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This journal has been created solely for use as a backup to my livejournal account under the same name. If you'd like to subscribe to me here, you're free to, of course, but the same content will be posted in both places.

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wedi agame: is there an english version of ur LJ?
ayrdaomei: LOL
wedi agame: because i can read the words....but i dont quite know what they mean
ayrdaomei: no
ayrdaomei: you have to be fluent in fangirl
wedi agame: yeah i figured it might be an english dialect

You might belong in Hufflepuff,Where they are just and loyal,Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, And unafraid of toil.

(courtesy [profile] grrliz_icons)

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Sometimes I make icons. When I do, brushes and textures are courtesy [profile] teh_indy, [profile] __kali__, [profile] quebelly, [personal profile] crumblingwalls, [personal profile] oxoniensis, [profile] icons_with_love, [profile] withaghost, [profile] stickywicket, [personal profile] inxsomniax, [profile] ownthesunshine, [profile] selluinlaer, [personal profile] aconite, [profile] fluffy_monster, [profile] ewanism, [personal profile] eversmiling, [personal profile] leggyslove, [profile] blimey_icons, [profile] david_lucena, [profile] karanna1 and [profile] xjigglypuffx. Any custom gradients were made by [personal profile] crumblingwalls. Fonts from DaFont and Fonts For Peas.
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