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([personal profile] ayrdaomei Apr. 24th, 2009 09:42 am)
Apparently, sports radio JUST discovered Twitter. But I really don't need to hear what Barry Zito and Brian Wilson "tweeted" about yesterday while sunning poolside at the team hotel.

Congratulations, Twitter. You've now approached Myspace and Facebook-like levels of obnoxious mainstream overexposure.
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From: [identity profile] sdwolfpup.livejournal.com

You've now approached Myspace and Facebook-like levels of obnoxious mainstream overexposure


From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

I don't know what happened in the last two weeks - but I'm glad I deleted my account a couple months ago ;)

From: [identity profile] ava-sophia08.livejournal.com

were u listening to knbr? it's becoming an obsession for these guys to RT all their crap ;p

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

ugh, yes. I honestly started to email Murph and Mac, just to be like, ENOUGH ALREADY. It's like giving us constant updates about what someone's posted on their Myspace. They wouldn't do that, so why do they feel the need to talk about Zito's Twitter every day? If we cared, we'd follow the athlete's account ourselves, thanks.

From: [identity profile] ava-sophia08.livejournal.com

i emailed too. they might have ignored my requests of similar nature. i emailed Lee Hammer and he sent an message back saying he will check out what i'm ranting about. YAY Lee Hammer says NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on twitter.

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

Man, I hope so. Someone needs to be the voice of reason over there. I ultimately didn't send my email - I should have! Maybe I still will, or maybe I'll email on Monday if they bring up athlete twitters AGAIN. We can't be the only two people who are getting irritated; hopefully they heard from some other annoyed listeners about it ;)

From: [identity profile] ava-sophia08.livejournal.com

most of the AM people are dudes too so maybe they are not emailing but i won't stop there. even damon bruce brings it up!

did you hear eric byrnes calling out on zee and brian last night? OMG it was CLASSIC. he said they just use it as a hook up tool. he's right, and he asked barry to delete his account, but during the interview bee reformatted the colors so it was "down for maintenance" but then miraculously the site was back up towards the end of the interview. he basically said zee is a bad influence on brian, that brian is a new guy there just trying to get "in" and barry is getting him to the same level as he is at...and i agree with eric, barry should just delete twitter and focus on his shit.

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

Good for Byrnes - someone needs to call them on that shit. Was this on the radio?

From: [identity profile] ava-sophia08.livejournal.com

yes last night around 5 or so? i can't recall the time but it was with Tom & Ralph. it was good, eric was angry about email and took it out on them lol

From: [identity profile] ava-sophia08.livejournal.com

oh very much exposed. eric seemed genuinely irritated that barry posted about them watching the sunset. he recalled the first comment that came up, and tho it didn't really bother him, he was pretty annoyed that barry tweets his every move (and sometimes, the moves of others)!

From: [identity profile] soupypictures.livejournal.com

oh wow. see, when that came up i wondered what eric thought about it. it's ... kind of disturbing that i know when it happened, what i thought when it happened, and now what the other guy actually thinks about it.

i really don't need to know any of those three things.

From: [identity profile] ava-sophia08.livejournal.com

yeah it's odd. i side with eric on all that twitter business. he said something to the effect of "who thinks highly of himself enough to post every detail of his day" and he meant barry. they will still be friends i am sure but he really thinks this is a distraction. it's sad that all this has become public.

From: [identity profile] soupypictures.livejournal.com

i think only those sick enough to want to read zito's twitter should be exposed to it. i mean, i seriously question at least once a day why i bother with being a fan of his (i have no idea still, but i am), so i can't imagine how i'd feel if i hated the guy's guts (which i should. but inexplicably don't.).

how does he get chicks? i am baffled.


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