- RIP, Harry Kalas. What a rough way to start out a season.

- All of baseball to wear 42 to honor Jackie Robinson. I'm so pleased! I hated hearing of the guys who wanted to participate in honoring Jackie these last two years, but weren't allowed by their organizations.

- If you were a fan of the original Fast and the Furious, I trust you have already seen Fast & Furious (or TFTF4, which is what it really should be called). If you haven't, get thee to a movie theatre! It's all Brian/Dom, all the time. I loved it. I mean, sure, there are a ton of gratuitous ass shots of random women in hot pants, but they do nothing to disguse the fact that this fourth film in the series is really about Brian/Dom. I admit there are plot holes all over the place, and personally, I didn't think the driving was as much fun as in the first movie, but it's still a really good time. One of these days, I need to find time to search for ficcage. And icons.

- [Bad username or site: johnnybvo / @ livejournal.com] doesn't like it, but I am a fan of the trailer for Public Enemies. **grabby hands** Come out, now. Please.

- I need to get caught up on 24; USA Today says it's finally kicked back into high gear.

- If you have any experience with Prozac and Xanax, and are comfortable talking about it, I'd appreciate it if you'd shoot me an email. I have some questions.

eta: Oh, look. Huston blew his first save as a Rockie yesterday and I missed it. **pets him** Trade him, Colorado! Anywhere that is not Cincinnati sounds good.

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

Gee, I wonder why :P

I've been meaning to tell you - I got one of these little Joker toys (http://www.x-entertainment.com/updates/pics/mega20/box.jpg) in my Reese's Puffs. Do you want it?

From: [identity profile] belle1446.livejournal.com

Yeah, I wonder... lol
Did you get the chop or the kick? I have the kick one already. He's funny. :-P

From: [identity profile] belle1446.livejournal.com

I have 11 toys sitting in front of my work monitor, and carious other scattered around my desk. :-|

From: [identity profile] misscalculation.livejournal.com

I love having everyone wear 42. That said, our first view of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda at Citi was from above, and we could see folks lining up for pictures... I assumed there'd be a statue and was rather underwhelmed by the giant blue 42 (as pictured in the linked story).

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

Oh, they missed a chance there :( They should have taken a page from the tributes to Clemente, Wagner and Stargell at PNC Park. The big bronze statutes are amazing.

From: [identity profile] lovingthecubs.livejournal.com

I hated hearing of the guys who wanted to participate in honoring Jackie these last two years, but weren't allowed by their organizations

What? Maybe this rock I live under is deeper than I thought, but I didn't hear that guys were denied that chance. What a joke.

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

Yeah - specifically, I seem to recall that Brandon Inge was told by the Tigers last year that he could not wear 42 (although the Tigers Front Office denied it). More generally, I recall that a handful of clubs singled out one player on the team to wear 42, and did not let anyone else participate.

From: [identity profile] untied.livejournal.com

prozac gave me a rash up my neck and cheeks, so we went off it pretty quickly. oddly enough, it's the only medicine i'm allergic to at this point in my life.

my mother used it for several years, and it seemed to work well for her. she didn't experience any weight gain, which was good, but did have some trouble finding the right dosage, but that's true of any medication.

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

Thanks for sharing - My mom just started on it last week, and she's convinced it's not working, but the doctors did tell us it would take 2-4 weeks to have an effect :/

From: [identity profile] untied.livejournal.com

as long as nothing BAD is happening, you have to wait for something good to happen.

while i don't take anything now, at one time i was on a lot of medication. some things took 6 weeks to work, if they worked at all. it can be very frustrating, and some things are so subtle that you may not notice them yourself.

depending on who prescribed the medicine (pdoc? family doctor?) and what other support she has (psychologist? mft? nutritionist?) finding the right dosage can be greatly expedited. things like diet, sleep patterns, alcohol consumption prior to meds (since it's ideally "none" after you start) can all affect your response to psych meds, and finding a doctor who will help you to balance all of these things while taking meds may help you feel better much, much faster.

i CAN tell you that NOTHING i've taken has worked in a week, and again, if i've taken something with no ill effects, i've waited MONTHS through adjustments and observation before we call it quits.

expectations can also play a big roll. someone may think "this isn't working!", when really they're thinking more clearly, responding more calmly, sleeping more soundly and acting more even keeled. sometimes people take the term "happy pills" literally, and when they fail to become "happy" they decide to stop the medicine.

this is now the longest comment in the world, but i hope your mom feels better and that she finds something that works for her.

From: [identity profile] ayrdaomei.livejournal.com

His second Easter blown save, to boot. Ah well. At least it wasn't his bobblehead day, this time :P

I know! I like Lights Out 2.0, though. Good for him!

From: [identity profile] johnnybvo.livejournal.com

Hey now. The movie I think will probably be fine. I'm not overly excited, sure, but Deep and Bale together get my attention. No, it's just that wonky ass camera they're using. It looks like the shit we used to shoot home movies on in the early 90s.


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