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( Apr. 23rd, 2009 11:26 am)
~ I read to the middle school kidlets last Thursday. As it turned out, I read to a class of 6th graders from The Neverending Story (the chapter that deals with the Swamp of Sadness and Atreyu's meeting with Morla the Aged One, into Atreyu's first encounter with Falkor and Ygramul the Many) and I read to 8th graders from The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (beginning shortly after Trisha realizes that she's lost, and going through her first night alone in the woods).

I think it went well. I didn't look up from the books too much, but when I did, most everyone seemed to be paying attention, and I distinctly recall that I didn't hear anyone chatting with their neighbor, which I took to also be a good sign. I did put one kid to sleep during Neverending Story. Must have been my dulcet tones ;)

After each session, a couple kids asked me again for the title of the book and the author, which, I admit, gave me warm fuzzies. Reading, yay!

~ Took the daughter of a family friend to see Monsters vs. Aliens last weekend. I had been looking forward to it, for some reason, but I didn't like it very much. The storytelling was really lacking, IMO. Although there were some fun visuals, they weren't enough to make the movie worth it. I'm pretty surprised by the 73% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes. Of course, I don't know why I continue to put any credence in the RT fresh ratings, given that Crank still has a 60% fresh rating on that site.
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( Feb. 8th, 2009 07:00 pm)
Jane Austen's Bennet girls go zombie hunting:

Hollywood studios are bidding to turn a radical reworking of Austen’s most popular book, now called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a parody to be published in April, into a blockbuster movie.


The forthcoming novel is the first mainstream “mash-up” of Austen and horror, two of the most popular film genres of the past decade. It has been made possible only because Austen is out of copyright.


“It quickly became obvious that Jane [Austen] had laid down the blueprint for a zombie novel,” said Grahame-Smith, a television comedy writer. “Why else in the original should a regiment arrive on Lizzie Bennet’s doorstep when they should have been off fighting Napoleon? It was to protect the family from an invasion of brain-eaters, obviously.”

From then on it was easy to imagine Bennet and her four sisters as zombie slayers, trained since childhood in the deadly arts of Chinese kung fu, and Fitzwilliam Darcy as a promoter of the socially superior ninja skills of Japan.

...lol, what?
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( Dec. 15th, 2008 11:11 am)
[Bad username or site: trailer_spot / @ livejournal.com] has the first official full Wolverine trailer up here.

In the interest of saving you time:

Gambit at 1:29, 1:48, and 1:57.
Ryan Reynolds as Deadwhatshisface at 0:39.
Shot of child!Storm at 1:53.
Glimpse of Emma Frost at 1:56.

They're mostly the same shots of the characters we got in the leaked footage from Comic Con, but there's a new close-up of Gambit, and the picture quality's a lot better, obviously.

I'll see it, surely, but it's a bit amusing to me that Jackman's Wolverine isn't the reason at all. Also I still don't understand what Emma is doing in this movie, but whatever. Because GAMBIT is in it :) :) :)

More coherently - I don't know who's playing younger!Stryker, but I think he's done a pretty good job of recreating Brian Cox's cadence. Well, in the bits they put in the trailer, anyway. Well done, there.

eta: Has anyone read Veronika Decides to Die?
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( Feb. 20th, 2007 08:30 am)
[T]he A's are a different kind of club, as Beane noted hilariously when I asked him about the new delivery Barry Zito revealed Thursday to the stunned Giants brass.

"We'd have no problem with Barry doing that -- we're Montessori over here," Beane said, laughing. "We let you try anything you want."
- One Thing's Clear.

Hee. Billy cracks me up.

Random A's clippage: Kendall gets bored when he doesn't start. // Really, really bored.

So are the Cubs and Zambrano going to arbitration or what? I am confuzzled.

I think I need a new flavor of tea. I've been rotating between the same three (two blacks, and a red) for a couple of months now, and I'm bored. Any recs?

On the TV watching front: I forgot I had eps of Rome and Dexter downloaded! I also grabbed the first three of FNL, again. So, sorry, 24. We're still not happening this year. I was thinking - I didn't watch the third season of 24 either, and then I came back for the 4th and 5th seasons. So maybe I just need a little alone time and we'll be fine next year.

eta: I've been reading Interpreter of Maladies, which is a collection of short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri (The Namesake). I like her storytelling soooo much better in this format, these extended vignettes. I would recommend it wholeheartedly over The Namesake.

edit 2: [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com] linked me to this SI gallery of "Reunions We'd Like To See." Even beyond The Big Three, it's pretty much a gallery of awwwwwwwww and lol from start to finish. Except for Loria/Girardi, because :'( And isn't it really too soon to miss Pettitte/Clemens? They were just playing together in Houston.
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( Jan. 15th, 2007 06:07 pm)
Drove down from MD today and on the radio TPTB were playing excerpts from several different MLK speeches. That was really something to listen to. There was one speech in particular, where he talked about death threats being leveled against his family during the bus boycotts and how he despaired. He recalled praying, one sleepless night over a cup of coffee in his kitchen, for God (well, Jesus) to give him strength to carry on. It was very moving. I hadn't heard that speech before, or many of the others that were played.

