I was looking for. I secured the rest of the ones I was interested in through ebay. If you'd said that you would keep an eye out for an '06 schedule to send me, there's no longer any need ^_^
+ [Bad username or site: natural_center / @ livejournal.com], have you dl'd any of the Firefly dvd extras? I was poking about my hard drive, and I still have most of them. I could upload them to Sendspace if you're interested - just lemme know.

+ My mom called me at 7:44 this morning. She wanted to know how I was doing and if I had enough money in the bank for food and gas. She called me yesterday at 7:00 to ask me the same thing. She wrote me a check for a hundred dollars at the beginning of the semester that is still taped to my tv. I don't know why she thinks that if I needed money I wouldn't ask her in a heartbeat. I mean, yes, I joke about being broke but I mean that with respect to spending money on stuff I don't really need. Calm down, Mama. Please.

On the other hand, I meant to wake up around 6:00 am and get back to working on my appeal, so I suppose it's good she called.

+ I haven't talked about BPAL in a while. I've kind of gotten away from it what with the being broke thing, and since it seems to me that unwanted stuff is much harder to unload now, I didn't want the temptation of buying bottles of stuff I'd be stuck with if I didn't like 'em. That said, I was bad and got bottles of Smut1, Red Lantern2 and Budding Moon3 last week, and I really like all three. I can't remember the last time that happened! Well, Red Lantern and Budding Moon I really like. Smut I like but it smells enough like The Cracked Bell4 to me that I'll probably swap it or sell it. I had to try Red Lantern because one of the girls recommended it to anyone with a thing for red velvet cake. There's definitely something to that :-P Budding Moon I like because it's a really "freshening" scent for me, along the lines of Shanghai5. I was a little worried when some of the reviews talked about how strong the lotus note is, because I'm not much of a floral person really. But it's light enough on me, and so refreshing, that I'm swapping for an extra bottle.

+ I saw 'Garth Brooks plans a comeback' and I was all excited. And then they were like "when his kids go to college." IN TEN YEARS. Boo! Rubbish! Filth! Slime! Muck! Boo taking off time to be with your children and get married! SING FOR ME, DAMN IT. Also, I haven't forgotten about that duets album you and Trisha owe me.

+ I've been feeling lately like I'd love to get into The X-Files all over again. I blame [Bad username or site: foxestacado / @ livejournal.com] and her mission to icon every single episode. But it's been long enough since I've seen many eps of the show that I think it would almost be like getting into a new fandom. Maybe this summer.

Scent descriptions, for the curious )
My swap for a bottle of Egg Nog fell through, as I am a klutz.

BUT: [Bad username or site: panicqueen / @ livejournal.com] posted more Brad/Munce.

AND: I handed in my citecheck and got to read [Bad username or site: candle_beck / @ livejournal.com]'s hooker AU, as well as yet another round of Ways In Which Eric Chavez Will Never Be Happy.

SO IN CONCLUSION: Win some, lose some.

Beck's hooker AU has left me all kinds of oddly tingly like I sorta want to cry but I'm not all the way there. Is there a word for that feeling? Maybe I just need to eat something. 24 over breakfast, the cure for what ails ya, I'm sure.

[Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com] keeps talking to me about Chad Johnson and Carson Palmer, which is only slightly more tolerable than her talking to me about scary Swedish hockey players and whorish French Canadians, but really, I will be most happy when baseball starts back up and we don't have to talk about either of those because we will be way too busy talking about David Wright and Jose Reyes. T minus 15 days and counting for my clubs. How come none of my teams ever want to be the early birds? Oh, and speaking of birds -- [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com] I got the Cards schedule! Thanks so much ^_^ And that's officially the first and only card I have of Moose in pinstripes, so, um, thanks for that too. I guess :-P The older one I actually already have, so I can send it back your way next time I write you ^_~

My brother's 23rd birthday is now 13 days away. I have no earthly idea what to get him. Feel free to hook me up with suggestions. I was kinda thinking of a Fathead but I think that's probably outside my budget :-/ I guess probably something for his apartment? I remember him remarking that he felt it was too bare and he needed to "get stuff" for it.


One more thing! /uncle

Hoodwinked! is really, really bad. Please believe me. You know how you go into a movie and you know it's gonna be bad, so you think you can handle it? YOU CANNOT HANDLE THE BADNESS OF HOODWINKED. unless you are really, really high. Don't say I didn't warn you.
+ I feel ghastly. Which is a step up from like death on a triscuit. My stomach's been all over the place since the chili I had for lunch earlier today. The place across the street from the office came recommended by the people I work with, but yeah, no thanks. I should have considered myself forewarned when I saw that there was corn in it. I hate when places don't expressly identify their chili as vegetarian chili on the signage. Because they throw all kinds of randomness in there when it's just supposed to be, you know, CHILI.

Anyway, to TMI you, I had a little involuntary purge action earlier, which was not fun for me, because I don't really like things triggering my gag reflex1. Needless to say, I didn't go home. Came back to my dorm and died a little death.

