I would have paid real money to see Albert Pujols charge the mound on Rich Harden just then. It would have been EPIC.


A quick shot of baby!Rich, as the announcers talk about pitchers of slight build (like Pedro and Huddy). Yes, that is Ellis, with a HEADFUL of hair. See what six years of playing under Billy Beane does to a guy?


Huddy is very pleased with Chris Singleton knocking in a run. Chris got a round of applause and a hearty "Thadda boy!" from the dugout.


Huddy took a 2-hitter into the 9th, having thrown fewer than a hundred pitches. ♥


You know the thing gunslingers do, where they place their hand within drawing distance of their weapon, while sizing up the opposition? That's always the image that comes to mind when I see Huddy gripping the ball like so, thinking about the next pitch/batter.




While Huddy's focused on getting outs and getting the A's into a tie for the AL Wildcard, Mulder is cracking Zito up about something.

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