Speaking of faith and things that give us strength, and with no disrespect intended, I feel it should be noted that the first few batches of pitchers and catchers will be reporting to ST in exactly one month and counting.

I have decided I will make a 'To Read' pile of about 4-5 leisure books for this semester. Wish me luck.

(Bri came. It was great. I cannot find the USB cord for my camera, so you, and she, are all spared pics. And video of her laughing at Joel Zumaya's inability to field, like the meanie that she is.)
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( Dec. 24th, 2006 08:53 am)
++ In the continuing saga of [Bad username or site: ayrdaomei / @ livejournal.com] and Her EverShrinking F-List, I've done another cut. (But hey, some credit! It's been...like two months since the last one.) As ever, no offense intended. I've just been finding myself with less and less to say about more and more journal entries on my friends view.

++ You know, my not posting much about myself? It's really not for lack of trying. Yesterday, I got about half a sentence into a heavily, heavily filtered post. Spent about 10 minutes trying to reword just that half sentence. Decided posting about myself and things unrelated to fandom is for the birds.

++ Okay, I will say this: HA! Pert stuff aside, sounds familiar.

++ Been to the movies a bit in the past week:
Blood Diamond - minor spoilers )

Charlotte's Web - no spoilers )

Casino Royale - spoilers )

++ In books: Robert B. Parker has a new Spenser novel out! The Spenser stories have been on the decline for a long while now - you read them in like a half a day, and Spenser's funny, and beats some sense into some people, but nothing more gripping than that. Still, I always get excited when I hear Parker's written another, always eager to get my hands on it. There's always such potential for goodness before you've opened a book, you know? And rather surprisingly, since it's been out less than a month, I found one of the copies still on the shelf at the local library. Good times. Course, my dad always calls first dibs on any Spenser book I bring home, so I also picked up the next in Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas collection. Oh, and [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com] got me Pride of Baghdad, which I heard made Playboy's list of the seven best fiction books in '06. And if that's not a compelling endorsement, I don't know what is ^_~ Leisure reading, yay.

++ Has anyone seen Mandy Patinkin in concert? He's coming to the Lyric Opera House next month and I'm seriously thinking of going. Balcony seats are just under $30, which is a bit much, but I think it might be worth $30 to hear Mandy perform some of my Sondheim favorites live for once in my life. Jim Gaffigan is doing a comedy show the night before and as much as I love Jim, he's come a ways from his Improv days it seems. Tickets for his show are rather pricey considering I'm fairly sure he's still not a real mainstream name in stand-up. Or maybe he is, I dunno. At any rate, I won't be seeing him again.

++ Doesn't look like we'll be getting any snow this coming week :/ I know, I shouldn't talk when people are buried under it in some places. But. I just find rain especially draining this time of year. If it's going to be wet, I wish we'd get some snow.
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( Dec. 21st, 2006 04:23 pm)
+ The title of the last Harry Potter book is just so very...what? I can't stop laughing. (thanks to [Bad username or site: tinkelo / @ livejournal.com] for the heads up).

+ God, this column tickles all my Zito buttons: Zito's slip is showing. The New York media, doing their part to make sure Barry knows he's not as eminently shaggable as he thinks he is.

December 20, 2006 -- There is doubt steeped all over Barry Zito's situation. Primarily, it is doubt about whether he would take less money in New York or more money in Texas.

But there also is doubt about the pitcher himself: Whether he's already slipping, whether he's worth a six-year contract and whether the Mets would be making the right move in signing him.

As Met officials huddled with Zito and agent Scott Boras yesterday in greater Los Angeles, baseball sources were finishing a portrait of Zito, a 2002 Cy Young Award winner, as anything but a sure thing.

"I don't know if he cuts it in New York," one insider who knows Zito flatly told The Post.

lololololz. Oh, Mychael Urban. Please keep feeding quotes to the NY rags.

.... "I think he's slipped," one major-league scout told The Post. "The last two times I've seen him the last couple years, he wasn't on at all. He struggled getting his breaking ball over for strikes, and when he does that, he's in trouble. He can't get by on a power arm."

The scout allowed that Zito might not be slipping, per se, but at the very least he's getting by with less exertion, getting by because he knows how to pitch. And that could be the cumulative effect of his workload.

