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( Feb. 4th, 2009 08:56 am)
If I were the IRS, I'd be inclined to take a review of the past tax filings of the people responsible for vetting Obama's cabinet nominees. Either they were nowhere near as thorough as they needed to be, or they saw that all these nominees had questionable tax payment histories and were like "Not paying taxes? No big deal. If we disqualified everyone who failed to pay their taxes, I'd never have gotten this job." **nudge nudge wink wink**

Speaking of politics, I forgot one of my January movies!
  • Seven Days In May: Early 1960s political thriller in which an aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs stumbles upon plans for a military coup against the President - who has just signed an unpopular disarmament treaty with the Soviet Union. Kind of 24-ish, but slower paced as everything happens over the course of one week. And, you know, with way fewer corpses. The cast includes Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster, both of whom are very good. If you rent this, don't watch the trailer first! But do watch it after, because it's a pretty bad trailer. Hilariously bad.

eta: Man robs convenience stores in Denver with knock-off Klingon bat'leth. **laughs** What? The comments are fun.


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