First off - Bri swears it wasn't her, so many thanks to the kind soul who gifted me additional paid time. I originally had gifted paid time through March (which I feel like I've wasted by only posting twice, but posting aside, it gave me the chance to futz with some potential new layouts), so whoever you are, I hope you like baseball, cause I now have paid time through the first two months of the baseball season ;) While I'm not yet feeling bitten by the MLB bug, odds are you'll be drowning in pointless polls and constant updates by next month ;)

Music: I've been really digging Our December by Thriving Ivory, a free Amazon mp3 I downloaded last fall and have just given a listen. I like the song so much I went and bought their major label debut which is currently at the top of Billboard's Heatseekers chart and only $7.99 at Best Buy. Of course, Our December isn't on their major label debut, and I don't like any song on there near as much. Let this be a lesson to you, kids. Never pay for music until you've scouted it out for free, first. I'm sure the cd will grow on me, with time. I like the band's sound, it's just that lyrics-wise, the major label debut is kinda boring.

And on the topic of new music - you can stream new Death Cab tracks over at Stereogum. I don't like Little Bribes or A Diamond and A Tether much...My Mirror Speaks and Once I Was A Loyal Lover are fun times, though!

Baseball: Oh Nomar. Why didn't you sign with the A's when I wasn't rooting for them to go 0-162? My Nomah shirt would have been relevant again! Um, notwithstanding the fact that it's in Boston red.

Really had fun at the WBC games in Toronto, but the poor attendance at the games (outside of Canada-USA) pissed me off to no end. What is wrong with people? I can personally attest to the fact that there is shit else to do in Toronto in late winter.

Speaking of boring things Canadian, for about 5 seconds, I contemplated making a day trip to NYC weekend after next for the Cubs @ Yanks exhibition game on Saturday, as James Richard is slated to pitch. But when remaining tickets went on sale to the general public yesterday (season ticket holders got the first go, then people who entered a lottery), I couldn't bring up any seats cheaper than $150. Yeah, that was a pretty easy call to make. Sorry, James Richard.

TV: Is it just me, or has 24 been a lot more boring since the African Big Bads' storyline concluded? Or maybe it's been boring because they killed my blue eyed old dude crush. **insert moment of silence here**

I've really been enjoying this season (I'm such a traitor to my birth continent, I know), so I'm trying to remind myself that this is usually the point where there's a lull in the season. It's been a while since I've watched 24, but I seem to recall that it has a tendency to pick up again around hour 18.

In the meanwhile, I will enjoy the former Trek actors who keep randomly popping up this season (Tripp from Enterprise this week). And hope for Olivia Taylor to get what's coming to her, because man alive, I hate her face.

Oh, btw, heads up for Trek fans - the cast of TNG will appear on Family Guy this Sunday. I am, quite frankly, entirely too excited about this news.

Cars Need to replace mine, as GEICO declared it a total loss after the accident earlier this month. Buyer's market or not, I really, really, really hate car shopping. My parents are of the mind that I need to buy a Honda Civic. I can't tell if it's because they think it's the best value for my money, or if it's more their 'keeping up with the jonses' mentality. Well, that would be more so on my mom's part than my dad's. I test drove the Civic, and didn't care for it - it just felt like a whale of a car, compared to my '03 Elantra, even though they're both considered compacts. I really liked the Mazda3, but when I left the dealership, the offer on the table from the salesman was more than the cost of a Civic with pretty much the same features/equipment, so not even 0% financing will make me go there. Le sigh. I'm taking another test drive of the Civic to see if my impression changes any, but if not, we'll have to see how badly the local dealership wants to sell its last 2009 Mazda3 before the month is up.
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