Ah. Fun times. Since Barry doesn't read the papers, hopefully Danny called him up and read the choice bits into his voice mail. Thanks [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com], I so needed that.

+ I came home to 4 holiday cards, though I didn't respond to a single "give me your addy if you want a card" post I've seen to date. My f-list is kinda awesome ^_^
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( Nov. 1st, 2006 06:00 am)
Listening to Brian Williams on Imus1 just now and he was recounting how nervous he was to do SNL. He said it's different doing the news, because when he does the news, he's only in front of two camera men and a producer.2 But on SNL, there's a live audience and there are "all these people, right there in your grill."

So...yeah. I'm thinking it's about time - quite past time, really - to retire the phrase "in your/my grill" from the vernacular.

What are people reading for fun? ([Bad username or site: thewriteratwork / @ livejournal.com], [Bad username or site: belle1446 / @ livejournal.com] and [Bad username or site: cookie2697 / @ livejournal.com] talk about what they're reading quite frequently, which is cool. Though I'm always like "oh, I have to remember to check that out!" And then I, you know, don't.) I picked up a collection of short stories last week, The Imaginary Lives of Mechanical Men,3 because the title spoke to my overly emo soul. But I got about 3 pages in before I set it aside to 'get to later' and it's already time to return it. Whoops! I pretend I want to read different authors and expand my horizons, but really, just hand me the latest Dean Koontz and I'm a happy camper.

eta: Oh! Also, remember a couple months ago, or several months ago, I forget, but remember that grad student finding a previously unpublished poem by Frost written on the inside cover of some book or another? How lucky was that, right? Only, it's kinda happened again - Student Finds Unpublished Plath Poem. How cool. I am clearly, CLEARLY, doing the wrong kind of graduate work ^_~

1. It's the time of the year where I stop watching the ESPNetworks and stop listening to sports radio, and suddenly I have all these hours in my day where I have no plan for what white noise I'll have on in the background. So I was scanning the radio.
2. I swear he said one of the cameramen was named Barry and "my producer, Zito..." and I think, perhaps, it's gonna be a long offseason.
3. As it turns out, it's not a story of the life and times of the St. Louis Cardinals.

† Okay, I'm not crazy. I just googled it, and according to the Emmy people, one of the producers on the Nightly News with Brian Williams is named John Zito. I'll have to check the credits of the show tonight and see if there's a cameraman named Barry ^_~
I was talking to [Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com] about writing, and writer's block...that is to say, she was telling me about her experience, and I was reminded of this terrific quote I read. I thought it nailed it perfectly, painted such a picture of what it's like to be stuck. Since I was typing it up for Alex anyway, I figured I would paste it here as well.

Joseph Conrad on the horror of writer's block )

I never said but I finished Children of Men fairly quickly. I can tell from the movie's trailer that many of the details of the book have been changed. I think that's smart - the book as written would make for a bit of a lame film. It looks like, with the exception of a few particulars, they've just taken their inspiration from the basic premise of the book and worked from there. As such, I'm glad I got to read the book and remain fairly unspoiled for the movie.

Other belated things: I was really, really happy 24 and The Office were recognized as best drama and best comedy! (At the Emmys. Weeks ago. Just go with it.) I was surprisingly miffed that Gregory Itzin did not win for his portrayal of President Logan. I didn't think I really cared, but I was disappointed when his name was not called. God, I hated that bastard. Well done, Greg.

I feel guilty. All this hullabaloo over Mulder's surgery and Liriano missing time reminds me that Marlins class clown Logan Kensing had Tommy John surgery on August 31 and I haven't said a word. Pyro's expected to miss much, if not all of the 2007 season, so I send positive thoughts for an untroubled recovery his way. Of course, I figure if he can survive setting his arm on fire and come back to pitch, TJ surgery won't keep him down.

Alex Rodriguez should send Carl Pavano a bottle of wine. Thanks for getting everyone off my ass, Ace.

No one in Florida knows who the Marlins are, lol. Not really a surprise, given that 6,000 people show up to a game on the regular. And they're right, most of them are not terribly memorable. There's something rather average joe about all of them, except for the fact that some of them are wicked tall. I imagine I would recognize half the roster in street clothes, but that might be wishful on my part.

Gateway says they "forgot" to do the hinge repair and I should send the old laptop back to them. Which I will, because I'm not using it now anyway. My dad knows a guy who might be able to fix the keyboard. And if it all works out, it would be good to have a back-up laptop around, just in cases. But knowing Gateway they're probably likely to take a hammer to the LCD display and send it back to me. I never learn.

