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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 09:48 am)
I played BINGO yesterday in something called a Moose Lodge. I have some vague recollection of playing BINGO in elementary school in Egypt, but I've never played organized BINGO.

It was part of a fundraiser for an area girl who was recently diagnosed with cancer - twenty games of BINGO for $20. It took about 3 hours to play all 20 games (the bingo number calling dude started off very sloooooooowly).

a few pictures )

And when not playing BINGO, I spent much of yesterday watching SG-1. The mini-marathon has gotten out of hand, since I started it in the wee AM hours, being unable to sleep, and it's now into Day 2 :P So far:
  • There But For The Grace Of God (1x20)
  • Politics (1x21 - when you haven't watched the first season in a long time, the clip show is suddenly a handy device)
  • Within The Serpent's Grasp (1x22)
  • In The Line of Duty (2x2 - except not really, because I fell asleep during this one)
  • Message In A Bottle (2x7)
  • The Fifth Race (2x15)
  • A Matter of Time (2x16)
  • Legacy (3x4)
  • Learning Curve (3x5 - especially good ep; thanks for reminding me, [Bad username or site: dtissagirl / @ livejournal.com]!)
  • Point of View (3x6 - my love of alternate realities trumps the squickiness of forced Sam/Jack)

And I've just realized I've been watching a ton of episodes where the team's stuck on base. Huh. Well, I've still got two and a half more seasons to make up for that.


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