+ From the 'Other Reasons To Hate Richmond' Files: according to the Dunkin Donuts website, there isn't a single DD franchise in the metropolitan area of Richmond. Not. A. Single. One. Also, one of the state delegates apparently 'accidentally fired' a gun in his office while he was trying to unload it the other day. Yeeeeeeeeup. 'Accidentally fired' it right into a kevlar vest that was hanging in his office, or something. At least, that was the watercooler talk at work. Dumbass.

Good thing About Richmond: a nice woman did give me change for a dollar today when I couldn't get my bill to fit into the stupid honorbox payment slot in the parking lot. Yay for nice people with change.

+ MOVING ON. [Bad username or site: kmousie / @ livejournal.com]: [Bad username or site: starfishchick / @ livejournal.com] links to some stuff on Aaron's new show (here).

+ Happy belated, Lewis Carroll! )

Oh, and I suppose I'll consider Beck's hooker!AU something of a dark RHD tribute, since I haven't read it yet.

+ I may, may, have a swap in the works for a full bottle of Egg Nog. Which would be completely awesome, as Egg Nog is one of those rare bpals I still adore months and months and months later. The swap would be for one of my backup bottles of Dia De Los Muertos '04, which is fine by me ^_^ **knocks on wood**

+ Note to me: shows I need to catch up on. Including Smallville apparently, because WTF. )

+ I miss Prison Break :( Does anyone know if we've been given the date in March that it's supposed to return?

+ **not-so-patiently waits on [Bad username or site: panicqueen / @ livejournal.com] to update her WIP**

1. "There goes your social life." - Dionne.
2. She'd gotten her wisdom teeth out a few days earlier and was on painkillers. And I still made her tell me a story ^_~
1. This image of Zito like, amuses the hell out of me. I think it's the expression on his face.

2. It rained all day today and I got wet, and now I have this low, throbbing headache. And I haven't changed my clothes so I'm still wet. And for some reason, TPTB decided they'd given us heat too early, and put the AC back on. Wtf.

3. I hear tell Moose slash has been written. I'm being SO good. **taps fingers on desk top** Is it November yet?

4. I got to try the pumpkin patch with sandalwood and orris and omg, wow. Yumtastic. Quite eager for that order to arrive now ^_^ Also, Antique Lace is back, and I don't know how I feel about that. I mean, I guess I'm excited to try it, since a lot of people said Buck Moon reminded them of it, and I love Buck Moon. But I had gotten used to the idea of Antique Lace as that one unattainable bpal oil, you know? It had reached, like, mythic proportions. What if I try it now and I think it sucks?

5. I just realized the guy in the video for We Belong Together and the guy from Prison Break (as seen in the commercials that have been running every 4 minutes during the baseball playoffs)? Same dude. Now I know why he looked so damn familiar. That was bugging the everloving shit out of me.

6. There's no baseball on tv tonight. I am sorely tempted to pull my 2003 ALDS tapes out of my closet and watch the Zito/Martinez game now that, you know, the Oakland A's have become something other than That Team Whose Job It Is To Lose To Boston Or New York In The ALDS. I'm all nostalgic and shit for the early '00 A's. If I'd ended up in Palo Alto for undergrad, they could have been my team. How weird is that? I'd be all into the A's/Angels and I'd probably be one of those people who rolls their eyes when the media get going about Red Sox/Yankees, instead of a loser who plots out the pitching matchups and tapes all of the games and knows all the time cues on every time Jeter's been HBP at Fenway :-P It'd be so weird. I'd know stuff about like, Eric Chavez instead. I'd probably be able to name guys in the A's bullpen, even. Like pre-Huston Street. Weird.

[Poll #597504]
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( Oct. 16th, 2005 07:33 am)
+ I just checked the Yule update - there's no Eggnog 2005. **sniffs** I should be glad, I'm certainly broke enough. When I made my first pass through, I only wrote down three oils I wanted to try though I had set enough aside for 5 bottles. Passing on Beaver Moon, so the short list right now is Herr Drosselmeyer, Nuclear Winter, Snow Bunny and maaaybe Gingerbread Poppet 2005. And I see OriginalWacky has set up a decant circle just for the new yules! Perhaps I should do that, and if I like anything well enough, there'd be plenty of time to order full bottles. Hmmm. (Anyone had experience with the forum decant circles?) (Actually, [Bad username or site: justlayentwined / @ livejournal.com] has a pick your poison decanting circle set up, and I like that option better. Whoo!)

Btw, if you have bottles from the Poe collection coming (besides The Haunted Place, Alone, and Annabel Lee) soonish and you're interested in swapping for a decant of Lenore, lemme know?

+ The ChiSox are a win away from the Series. This is of the good. (She says, as [Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com] bites her tongue). That business with Rogah's mother saying the name Shoeless Joe Jackson three times on the day she died is so weird, yo. The Astros are also up, and hell, suddenly the Cards are looking like the underdog in this fight. Guys dropping like flies out there. I guess I'll root for the Cards today, because I'd like one long LCS :-P
+ I love the phrase "vintage Mike Mussina". When sportscasters use it after a good start (even when it's a guy like John Kruk, who should try shutting up more, and dude, why does he still have a job?), I get this warm feeling, right there in my tummy.