One of two things needs to happen today - the Phillies need to LOSE or the Mets need to WIN. Because if neither of those things happens, the Mets keep their magic number at 1, and go home to play the Fish. I would prefer that the Fish in general, and Jake in particular, not have to watch the Mets celebrate. So. Someone get on that. And speaking of the series against the Mets, JJ's going to miss at least one start. I think I can effectively stop smoking the crack that had me hoping JJ was still in the running for the NL Cy. He's dropped from best ERA in the majors to fifth best, and now he's possibly done for the year. Oh, JJ. You're still the number one Mormon in my heart.

Harden's penciled in to start Thursday, which means Zito's last regular season home start will be Friday. (Which feels funny to say. I knew the end of the baseball season was near, but I didn't realize it was THAT near til I was looking at the schedule.) I was sad for Bri; so close, only to be thwarted in her effort to see Rich pitch. Condemned to live her life feeling like a shallow whore. ALAS. But I'm glad for the bump; a mid-day start with no television coverage hardly seemed an appropriate thanks for the memories should the A's collapse in spectacular fashion in the last week. (HEAVEN FORFEND. I'm just saying.) But I worry Z'll be all adrenaline, too pumped to perform well and end up getting rocked again, a la Opening Day. Ah well, hopefully it'll be a gem of a start, and if he doesn't pitch well, I'll cross my fingers for at least one home postseason start. [Bad username or site: rickenbacker / @ livejournal.com] will be there Friday; funny how things work out. I'm freaking jellus she'll get to do the ZI-TO! chant. I have a thing about chants.

Last night, I was awake for HOURS and there was no Baseball Tonight. In fact, I'm fairly sure I watched a college football wrap up show, followed by...another college football wrap up show. Wtff? Unacceptable. Also, I'm pretty sure there doesn't need to be college football on ESPN and ESPN 2 at the same time. 20 minutes of highlights, that's all I'm asking for. Christ on a riverboat. There needs to be a baseball network, like there's that NFL network, and the golf network. Let's go, People with Money to Burn.
Called Gateway the other day, and they authorized the return of my laptop for repair of the screen hinge, at no cost to me. Whoo. I dislike checking lj on the school comps, so bar something happening that I burst with enthusiasm to talk to y'all about (Rich Harden broke what? HOW?), I won't be around.

("I'm gonna be over there at the bar, drinking a lot, if anybody needs me." "Nobody will.")

Take care of yourselves, and each other, as an instigating old man once said. Good luck to everyone returning to school, starting school, or beginning new jobs!

Btw, I tracked down a copy of The Children of Men at a used bookstore in Kansas City, of all places, and I've been reading it here and there (this will be a good opportunity to finish it, actually). It's been about 75 pages of world and character building to this point. It's not a burning page-turner, but I'm enjoying it.

And the Marlins have won 60! They'd have to lose 34 of the remaining 36 games to have a 100 loss season, so I think it's safe to say, the pundits called this one wrong. Yay, Babyfish.

I discovered [Bad username or site: ostnotes / @ livejournal.com] last week. Where has that community been all my life?
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( Jul. 22nd, 2006 03:35 pm)
Stopped by the library this morning to pick up The Children of Men, right? Turns out there's ONE copy in the entire Baltimore County Public Library system. And it's in Towson. So they're sending it over to my branch, which means it's just me and the The Unconsoled for a few more days.

baseball-related rambling )

Watched the trailer for The Fountain...Hugh Jackman sure does like his weird ass period pieces. Also caught the trailer for Deja Vu, and have decided I would really like it if Tony Scott and Denzel Washington stopped working together, before I develop epilepsy.

Belatedly, and snurched from [Bad username or site: knowledgequeen / @ livejournal.com], Darren Hayes marries his boyfriend. Congrats to him, though that is one God awful picture. I am already tired of Justin Timberlake and he's been "back" for, like, 5 minutes.

Haren spam, to take one's mind off two shitty starts in a row: Haren's home is in the East Bay, and [Bad username or site: misscalculation / @ livejournal.com] took some pics of him when the A's were in Boston ^_^

From insidebayarea, Barry Zito, in yet another sign he won't be traded, has all his [14] remaining starts this year mapped out. I don't know why that amuses me, but it does. When it's not filling me with dread and all.

Marlins on TWIB next week ^_^
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( Jul. 15th, 2006 12:40 pm)
How many people have read The Kite Runner? I think I remember [Bad username or site: katiebabe46 / @ livejournal.com] recommending it highly, and the woman I live with is after me to read it, so I suppose I will. **shuffles JS&MN to the side, again** One day, Jonathan Strange, one day.

