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~ Just saw a commercial for Dan Haren's In My Own Words.

Audio of him claiming "I've always been a family guy. When I leave my kid and go on road trips? I cry." Over images of Danny playing on the floor with his oddly named infant spawn.

What is that?!? That's not fair. You're killing me, FSNAZ. My ovaries can't take that kind of stuff this early in the morning.

~ I apparently cannot take much early in the morning. I have no desire to see Terminator: Salvation, but I just love the use of NIN's The Day The World Went Away in the trailer. Well done, trailer editing person! Does anyone have an mp3 of this remix?

From: [identity profile] aurealis.livejournal.com

I would have thought your ovaries could not take this or anything like it at any time of the day. You are turning into a big softy, Myriem. :-P


Sorry if this is stupid, but is The Day The World Went Away the Nine Inch Nails song? And if so, would you be interested in a corny piano version of it? I think I might have had one in my iTunes library from the old laptop. I can hook you up tonight when I resume my transferring project. :-)

edit Duh, I now get what NIN means. *stupid*

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

You are turning into a big softy,

**laughs** Sadly, that is true. I don't know what happened!

Duh, I now get what NIN means. *stupid*

Aw, don't feel bad. I always use acronyms and just presume people know what I'm talking about :P I would love the corny piano version, whenever you get a chance to upload. Thanks for the offer!

From: [identity profile] aurealis.livejournal.com

I always use acronyms and just presume people know what I'm talking about

Heh, even when this might be true, I do miss what should be obvious many times. :-( :-D

Here's the corny version (http://www.box.net/shared/7zllgml8fn). I had to convert it from an mp4, so I hope it didn't lose much in quality.

From: [identity profile] alowishus812.livejournal.com

did i know that danny had spawn? is his kid cute? what's "in my own words?" lol. what's this a commercial for? i want to see!

i'm crazy - i should not be worrying about these things so early in the morning when i haven't done any of my work that's due in less than 12 hours.

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

Yeah, you knew. We were all kidding about his spawn and Mulder's spawn hanging out together, in all their odd-name glory :P

As near as I can tell, In My Own Words is a behind the scenes series like ESPN's The Life used to be? Each ep is spent with a different athlete, and you learn more about who they are "off the field" as well as on. I actually have not seen an ep, so I am just guessing based on the commercial, and the fact that I have seen other eps with other athletes listed on my schedule.

i should not be worrying about these things so early in the morning when i haven't done any of my work that's due in less than 12 hours.

lol, are you in that zen stage that comes after panic, or have you not panicked yet?

From: [identity profile] alowishus812.livejournal.com

yes, yes. i remember that now. but i don't remember the kid's name.

i want to see this "in my own words" thing. is it specific to FSNAZ? because it'd be sad if it was. i'd check out MLBnetwork, but i've found that all their scheduled programming is never what it seems, so i don't trust what the little guides on my tv tell me. those punks.

ooooh, i'm pretty much settling into full-on panic mode. 10 pages of a paper when i haven't read the articles? plus i have to study for a final in the same class? and i think there's a lab i'm supposed to do. i don't know why i do this to myself... but sleep was soo nice! hehehe.

From: [identity profile] rickenbacker.livejournal.com

In My Own Words is an FSN thing, so you would have to check your local FSN network. I don't know if they air Danny's across all of them? I remember, on FSN Midwest, seeing nationally recognizable names (football, boxing) but also local heroes like Bob Gibson, Tony La Russa.

From: [identity profile] alowishus812.livejournal.com

this is pathetic. i don't even know what channel FSN is in my area! this is what happens when both new york teams have their own tv channels. i think FSN airs mostly hockey and college sports, stuff that no one watches, haha.

hmm, it looks like they don't even air FSN in new york anymore. i will find this information though! it's my new quest!!

it's official. we do not get FSN. :(

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

Yeah, we don't have a regional FSN down here either. I think perhaps the only FSN on the east coast is FSN Florida?

I'll certainly burn the special to a dvd, and maybe I can re-find the program I used to use a couple of years ago to rip longish videos from dvds. If not, I'll just have to subject you guys to an indepth recap, with screencaps :P

From: [identity profile] rickenbacker.livejournal.com

After seeing Comcast and WGN's pre and post game, I realize I was pretty spoiled with FSN. It kinda kicks ass. (Even if Best Damn is on a dozen times a week.)

I'm even partial to the segue-to-commercial music.

From: [identity profile] poisonavery.livejournal.com

FoxSports on MSN (http://multimedia.foxsports.com/) archives clips of IMOW. Unfortunately not whole eps at a time. But if there's someone that you know has an episode, you should be able to find their segments in there. :)

If the episode is recently aired, I used to be able to find it through just MSN video, and it was much easier to navigate, you can just click from one "segment" to another using the "related videos" tab on the side. I'm trying to do that right now but it seems like they've changed the setup and completely fucked everything up. >:\

From: [identity profile] johnnybvo.livejournal.com

Heh, you are wrong, for I just saw the commercial for Terminator, and I. Am. PUMPED! And I'm not even a Terminator guy like that.

Duhn Duhn Duhn ---- Duhn-Duhn!

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

Well, if someone says it's as good as Judgment Day, MAYBE I'll shell out 5 bucks to see it :P

From: [identity profile] soupypictures.livejournal.com

My dad used to have this great blue heron skeleton that hung in our old dining room. He'd found it when the snow melted by the river where he grew up. Every time I think of Danny's kid I see that bird skeleton and call him a "baby bird" in my head. Now how's that for fucked up?

Danny Haren crying is something I don't want to think about. But man, I wanna see the baby.

I don't have a Danny icon, so trashy Zito will have to do.

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

Now how's that for fucked up?

that is absolutely terrible! (lol)

I'll just squint and pretend it's Daniel.

From: [identity profile] belle1446.livejournal.com

I'm on the lookout for that song as well. I finally started seeing billboards and bench ads in the past week, and the commercial last night! Kinda getting excited. Not overloaded with joy like TDK... That will be impossible to reach. lol

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

Who knows; maybe after you see it ;)

I can upload the original track, if you want, but not the trailer mix.

From: [identity profile] schmift.livejournal.com

Do you ever catch Haren's appearances on the Eric Byrnes show? I saw the episode about the Byrnt clothing line a few days ago and Danny did a lot of interview bits... he kinda sold Byrnsey out as being not very stylish XD

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

**laughs** Is that right? I don't watch EB's show, but maybe I'll start checking in now and then.

I recall an A's magazine piece on who was the least stylish person on the team, and I think EB beat Zito by like one vote.

From: [identity profile] harleymae.livejournal.com

Every time I see the A's on TV for a little bit I think of Haren and then I'm overwhelmed with heartbreak and have to change the channel!

I'm excited for that movie! :D Was that a remix? I thought it was the original song, just chopped and rejoined like they always do for trailers.

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

Awwww :(

I only have a passing familiarity with NIN, so that may well be!

From: [identity profile] caruso.livejournal.com

WAIT WAIT, how did I miss this? Do you know when the Haren thing is going to air? I'm desperate to record it.

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

I think it will first air at 4pm or so, which will put it on against the Cubs game, so that's not getting recorded. But it's re-airing later tonight as well, which is when I planned to burn it for myself. Ideally, I'll be able to rip it once burned, so I can upload it here. If not, I imagine it will re-air a few more times in the next week, so I can try and burn a separate copy for you then.


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