+ Watched part of the Sox game yesterday and I see now what Sutcliffe meant about Varitek looking slimmer than he was earlier in the year. I couldn't tell over the weekend, in the home whites, but when he went after a pop-up yesterday, he did this twirlybird thing as he was tracking the ball, and in away grays he definitely looked a little smaller than I remembered.

+ If you're looking for 'em, last two eps of Extras (with Sam Jackson and Patrick Stewart) have been added to the previous post.

+ After much, much dillydallying, I think I'm gonna bite the bullet and place my next BPAL order on Friday. Right now it's looking like a Pumpkin Patch set, and bottles of Devil's Night, Annabel Lee, The Haunted Place and Alone. I'm so tempted to get more from the Demon In My View collection, but I really should stick to what my paypal balance will cover :-/

+ For those of you who read [Bad username or site: candle_beck / @ livejournal.com]'s stuff: I'm gonna be headed home tomorrow (**crosses fingers**), and because I'm sick of everything in my car right now, I'm putting together a new mix for the road. For kicks, I'm going with a Eric Chavez Goes To Hollywood soundtrack, so if you have any song recs, lemme know ^_^ Oh, and alternately, I think I'm gonna make a second cd for the Undercurrents series, so if there are any songs that remind you of that story, you can share those too. You don't need to upload the songs; I can always track them down later tonight.

ETA: I almost forgot! Disney's Cinderella FINALLY came out on DVD yesterday! So totally cause for celebration. Man alive, I love that movie. And Gus Gus. Lucifer is the reason I will never warm up to cats, as they are secretly ALL EVIL.
I love this picture )

What can I say? They were my first sports OTP. Back when Alex was still shiny, and a Mariner, and I actually owned a poster of him, and Jeter annoyed me, except when he and Alex were goofing around, in photoshoots or, you know, while their respective teams were brawling. They were my baseball Matt and Ben. And then Alex went and ruined everything. As is his way. I still get sentimental about them from time to time though, I can't help it. Sometimes I even have the decency to feel guilty about it ^_~

In other news, man alive, Ramadan has totally snuck up on me. I thought it wasn't until the end of this week. Just a head's up to the writers on my flist - I try to be a somewhat decent Muslim during the holy month and not read anything explicit, so you won't get comments from me on anything rated higher than PG. You're supposed to abstain from sex during the holy month, and I extend it to reading about sex :-P Go ahead, laugh :-P

Moose v. Colon tomorrow...I honestly don't know what he's gonna have. Thankfully though, it's a decent 8pm start, which is more than I can say for those afternoon games, and alternately, that ridiculous 10pm start for game 2 of the NYY/LAA series.

Btw, I'm wearing Hamadryad1 today, and I adore it. It's got this spiced apple cider tint to it that makes it just perfect for at least pretending it's autumn. It's a nice change of pace from Jack, which I don't want to wear all the time lest I bore myself with it.

1.Nature spirits and protectors of the world's groves and forests that appear as breathtakingly beautiful women. Hamadryads are born into a tree that serves as both a home and an anchor for the creature's soul. They are sometimes tricksters, sometimes seducers, sometimes helpful and benign, but they are always fierce and furious protectors of the natural world. Seven dry woods with mossy lichen and a gentle breeze of forest flowers.
+ Contracts is DONE! Felt really good coming out of it. So did everyone else, if the uber relaxed atmosphere in the lobby is anything to tell by. Damn the curve! Ah well, taking a bit of a break to mail some packages and then it's down to Property.

+ Over the past week or so, I've done an flist cut (these always seem to come timed around exams, you notice that?). As ever, no tears ^_~ I've posted friends-only like twice in my time on lj.

+ So, I woke up this morning and it occurred to me that in the past month, with the stress of exams, I've been engaging in more than a bit of retail therapy. Mostly in the form of BPAL bottles. I went from a single bottle of Morocco in February to )

+ Last night's game sucked. Especially since I had just watched STL score a million runs in the ninth to win on ESPN. Meanwhile, we load the bases in the bottom of the 11th and Larry Robert Bigbie strikes out on like three pitches. WHO DOES THAT?

+ Meanwhile, the Yankees are freaking out. Heh.

+ I'm extraordinarily hungry. I think I need to seek out food on this mail run.
ayrdaomei: ([DC verse] Steph - squee!)
( Feb. 8th, 2005 06:58 pm)
Wearing Morocco and it's perfect. I love it! It smells like my Aunt Sadia's kitchen when she and my cousins would be making some ridiculously huge meal for Eid. It's spicy and sweet and it's just wonderful. Must get my hands on more. MUST. **laughs**

Some music )

LOTR fans - you really want to stop by [Bad username or site: beizy / @ livejournal.com]'s and pick up these.


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