OH! so I just watched this ep of Dead Zone, Cycle of Violence? lol, so bad. I mean, I love my cheesy show, but this was pretty bad. The story, on its surface, was about Johnny trying to forestall a school shooting, but about 5 minutes in, it started to spin into this very heavyhanded allegory about the war on terror, and it was just very, very anvilicious. On the plus side, I'm three eps from being done with the third season. WHOO.

The A's are doing this thing, surely to fuck with me, where they keep TBDing the starters in the Baltimore series. They really need to stop fucking with my (very highstrung) emotions right now. Because I am just waiting for them to decide Barry's performance yesterday means he needs an extra day of rest, and won't pitch on Wednesday. WATCH THEM.

Speaking of Barry, [Bad username or site: oakchick75 / @ livejournal.com], how do you like the haircut? :P I told you it was too long. It's too hot to pull off that grease monkey mess.

I do see the Orioles have slotted Adam Loewen to start on Monday, which is the game I don't have tickets for, of course. I'll admit I kinda wanna see how Adam Loewen plays out. I guess it's sorta like when there's a divorce but you're still kinda vaguely interested in how your former stepkids are getting on. Or something. Anyway, I wish he were pitching a game I'm going to.

Last night's Astros @ Fish was another good pitching game. Fish came out on top, with Reggie Abercrombie of all people hitting a homerun off Roger Clemens. But yes, I was really nervous when Aubrey Huff came up in the bottom of the ninth with a man on, two out, and the 'stros down by two, but all's well that ends well. JJ is pitching against Pettitte tonight, which could be a third stellar pitching matchup in a row. JJ's been amazing this season, and Andy can be incredible when he's right, so we'll see! Well, not so much me, since I can't watch streaming vid very well at home, and we have company coming over for dinner anyway, but still. JJ keeps slipping through my fingers, so I'm not holding my breath, but if the current rotation holds, and he's healthy, then he should be pitching in Philly when Leanne and I truck up there to see the baby fish. God willing, and all that jazz.

LOL, okay, I haven't been swept up in Papelbonmania, but I will admit him introducing himself to the guys at the All Star Game workouts (they just showed it on TWIB) was fairly adorkable.
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( Jun. 24th, 2006 06:02 pm)
What an awful day. Normally, I love a moody gray, rainy day, but it's the gross combination of rainy and very, very hot, and that just doesn't work for me. It's pouring again right now; been doing that on and off all day. It just drizzles for a while, then it pours, then it drizzles for a while...and all the while it remains HOT.

I'm hungry - we haven't eaten dinner yet and it's after 6pm. This is really weird for my family - we normally eat dinner around 4:30. But my brother wants to take us out to dinner, so we're going to some place called The Bonefish Grill. Never been, since when we go out to eat, it's usually to Red Lobster, but hopefully it doesn't suck.

Saw Cars with my brother earlier today. non spoilery reaction )

There was, as per usual, a short before the film. The short was called One Man Band. I thought it went on a little too long; it's not one of my favorites.

Oh, and Tim McGraw is an acTOR now! I was tripping out during the trailer for Flicka. And he looks like he might be something of a natural. How about that?

I contemplate a layout change, but it's been so long since I've done one, I think I've probably forgotten how. I may stick to the same layout and change the color theme? Guess we'll see.

[Bad username or site: sensefille / @ livejournal.com], I got the book today! Thanks a bunch. I've never read anything by Kazuo Ishiguro, so I look forward to it. It's especially well timed since I decided to give up on the newest Tan - too weird a read, its mix of reality and fiction - and I haven't had a chance to go by the library to pick up any of the other stuff I planned to read this summer.
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( Jun. 19th, 2006 07:52 pm)
Anyone see Everything Is Illuminated? There's a trailer for it on the DVD of Good Night, and Good Luck. I remember hearing it was being made, but I have no actual memory of the film being in theatres or the like, and now here it is on video.

Also, from those who have also read the book, any thoughts on whether it's best to read the book first or read the book after?
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( Jun. 13th, 2006 10:05 pm)
Deaaaaaaaadwood! My heart was all atwitter while Seth and Martha made their way through camp at the beginning, all the familiar faces popping up here and there. Man alive, I missed my show.

Still reading Three Nights In August. I'm finding it to be one of those books that I want to finish reading, because the information in it interests me, but it's still a book that is taking me forever, because I am far from enamoured of Mr. Bissinger's style. My differences with Bissinger aside, how heartbreaking the few pages on Rick Ankiel! I vaguely remember the whole Ankiel situation, but I didn't remember him being so highly touted before his collapse. That story about him waiting until the Jupiter clubhouse had cleared entirely before he collected his things - how very sad.

