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( Feb. 18th, 2009 09:51 am)

Okay, that doesn't really merit all caps. I'm just glad someone I even remotely care about is participating in this damn thing. It's not like I'm going to Toronto for my health. I'm still rooting for Canada, of course, unless Guthrie gets in the game.

In the matter, fellow citizens, of American Disillusionment v. Alex Rodriguez, may I make a small suggestion? Do not allow yourself to be surprised that any hero who competed during the prime steroid years used performance-enhancing drugs. Really, acceptance of this fact will be so beneficial to your emotional health whenever the next big name surfaces ... guilty.

In the specific case of A-Rod, for goodness' sake, all the signs were there along with the manifold rumors. He is strictly a Type-Me personality, just the sort to try anything to abet his own cause. We know all too well that he is insecure and susceptible to temptation.

...[I]n a very real way, what has happened to Rodriguez isn't all that bad for baseball. Really. Nobody much liked him when he was supposed to be clean. He might as well be the new Bonds, an even more divisive figure in pinstripes.
- Frank DeFord cracks me up.


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