Did some math, and if the rotation holds, when the Marlins come to Camden Yards next week it'll be Dontrelle on Tuesday, Nolasco on Wednesday and Olsen on Thursday. I have already decided to tell my boss I need to work half-days Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week. I have Very Important Business to attend in Baltimore those three evenings >.> There are some really good deals on tickets for the series on ebay, so I haven't been able to talk myself out of going to all three games. [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com], I think the best game for you to come with is probably Tuesday's -- for Ricky and Scotty's starts, there are very cheap single tickets available on ebay, so I'll just go stag.

Speaking of Olsen, I thought this was a really interesting read: Olsen a different pitcher since episode with Girardi. I was worried about Scott, but it looks like my concern was unwarranted.

Joshie, noooo! ;_;

Oh! I finally remembered to stop by the post office for stamps, so I'll be getting the second batch of postcards out any time now XD

eta: I dreamed a dream of you, Josh Johnson! )

Clearly, [Bad username or site: acroarcs / @ livejournal.com] wins the unofficial Adopt-a-Marlin sweepstakes ^_~
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( Jun. 4th, 2006 07:24 pm)
Off to VA for a time, not sure how the updating thing will work for the next few days/weeks, so some things that have been rattling around in my head, before I go: (btw, [Bad username or site: yagathai / @ livejournal.com], I would have recommended [Bad username or site: offspeed / @ livejournal.com] for your daily dose of baseball-related incomprehensible gobbledeygook, but she just went friends only. Perhaps [Bad username or site: angisageek / @ livejournal.com]? ^_~)

+ Finished Forever Odd, started Saving Fish From Drowning. I liked Forever Odd quite a bit, and I think the best thing about it is that Koontz focused Odd on one extended mission/task in this one. In the book that first introduced us to him, Odd was a little all over the place, in an effort to showcase all aspects of his gift, which I didn't think really worked. I was left with the impression that I enjoyed the character, but I felt a little robbed in the storytelling department. I like Odd so much better than the Christopher Snow character who got a few Koontz books devoted to him, so if Koontz wants to write any more about Mr. Thomas, I'm pretty much there. As for Saving Fish From Drowning, a few pages into Amy's introduction, I realized it was gonna be a really weird read. It's partly based on/inspired by the real life disappearance of some American tourists in Burma, as recounted to a medium by the spirit of a Chinese socialite from San Francisco via automatic writing. **laughs** Yeah. I know. But Amy really hasn't let me down yet, even when I haven't loved one of her books, I've never regretted having taken the time to read it. So I have faith, even though I'm honestly a little weirded out. Instead of trying to get through JS&MN before work, I decided to finish up the books I already had out, and tackle JS&MN next.

+ Deadwood in t minutes seven days. Every time I catch this promo for the new season, I want to run through my house doing this.

+ Everyone's got jokes about Rich Harden. The A's announcers, from the game the other night, as the camera holds on a shot of Harden in the dugout tossing little seed shells:

"..to be four games back in the West, still right there, very much, and a whole summer of baseball left. People like Rich Harden ready to return. I think the A's are in a good spot."
"As long as he doesn't hurt his elbow throwing those sunflower seeds."


But laughs at Rich's expense aside, welcome back, man. I'm pleased to see you yet living.

+ Speaking of guys returning to the mound, Greinke gets win in return to mound. Way to be.

+ Interesting piece in USA Today a couple days ago on a topic of concern near to my heart, and what some players are doing to try to turn things around:

Minnesota Twins center fielder Torii Hunter scans the stands during the national anthem. He's not looking for a particular face. Just a black face.

He stops after a few minutes. It's no different at home than in Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, Los Angeles or Chicago. He can count the number of African-American fans usually on one hand, almost never more than two.
-- Baseball's 'blackout'.

+ And I'm so freakin' proud, it's ridiculous - the Fish are no longer the last place team in the NL, nor are they the second worst team in major league baseball. HUZZAH.

+ It's been a while now since the last episode of Sophomore Year with Nick Swisher. What gives, ESPN?
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( May. 19th, 2006 03:19 am)
+ I was going to do a poll, but then I realized the sad truth that there are people who cannot resist a poll, even when they have no basis whatsoever for the selection they make. So, instead I'll just ask: Those who have read Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, or The Historian, your general recommendation? From what I've gathered, each seems to take people forever to read, so I'm fairly sure I won't make it through both over the summer.

+ I didn't get a chance to watch my tv shows yesterday. Mom came home from work and was all "Hey, Jalila invited you for dinner. Get dressed." I loooooove how my mom just drops shit on me. I love that. Anyway. But it was fun times. Jalila's daughter in law was there. I hadn't met her yet, and given how much of her immigration paperwork I ended up filling out for Jalila's son, it was nice to put a face to the name. She's sweet and she speaks a little English, so that's cool. They all live together, which makes me glad for Jalila's daughter, because that girl has been in need of a sister-type figure for the longest. Her only siblings are her two (much older) brothers.

+ "He's fine. He knows that he's got a little glitch right now in either his mechanics or... I'm not exactly sure what it is, to be honest with you. But he's...he's fine. He's got a great arm. He's got good stuff." -- Adam Everett, upon being asked about Brad Lidge on The Hot List.

That's what he said. You know what I heard? "Somebody's a heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaadcase."

But I might be projecting. Adam was very cute. He was asked about interleague play and specifically mentioned that a lot of the guys were looking forward to playing in Comerica for the first time. Also, Lidge is apparently very "witty" and takes obvious pride in his college education. Just so you know.

+ In yesterday's edition of USA Today, Gale Harold was misidentified in a caption as Gale Howard, and this amused me.
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( May. 18th, 2006 09:55 am)
So The Da Vinci Code is getting pannnnnnnned. I'm kind of weird about reviews; sometimes I pay attention to them and sometimes I don't. If it's an action movie, I pretty much expect critics to pan it, and I'll go see it anyway, because usually I adore it beyond measure (Doom). Of course sometimes the critics are actually right (Ultraviolet) and then I just feel like a dumbass.

But when it's a movie like The Da Vinci Code with people like Ron Howard and Tom Hanks aboard, I figure critics are gonna give it a fair shake, because I am hardpressed to think of any two people who just can't do any wrong in the eyes of movie critics. But despite their involvement in this effort, the film has gotten a pretty rough reception. So, to tell you the truth, I don't think I'd go see it at this point, I tend to need Joel, Servo and Crow along to make a poorly executed movie worthwhile, but [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com] seems only encouraged by the bad reviews ^_~ (11:45am screening at Owings Mills okay?)

Bought tickets for the game Sunday with Josh. Almost went with Loge seats in M31, since I've never sat in the Loge seats and I seemed to remember [Bad username or site: acroarcs / @ livejournal.com] saying he liked the view from there, but I punked out at the last minute and went with seats in section 220 that were only going for 10 bucks more.

Not much planned for today; I spent yesterday reading, so today will be tv I think. Yesterday I read some more of Three Nights in August, decided I'd take a little break from that to read a few chapters of School Days, and ended up finishing School Days in - well, not one sitting, I stopped for lunch, but I'd finished it by the afternoon. I do kind of miss the days when the Spenser stories were more involved, a great many storylines and characters and you never knew who was up to what. With Parker writing more in his other series, I feel like the Spenser stories have gotten streamlined so there's usually just one storyline, Spenser solves the mystery, you get a few cameos from older characters along the way, and that's that. I still like these streamlined stories, but I do sometimes miss the weighter plots. There was no Hawk in this one, sadly, but on the plus side, there was minimal Susan, so I suppose it evens out ^_~

I have to do some chores - vacuuming, yay. The old-fashioned way, Andie ^_~ No scary self-directed vacuums here. But then Life on Mars and a couple eps of Veronica Mars. Well, technically, I'll watch those tonight. It's get-away day, and almost all the games are day games ^_^

The Mountain Goats, The Unicorns, and Rocky Votolato showed up on [Bad username or site: ysi_leftovers / @ livejournal.com] which seemed to me a sign that I should check them out already. Well, a sign where The Mountain Goats are concerned. I'm already kinda sweet on Rocky Votolato from the time [Bad username or site: shadow_shimmer / @ livejournal.com] pimped him.

eta: OH, and I will get off my ass and upload those pics, [Bad username or site: phantom_hpuff / @ livejournal.com]. Yes. That's second on my list, after vacuuming.
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( May. 17th, 2006 10:32 am)
+ Has anyone read James Patterson's Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment? The premise seems vaguely Koontz-esque (a secret government agency genetically engineers children with wings, for some nefarious purpose, I'm sure), and I enjoyed the few Alex Cross mysteries of Patterson's that I've read. But I confess I'm a little wary of the fact that the book is categorized as "teen fiction." I mean, I'm not too far removed from my Lois Duncan years, but still...

Also wondering if anyone's read Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down? (Seeing that he's written a new book reminds me - I never did finish How To Be Good.)

+ I was at BJ's Wholesale Club, running errands for me ma and I saw the first three seasons of The X-Files available for $29.99 each. I'm fairly positive that when XF sets first hit the streets, they were priced around $100. Any XF fans know if these cheaper sets are repackaged releases, or are these the same $100 sets priced down to something I can actually afford? (Btw, I saw that the SG-1 boxsets had also been marked down to $29.99. If I could get these wholesale joints to mark down B5, I would be SET.)

OH I ALMOST FORGOT - Con Air was re-released this week with bonus footage! Like, happy early birthday present to me. It's only seven extra minutes of footage, no commentary, no featurette, BUT STILL. I guess this is as good as it gets, which means I should go ahead and buy this movie on dvd already. So yes, the special edition of Con Air is a little lacking, but I remain unswayed in my conviction that a fully loaded special edition of Face/Off will eventually be released. From my keyboard to the dvd gods' mainframe.

+ I am, at this very moment, downloading the pilot episode of Life on Mars, which is another one I've heard a lot of hullabaloo about. I'm all about shows with Mars in the title, all at once.

The rivalry between the Cubs and the Cardinals is probably the oldest and perhaps the best in baseball, no matter how the Red Sox and Yankees spit and spite at each other. That's a tabloid fueled soap opera about money and ego and sound bites. That's a pair of bratty high-priced supermodels trying to trip each other in their stilettos on the runway. But the Cards-Cubs epic is about roots and geography and territorial rights. It's entwined in the Midwestern blood and therefore refreshing and honest and even heroic.

Oh, Buzz Bissinger. You had me rolling and sorta willing to follow your lead...until that last line. Um, what? Someone please explain to me how the holier-than-thou attitude of the Midwest is in any way more attractive than how admittedly self-impressed East Coasters are. I mean, really. Buzz Bissinger, you can kindly 'refreshing and honest and even heroic' deez nuts, as the kids say. Or, in the parlance of more of my f-list: EM ETIB.

(Though that 'bratty supermodels' characterization of the NYY and BOS organizations is completely hilarious, you must admit.)
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( May. 17th, 2006 06:37 am)
+ World Trade Center trailer. If you don't want to download, you can stream it (here). I ended up making the decision not to see United 93, didn't think I would be able to handle it in a theatre full of people, but I look forward to WTC, I think. For one, WTC features a cast of recognizable faces, as opposed to United 93's cast of unknowns, so I should be better able to realize at all times that what I'm watching is a movie. Not just Nic Cage, but Maria Bello and Maggie Gyllenhaal. There's the locksmith, from Crash, whose name I should learn, apparently. The other port authority officers are all familiar faces - guys who have been playing New Yawkers on tv for ages. And second, I believe both Port Authority officers depicted in this film worked alongside the creators of the movie, so I feel like it'll be more directly drawn from their actual experiences on 9/11. Which is not to say United 93 pulled its depiction of what happened out of the air, but at the end of the day, it just didn't sit so comfortably with me, how much of the interaction and exchanges in that film the creators must have extrapolated based on what little evidence they had of how things went down. And I'm not gonna lie, I had no real interest in sitting in a theatre, watching extremists threaten a planeful of innocent people for 2 hours. I really enjoyed Munich but I don't think I've ever been as uncomfortable in a movie theatre as I was during the first 15 or so minutes, which depicted Black September's assault on the Jewish athletes.

I don't think I could go see WTC if the story had been about the two firefighters who were found dead, locked in an embrace. But it's about two Port Authority officers who survived, and that's a story I want to see, and hear.

The WTC trailer reminds me a lot of the Pearl Harbor trailer, which I thought was beautifully striking. The shot of the young boys playing baseball looking up at the sky to see the Japanese bombers got the same reaction out of me as the Port Authority officer looking up from the tourist's map at the sound of a plane flying over.

+ If you don't have the MLB All Access Sound 2003 dvd, Bri ripped and uploaded the footage of the ride-along with Zito.

+ I fell asleep on all my ballgames yesterday! Which is fine, as it turned out, since almost none of them ended happily for my boys. Missed the NYY comeback, which looked pretty cool, though I'm not inclined to rewatch the entire broadcast. But I do love that about baseball, the dramatic comeback, even when it's the Yankees.

Speaking of rewatching broadcasts, I was watching Haren's start, and saw Scott Erickson come out of the bullpen for the Yanks. Creeeeepy. And the Yankees announcers were wistfully remarking how strange it was to see the number 46 on a right hander, and I ALMOST felt bad for them, but then they should know that feeling, because it weirded me out when Towers wore 35, and it still weirds me out every time Cabrera rolls out in number 35, so yeah, guys, that's how the rest of us feel when you seduce away our franchise faces.

Also, they went on this little tangent where they started counting how many guys on the field in that inning had been on People's 50 Most Beautiful list, and carrying on about the Yankees being the best looking team in baseball, at which point - with apologies to the Oakland hitters - I had to skip ahead to the next inning.

+ In other news, since I'm all caught up on The Office-US, I decided to download the last 10 eps of Supernatural. I think I might also finally crack the seal on season one of Veronica Mars. Whoo new fandom.

I've read like 10 pages of Three Nights in August in the past week :P At this rate, I'll be finishing it up in August.


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